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Samsung Galaxy S7: Big brand Android flagship champ


Embrace the change!

Shocking lack of forward thinking for an audience on a tech news website.

'Everyone fear the change'! oh, no its a new cable! Run for the hills...

tbf I was a little sceptical of switching to USB-C when I picked up a Nexus 6P, but you quickly get used to:

1. Charging to 50% in ten minutes, as I'm rushing to get stuff/kids in the car

2. Not even thinking about which way round I plug in the cable. Sure it only saves a few seconds, but the bigger benefit is not even considering it anymore.

Also, don't be all conflicted in your view of batteries and battery management. Statements like 'must have a replaceable battery' and 'everyone leaves it plugged in all night' don't really align. Leaving your devices plugged in ALL night is really bad for the, so maybe if you looked after the battery a bit better, you wouldn't have such a strict view requiring a replaceable battery.

Embrace the change, get a USB-C device, you'll help drive out the naff sub par quality cables, and drive the price down.

Voda boss claims 'turning point' as infra investment kicks in


Re: Infrastructure Upgrade??

Its not 'Magic'. They might have ring-fenced 18 Billion but it takes time and effort to allocate, design and deploy it.

Money alone does not create a sustainable telco network, its the implmentation (time!) that does.

TalkTalk claims 157,000 customers were victims of security breach


I'd never use them...

But thats mainly because of the shocking attitude towards the problem, rather than the actual data loss.

Being hacked is bad, but it CAN happen to anyone. Being an arse about it afterward is a management decision. Not managers I'd ever trust with any of my data.

Its pretty shocking that there isn't a board of authority that can't seriously wrap their knuckles. If they were a bank they'd have been hammered for data loss.

We turn Sonos PLAY:5 up to 11


Its Consumer kit....

I agree with the latter half of the sentiment on here, the Sonos range is specifically consumer kit, aimed at making distributed home audio an easy task. I've found a great balance between high end NAS solutions and Sonos management software, so you can combine your techie tendencies but protect your family from the nerdiness and the complexity.

In terms of usage they are super easy and integrate incredibly well. But as others have said, you can't tinker with them, there aren't many options and if you want to turn audio into a 'hobby' then these aren't for you. You just plug them in and walk away (super easy!)

So 'context' is a good thing. I'm more interested in a side by side with the older Play5 model. Whats the difference? This was completely missing from this review.

You! Pirate! Stop pirating, or we shall admonish you politely. Repeatedly, if necessary


Plenty of legit reasons to use Torrents

I've worked for a fair few smaller companies that actually use the Torrent system to distribute their own legit software. Its much more cost effective than hosting hundreds of mb of files on your own servers.

Would be interesting to see how ISP's differentiate the content, would I get a letter for legitimately downloading the latest purchased train Sim or such like over a Torrent connection?


Re: Eek!

Game of Thrones pretty much is Midget Porn. With added swords, and incest. Mustn't forget the incest.

DON'T PANIC: Facebook returns after 30-minute outage terror

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What did I miss?

Quite proud of the fact that I completely missed this outage, didn't even know it happened. Although it may have been the cause of my baked-in Android Facebook App going haywire for a bit. (Thanks for that uninstall able garbage Samsung)

Its actually quite nice having that ten minutes of my day back, since I ditched FB and mangled my marketing value, sorry I mean 'online profile'.

You'll never believe it: Apple stock is going for CHEAP


its just....

a way of lowering the barrier to entry. Joe average doesn't have $700 to splurge on his phone companys shares, but maybe $200 or $300 to buy a few every now and then. Cut your cake into 100 pieces or 500 pieces, you've still got the whole cake, right? Its all about accessibility.

Its kind of like ths housing market in the UK. Maybe they think they are in danger of pricing themselves out of the market, or going so high that only companies or investment funds could afford them?

Samsung's 'OS of Everything' Tizen still has little to offer


Could be a good drive for competition

Doesn't sound revolutionary does it? Sounds rather like a bunch of techies (I can say that, I am one) trying to fix a problem that may not exist, or actually be as big as they think it is.

Android took years to really hit the market in a big way, if you remember back versions 1.0, 1.2, 1.4 and to some degree 1.6 were only really available on two to three handsets, so market penetration was slow really. Could be interesting to see if this has a three year plan on actually becoming a household name.

Whats more interesting is that this OS may develop and deliver new or amended capabilities that customers actually find useful. They will of course move over into the other two big OSs, so Tizen might be a nice R & D stream for Apple / Google.

I can't imagine that either of those players sees Tizen as a serious contender, which is a shame as a third player might drive competition / innovation a bit more.

Vodafone turns to EU, asks it to FORCE 'fair' fibre pricing


The missing element of the 4G conversation is the contention ratio. Sure everyone and their dog knows its supposed to be faster *subject to your location, the weather, day of the week, Andy Murrays tennis score... but the real benefit is the ability to maintain a stable connection all the way to the 'edge' of the network (unlike ropey old 3G). Think of it as upgrading the M4 from 3 lanes to 25 lanes. Where it used to look like there was no network (there was, you just didn't have a ticket to eat at the table) there is now massive capacity for way more connections.

This all comes back to being able to actually handle the traffic, which is didgy considering BT have a monopoly and Virgin can't / won't be forced to share.


Thanks for your input there, into displaying an absolute lack of knowledge on UK taxation policy. Might want to learn what the situation actually is before trying to dilute the issue with unrelated taxation myths.

Vodafone invest heavily in the UK infrastructure. They have a valid point here, ALL the Telcos are going to hit bandwidth problems sooner or later, they are already hitting contention problems (why do you think it looks like they don't have coverage, they do its just 'full'.) Look at Voda - O2 collaboration plans, someone has to drive the telecoms solutions of tomorrow, it certainly isn't the government at the moment (and it probably should be, why don't they build out the network and lease it back? Could be the modern equivalent of the train services, before they were sold off).

Sonos turns up volume, slips out new Wi-Fi speaker control app


Mega App design changes

I'm not massively impressed with the redesign. Its a total change from the previous app, which wasn't bad. I don't mind a little evolution of an app, but a total reworking is just a bit annoying.

Vodafone to spend £100m on 150 new Brit phone shops


Re: All they need to now..

Good job they've been working on that for 5 years and spent 300m+ putting together a coherent IT stack then.


In the interests of a balanced and fair review

I've been with Vodafone for years as a customer, rarely ever do I have network or data issues. Sometimes its a little slow, but I'm always connected, and have never been cut off.

As to your obviously jaded and singular point of view descibed in your example, iIf you are asking sales staff technical questions about network operation, what sort of answer do you expect? Think about your audience and ask an appropriate question.

I've found them to be an accomodating and engaging service provider, from a personal contract and business contract point of view, I have in the past, and continue to wholehearteldy recommend them to friends and strangers alike.

I've found their service to be perfectly fine, even when calling up and talking to one of their employees in a call centre. I didn't even see a drop out when they managed the Olympics network. I mean they must be poor if they are were the strategic mobile partner for the Olympics, who would ever give them that contract when they couldn't even run a 3G network! </sarcasm>.

In terms of coverage maybe you should consider that this is regulated by the Conservative government. They don't have free reign to deploy masts wherever they want. 80% of mast planning is blocked by THE PEOPLE that live there. So blame your neighbour. Also remember that EE had a 12 month head start on 4G due to backroom dealing in spectrum, so maybe that plays a factor in the fact that they don't have as much 4G coverage?

Also I'd check your facts a little before mouthing off, Vodafone as a company hasn't been going 30 years.

Live in the middle of nowhere? CONGRATS. Some of you can pay EE for 4G


Nothing to do with 2G / 3G networks

For the slightly confused about it.

The 4G rollout should have no effect what so ever on the existing 2G or 3G networks in terms of 'fixing them'. 4G is a totally different infrastructure. Telco's are 'fixing 2G/3G' by replacing it with 4G.

Its not just about speed, its about contention. The existing 3G network is plenty fast enough, its just that there is an exponentially large number of people using it now, and there isn't any more space in the frequency to cram more people into it. The 3G network is the '3 lane M4'. The 4G network is a 25 lane M4, its just got a lot more capacity.

Also the network edge doesn't dtop off. See those 2 bars you've got on 3G? They have a massive impact on your network handshake. Same case on 4G, no impact at all, its full signal to the edge of the network handoff zone.

Next thing you'll see is that 3G goes altogether. 2G will become m2m (Machine to machine - i.e. your washing machine / boiler / eleccy meter) and 4G will be THE data network.

So thats how they'll fix 2G.....

Ono board mulls Vodafone's offer to grab its pipe for £5.8bn


All part of the global 4 -play service rollout. Bring on the European wide contract for Mobile, TV and fixed line.

KA-BLAM!! Marvel Comics opens super-powered data API to web devs


Interesting, but more than a test bed?

Interesting idea, and makes perfect business sense, after all Marvel's most valuable asset is likely its data, and the massive history behind it.

Would be incredibly useful for those of us already building data driven apps/ sites in this theme. A few issues there tho:

1. Only a 1000 calls a day? Ok, so its a Beta but still, thats quite a low limit.

2. Its a Beta. Hmm. If its anything like Google Beta's then it will ALWAYS be a beta.

3. Basing your app's data services on an API that is actually advertising that its probably going to change is super risky, unless you just really enjoy re-writing your apps every few months.

From a fanboy point of view it raises an interesting brand issue. Marvel are undoubtedly one fo the 'big dogs' but this sort of thing would be much better if it was cross brand. But I guess that would require a whole lot more co-ordination.

Vodafone dodges UK corporation tax bill - AGAIN


You're all complaining now but wait and see what happens when three (3) are bought by a mega Chinese conglomerate and all their $$ disappears out the country in some amazing Chinese trade agreement.

Maybe we should celebrate the fact that a large Global Telecoms Company is based in the UK.


Re: Isn't this the same Vodafone...

Thanks to the Labour party for that particular law change.

Shareholder payouts ARE taxed though (under the right conditions), so the UK will see some of the money from that transaction, thanks to a successful company bringing in a load of $$.


Re: Isn't this the same Vodafone...

Yes it is. But maybe before hammering a company for a transaction that has nothing to do with corporation tax you should try and understand the UK tax model a little more.

The financial aspect of selling Verizon Wireless has absolutely nothing to do with Corporate tax in the UK. If you but a car in America then sell it a year later why would the UK government see any of that $$? Just because you're a UK citizen?

Virgin Media to hike broadband prices by nearly 7 per cent


Some of the comments here are the same as my experience. Their retentions department buckle pretty quickly. The last two times there has been a price change I've called them and had a reduction applied.

Sure its a pain in the butt having to call, but they don't even question it. Also if you get one of those 'new customer' flyers through the letterbox addressed to the Home owner with a great deal in it, they'll match that, even if you are in the middle of a contract.

I agree tho that their network traffic shaping results in a shocking performance sometimes. Its false advertising speed-wise really.

Ofcom, it's WAR! Mobe networks fire broadside over 2G spectrum pricing


The Telcos are ploughing vast amounts of money into their networks on a daily basis. The view that they are just sitting back and raking in the cash is ridiculous. The amount of cash it takes to sustain the existing network infrastructure is phenomenal.

This is purely sour grapes from the gvmt. Which is fine, don't get me wrong, its a free economy etc, they own a resource, they govern the price. I'd just be amazed at ANY company that takes a 50m+ hit on its bottom line and doesn't increase its prices in some way to compensate.

Maybe then the UK tariffs will start to be more inline with the rest of Europe's, which are considerably more $$.


Re: lies, damned lies and then statistics (and then PR campaigns by telecom companies)

"I drove through some amazingly poor parts of Albania, Bulgaria, Romania, Macedonia, Moldova and Ukraine last year and had 4-5 bars, 3G service everywhere."

amazingly poor parts. IE low density population areas with low phone usage. So you got an amazing signal because you had the whole spectrum to yourself.


"Hamsphire - the 5th most populated county in England" - So massively oversubscribed.

Signal is a lot more about contention than people realise. There is a very good signal in London, there's just 10 million people using it all the time.

Furious Frenchies tell Apple to bubble off: Bling iPhone isn't 'champagne'


Seems a bit pointless really, its only signifying the colour to someone. The name gives people the image of what the colour is, its a descriptor, not an associate to the brand. Just French protectionism.

HTC trio suspected of pilfering design IP


Shame about HTC at the moment. All the political and staff shenanigans cloud the fact that the HTC One is a really nice handset.

As usual tho its the marketing that sells a product, not the technical or usability capabilities.

Modern-day Frankenstein invents CURE for BEHEADING


Suddenly the ridiculous plot of 'Face-off' isn't quite so ridiculous anymore.

First pic of Ashton Kutcher as the great Steve 'jOBS'


Not an Apple fan, but this could be interesting

I'm not an Apple fan (I own no Apple devices at all) nor an Ashton Kutcher fan. Saying that I think this might be quite interesting.

Jobs was quite an innovator in the field and had an undeniable presence in the IT industry, over a far greater remit than just Apple. A film that examines his personality and method of approaching a task / problem could be quite a cinematic treat. (...and I love cinema)

HTC profits lobbed off a cliff by rivals Samsung and Apple


Its all the spin...

The one X is a perfectly good handset, its just been out marketed by the S3. On a technical level its actually better, but as a few others on here have said, it doesn't occupy the same 'cool space' as the Samsung handset.

As a personal observation I think that the HTC Sense software has stagnated a fair bit recently. I went from a G1 to a Magic (small change) to a desire (big change) but there is very little difference in the Sense UI since then.

Google sneaks in back door, slips YouTube onto iPhone 5


Company issues affecting user experience?

I think this is a really good example of how political and business issues between two companies has had an impact on the user experience.

I think if the mobile App is developed well then it could well provide a better user experience than the site, the opposite is also true (Just look at the the Facebook Android App - Its awful in comparison to only a mildly poor mobile web experience.)

It's an interesting way for Apple to devolve responsibility for the Apps they don't want to support but at the same time it does open the way for Google to push their content into the IOS platform. (Obviously subject to Apples' stringent approvals process.)

Everything Everywhere bags 4G monopoly in UK - for now


Massive misunderstanding about the technology

A few people here have hinted about it but there needs to be a massive shift in how people think about '4G' or '3.5G' as its more likely to be.

Its not just all about the speed. All your services will be different, tariffs will change and data usage will be a different ball game altogether.

Think of that 2mb Youtube video you watched yesterday on 3G, well today on 4G Youtube doesn't care about your bandwidth and auto streams the HD version at 200mb. Can you see the difference on a 4 inch screen? unlikely. This means more data, more connections, more network resilience, more network handshakes (IE way more cost to the provider thus the consumer) and a total change in how you think about data scalability and usage over a network.

'People' don't understand bandwidth. Just look at the USA where people were using their whole months data limits in a day with the new Ipad when it came out, on 4G. I'd love to see any UK network be able to cope with that at the moment.

RIM, Samsung thrash Apple in UK fondleslab sales growth


Agreement on the sensationalist headline

I was pulled in by the sensationalist headline, only to be disappointed by poor facts and a tenuous case. Sure the other manufacturers are growing faster than Apple but it is still spanking them (sad to say coming from a G-Tab owner)

Apple seeks whopping $2.525bn Samsung patent payout


Its all damaging to the customer

I hate this sort of thing. What it amounts to to is that WE will end out paying more for our devices and device research and development will be reduced. If a company is spending a load of money and time on suing another company then they aren't thinking about my next experience on their next device.

In this case I think Apple and Samsung are equally to blame. They both seem very eager to jump to legal proceedings rather than letting consumers decide for themselves. There seems little point in trying to historically decide who sued whom first.

Morally its quite annoying as well. I am not an Apple fan, so I disagree with any statement about them being cutting edge in terms of new product design. I think what they have done very well is take existing elements from other devices and incorporate them into their own. Then market the hell out of them to make them consumer products, not IT products (for me thats the genius part).

Also as an example of Apple's history of 'we invented it' here is a good example of how they tried the same thing against Creative Labs years ago. (better products, less marketing). They claimed they owned the 'wheel' device for navigation, which they didn't.


Android 4.1 Jelly Bean review

Thumb Up

Bring on the Jelly

It was pushed to my Google Nexus handset last week, its a great improvement on all fronts. Only wish the speed up update was across the board as I am still waiting on ICS for my Galaxy Tab 10.1. Which sucks as the new version ships with it and its technically a poorer spec.

Google Nexus 7 Android tablet


4G is so far away in terms of a UK rollout that it really shouldn't be a consideration as a device feature.

Considering these devices update every six months or so and 4G realistically isn't going to be mass market until late 2014 / early 2015 we'll all have much newer editions of these by then.


Re: 3G

Also its surprising how many network operators are blocking tethering these days.

Bit of a con really, after all its your data, use it how you want. Just wait for the combined multi device data packages to get launched by network operators :-)

Vodafone to let you roam in Europe at UK prices


Missing the point?

A few points really:

1. Its optional. If you don't like it, don't change to the deal. All the old deals aren't going away, unless you upgrade to this one.

2. European networks are not the owned by the same country, even when they might appear to be to the common man. If you are on O2 here there is no reason at all for you to get lower price access to a Telephonica network in Spain.

3. As mentioned above the prices of roaming usage (I say usage as its not about one aspect this is data/calls/sms) has come down a lot in the last decade. We should be happier that its now cheaper than its ever been instead of cheesed off that its not exactly the same as our home network.

4. Its all about the usage. Sure if you send 1 txt in a two week period it will cost you £3. But its only when you use it, not a persistent cost. If you are a heavy overseas users change your price plan to include unlimited EU roaming for a fixed cost! (That's like complaining to Sky cos they charge you £60+ a month and you only used 2 channels)

Vodafone, Three to offer hyped-up HTC handset


Why bother with the Android Tablets anymore?

If the handsets are ramping up in hardware spec, and the screen resolution is also increasing then they are seriously infringing on the tablet territory.

The only thing that the Samsung Tab did that was over and above mobile handsets was hdmi-out, but this handset does that as well.

Google's Inventor gets short shrift


Development isn't for eveeryone

Development on any platform just isn't going to work "For the masses".

It might be a good lead-in to a career into dev, if you pick it up at school (as mentioned above) but most GUI based editors are quite limiting and really only give you a foundation into a language. IE they might be a good way of learning the code base, but you'll rarely ever produce an application that has a 'magical' user experience with one.

Could be a training tool tho.

Hackers: 'ColdFusion bug more serious than Adobe says'


Vulnerabilities exist in all server side platforms

I'm a Coldfusion evangelist, I basically think its great. It is a robust extensible scripting language that allows you to build and deploy applications quickly and easily. It also integrates very well with most other web based languages.

I also think that its a great thing that these sort of things are brought out into the open. Then there is more pressure for hotfixes to be built and released.

Coldfusion is relatively mature now (ok not as mature as perl or python) but it makes .net look like an infant in 'Years' out in the wild. I think if you count the historic instances where you've seen an article like this addressing CF security issues you'll find it to be a lot less than some other server side layers.

I strongly agree with other comments made here, installing any software as 'Vanilla' and leaving it in an out-of-the-box configuration is asking for trouble. Learn to secure your environment whatever it is.

Its not perfect, but then what web technology is?

Vodafone to introduce out-of-bundle data charges



When you put in perspective is it really an issue? 500mb is a fair bit of data, and considering that almost all mobile Apps are optimised to hell the data transfer is amazingly small.

Also there are half a dozen Android market place apps for monitoring your data use.

Don't get me wrong, I don't support the change to the contract at all, I just wonder if it makes any difference if it is a 500mb, 1gig or 10gig cap, they are all distant thresholds to mobile use.

I've never used anywhere near 500mb and I'm a software developer who uses a Desire heavily.

Only problem I'll have is if they bill me before notifying me that I'm near my limit.

Vodafone kicks off Legend pre-order process


Wonder what Android OS it will ship with

Vodafone do not currently have any Android phones that support anything higher than 1.6 (officially) so fingers crossed they might actually sign off on 2.0 (0 or 2.1! and ship this device with it.

They are decidedly slow in the firmware upgrading dept.

Vodafone cuts more staff

Thumb Down

Cheesing off consumers too

I'm not suprised they are struggling. Both of their recent policy changes towards consumers have caused some controversy.

They have shortened the upgrade period before a contracts expiry, and changed the contracts so that you cannot downgrade ever during the life of your contract.

The Vodafone forums are abuzz with annoyed users.

Adobe wires ColdFusion into Microsoft Office and SharePoint


Adobe flogging a dead horse?

I've been developing in CF for years (as well as half a dozen other languages) and its interesting that Adobe are still pushing new functionality to this platform, despite a lot of UK based companies turning their backs on it. Sure its not the newest technology, but it is amazingly quick to develop with, give it a shot if you are new to the web side of IT.


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