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Apple adds gay and lesbian icons to iOS 6 messaging

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Re: My only question for the idiots against gay marriage is ...

gay marriage...

I'm sorry there now I'm just going to have to stop you now.

Sure, I'm all for you homosexuals having equal rights etc... You deserve to be treated fairly.

But marriage means something in my book that does not include 2 people of the same sex living together. By all means help yourselves to the same rights if you will but marriage in my books it will NEVER EVER BE.

I was born at a time when marriage meant something different. I am sorry now but don't change that word. It actually means something special to me at least.

I know I know, the world changes. Words, definitions, morals change. What is acceptable today was not yesteryear and vice versa. Sometimes for good, sometimes for better, sometimes for worse. I'm not saying this is a direct analogy but rather as an example of how I think the world has changed: when I grew up, you got a bad grades you got punished by the teacher and then your parents. Now, the teacher gets it.

I am not asking to deny gay/lesbians/bi their rights. Just don't come and equate my marriage to yours. It's not the same and never will be in my measure. Just go call it something else. You guys are bright, creative inventive whatever. Just go and come up with your own word for it.

Food for thought: This is the perfect example of why I have always said that freedom and rights isn't free. They have to be fought for. These guys have fought for their rights and now are changing our lexicon - perfect example. Rights, fine. My only question again is why let them redefine a heterosexual word? Should we let them? I should tell you I was once denied entry to a gay/lesbian bar going there to meet a gay friend because I brought a girl - so you can see why I am not all that enamoured by their movement, some of them take it TOOO far. How far will we allow this to go eh?

The seven types of online commenter

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Paris Hilton

I was about to post something extremely clever...

... but I couldn't recall much of what I read of the article. It must have been a load of bollox.

Does that make me a trouble maker?

Paris, 'cos tis' too late in the night and I am probably only running 1 brain cell.

Top Gun 2: It's happening - and the choice of star is stirring controversy

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Macross Plus... Or Zero...

You shouldn't be. They're much than either Top Gun, Stealth etc... or this article :P

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Re: Obvious aircraft is


The mossie was a good plane.

Steve Jobs' death clears way for '7.85-inch iPad prototype'

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Re: Disgusting title for an article

I found it reasonably straight to the point and innocuous.

I mean, what's different, "Monarch/President X's death clears way for reforms in blah blah blah".

Same thing 'innit?

Are you that sensitive? Oh... god I forgot, Steve Jobs is more than that....


Apple's secret outsource: 'Even more software to be made in India'

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If OS X development occurred in India.

Would you know the difference? Would I?

Apple demands US ban on Samsung's Galaxy Nexus

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What a load of ...

... bollocks...

And I'm not just referring to the Apple <-> Samsung war :P

Nikon stretches Coolpix focal-range beyond belief

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Can't be fast... No use to me unfortunately.

iPhone 5 rumoured to be packed with pay-by-bonk tech

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Rev 13:17

F@!# that.... Is this what we are becoming?

40,000 Apple fanbois demand ethical iPhone 5

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I am and have.

I do not have an iPhone and probably never will.

But that's mainly because of a beef I have with Jobs, dead though he may be, and the legacy he has left behind.

But are the alternatives all really that free of taint?

I bought a HTC a long while back which probably reeks of taint along similar lines. As do most things. A long time ago you'd see toys 'Made in Hong Kong'. Now you see almost everything (ok, I exaggerate, but you get the picture), 'Made in China'.

There's quite little we can do I think, but I'm open to suggesitons.

High Court reinstates Oz Galaxy 10.1 ban

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Not that I'll buy either one...

... but I hope someone/people capable of some rational thinking make the final call on this. This is all retarded.

Geek seeks cash for Top Trumps-style CPU game

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Err... no.... (not always anyways)

Wanna race? Your 3.5 Mhz spekky versus my 1 Mhz 6502?

Second US Navy robot stealth bomber takes flight

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Dunno... Afghanistan?

Dress up like a local, carry a long big pole, if you can't find a sniper rifle or RPG and try and look menacing and maybe a predator might drop something on you or something like that.

Shock claim: Playing Elder Scrolls WILL MAKE YOU GAY

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a truer word said !

It's the ALL NEW FUTURISTIC WEAPONS Black Friday Roundup!

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he's just never seen knives and pointy things in America....

Hint to Lewis: They exist.

Coders are creatives too: Where's our love?...

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The focus in sensory input...

The reality is function.

How many items we use today contain code? From lowly digital watches to tomahawk cruise missiles?

I find it constantly amazing that GPS works at all.

To look at something just a second time and think to yourself on reflection, omg how the f@# does it do that?

Think about that.

In our noisy microwave environment, mobile phone networks, wireless LANS etc... lots of devices all within quite a relatively narrow band.That's all amazing stuff people just don't see... Who keeps your flybywire planes in the air? Your electronic ignition system going in your car? Your digital TV? Your pacemaker going?

Now that is beauty.

Who are the coders behind all these feats? Hint: Not Apple. Not M$.

They are not visible. But they are there. Trust me.

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^ this

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DeOxit of course.... duh! Don't you like the aftertaste?

NASA nuclear Mars tank launch delayed by one day

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Don't mention the Mysterons, I did once, but I think I got away with it.

Hypersonic missile successfully hits Ronald Reagan

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An icbm is also generally larger, and more expensive and generally carries MIRVs which could land anywhere, so if you see one pop up unexpectedly unannounced it really could mean bad news, as one is hardly going to waste one by loading it up with conventional stuff. But then again, with certain rich countries... who can tell...

Whereas, a tomahawk barrage off the coast of any middle eastern country is hardly of consequence to China or Russia, I would think, if they could see it and didn't know about it...


...besides I would imagine the other major players are routinely informed of any of this sort of thing anyway to avoid confusion.

Secret US 'Jedi' ghost-copters kept out of bin Laden raid

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They probably did use GPS. They'd be crazy not to.... but...

Remember, it's perfectly acceptable for a cruise missile (or so it seems) to miss its target by a few hundred metres or fail to reach its target. I mean, we've seen those cruise missile barrages. What's it matter if a conventional warhead hits a tree or a crane that wasn't on the GPS map?

When it's a heli full of live people, that actually need to get there to do the job, I think hitting an unexpected newly erected power pylon or something like that might not be quite so acceptable so some form of obstacle avoidance is necessary rather than blindly flying on a GPS map.

Yes, brave men, those seals, but equally crazy and brave would be those heli pilots. They probably go more unappreciated and unnoticed than they should be. I'm sure they have pretty good night vision aids, and a few other nice things we don't know about to deal with when they can't see the ground through smoke or fog or whatever.

But perhaps with good passive night vision aids and good weather, maybe such a mission could be flown without anything active. And for all we know for a good leg of the journey where detection wasn't an issue, they might have been flying high with weather radar on but went cozy with the ground when it became an issue.

Whatever the case, these pilots are probably crazy and deserve as much applause and commendation as their passengers...

Feats of daring like this are truly epic.

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+1 for that

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Then again...

Why use a precision laser cutter when an angle grinder will do?

Just saying for agument's sake.

Don't know the range they flew but for the sake of argument, wouldn't lynxes have done the job just as well, by the way?

Not that I know (nor care) whether these jedi choppers exist...

Apple 'prepping smaller iPad'

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But a 10 inch is a PITA to lug along.

And reading a PDF document on a smart mobile phone is a PITA as well.

I'm not sure, but a 7 inch may be a good compromise, or it may well harbour the worst of both worlds, sort of like an iMac... (y'know, not a desktop, not a lappie, complete utter rubbish).

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Yet Another Reality Check

A significant proportion of nerds actually already wear glasses...

I for one would like a lovely hackable 5-7 inch robust tablet, but my needs may not be representative of yours, and I accept that. I certainly don't see it coming from Apple with their lockdown, and I'm not sure I like Android at all either.

C and Unix pioneer Dennis Ritchie reported dead

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One can leave out the arguments (it is acceptable if one is not using them, and the OP did not intend to) but most compilers will grumble about a void main declaration.

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I wish I could say that...

For my first machine was an Apple ][....

So, as much as I *hate* saying this, I owe Jobs some. No Plenty. But nope, don't like that man. It's no secret of mine. It's like he turned evil or something. Either way, I wish Jobs well - he has left grieving people behind and it must have been a bitch to die of cancer.

And, please, C still *IS* a good solid language, without which a lot of us would be doing stuff like mucking around with assembler or forths. Well we still do don't we ;).

So RIP Ritchie... and yes, you too, Jobs.

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Re: Let's not forget that he brought us all the joyful experience of ...

Put your pet peeve in the context of this guy and his mates effectively making a cross-platform assembly language which has endured the test of time.

Which you sound like you still use perhaps?

My philosophy is if you play with guns and knives, and you hurt yourself, you've only yourself to blame. If you play with guns and knives, you'd BETTER know your tools.

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err.. no.

int main()...

Or if you really want to be old school just:


But this practice is deprecated these days.

Please.. no void main () stuff. Probably won't make him turn in his grave, but I reckon you owe it to this guy not to do this :P Although in fairness, in some conditions (compiler, OS, embedded) it may not matter. But fix main up the way it's meant to be.

And... one sloppy habit may mean others. Find these, and get rid of them, you'll be better for it.

RIP Ritchie. I may not have met him, but I learnt a lot from him and his like. Those 3 lads (or more at Bell labs!) did more than we can probably ever appreciate.

Sony names PlayStation Vita release day

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I like your imagination... but...

+1 : Keira Knightley

-1 : Actually considering, even for a moment, if a vita and Ms. Knightley were in the same league..

+1 : Hacked bootloader

-1 : booting android.

Eh, get your priorities right, my man! :P

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^ this

The bastards...

But I have to admit... It's perked my interest and I'm not, as some of you well know, one of Sony's more rabid fanbois.

The life and times of Steven Paul Jobs

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His OS...

LOL, just LOL...

sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

Empire-building inspirational visionary, or megalomaniacal swine?


Galaxy Tab Oz ban ruling due next week

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Two things...

1. Evil Apple.

2. Evil lawyers that even let this issue this far.

All about the $$$. Steve would have been proud, would he?

Steve Jobs funeral is quiet family affair

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I don't believe in reincarnation...

... but wouldn't it be ironic if that were to entail working for Foxcon?

The iPhone 4S in depth: More than just a vestigial 'S'

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Fuck that...

1. Google is just as evil as Apple. Eye of Sauron etc..

2. Have you *EVER* used voice recognition? Even on a high end intel it is teh evilz.... You may have a chance if you speak American :P

Android, Apple, whatever.... All they want to do is grab your $$$ and your mine your demographics and now even "all your data r belong to us", real soon now, in Apple shaped clouds.

Proper phone = old school nokia or equivalent. Cheap. battery lasts for days. You won't cry if it gets squashed. So, not on the interwebs... Big deal. Pen and paper. Old palm pilot or work a like. Do you need to be on the internet 24 hours a day?

If you must, get a wifi telco dongle and use whatever tablet/lappie you have bearing in mind the nefariousness of the underlying vendors. Get an iPhone, android whatever, but ....

.... just don't *EVER* get the foolish idea that your data is private.

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Not to nitpick.

72.8% vs 73%. Come, come now....

Significant figures my friend. It's plausible they got some wild exciting number to more significant figures but decided to round it off to 2 significant figures. Which is reasonable - and I'm not the first ever to jump into Apple's defence.

You think we're all dumb enough that things have to be rounded down to significant quartiles?

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Before anyone goes on about 2 cores yadayadayada... Battery life needs figuring too. That goes for the screen too. And the OS controlling all this.

No point having something that drains your battery twice as fast. For a smartphone to be usable I reckon, you should have at least 2 days from each charge.

And remember LiPo batteries do fatigue and die. The less charge cycles the better.

Very delicate balancing act. Apple may have got it better this time, or with 2 cores, it could be worse. Certainly I do not believe the battery technology is significantly any different between a 4 and a 4S.

Having said all that, this looks possibly iike what the iPhone 4 should have been.

I have no love lost for apple but I've used the iPad 2 (not mine, mind you!) and it's infinitely slicker than any android machine out there at present. Google's folly is Java, I reckon. If the iPhone 4S is like this, without any major hardware issues and a good battery life, it should do well.

In fact, the iPad 2 is so nice, I would consider preordering it on basis of this, were it an open system capable of being inspected and modified by anyone reasonably techically minded, and not just those elite well versed in the arcane black arts of jailbreaking....

... but I do not condone Apple's lockdown or the new 'All your data r belongs to us' thing...

So I say no and show Apple the finger.

Apple cofounder Steve Jobs is dead at 56

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Dear Mr. Jobs

If I were to write an eulogy:

+ : Without you, Jobs, no Apple, no Apple ][+, which was my first machine *ever*. Wasn't just Woz even though he was probably the more technical... No Jobs... No Apple I, ][ etc..

- : What has Apple become? Why? Does the end justify the means? And the means is repugnant. Price premium I can handle, but... Lockdown? Espionage, invasion of privacy (err... "undocumented features")? How could you condone this? Your China practices... well everyone does it, innit? but that doesn't make it any more right.

Apple became a strong force under you but ...turned gradually.. more and more ... I will say it.. frankly...


We can all be idealists but let's all see the reality here. What cost does one pay to subscribe to the Apple cult?

Jobs, what have you done?

I'll have NO part in your Apple now.

Nevertheless, Respect given where due. Ultimately I owe you (quite!) some, I'll grudgingly admit. You and Woz got me started in computers and that's saying a lot. I'm here aren't I?

Mr. Jobs, I salute (albeit grudgingly) your departure into the great beyond. You were once an iconic figure to me, but you fell far from that pedestal from what you have done. You are well exemplary of Man, capable of good yet so much evil. I guess that's what it boils down to. We are all human and so flawed. So I wish you well. My condolences to your next of kin. I shall remember the lot of yous in my prayers and I am being frank and not being sarcastic here.

What happens now is between you and God.

Apple confirms iPhone event on 4 October

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Curious minds...

...want to know.

So... have you?

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Verb.. noun...w/e

Sure, you're right... but seriously, w/e, context was unambiguous.

But there, there, I understand.. you're getting upset the way I do when people don't use metric :P

Court bans man called Peter from calling himself Peter

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Best comment posted here so far.

sT0rNG b4R3 duRiD

^needs to get out more

Srsly :P

No pain, some gain: Ubuntu Oneiric Ocelot examined

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Not that I care what Linus uses...

but yeah, thumbs up for XFCE.

Ten... outdoor gadgets

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I agree with Valis.

I would have thought a wind-to-charge device ie a wind-to-charge torch would have been up there amongst them. I wouldn't count on solar to be honest.

Samsung 'mulls bid for' HP's orphaned webOS

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PL/SQL? Yeah, right... I'd blame those pints instead.

DARPA shells out $21m for IBM cat brain chip

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Ask Tom...

Of Tom and Jerry fame. He gets into quite a bit of trouble

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Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?

When can we make a 'Mind', and bootstrap the Culture and enjoy all the debauchery it potentially could offer?


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Cos your lysdexic? :P

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Yep...didn't they have a nasty habit of hitting the earth?