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Mars rover will.i.am 'cast: A depressing day for space and technology



It's ok Lewis, I thought that this was naff as well.

They've made an attempt to be down with the kids and get them interested in Mars and robots and science etc by using this pop star, and the pop star had to be current and not somebody like David Bowie singing about Mars in order that the kids would look and talk about it at school with each other.

However the first thing I thought when I watched an article about it on TV and heard the music was that it was a naff publicity stunt, and I didn't like the music they'd picked.

The cooler side of the Big Bang


Re: Oh inflation

I think that the reason why entanglement was lost (if it was, and isn't just stretched all over the place as space/time expands) is because something forced everything outwards from a central point (note, this is not the centre of the universe, just a central point according to our limited perceptions of what we call the known universe). So why the bang? Force. From what? Don't know, but I would suggest pressure was a major factor because of the heat which we take to be evidence of the bang.

Why would inflation/expansion stop? Has it done so yet? Will it do? If it does, then I would suggest that the reason is resistance. Something outside of the known universe pushing back.

Microsoft: Azure now holds FOUR TREELLION objects


WTF is Azure?

Yes I am a user.

UK's web super-snoop powers could be extended to councils

Big Brother

Big Brother fail

I really don't see the point of this desire to know what people are doing all of the time.

It's all very well to fear terrorists and to fear espionage, but this won't stop terrorists; they will not be caught out by these regulatory measures. What they will do is circumnavigate them.

All this will mean is less privacy for the general populace, and it will cost the taxpayer money and cause the ISP's a headache.

CERN catches a glimpse of Higgs-like boson


Re: They found the Higgs Boson?

I'm not sure that they did find it in the first place they looked, in fact I think that they've tried looking for it for a number of years and that they narrowed down the possibilities using a couple of different colliders before arriving at the result that they have.

I think I may have read stories to that effect in the news recently in fact.

Does Britain really need a space port?


Does Britain really need a space port?

No, we need an airport. A really big one.

UK.gov to unveil reborn, renamed net-snoop plans in Queen's Speech


Terrorist communications

What if they choose not to send complex plans encrypted and embedded in pictures of cats via emails?

What if they use carrier pigeons instead?

Swiss space-cleaning bot grabs flying junk, hurls itself into furnace

Thumb Up

Re: Passive version

I agree, some sort of sticky gel-sphere is the way to go, if not a floating electro-magnet.

Has Microsoft finally killed off Windows 8 Start button?


So what?

I like Office 2010, the ribbon interface and the file options are much easier to use and convenient for me as a user than the ribbon etc in Office 2007: and better for me than the drop down menus of 2003.

So they're changing a button? Making it less visible would seem counter-productive to me, but I'll give it a go.

London Underground Wi-Fi pusher to be announced in spring

Paris Hilton


I wonder how many people will be watching pron on their smartphones while sitting on the tube with a newspaper across their laps?

Paris, because she'd probably like to go for a ride.

UK.gov marches on with solar 'leccy cash slash by spring


Voting them out

This democratic right to vote out politicians in government/parliament is only granted to the populice once every four years (or five). Plenty of damage can be done in the meantime.

Kiwis collar Megaupload kingpin, Anonymous exacts revenge


Optional title used

Not to play down what Anon can do in any way, but how effective is shutting down the websites of the MPAA, RIAA etc going to be?

Do many people visit those sites?

Blighty's film biz asks gov to hurry up pirate crackdown


Fat lot of good it will do but...

I sent an email to the prime minister via the number10.gov.uk website. This is what I wrote: -

Dear Prime Minister

I am writing this email to let you know that I oppose any UK version of SOPA and PIPA, both US bills of which you are probably aware.

My reasons are that: -

1) Copyright infringement is not theft, but is in fact (excuse the pun) unlicenced copying (the dictionary definitions for theft and copying are very different). It should not be tackled in the same way as theft.

2) The entertainment industry is making as much money as it ever was, demand and consumption are still very high. The entertainment industry does not need to have the internet castrated in order to survive.

3) SOPA and PIPA are bills created for and by corporations serving their interests and undermining basic freedoms which up until recently were taken for granted by US citizens. Our colonial friends are forsaking their freedom to make a quick buck; we should not do the same.

Superhero oil-burping algae will save the world


International students

Yeah, and don't forget that lots of students from BRIC countries are studying at Western universities, despite the huge costs of doing so; and they are studying economics and hard sciences like physics, chemistry and biology.

These people then get hired by banks and by oil companies.

They maintain contact with their countrymen over the internet and at various academic and professional gatherings, and information is exchanged.

All of this will add to the likelyhood of open source/alternative bio-oil methods of production etc.

'Puzzling structures on surface' of YU55 spaceball


Boomarang phone?

Nah, he would have done a flying kick into the sky...

Chaos feared after Unix time-zone database is nuked


Wouldn't it be a good idea if...

...aforementioned industry leaders bought out David Olson's database and hired him, then defended their new property against trolls?

These industry leaders could even work as a group to do this.

Writers sue Huffington Post for back pay


End of trial period, start of blog

The authors of Huffington Post's articles might have given their work for free during a trial period, and there might have been a date given for the trial period to end and an option to extend that.

If the judge decides that the trial was not extended by the author, and if Huffington Post acted in a way which would indicate that they knew they should be paying the authors but didnt', then the case could be decided in the favour of the authors.

Anyway, why should any of these writers continue writing for the Huffington Post; especially if they feel that the Huffington Post has lost its way?

Maybe they write stuff of such good quality that they could still get a lot of exposure for their work on their own blogs.

DARPA aims to make renewable power practical at last


Old news?

FTA: - 'to store surplus power from the renewable generators when output is high, and use this stored juice to make up the shortfall when the sun goes in or the wind drops.'

Yes, and? Is this new? I could have sworn that I read about people doing similar years ago, although they probably called it something different than 'deployed energy' whatchamacallit.

It's what batteries are for, surely?

PlayStation hacker defiantly posts 'bible' following police raid


Terms and conditions, IP and infringement

I agree that when I bought a PS3 that I bought the hardware on it, and licenced the firmware.

I, like many others, did not wade through the T's and C's and carefully consider the ramifications of all the clauses before I clicked on Accept. I wanted to use my machine.

It would be helpful for corporations such as Apple, Sony and Microsoft to include a summary as an introduction to the main body of text, which can be pages and pages of fine print which they know that most of their consumers will not read.

I think that it should be made a legal requirement to summarise any and all conditions which they impose which could possibly impinge on a customer's statutory rights; such as killing off all functionality with a remote kill switch at their discretion and without telling the consumer why.

If the firmware is truly licenced and can be taken back by the corporation from who I bought my electronic device at any time, then I would like that very important point to be noted right at the top of the pages and pages of text where I can see it straight away.

I would like to be told that I can take my device back to the store for a full refund if I do not agree to that term.

As for not mucking about with the firmware in any way whatsoever which might infringe on copyright or enable others to do so, well that's obvious.

If no copyright is being infringed however, no intent to infringe or actual infringement taking place at all...then nothing should come of any mucking around with the firmware.

It shouldn't be illegal or an infringement of copyright to look at code and point out flaws in it, so long as you are not intending to use that knowledge to infringe copyright or enable others to do so.

Oracle: 'Eight Android files are decompiled Oracle code'


Referring to work of others, and binding contracts

If you include the work of others in a body of your own work then it is proper to include a reference to that work, and this helps avoid claims of plagerism.

Also, when people start work with a company, they sometimes have to sign a contract which states 'anything you create during work hours on our money on our premises shall belong to us'.

Apple 'outstrips' all brands at box office


El Reg Pun attempt of the Week

'The mind reels'

Well done Vulture Central, well done.

Google to site devs: 'Please code for Google TV!'


Already the case

Every time the adverts come on I switch to another channel, and unless it's a BBC channel, then I get...more adverts!

Also, sometimes the adverts seem to go on for longer than the programmes.

Court orders seizure of PS3 hacker's computers

Black Helicopters

They're trying to crack down on the internets

Feds and Met close in on kids and young people assuming they've captured all the ringleaders of the recent anonymous 'retribution' activities.

Apple and Sony sue to prevent you from 1) being able to use their software/firmware in a way that they feel is not in keeping with their terms and conditions and which may harm their commercial interests in some obscure way 2) being able to spread the knowledge on the internet so that they cannot control it or prevent people from seeing and using it.

EU president makes noises about controlling the internets in some fashion to make it 'fair' for everybody and protect us all from ourselves.

Great firewalls in China and Australia are maintained to filter anything which may be harmful to us or our children.

US has public (corporate) debate on whether there should be a two tier internet.

Is it me, or is the old guard trying to crack down on the internet so that in the future, when the revolution comes, we will be powerless to twitter together a flash mob to protest about our inability to enforce our rights to use our sentient internet connected bread toasters as we damned well please?

Come to think of it, will protesting be legal by then?


More pedantry

"...our intellectual property"

"yo dawg"

endanger lives.

UK short 100K tech recruits this year


e quango

The story does indeed come from an agency, an IT quango called e-skills. Their press release is here;


It is propaganda of course, I don't think that El Reg should have been re publishing it.

Anne Hathaway slips into catsuit



With Tom Hardy as Bane, Nolan will at least get the visual right. He'd better make Bane of equal intelligence as Batman, but I'd be willing to speculate that Bane will be Charles Bronson in a different costume and a mask.

As for Anne Hathaway as Catwoman...I think putting Catwoman in Nolan's version of Batman is a mistake anyway, even as a love interest (which is why she'll be there).

$1,000 reward offered for stolen cancer research laptop


Look, mac

I like that; almost as good as leaving your only copy of years of hard work on an expensive and attractive device, which itself is left on a car seat where anybody can see it....

Steve Ballmer at 11: A Microsoft power play too far?

Gates Horns

Product divisions and infighting

Since Microsoft is broken down into product divisions, it would be expected that there would be competition between the divisions as each division is effectively encouraged to compete with the other.

I'm also reminded of the article 'Knock, Knock, Nokia's Heavy Fall...' which was highlighted on El Reg a while ago.

WikiLeaks lawyer dubs US subpoena on Twitter 'harassment'

Thumb Up

The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

Like where?

Assange 'threatened to sue' Grauniad over leak of WikiLeak


Losing his grip

If Assange is blathering on about suing because he lost control of 'his' information and because he has a financial interest in it, then he should lose control over this information completely.

He should never have had control over any of the leaked information in the first place, and as for having a financial interest in it...shouldn't Wikileaks be above that? Shouldn't Assange be as well?

Assange: Text messages show rape allegations were 'set up'

Paris Hilton

Cannot be charged?

Windrose wrote: - "It's VERY likely there will be no charges. Despite three character witnesses, there's no hard proof, and if you study Swedish court records - all public domain, btw - you'll see that it is extremely difficult to get charged with, let alone condemned for, rape without MUCH harder evidence than what exist."

I thought he had been charged, and that this was the reason why the Swedish prosecution service successfully obtained Supreme Court approval for an Interpol arrest warrant?

Or is he merely being arrested on suspicion? That's a lot of trouble to go to just for that.

Also, why would the Swedish prosecution service go to all that trouble, if they don't think the charges will stick?


Useful links...

...that Windrose posted.

They appear to show that Sweden can extradite Assange to the US (assuming proper procedure is followed and approval given) so long as the Swedish authorities are convinced that there is no risk of his human rights being violated over in the US.

There is a one way extradition treaty in the UK, but the US hasn't made a request to the UK for Assange to be sent over there as yet have they? They might be having a bit of trouble getting the necessary evidence together.

WikiLeaks.org resurrected in US of A



I gather that Bradley Manning was exposed by a former hacker called Adrian Lamo. The gist is that he disagreed with Bradley handing over all and sundry to Wikileaks and therefore grassed him up.

I can only imagine what the board thinks about that.

WikiLeaks' Assange to be indicted for spying 'soon'

Big Brother


What next, goose-stepping tea-baggers?

The USA should wipe the egg off it's face, and move on.

Walmart falls in with Washington's war on terror



They're under the bed.

ASSANGE ARRESTED in London - in court later today



I hope there is a missive in the US cables which says 'make Assange look bad; attach him to a sex scandle. Hell, he looks like a bit of a playboy, doesn't he? Make that a double'.

WikiLeaks ousted from Amazon US



Joe's unholy turdspurt was on Fox, which makes it even worse.

Apple patents glasses-free, multi-viewer 3D

Paris Hilton

It tracks you and then displays the appropriate image

Am I the only one thinking of Microsoft Kinnect?

Interpol issues arrest notice for Wikileaks' Julian Assange


Europe shall do what it is told

See the European Parliament decision re ACTA.

WikiLeaks re-taunts feds with US Amazon mirrors


Hard left socialist?

Is Obama really a hard left socialist?

Would that make him a pinko-liberal? Or would he be a red-under-the-bed?


Slow secrets day

I can imagine that.

'James, have any useful intelligence today?'

'No, but that blonde nurse has a great pair of norks.'

Berners-Lee: Facebook 'threatens' web future


Broon and Berners Lee want data sharing

Broon wanted to have the isp's handing over all your data via the IMP to the GCHQ to be analysed and used, he wanted to force isp's to share users data without the permission of the users.

Berners Lee wants websites to allow users to share their data between other websites, so that other companies can analyse and use the data for marketing purposes.

The thing these two men have in common is that they want our data to be shared between people that they approve of, although they have gone about this in very different ways.

'Super-secret' debugger discovered in AMD CPUs

Paris Hilton

Call me naive, but

It's a debugger, so what?

Even if some 133t haxor were to use their formidable skillz and plugged in some warez so that they could access my kernal remotely without my knowing about it (maybe even turning on my home computer by pinging my electricity supply while I'm at work to make sure I wouldn't notice!), what would skulduggery would they be able to engage in with this debugger that they couldn't do otherwise?

If they wanted to reverse engineer the CPU, they probably wouldn't need this debugger to do it.

If our AMD man 'Mats' is to be believed, then it was just a debugger; why would those breadcrumbs from the debugging process still be there in the debugger on all factory issued chips?

Be a hell of an insight into the CPU development process if they were, but are they there?

Android bugs let attackers install malware without warning

Jobs Horns

Re: I doubt it

"Apples Walled Garden (app store) is still the best for peace of mind for the user"

<Cough> Cydia </Cough>

Mac OS X haunted by ghost of Jailbreakme bug


dev team

The dev team provided a patch for the pdf vuln, without reversing the jailbroken status of an unlocked iphone. The patch was demonstrated as working when the user was directed to the jailbreakme web page to find they could no longer follow the same installation process they had before. Apple could have done this, but they also took the opportunity to kill the jailbreak as well, because they don't like people having unlocked iphones.

'One-trick pony' Zuckerberg yet to prove CEO worth

Paris Hilton

Does he have money in the bank or not?

The article says that $4 billion was dropped into his piggy bank this year: so is that real money or not?

The article says that Facebook has made him this money - so is it a money generating entity or not?

If Facebook is not a money generating entity, where is Zuck's money coming from? Also, if it is not making any money, and Zuck is still getting $ billions out of it dropped in his piggy bank, then how much more $ will he get when it actually does start making money?

Osborne details painful cuts for UK

Thumb Up

An extra £900m to be spent pursuing tax evaders

No need, Panorama has identified Lord Ashcroft; and as Cannon said, Dispatches has done a similar job re some of the others.

British bank cuts 4,500 IT jobs

Paris Hilton

Pork barrels

Surely the government still throws out multi-billion pound pork barrels to the IT industry?

Cameron to spend £1bn+ on cyber security

IT Angle

Title is mandatory

Why is it that these government IT projects always cost billions?

Malware forces Firefox to save passwords


java script?

.js ? Java script? Oh, well I have NoScript and AdBlocker Plus; so I'll be alright then. Don't be thinking I'll accept lso's either, I purge them upon shutting down FireFox with another add on, Better Privacy.