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Packard Bell catches burning battery blight



NEVER have i heard such an idiotic statement from such an idiotic soirce. How can they declare north america firebomb free when more than just a few sellers and buyers will have bought their firebombing laptops from abroad via places like Ebay or a reputable high street source in Paris.

Stupid, real stupid

Microsoft pact holds gun to Yahoo!'s stuffed elephant


That explains a lot

Now i understand why all of a sudden Google's map has suddenly developed some excellent new tricks, it's the start of a very public war.

Now if Google would broadside the creaking Microsoft hulk with a fully fledged and supported operating system to compete against Windows........................

Taiwan consumer org 'froze' Dell bank account


Nice one

Of someone was to sell me something at a price then increase the price i would not be amused. If Taiwan was to do nothing i think every company over there would be at it. Slapping the first company will always ensure the problem remains an isolated one

Beeb and co offload failed Kangaroo platform


Foolhardy to say the least

This idea will add to an already oversubscribed market. When the government decided to make TV broadcasting market driven too many companies jumped on the band wagon. That, in turn has led to a reduction in quality and variation because the supply of capital from advertising cannot sustain the bloated market. This will lead to the odd TV company callapse or two

Wheels come off O2's data network



I'm a Pay-As-You-Go customer. After i have finished rolling around the floor in histerics i think i might ring someone up ant tell them about it.

France takes third swing at 'three-strikes' law



If i understand it correctly, the French will fine accused file sharers on the third accusation without a court or defence. It contravenes the European human rights act, and France must have it on their own law books. No one can be forced to pay a penalty without a defence, not even for a parking ticket.

Phorm: How it went down


It's not over till the fat lady sings.

Going into partnership with people who made their money infecting computers could only lead wholesale customer rebellion. Those who failed to see it coming should be fired. Supplying customer information to these people was repugnant to say the least. Illegal trials. Illegal government participation, and the illegal and very public derailing of a regulators ruling and a police enquiry was never going to win the hearts and souls of any idiots customer base. I hope the European Commissioner's enquiry into the criminals involved is both far reaching and very, very robust.


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