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Drink beer not fizzy pop for pity's sake, say boffins

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Best news for a very long time,,,

Now here is finally some good news, all I now need is that they tell us that curries and kebabs are good for you and I might live to a 100 :)

US told to keep its beak out of European decisions


@AC Yep...

Well if 2 French companies want to merge, US shouldnt be able to block that. Nor should EU be allowed to block to US companies that want to merge.

Nothing to do with Germany or France. EU (read France) really needs to move on from its Communist past and get with reality. EU will never have any credible growth as long as it lets it unions dictate with its endless strikes and actions.

'F-22 Raptor stealth coatings are crap' case goes to court


@Neil 7

The link you sent was for how 1 Eurofighter beat two F15, not F22.

That is a hell of difference.

F15 had its maiden flight in 1972. Not really comparable, even though F15 generally is regarded as the most successful fighter in history.

I remember watching a Discovery program about the F22, to fend of any negative comments about the F22 did Lockheed Martin organise a training mission where they had 16 F15s against two F22. The F15s where "shot" down in without ever even seeing the F22s

Microsoft axes another 800 jobs


800 jobs...

that is probably only getting rid of some dead wood on a 91000 strong work force.

I suspect a lot of companies are using the recession as an excuse to get rid of some people they couldnt have got rid of in good times.

Tesla Roadster travels 313 miles on single charge



Wow if "normal" electric cars could do +300 miles I would buy one straight away.

I want me one of those £1.50-full-tank-of-electricity-cars.

Mandy declares 'three strikes' war on illegal file sharers


he he, my p2p client is

getting warmed up for some serious downloading until 2011 in that case ;)

SAP shares dive on warning



Larry Ellisons have apparently said for a long time that he cant wait for the day that he can buy SAP.

With SAP's share price dropping perhaps that day is sooner than we think

The beer is on Larry

Intel hindering USB 3.0 adoption, alleges industry insider



Well I guess it depends on what type of user you are.

I regularly back up 5-10 gb and would certainly welcome 5-6 times faster backup.

Most people consider upgrading their processor for just a 10-15% improvement so when a technology comes along that promises up to 10x faster transfer, well then I certainly get excited.

I also think as the speed improves, people will start seeing external USB devices as viable. At the moment i think it is being held back by its slow transfer rate.

UK.gov back to the drawing board on DNA retention


@Ed Blackshaw

"I can't think of any situation where the police would be using your passport photo to imply your involvement (or otherwise) in a crime"

I know it is probably a remote chance at the moment, but i cant imagine we are far off from having automatic face recognition software running on CCTV cameras.

You could imagine that would be running against the passport photo database


Well as everyone...

Well as everyone is against keeping DNA profiles, i have to go against the flow.

Why care if they got your DNA profile in a database?

Our passport photo is already on databases, and everyone who has gone through US customs will have their fingerprint taken as well.

Big deal, if they have some DNA taken off you as well. Makes no difference

Granade, as I expect one in the post

Oracle to 'out-Sun' Sun on hardware and software


@Stu 6

Well as the rumour goes, Tony Stark in Iron man(the film that is, not the comic) was modelled after Larry Ellison.

Not sure if that is true, but when you go through the film you could imagine that they did model it on him

The comic-book guide to SIM hacking


@Charles 9

Hmm I think horse riding came before computer 'hacking' but hey i might be wrong.

That a side, it is a shame that hacking has now completely been taken over by (illegal) commercial activities some of that real excitement of exploring computers seems to have gone (or am I just getting old?). But then again, back in the early eighties you where the envy of your class if you just managed to write a program to get a cube bounce around on your Vic20 computer screen, at least in my somewhat geeky class.


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