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Microsoft exposes glue-free guts of the Surface Laptop Studio


I misread that as Gluten-Free guts...

He’s a pain in the ASCII to everybody. Now please acquit my sysadmin client over these CIA Vault 7 leaking charges


CIA - Crime Inventing Agency

Is anyone else thinking this is a Stitch-up job? Maybe by the bloke that threatened to kill him?

Tin-Foil hats everyone!

Having trouble finding a job in your 40s? Study shows some bosses like job applicants... up until they see dates of birth


Re: What jobs did they try to get?

What an utter BS comment. Maybe they decided to have a career change? Maybe they've left the Armed Services and are embarking on a career in Civi-street? Perhaps they were a stay-at-home parent or caregiver and are now looking to join he workforce. There are a 100 different reasons why someone may need to seek an entry-level position.

City of Joburg says it knows who ransom hack attacker is, refuses to pay off criminals


"Back in July, Joburg electricity company City Power was infected with ransomware that prevented pre-paid meter customers from topping up online, potentially leaving locals in the dark."

To be fair, I don't think the residents of Joburg would notice they were being left in the dark, given the amount of load shedding they're subjected to on a nightly basis, thankfully they're all expert level Braaiers! (Braai = BBQ on Steroids, no flesh was charred in the preparing of their food)

The UK isn't ditching Boeing defence kit any time soon


Actually the 737 Max 7 or Max 8 are pretty close in comparison.

138 - 153 seats in a 2 Class config.

BOFH: Halon is not a rad new vape flavour


As brilliant as always!

Swedish school pumps up volume to ease toilet trauma


Expell the demons!

Oh Fortuna - Karl Orff

Ave Satani - Theme from The Omen

Night on Bald\Bare Mountian - Mussorgsky

1812 Overture...

DUP site crashes after UK general election


I reckon we could see another election in a couple of months, let alone years.

HPE ignored SAN failure warnings at Australian Taxation Office, had no recovery plan


I'm calling BS

•Did not include available, automated technical resilience and data/system recovery features (such as 3PAR Recovery Manager and Peer Persistence)

These are licensable options, if they didn't want to pay for it, they weren't going to get it.

•Did not define or test “recovery procedures for applications in the event of a complete SAN outage”

It's not for the Vendor to define these, that's down to the Business to sort out.

•Did not define or verify “Processes for data reconciliation in the event of an outage of this nature”

Again, not for the Vendor to define.

To be frank, the whole "Report" smacks of an ATO arse-covering exercise. There's only slightly less fiction coming out of the Trump Administration.

(10 Year 3PAR Customer)

Twice-crashed HPE SANs at Oz Tax Office built for speed, not strength, and turned off error reporting



HPE now state that all critical volumes on SAS should be either R1 or R6 due to larger Disk Capacities (it has always been the case for NL 7k Drives.)

All RAID calculations, regardless of level are performed using the ASICS.

RAID-6 calculation uses the XOR engine in the ASIC but must calculate two distinct parities (R5 only needs one parity) and need to compute parities over more data since RAID sets are larger.

Most writes require only two parities. However, a fraction (1/3 for step size 8), of the data blocks are used to compute 3 parities, so updating those blocks requires reading/updating 3 parities, hence the odd number 6 2/3 back end IOs for RAID-6.


Re: Shelf failure?

I've been running 3PAR arrays for 10 years, through multiple generations of the Product.

Something is definitely amiss, and like Nate, I also have complete confidence in my 3PAR arrays. (All of which are still in Production, E200s/F400s/T400/7200s and 8440s.

Media players wide open to malware fired from booby-trapped subtitles


Re: Blah blah blah

That release was a bit buggy, they've now released 17.3 to fix this which addresses that. OpenElec will follow shortly.

Vegemite tries to hijack Qantas name-our-planes competition


How about




"The continent-sized country's flag-carrying airline is, rather stupidly, allowing the great unwashed to name its eight new Airbus A380s."

The new Planes are Boeing 787s not Airbus A380s you daft Drongo!

European Court of Justice lays down the law on Kodipocalypse


Re: pre loaded

Pi Hut sell Kits with the OpenElec disti preinstalled on a memory card.


Apple to Europe: It's our job to design Ireland's tax system, not yours


Like the UK in 2019

Cisco shrinks: Revenue, profit and margin all dipped in Q2 2017


Flux Capacitor Working again?

I've only just gotten over the fact we're halfway into Q1 2017 ;o)

HPE 3PAR storage SNAFU takes Australian Tax Office offline


Re: In my experience...

The trick is to make sure you deal with original pre-HP(E) 3PAR Techs.

I've been running 3PAR Arrays since 2007 through 5 Generations of the product and have never had any issues with them (in part due to having the right people available to field my calls and make sure they get escalated to the correct team on the rare occasions there has been a problem.)

Julian AssangeTM to meet investigators in London


Re: Imagined conversation

Call Ghostbusters!

UK needs comp sci grads, so why isn't it hiring them?


I'm so glad I didn't bother going to Uni...

... instead I worked my way up starting as a PC Builder, learned pretty much everything on the job with additional study at home and am doing very nicely some 24 years later thank you very much.

As a potential employer, I would much rather employ a school leaver with a few relevant GCSEs and a couple of A Levels, who is keen and inquisitive, train them up with a solid career path and then see them go forth and pay it forward when they're recruiting for their next PFY, rather than hire a recent graduate who thinks because he has a piece of paper saying he attended University and passed, is entitled to earn £xK per year more than me.

Flying Spaghetti Monster spotted off Angolan coast


Cue a load of John Hurt impersonations

It's enough to get your back up: Eight dual-bay SOHO NAS boxes



Kodi is CEC enabled.

To get around the need for having an IR receiver, I use the Constellation for Kodi on iOS (iPad and iPhone), with regards to starting Kodi, I also have an app that allows me to control the mouse and start items pinned to the task bar.

Entertaining prospect: Amazon Fire TV Stick



I bought one of these for the bedroom telly when it was £19 (Amazon Prime Offer), just because it has a flixster app for my Ultraviolet collection where the AppleTV doesn't (come on Apple, it's about freaking time already!)

Works fantastically well, so now I stream Amazon Prime and Flixster. Works amazingly well, even when it's not plugged into a mains outlet (I power it from one my TV's USB ports)

You! GOOGLE! HAND OVER the special SAUCE, says Senate (of France)


Re: I didn't know a court could compel a company to divulge a trade secret.

and the Colonel's secret recipe of 11 herbs and spices too please.

Labour policy review tells EU where to stuff its geo-blocking ban

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It is increasingly frustrating

I do still buy physical content (BluRay etc) that usually have a Digital Copy code for use in iTunes and/or with UltraViolet using Flixter/BlinkBox. It really pisses me off that I can't stream media that I am entitled to view when on my jolly hols on the continent. Sure I can download to my tablet before I leave, but that's not the point!

Cybercrim told to cough up £1m or spend years in chokey


Hmmmm, so, 4 additional years in prison on room and board and whatever else convicted crims get these days, then get released and have a nice little sum to live on for the rest of his days (assuming he hasn't spent it all) OR, hand it all back and get out in 3ish years for good behaviour.

Hmmmm, let me think...

Hello? Police? Yes, I'm a car and my idiot driver's crashed me


You're screwed.com

Oh what fun, next the Insurance providers will want to get their sticky paws on the data to increase your insurance premiums, after all, airbags don't deploy on their own right? stationary vehicles never get hit by external factors right?

Apple about to make Apple TV WAY LESS SUCKY - report


The Rights Holders aren't helping!

Just take a look at the HBO Now offering that was announced, that won't be available in the UK, nor will the others I suspect.

They love to jump on the piracy=bad bandwagon, but they don't help themselves.

If they offered the content globally, for the same cost, at the same release time, for say 50p\cents per episode, that would be a whole ton of revenue per episode they don't get at the moment.

The same for some subscription services. AppleTV has Netflix but not Amazon Prime. Why not?

I buy BD releases with Digital Copies in Ultraviolet (I used to get them into Apple but the content providers stopped doing that meaning I now have 2 separate "cloud" libraries), yet there is no Ultraviolet compatible app (Flixster or BlinkBox) available on AppleTV.

EE data network goes TITSUP* after mystery firewall problem


Re: Oh, dear...

Three - I switched to them my service with NN got progressively worse. Their Customer Service is outstanding!

PEAK APPLE: iOS 8 is least popular Cupertino mobile OS in all of HUMAN HISTORY


Re: What is is about Version 8 of an OS?

Windows 42 will not be the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything!


Re: from stats, it's actually quite nippy

I updated my iPhone 5 to iOS 8 and it was noticeable faster over iOS7, and battery seemed to last longer as well. (My phone is in constant use, web, messaging, facebook, music etc)

My iPad 2 not so much, after upgrading to iOS 8 the battery doesn't seem to last as long, it takes longer to charge, but other than that no real overall difference in performance.

Mobile coverage on trains really is pants


South Africa

SA has the best mobile coverage anywhere. The battery on my old iPhone 5 used to last be the whole day without getting below 40%, as opposed to lasting 5 hours for the same amount of usage.

Get back to London, get to Waterloo station, no chance of a data connection despite having 4 dots and a 3G signal unless I turn flight mode on and off a couple of times, the same for roaming around the city, especially on weekends.

Switched to Three a week ago when I upgraded my phone. Not had a single problem since.

Russia: There is a SPACECRAFT full of LIZARDS in orbit above Earth and WE control it



Pre-empting an Alien Invasion perhaps...?

Bring back error correction, say Danish 'net boffins


Silver Peak

Silver Peak actually have a virtual appliance that does this kind of thing for replication traffic.

LOHAN seeks stirring motto for spaceplane mission patch


Altius nititur Columbias optimus!

Apple wins patent to pump ads to your iDevice while you're watching TV


They're patenting something that I was working with back in 2000!

Realtime Web Voting is nothing new. I used to work for a firm that handled Web and Tele voting for shows like Top of the Pops + and Football Focus way back when. Here's hoping Apple get sued for Patent Infringement on that one!

Assange™ makes fresh bid for FREEDOM from Scotland Yard's 'physical encirclement'


and in other News...

... Media Whores Julian Assange and Katie Price are to Wed.

Recommendations for NAS-based home media set-up


Proliant Microserver and Raspberry Pi combo

for the NAS solution, run a raided OS on the Proliant Microserver.

I run Windows 7 because I use Media Center Master to catalogue, name and manage my media library.

Then use a raspberry pi solution to stream to your TVs using something like XBMC. It can all be booted off sd disks.

Apple, Beats and fools with money who trust celeb endorsements


Beats ...

... their existing crappy headphone offering!

ISPs' pirate-choking blocking measures ARE effective – music body


Buying, downloading.

I used to buy The Triple Play Media, BluRay, DVD and an iTunes Digital Copy. Brilliant!

Then some studios refused to provide iTunes copies in favour of UltraViolet, requiring that I sign up to Flixster and UV, inconvenient because I now have to manage 2 seperate Digital Libraries.

Then they stopped releasing Triple Play Media and provide Blu Ray with a UV Digital Copy, no big deal, just disappointing

Now they've starting releasing BluRays with no Digital Copies.

And they wonder why people download!!!

I download copies of the Titles I buy, with the Audio encoding so I can play them through XBMC in whichever room I'm in.

I want my media through 1 provider, in 1 Library, downloadable\streamable with full audio encoding (7.1 or 5.1) and released the same time as the US. (TV Shows as soon as the episode has aired)

Prince sues 22 music file-sharers for ONE MEEELLION dollars each


The only concert I've ever been to where...

... the "Artist" was actually booed back on stage. He was on for about 60 minutes before going off, people had paid upwards of £60 for a ticket, and started booing and his support act had to come back on until he could be brought back out. (O2 Docklands).

Seriously, it's a bootleg of a gig that won't be released for commercial availability. No harm has been done, he's just peeved he didn't think to release a CD or DVD of the gig himself.

Which qualifications are worthwhile?

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Teach yourself at home.

There's a wide field of stuff to learn. Personally, I wouldn't focus on a particular certification but instead learn as much techie avenues as you can.

I'd start with virtualisation (VMware, Citrix...) You can then get a small Virtual Server Farm up and running at home with which to build on. From there you can further build your skillset. Microsoft, Linux, Solaris, MAC OS all run happily of virtuals.

http://eu.wiley.com/WileyCDA/Section/id-610840.html - teach yourself. Once you get really comfortable, then try and get the basic certs in whichever techs you are interested in.

VMware, in order to get a cert you have to have attended an approved training course and take the exam. Others it can be as simple as learning the stuff and taking for the exam.

HP lunges at EMC's midrange with new 3PAR StoreServ 7000s

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3.1.2 InForm OS

The latest InForm OS Version will also be available on the F-Class and T-Class 3PAR Arrays, not sure about the S-Class Arrays, but definitly not the E-Class.

Clap Google, Amazon in irons to end tax shenanigans - MPs


There is also a risk that some of the big players will simply shift their operations out of the UK altogether and run them entirely from a "tax friendly" location.

I'm not agreeing with their practices, but there is a reason why they structured their books that way. Perhaps if the UK were to lower the rate of corp tax to something a little more competitive with the rest of Europe where google etc base their operations, it would be a win win? Businesses that do pay their due get a break in the current economic climate, and the big players have an incentive to simplify their tax books. I'm no economist, but doesn't that make a vague amount of sense?

McKinnon will not be extradited to the US, says Home Secretary


CPS decided in 2009 NOT to prosecute


with an updated statement here


Huawei: Half a million IOPS? Pah, we can do better


iops shmiops

Now talk to me about the level of latency and how they handle that, tell me how they handle caching when they have a failed node in a 4 node or greater active-active cluster? How do they get around the issues of space reclaimation on their SSD drives?

They can have all the iops in the world, if the latency is so great that your systems are slowing to a crawl then it don't mean a damn.

Brit judge orders Facebook to rip masks from anonymous cowards


Why do they have to serve Facebook in the US? Surely they could serve Facebook in Ireland?

Draft law lets council bods snoop your tax records


Re: And what about DCAs?

Actually you are mistaken. I battled with my Council last financial year because they weren't charging me the correct amount of council tax and passed the matter on to a certain DCA who then tried unsuccessfully to use a baliff to enforce payment (through a Baliff company they owned and operated). The debt was not sold to the DCA.

Virgin Media finally offers network options on SuperHub

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About frikkin time!!

I've had R30 for just over 2 weeks now, it's been sitting there in Modem Only mode and everything is rosy and wonderful and right with the world again.

NATO site hacked


Ryan Cleary...

...clearly has an airtight alibi for this one!!!!