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Sticky Tahr-fy pudding: Ubuntu 14.04 slickest Linux desktop ever

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[rant]Putin bots all over the guardian and now MS Shills all over this article. Sigh. [/rant]

Hardly any comments about the article itself. Well Im looking forwards to the small tweaks mentioned and will probably be upgrading a couple of weeks after launch.

A BBC-by-subscription 'would be richer', MPs told

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i'd pay - but how

I love the BBC. The content they show most of the time is right up my street.

My TV systems only work using Free to Air - I guess the subscription model would change this. So Im out.

Steve JOBS finally DEFEATS the PC - from BEYOND THE GRAVE

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Re: Hybrids

doesn't the android update 4.2 add multi user support on tablets?

Still - I'd love a proper linux on a tablet.

Apple appeals judge's decision to boot out its Moto patent suit

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"but it said that it would only be bound by the court's decision if the royalty rate was no higher than $1."

Not many companies can pick and choose which court ruling to follow. They are magical.

Microsoft 'surprised' by Google Gmail 'winter cleaning'

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From Exchange To Gmail

Our business has moved from Exchange to Google Apps.

I love it , as my linux box never worked well with exchange (Evolution MAPI was ok , but slow).

Report: Apple, Google, Microsoft join forces to buy Kodak patents

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Re: patents are for satan worshippers

they would never research a CURE for cancer as that would be a one off sale. Instead drugs that would help with your condition but require you to buy them for the rest of your life.

The best tablets for Christmas

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Re: iPads feeling expensive now

iPhone 3GS running ios6 - your brave and very patient.

Google puts Nexus 4 back on sale, sells out pronto

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Ordered at 17:07 - delivery 4-5 weeks :(

Google, Apple, eBay shouldn't pay taxes - people should pay taxes

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Lots of small companies much better than a few big

Dont put all your eggs in one basket.

It the mega corps dont want to help our country and pay their morally fair share of tax , let them go. They can be replaced by a few thousand smaller companies that wont hold us all to ransom.

Apple's profits fetish could spell its DOOM

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Lots of people are going to be very upset with if the story becomes true, perhaps there will be a vigil or something.

Iin the future as a consumer I'd rather see lots of competition using multiple platforms based around open standards.

Google fine-tuning iOS mapping app for Apple submission

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Open Street Map

Such a pity apple just didn't go for Open Street Maps and give data BACK to the project so that everybody had a shot at taking on google.

Bottom line , Apple would rather keep their control to the detriment of their users.

China's Goophone unveils US$99 Android iPad Mini clone

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its all in the marketing

There are plenty of rectangle shaped electronic devices that allow you to consume content.

The only difference about this one is that the company selling it are using the competition as part of their marketing strategy. Judging by the responses from the fans of the competition and the fact the media are covering it on the other side of the world - its working for them.

Apple slips bomb into ITC filing: Samsung being PROBED by US gov

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Re: Double standards

do you work for apple? I bet you wish you did

iPhone 5 'jailbroken' ... before most fanbois even have it

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Re: what’s the point?

One of the early method of jailbreaking was to use the forementioned PDF exploit. The jailbreak then closed this hole making your iDevice more secure.

New guide: Bake your own Raspberry Pi Lego-crust cluster

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Re: Or...

Doubt it would use less power or perform parallel tasks better. A quad core is not the same as 4 different CPUs.

At least if one of the raspberry pi's dies , its pretty cheap to replace.

Apache man disables Internet Explorer 10 privacy setting

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Not bothered

IE10 isn't going to be big - despite the advertisements. Chrome + Firefox + Safari just offer far to much competition. (Sorry Opera - I wish you luck).

Apple 'offered Samsung $30-per-mobe' patent licence truce

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That seems an astonishingly high figure. How much are the cellular patents worth then? $200?

Dragons' Den badboy's Expansys back in the black ... just

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terrible customer support

I bought a B grade phone from them - came without a charger or box. Expected that. Also came with CONFIDENTIAL XXX PROPERTY NOT FOR RESALE stamped all over it in non-removable writing. Customer support were useless , Only after 3 months did they offer a refund.

Nexus 7 and Surface: A bonanza for landfill miners

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Its all in the marketing

If anyone at Samsung woke up this morning surprised by the google nexus tablet , they must have been living Timbuktu - its a move that was expected.

Nexus is set to compete with Amazons tablet, not Apple nor Samsung. Hint - its all in the price.

P.S. If you dont want any of the free tablets you have mentioned send them our way - The rest of us who live in reality and cannot afford £350 to be a hipster - £160 will make us think.

Fake Instagram app slings SMS Trojan onto Android gear

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Depends what version of android you run

MIUI version of android - every app that wants to do anything with SMS has an extra prompt with allow / deny.

Sony Tablet S

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Not something you see everyday.

This and the good screen make it hot from me.

Oi, Android, get gaming sorted out NOW

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fragmentation again

I hate how lazy authors think there is no fragmentation for apples products.

There are many different versions of the iphone (2G , 3G , 3GS , 4 in white / black with different memory sizes) with many different versions of hardware, throw in a few apple TVs, oh and dont forget the 4 different ipod touches and a couple of iPads.

There are many different versions of iOS with some devices not being able to be updated to the newest. 47 different versions (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IOS_version_history , assuming I've counted correctly).

13 (iphones) +11 (iPods) + 4 (iPads) + 1 (TV) = 28

28*47 = 1316 possible variations of iOS products. Thats a lot of fragmentation

(Note I've got it a bit wrong in that 47 versions of iOS are not available for older products so the real number will be quite a bit lower - but its still high).

The Lord of the Rings Trilogy: Blu-ray extended edition

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Anyone know when these may be available for rental via love film or brick and mortar stores?

Google left out of $4.5bn Nortel patent deal

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Google does not make hardware

Therefore isn't it the responsibility of the device manufacturer to ensure it has all the licences.

Android is popular now, and there isn't much of an alternative for most manufacturers.

Also , android runs on lots of things that are not phones - so therefore wont need these 4G patents (you'd think).

HTC Flyer 7in Android tablet

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Price is king.

For £80 more (for one week only) yes you could have had an old iPad. I expect on ebay a vega sold somewhere for £100 at somepoint. iPad 1 special offer was a v good deal - but its still 40% more! For just £100,000 more you could have got a Bentley.

Yes , Its only 200 quid for a reason - its got cheap plastic and a dull screen.

Yes , Its got a crap version of 2.2 android - (can easily be sorted) but still has a better internet experience than a £500 iPad2 because of flash.

Vegas not great - but its a lot cheaper than competition. For most people this is a very very important point.

Apple uncloaks top 10 tools of iOS 5

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Another version not compatible with all Apple devices (iPhone 2G , iPhone 3G and early touches) - fragmentation , fragmentation , fragmentation.

No , its not a major problem. Just like androids different versions are only a minor issue.

Desktop Linux: the final frontier

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quite right

Linux does not have an army of professional sales people.

Motorola Xoom

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Better screen than the iPad - gets a nod from me.

Pippa Middleton in $5m grumble flick offer

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makes a change from the fruit company

As opposed to The usual:

D list celeb loves his iThing.

iThing cures cancer

iTampon champions world peace.

Queen to get an iPad (the Queen, not a queen)

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more free publicty

the bloke down the street also got one.

Google intros video chat on Android

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About time!

Been waiting for this feature for ages.

Barnes & Noble answers Microsoft's anti-Android suit

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may buy one now

This is a good stand B&N are taking.

I may go and buy a Nook now just to support their efforts against MS.

Motorola pushes laptop-dock Android phone at Brits

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Good to see some innovation. I expect the price will put it out of my reach however.

Sony Ericsson Xperia Play Android smartphone

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bit harsh

El Reg Summary

10% loss because of screen.

5% loss because power button is in a little bit of a silly posistion.

5% loss because of 3 game stores.

5% loss because of poor (like most smart phones) battery

3% loss because of no HDMI out

2% loss because not dual core / 5mp camera not 8

5% loss because of lack of fruit logo (as per all other devices).

Apple store kneecaps rival browser

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So, in english - what rules has this developer broke this time?

Apple plays cloud catch-up

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Jobs Halo

success guaranteed

As we all know , the apple fans will go nuts for this even if it is 3x the price of rivals. No other company ( except sports teams) have such a faithful following.

No chance of this failing. It will be doubtful however that apple can overtake Google , Amazon and others.

Official: PS3 has more fanboys than the Xbox 360 does

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RRoD sales

If you take the previously high failure rate of 360 due to the RRoD (30%? ) out - the PS3 and Wii have comfortably out sold the 360.

In reality , its not a bad mix of sales. Im glad there is some competition!

Mozilla debuts Firefox 4 for Android

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Is good.

Its nice having a choice.

Jon Bon Jovi accuses Steve Jobs of murdering music biz

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"Most albums consisted of two decent , even classic pieces, the rest was utter garbage, and they knew it. "

Most BAD albums.....

I dont think Dark Side Of The Moon would exist in todays iTunes and for me thats sad.

To be fair to HRH S Jobs - if it wasnt him making the money someone else would be. I think Steveo killed music by taking 30% cut.

Its not like it should cost a lot of money to run iTunes. A few thousand computers is not the same as a few thousand brick and mortar stores

Dixons Advent Vega

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Non-techies Web Surfing.

Poor review - but its gotta point. Its gotta poor screen, bad stock OS - but it very very cheap. Very cheap.

The stock browser identifies itself as a desktop browser and coupled with flash means you get a desktop experience by surfing the web.

Get a non-techie who wants to go to a shopping site that uses flash - the iPad just wont work (TM).

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then why does the iPad ( wont work with many websites that use flash ) get high scores?

A non-techie wont understand what flash is. Just that the iPad doesnt work.

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Yes (if modaco)

new Roms include a new kernel with CIFS (windows) support.

You can mount the NAS (Assuming windows support) as part of the device filesystem. The various media player apps then think its a local file.

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to be fair the XOOM has a very nice screen. Better than the iPad2.

Sir Elton outs iPad 2 release date

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Eltons on the band wagon

All you have to do is mention apple , give them some praise and then many media outlets will be on the case and you'll be back in the papers. (The guardian / BBC Im looking at you mainly)

I doubt you would get the same reaction saying I prefer HP to daddies.

Remember theres no such thing as bad news if it gets these people some attention.

Ten... wireless keyboards

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apple bluetooth ubuntu

Worked in lucid.

Doesnt in maverick.

As far as long sessions typing go the lack of num pad begins to annoy. But small size and light weight make it v useful on the sofa

Open sourcerers port media centre to iOS

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hopes for Android

I'd love an android port - tegra 2 especially. Bonus points for android as you wont need to jail break.

Amazon: 'iPad LCD tablets no threat to Kindle'

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adam android tablet

Dual mode screen. Best of both?

Apple iPad vs... the rest

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what if you only want free apps

And dont want to give apple more information without lying through your teeth?

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iTunes is the weak link

Get a advent vega - for £200 you can throw birds at pigs , surf the web and dont need a google account nor give Emperor Steve Jobs your first born.

I do agree with your statement - the iPad and vega are both TOYS.

Nvidia Tegra 2 hailed as Honeycomb CPU of choice

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same hardware as the £200 advent vega.