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Phorm: How it went down

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See icon to the left.

Great article.

Toshiba's TG01 smartphone turns Orange

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Can't believe I didn't get flamed. Quite pleased.

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Windows Mobile

Seriously. Why are manufacturers still making phones with Windows Mobile (6.1) on them? Before anyone starts, I'm speaking from experience. I've owned a couple of Windows Mobile phones. I'll never own another. This phone is clearly extremely good hardware-wise. Why besmirch it with a slow, buggy OS?

I could recommend other OSes, but that would just make this more of a flame. I recognise the whole "Office"/whatever applications/exchange thing, but come on, loads of phones do that now.

Orange UK exiles Firefox from call centres

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Sounds about right for Orange

Having worked in an Orange shop for a few years (thankfully no longer), I can safely say this is par for the course for orange. IE6 only in the shops too, and an awful, locked-down version of XP which literally struggles to run anything properly (it was only about a year ago that the back office computers lost Windows 2000 in favour of xp).

What particularly irritated me is that everything is done with Excel. I don't know why I should be irritated by this - it's just that it strikes me as odd that such a huge multinational company is using a simple spreadsheet, rather than coding a bespoke solution. And the till software, written in very buggy Java which frequently falls flat on its face. Sigh, don't get me started.

Anyway, back on topic, @Oliver Jones - you're right. They shouldn't allow staff to install software. Instead, they should fix their bloody websites and install firefox by default. Orange fail!


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