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Reg reader rages over Virgin Media's email password policy

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Re: Virgin, bringing you the barely-adequate security from 2002

No - because I seem to recall your password cannot start with a number, seriously.

Xero, Slack suffer outages just as Let's Encrypt root cert expiry downs other websites, services

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Ah, this would explain…

…. The alerts my iPhone calendar was giving me about invalid certificates- it is subscribed to the calendar at my daughter’s school and uses letsencrypt

Ofcom unveils broadband switching plans, but providers claim it's not so easy

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Re: Radio interview about this

Having been on hold with Virgin's 'retention' department for an hour last week before being cut off, I believe it entirely.

Microsoft releases new Windows 11 builds, confirms running on an Apple M1 'is not a supported scenario'

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Re: Windows 11 on...

But hang on - Parallels runs the ARM build of Windows 11, not the x86 build - so what's all this about the "specified x86 + Qualcomm chipset"?

Linus Torvalds hails 'historic' Linux 5.10 for ditching defunct addressing artefact

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Re: Trim that long gray tail

Good by PowerPC 601 :(

England's COVID-tracking app finally goes live after 6 months of work – including backpedal on how to handle data

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Re: Never mind

> all the studies

Ah yes. All those studies. So many so... you just made those up, didn't you?

This is how demon.co.uk ends, not with a bang but a blunder: Randomer swipes decommissioning domain

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Re: A sad day

Same here - original tenner a month club member on CIX :(

UK public sector IT chiefs shrug off breach threats: The data we hold isn't that important

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I wonder whether the respondents may be intepretating 'valuable' in a monetary value sense. The answers *may* have been different if the question had been about the 'sensitivity' of the data held.

Beardy biologist's withering takedown of creationism fetches $564,500 at auction

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Downe is worth a visit

To tread the sand walk and look at the earthworm stone.

macOS? More like mac-woe-ess: Google Chrome slip-up trips up SIP-less Apple Macs

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Re: Bad software affects some users

To be clear, if it doesn't run El Capitan (which introduced SIP and is a free upgrade) we are talking about a machine older than 2007.

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Re: Bad software affects some users

> It's only going to mess with people who have actively subverted the OS X security for whatever reason.

Or those with older versions of MacOS, without SIP. I guess Avid users were disproportionately getting caught because they were adding 3rd Party GPUs and were disabling SIP to install various kernal extensions.

Got an 'old' Tesla? Musk promises 'self-driving' upgrade chip ship by end of 2019

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With Musk, him saying something "ages ago" and then reiterating it with a few months to go is news

Ticketmaster tells customer it's not at fault for site's Magecart malware pwnage

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Re: Java f'in script !

> Where do I send my CV?


Tesla's chief accounting officer drives off after just a month on the job

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Re: The product is strong, and the vision is excellent

OK, I'll bite. Do you not believe that CO2 is a greenhouse gas, or do you not believe that human activity has changed the concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere?

Or do you not believe either?

Canny Brits are nuking the phone bundle

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Re: Punished if you buy phone from elsewhere

> Sure, not all my contacts might be able to receive the call their end

Well, that's one reason.

The other is that I suspect the large majority of 3 customers are on all-you-can-eat minute contracts these days, so it simply doesn't matter - the phone switches to Wifi if the cellular connection is dodgy.

I predict a riot: Amazon UK chief foresees 'civil unrest' for no-deal Brexit

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Re: I was pro-remain, but this really is "Project Fear" at work.

It's rather like the Y2K bug. There was a *real* prospect of *real* problems if the issues weren't mitigated. Perhaps not a massive risk, but one that needed to be talked about and worked on.

That wasn't Project Fear then, and it isn't Project Fear now. Luckily we sorted out Y2K, hopefully we can do the same with this. But this is more complex because it is political as well as technical.

No fandango for you: EU boots UK off Galileo satellite project

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Re: EU Are Being Vindictive

I'm sure they'll let the UK pay to use it, if it's a key part of our defence.

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Re: Well

Can't wait to welcome all those expat English people back from Spain; and the folks on Gibraltar, of course. I wonder if they can pick fruit?

WannaCry reverse-engineer Marcus Hutchins hit with fresh charges

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Re: What is it...

I believe Clinton apologised for the mail server business.

Five actually useful real-world things that came out at Apple's WWDC

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Re: Facebook

Facebook is already in a PR tangle. I think they would be loathe to fan the flames by blocking a browser for offering privacy settings. More interesting will be if Mozilla follow suit.

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Re: Funny Sound Bite on Radio 4 This morning

As an old parent, with parents now in their early teens, parental controls were extremely useful, and not really a question of 'outsourcing'. The kids knew they got an hour a day, and didn't complain when the 5-minute warning appeared. What exactly is the problem?

The glorious uncertainty: Backup world is having a GDPR moment

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I think you'll find...

It's not

> Some of it brings the limit up to legally requiring storing certain personal data for 25 years after they were last a pupil.

But you should store it until the pupil is 25.

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Re: Not my field of expertise

Keep a log of those people who have successfull requested deletion.

If you restore a backup, re-run deletions from the time of the backup.

That log would be covered by legitimate interest.

There will be blood: BT to axe 13,000 employees

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Re: No people skills whatsovever

I suspect El Reg mischievously took that quote from part of the press release and grafted the 'speaking of job cuts' bit so that we would all grab our pitchforks.

Europe fires back at ICANN's delusional plan to overhaul Whois for GDPR by next, er, year

Chris 3

Re: What's the problem?

Having at least one contact for the domain sounds to me as if it is fundamental to the business of running the domain, so the lawful basis for collection wouldn't be consent - it would be contract:

* Contract: the processing is necessary for a contract you have with the individual, or because they have asked you to take specific steps before entering into a contract.

Consent would be required for public display of the data.

NHS given a lashing for lack of action plan one year since WannaCry

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Re: Kick me whilst I'm down

I get pretty sick of the 'managers are arseholes' mantra. My wife's a hospital doctor. She's very glad that she doesn't get stuck with the shit that the managers have to deal with.

RIP Ursula K Le Guin: The wizard of Earthsea

Chris 3


I disagree. It's calling Serena Williams a great tennis player.

Better filters won't cure this: YouTube's kids nightmare

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From what I can tell, you hire that lot for 3 hours and then churn out 60 x 2 minute video using the same actors, costumes and sets. Boom, job done.

For fanbois only? Face ID is turning punters off picking up an iPhone X

Chris 3

I think part of this may be lack of information... we'll see if that changes.

Lots of jokes when FaceID was first launched about your partner being able to unlock your phone by holding it in front of your sleeping face etc. I've no doubt the unfamiliarity will be a barrier (TouchID was similarly a bit scary when it first launched).

I don't have plans to get an X, and I'm not saying the system's good, however I don't think it is surprising that people are wary.

Itching to stuff iOS 11 on your iPhone? You may want to hold off for a bit

Chris 3

Certainly worth it if you are on iPad

I've been running the beta in on a 2017 standard iPad and all the split screen and multitasking stuff is really good.

Why the Apple Watch with LTE means a very Apple-y sort of freedom

Chris 3

You need an iPhone - but you don’t need it with you. Handy if you’re canoeing or going for a run or whatever.

Apple’s facial recognition: Well, it is more secure for the, er, sleeping user

Chris 3

Apple requires you to have a passcode in addition to TouchID/FaceID

Trello boards the desktop with Mac and Windows apps

Chris 3

Not a dreadful idea, but...

... horrible implementation

I'm a heavy Trello user, so downloaded this yesterday. It's written in Electron, is pretty laggy and when I last looked, was taking up about 700MB of RAM. Alerts are nice, but that's about all it offers me. I'll be sticking to the browser

HSBC biz banking crypto: The case of the vanishing green padlock and... what domain are we on again?

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HSBC trains its customers to be phished.

I’ve been having a back and forth with HSBC about the text messages that they send you, if they believe that your card has been compromised.

You get a text from a random number, purporting to be from HSBC telling you to phone another random number urgently to discuss your account.

That number isn't a publicised number. Moreover, even if you search for it on the HSBC website to check if it is legit, nothing turns up.

I’ve had several arguments, but am unable to get through to anyone who seemingly understands.

Yes, I understand that you may not want to publicise the number on the site, but at least arrange things so that if a customer checks, the search function returns a page saying 'yes, this is a legit number for the department'.

To add insult to injury, HSBC keeps sending me marketing brochures explaining how important it is that I keep a look out for phishing attempts.

Is there anyone? FSA, ombudsman who would be interested in this issue? It’s only a matter of time before someone is spoofed and loses money.

Climate-change skeptic lined up to run NASA in this Trump timeline

Chris 3

I'm intrigued.

... what actually locked you into your beliefs that climate change is a hoax.

Chris 3

Re: I don't mine a skeptic. I prefer a skeptic in this position

> Regardless, the subject (CAGW) is in effect, an apocalyptic religion.

Well, a religion except for the whole issue of it being based on sound scientific evidence and observation, of course. The faith-based argument is the one that says that the greenhouse gases that human activity has been generating isn't having any effect, despite the evidence that it is.

Voyager antenna operator: 'I was the first human to see images from Neptune'

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A really nice article Simon, thanlks for writing it.

A glimpse of life under President Zuckerberg? Facebook CEO's boffins censor awkward Q&A

Chris 3

This was an /r/science AMA

Very strict rules about 'science only questions' - so, I presume this was just the mods deleting stuff that didn't follow those rules.

Live blog: Fired FBI boss spills the beans to US Senate committee

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Re: I'm loving this...

So, to be clear - you're fine with a president firing an FBI head, simply because he is change of an investigation that may prove politically embarassing, and refuses to say he will be loyal?

Should the new FBI chief be required to swear an oath of fealty to Donald as part of the confirmation hearings?

Are you not the least interested in finding out how Russia tinkered with the US election?


The harsh reality of Apple's augmented reality toolset ARKit: It's an incredible battery hog

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Re: Improves with age?

Lets also not forget that Apple's beta software tends to be pretty battery-heavy, but then gets better optimisations before release. So it could well improve fairly rapidly with age.

WannaCrypt outbreak contained as hunt for masterminds kicks in

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Re: 5% of 1000 000 is 50 000 desktops.

Except of course - how are you going to get those images to the doctor's desk? USB stick? Mmmm. Two entirely separate PCs on each Doctor's desk on two separate networks?

We're 'heartbroken' we got caught selling your email records to Uber, says Unroll.me boss

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Re: Just don't do it

I'm still astonished by the number of people who use Whatsapp -which demands access to *all* your contacts

Has President Trump’s executive order on 'Public Safety' killed off Privacy Shield?

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Re: Nice Try, now go home.

Still upset that he took all your guns?

... oh wait.

Chris 3

So the Trump campaign Website still has the pledge to ban Muslims up. The order bans all travel apart from from 'persecuted religious minorities' aka Christians. It is a policy carefully constructed to be a Muslim ban and only someone incredibly naive would think otherwise.

NCC Group's profit hit by contract cancellations

Chris 3

Is this the same NCC that used to be the National Computing Centre?

'I told him to cut it out' – Obama is convinced Putin's hackers swung the election for Trump

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Re: DNC - Remove the mote from your own eye

Did they actually find out what they thought, or did they just see a bizarrely skewed interpretation a la pizzagate,

Encrypted email sign-ups instantly double in wake of Trump victory

Chris 3


What is it about Trump fans their love of capital letters?

Michael Gove says Britain needs to create its own DARPA

Chris 3

Re: Amen to that

Gove's education policy was a prime example of his 'experts? What do they know?' Core belief (another school governor)

Why should you care about Google's AI winning a board game?

Chris 3

Re: Bollocks

One thing that may give you pause for thought. While the system was indeed pump-primed by showing its neural networks passed games, it has apparently improved substantially in the last few months (since its games against the European champ) through the simple expedient of repeatedly playing itself .

Apple's anti-malware Gatekeeper still useless: Security bloke reveals lingering holes

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Re: "It's their choice and they choose not to, fair enough."

Every reputable journalist will approach the subject of the article if it is being criticised and offer the chance to comment yes - that is exactly how it works.