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Battleship of an Android phone sets Sprint sales record


Omnia - seriously ?!

I just finally got rid of my crappy samsung omnia after an 18month contract of hell. So difficult to use without a stylus - crappy wifi speed/range. Just bad bad bad.

Never been happier since moving to Android 2.1 on my Desire. Works perfectly with Exchange even with all the strict lockdown settings on our corporate server.

Never been so glad to get away from a mobile as the Omnia.

IBM shows off Power7 HPC monster



i miss the point. will it sit at 10% cpu load ?

If you need one of these servers (and your not doing research) then your design is hugely wrong.

Honestly, most servers do bugger all for 80% of the day. If you utilised the spare capacity instead of trying to make a black hole on earth then powergen/eon would be out of business by now (that's a good thing).

Naked Win 7 still vulnerable to most viruses


Damned if you do ....

To the guy who is saying mainframes, corporates have the most market share so why don't they get hacked (win vs linux etc) .. These are corporate environments that are secured with multiple firewalls, intrusion detection systems, security at all levels and IT professionals who design and operate it all. Hardly a comparison to your average home user. Sure they're not 100% secure but a damn site more than my granny's router.

Take it back to the desktop and the majority of market share is windows. If the majority was OSX or Linux there would be an equal number of viruses, of that I have no doubt. If you believe otherwise you are deluded. In fact, I would say it would easier with Linux as the source code is staring you in the face.

I've used all the main OS's and my experience leads me to believe a few rules:

1. People who want to get things done quickly - go with windows.

2. Gamers can only realisticly go with windows.

3. People who want to invest the least time in learning computers go with Macs.

4. People who want to invest the most time learning computers go with Linux,

They all have their ups and downs, some are good for certain situations, some or not.

What I would say is that the global recession has certainly boosted the case of open source. The new Ubuntu release has damaged their reputation. Jackalope was spot on :(

Ubuntu's Karmic Koala opens its eyes


here we go again ...

all of the above says a couple of things to me :

1. If you've bought a pc in the same way you bought a pc - then you need Windows 7.

2. If you've bought a pc in the same way you bought a DIY flooring pack, or you planning to build a wall for the first time, or you wonder how things work rather than why they just work then you need Linux.

I've used both, I love both - as a techie I lover learning more and more with linux. As a bog standard user I will use windows and you must know that this will not change - too much marketing etc etc.

Lets be honest here - a kids nowadays : Mp3 = ipod = yes i know how to work it

Anyone over 25 who plays games = yes playstation controller = i know how to work it

General PC user = Windows = yes i know how to work it

If you people can't see this you are truly blind.

Google boasts of melting data center antidote


Yeah, ok

Am I the only the one that smells bullshit ?


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