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LONDON iPHONE 5 MADNESS: 'You must be CRAZY to buy Apple'


Looks like he bought it just too sell and has failed miserably, so funny lol !


Please say there is a video on them shouting iphone5 and doing high 5s i have to see that lol

Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe


PS3 Version too !

I recently saw this on PS3 so had to download and play continually until my fingers broke

I completed the first 2 leagues , but then the 3rd league with the robot /alien players i couldn't remember form my younger days, anyway they mashed up my hardcore new transfers like a bullet shot through a wet turd ans i could win a match : ( - but still great fun and fine to play on ps3 pad

Bodini was always my favorite : D

Honda promises hybrid Jazz, CR-Z next year

Thumb Down

Smells like BS

and i hope it is

These are the same images and details that have been floting about the net for a couple of years now, specs dont sound right at all, CRZ is meant to be the new CRX - i think it will have an engine pushing 200bhp and a more compact/aerodynamic look that that, seeing as the last one in the 90's was about 170BHP and was basically a mini racing car, the predessor to taht was also an awesome sports couple, teh B16a engine made Honda famous and i hope teh replacement would be something along teh same lines - a 1.6 1 6v Twin Cam VTech engine producing nearly 170BHP, yes from a 1.6 with no turbo or supercharger. They shoudl make something like thsi small nasp engine with high bhp output , just more economic and a bit more torque - and if tehy can keep it under 1.5 aswell so it falls under teh higher tax bracket.

Images look very concept still, not like something that should come off the assembly line in a few months !

It might be right for the Jazz with a new hybrid engine, but i doubt that CRZ is anything real, if it s its will be one big failure for Honda and dissapointment for their enthusiasts.


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