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Council busts breast milk ice cream parlour


Fresh milk from the cow.

Not that I have tried it "straight" from the cow. but cooled whole fresh milk from the cow before it is taken from the farm is soo much better than standardised, homogenised, pasteurised milk bought at the supermarket..These three process are only present to improve the manufactures profit, presentation, and self life of milk in that order, and do nothing to improve the flavour. Heating it back upto 40 degrees or warmer makes for a pleasent drink.

Being bought up on a farm, drinking cows milk was the most natural thing you could do, however, I now would agree with others here, there is nothing "natural" about drinking cows milk, if you asked anybody to suck on a cows teat they would probably become nauseous at the idea, but they are doing just that, (Less the supply chain in between).

I see no reason why people cannot buy normal (Human) milk ice cream.

Jobs: I'll decide what to do with Apple's $40bn cash pile

Jobs Horns

Best Idea Yet

How about giving some of it back to the people who have over paid for their mediocore technology.

Yep me included.

Motorola Droid - the not quite iPhone killer


But wait there's more,

Really good to see motorola working hard and getting some good phones onto the market. Its just for some theu are taking too long in getting the right phones into the right market. I give you article A, "Motorola XT720 MOTOROI" Really nice phone, cant see any problems with the phone being beaten on any front by any iphone thingy

But when is it coming to the UK. Why only in Korea.

Answers on a SAE please.

Tourist magnet blows off Speedo-wearing men


What the hell is wrong with you people.

Naturist, take note "Nudist" health spas, camp sites and beaches are common place throughout Europe, and are suitable and very popular for all ages from Tot to Gran.

and having lived here for 5 years now and have visted many and have enjoyed the chance to sunbath, sit in a juccuzi, jog or generally relax in the same manner we came into this world, I really don't understand what you guys are making such a fuss about.

I look at the UK as a very sad place to be these days, and this kind of thing only really ads to the misery you people in the UK must endure.

Its a very sad state of affairs when people are soo ashamed of their bodies, or feel a need to cover up all apsects of the body. really very sad.

Move on

Nissan ponders Pré-like cordless charging for e-cars



Hmm, Cars and electric overhead cables.

Is that to get the 1.21 GW into the flux capacitor by any chance?

Hmmm Happy Days......

BMW to ride in with 115-mile range e-scooter?


Most Deadliest thing on the Road.

I ride a great deal, and I see a number of these on the road. The law allows the rider to use the bike without a helmet, ARE YOU CRAZY? Is the road softer because the bike has a roll bar, are cars less likely to hit you as you have a roll bar fitted. I don't think so, These people must be suicidal OK most have a seat belt, but really, They are mad if they feel that will help when the bike is on its side sliding down the road.

Back to the technology of the bike, Good range and speed, starting to come close that is usable on a daily basis for the commute plus a good amount or redundancy,

Now just get in something to looks OK that is also at a price that is on a par with a internal combustion engine bike and I may consider it. Its the kind of thing that governments should really get behind.

Office 2010 tech preview: Expect the expected


Death to the Ribbon.

I dont mind how good or bad the suit gets, just GET RID OF THE RIBBON.

Used office 2007 for 6 weeks. now back on 2003.

Microsoft lost its mind completly when it changed the interface, just have a tick box that allows the "traditional" menus to be used and I would be happy to upgrade.

No menus, No upgrade


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