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Intel adopts 40Gb per SECOND USB-C plug for Thunderbolt 3.0

Byron in Miami

Can someone translate "gets a guernsey" for me? Google Translate is stumped on that colloquialism.

DARPA plans to end swine flu using Triffid drugs

Byron in Miami

Hyperbolize Much?

So, the actual underlying point of the article is that DARPA is working on a way to synthesize vaccines for influenza using a plant based cultivator, rather than using the millions of chicken eggs that are currently used to make the vaccine. The possible advantage would be the ability to rapidly synthesize large quantities of vaccine, and keep up with viral mutations.

e.g. - A possible way to save millions of people from pandemic influenza.

For this, you pillory them with bad science fiction analogies? Please put your journalism degree back into the Cracker Jack © box where you found it...


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