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Not Particularly Mortifying: IEEE eggheads probe npm registry, say JavaScript libs not as insecure as feared

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Re: So how exactly does one check?

npm automatically checks dependent libraries for known vulnerabilities when it's installing. If it finds vulnerable packages it prompts you to examine them (with "npm audit") and suggests you try fixing them (with "npm audit fix").

The problem isn't that it's difficult to check for vulnerabilities, it's that it's easier not to.

Microsoft's OS joins macOS and Linux at the Flutter party, but guess which one performs best? Hint: It's not Windows

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Re: take a look at JUCE - written in C++

Great! Memory management is for wimps, I need something that hides lots of obscure buffer overflow vulnerabilities!

Microservices guru says think serverless, not Kubernetes: You don't want to manage 'a towering edifice of stuff'

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Re: you have to capacity manage memory at function level

Surprised there's no "auto inflate if I get into trouble" option on that, the cloud's ability to automtically scale stuff up is one of it's main selling points......

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Re: Cloud or not

Well yeah, if you're going to be sensible and pragmatic about it.

We're not getting back with Galileo, UK govt tells The Reg, as question marks sprout above its BS*

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Re: Is that covid, brexit, global recession of 2008

I think someone may have swapped your code with some proper heroin....

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re: What does that even mean?

It means "I have no argument so I've resorted to name calling"

Another reminder that bias, testing, diversity is needed in machine learning: Twitter's image-crop AI may favor white men, women's chests

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re: that “racism” brigade

Oh, the woke brigade. Those who don't like to watch police slowly suffocate black people to death.

Fucking liberals.

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Re: No one wrote code to exactly identify this.

So the humans responsible can wash their hands of it?

The fact it doesn't do what they built it to do isn't something to be proud of.

Das Keyboard 4C TKL: Plucky mechanical contender strikes happy medium between typing feel and clackety-clack joy

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Re: Witchcraft, if you ask me.

There's two little ridges on the f and j keys, if you put your first finger of your left hand on f and the first finger of your right hand on j then you can reach all the keys without moving your hands. It's called touch typing. It's easy to get a computer to teach you, that's how I learnt (though I learnt on a dedicated word processor with an A4 sized green screen!)

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Because anyone who pulls "that shit" is automatically considered a bastard.

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re: What is the point of putting “click to enlarge” under an image...

I guess on a different sized/aspect ratio render the image is bigger but the link isn't showing conditionally.

Should've been caught in testing though, whatever the reason.

Imagine working for GitHub and writing a command-line interface for the platform, then GitHub makes an 'official' one

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Re: but I really wish it was developed by an actual C or C++ developer.

The people responsible for ALL the buffer overflow vulnerabilites in the past decade? Oh, yes please!

None of you fuckers can do a good enough job. At least the Go programmers realise there's a problem that needs addressing.

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Re: "feelings" are SO overrated.

Here I come with my calm, rational shouty posts to explain in a very agitated way why other people's feelings shouldn't inconvenience me!

Without a fucking shred of irony.

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Re: Microsoft GitHub

Now is the time to look around and see who is naive enough to fall for the "Microsoft are still the problem" nonsense again.

And then you know exactly who's opinion to completely disregard in future.

See? There is a good side to all this. It is an entry level "stuck in the past test".

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Re: once you start replacing cli tools with proprietary ones

But they haven't, the old hub client is carrying on so it's behaviour doesn't change. The new one is gitHub specific so if you use github features you can interact with them from the command line.

The alternative was to change an existing, generic client into one that specifically worked with github.

But it really doesn't matter what they do, does it? You can't let it go, even while FaceBook, Twitter and Google are destroying functioning democracies around the world you have to keep carping on about MS.

Amazon gets its tax excuses in early amid rising UK profits – but leaves El Reg off the press list. Can't think why

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If only there was something we could do

like, I don't know, stop fucking buying stuff from them?

Alibaba wants to get you off the PC upgrade treadmill and into its cloud

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Re: 1996 called...

Maybe today's global network infrastructure is better and faster than it was in 1996?

Could that be why a network only pc might be more viable.....

Amazon Transcribe can now ID 31 languages from audio so uncultured swines don't have to

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Re: It's been well-researched

Has it? There's certainly been a lot written about it.

That isn't the same thing.

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Re: convert what I say to my wife from English into Wifespeak?

I miss the seventies too.

But not enough to try and drag humour back there.

Microsoft forks out $3m in back pay settlement to make Feds' hiring discrimination probe go away

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re: Companies should continue (erm, return to?..) to hire the best person for the job

As long as it's me and my mates.

God, the thought that something could be unfair is just so upsetting to you, isn't it?

Yes, I'm sure that's what it is. Thank the lord we have even minded people like you fighting for justice!

Apple takes another swing at Epic, says Unreal Engine could be a 'trojan horse' threatening security

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Re: They tried to cheat their way out of payment system they knew upfront about.

I don't see why Apple should get 30% of in-app purchases. I understand they take 30% of the price of the app, that's what you pay for being in the store, but I don't see why transactions on that app should be taxed.

If you have a banking app on an iphone do they take 30% of every transaction on that too?

I can 'proceed without you', judge tells Julian Assange after courtroom outburst

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Re: remember everyone in NATO sat on their hands until the US intervened in the former Yugoslavia

Nice remembering! Heard of WWII?

Huawei set to exit server, storage, networking business in the UK

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Re: Not so fast

Hmmm, so who's having a childish tantrum? The world? Not the man who banned tiktok because kpop fans fucked his rally up?

He's a spoilt child and he's fucking your "democracy" up because he knows if everyone votes he's out on his arse.

Very mature.

There's a battery-free Game Boy that runs solely on the power of sunlight and the speed of your button-mashing

sabroni Silver badge

re: Neat trick, but you really can't do away with batteries

That's exactly what they have done.

Google, Amazon pass on UK Digital Services Tax by hiking ad prices, fees at same rate the government takes

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re: so it'll be interesting to see what the new competition regime makes of this

Will it? You think we'll "Level Up™" enough to be able to take on Google?

Amazon spies on staff, fires them by text for not hitting secretive targets, workers 'feel forced to work through pain, injuries' – report

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The saddest thing IMO

is that he could pay people a really good wage and still be coining it.

It's a personal choice he's made to treat people like shit.

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Re: But I'm sure you'll also find people who think it's great

Yeah, that's right! I see them in short informative clips shown between tv programs extolling the virtues of working for Amazon!

Must be true, they wouldn't be allowed to pay people to say "it's great here!" otherwise.

China trolls Trump with tech export rules changes that could imperil TikTok sale

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re: Which is rather different to specifically supporting one side.

But both equally wrong in terms of election integrity.

It sounds like you're fine with foreign interference with elections providing they're just trying to stir shit up rather than picking a side. Are you?

Zuck says Facebook made an 'operational mistake' in not taking down US militia page mid-protests. TBH the whole social network is a mistake

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Re: Can you say hypocrites?

Yes. And Straw man.

Whatever their motivation, watching that cunt sit in the street, shoot two people dead, then calmly stroll back past two massive police trucks makes me think you're on the wrong side.

It's not police brutality, it's the way your country works.

Brave takes brave stand against Google's plan to turn websites into ad-blocker-thwarting Web Bundles

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Re: unlike the worlds freeloaders

I'm not letting insecure ad networks run JS on my browser. The Ad networks, the malware they fling and the privacies they violate are the reason I block ads.

Freeloading or basic self defence?

TikTok CEO quits after less than three months in the job

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Re: it is invariably a Microsoft Operating System

Seems you're not around as often as you claim either:



Facebook apologizes to users, businesses for Apple’s monstrous efforts to protect its customers' privacy

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Re: Bad guy vs bad guy

I prefer the Bad Guy I have to buy stuff off over the Bad Guy who I've never dealt with but who follows me around the internet watching what I do.

Apple you have to buy from before they get your data. FaceBook get your data when you browse the internet.

Breaching China's Great Firewall is hard. Pushing packets faster than 1Mbps once through is the Boss Fight

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re: over more than 53 days

So 54 days then? If day counting is too tricky for them why should we trust their bit rates?

If you can't understand how Instagram 'influencers' make millions, good luck with these virtual ones doing even better

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popular music has always been about the image more than the music.

No. Sneering at popular music has always been about the image more than the music.

Linux kernel maintainers tear Paragon a new one after firm submits read-write NTFS driver in 27,000 lines of code

sabroni Silver badge

Re: feelings win.

The feeling being "I can't be bothered to help merge this, I enjoy moaning about MS stuff too much"?

PowerShell 7.1 Release Candidate is lurking around the corner, but first there's Preview 6 to poke and prod

sabroni Silver badge

Re: there are so many other far more compelling tools out there...

With reference to Powershell passing objects where unix passes strings, what are these more compelling tools?

Shine on: Boffins bedazzle Alexa and her voice-controlled assistant kin with silent laser-injected commands

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Re: seems a bit of a stretch.

They were talking specifically about combining the light based voltage changes with the thermal diaphragm voltage changes being the challenge:

"The scientists theorize that there's both a photoelectric effect on the ASIC and a photoacoustic effect on the diaphragm arising from laser-driven thermal changes that move the diaphragm. Given that behavior, the team faced the challenge ......"

Splunk sales ace wins sex discrimination case after new boss handed her key accounts to blokes deemed 'flight risks'

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Re: flight risk

They pushed her out to prevent people leaving? Yeah, that's the kind of logic they were using.

Whoops, our bad, we may have 'accidentally' let Google Home devices record your every word, sound – oops

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Re: then disable the least significant part of it.

The bit that listens to you 24-7 is clearly the most significant from a privacy perspective.

Amazon being notified when I use their tablet is not more significant than Amazon being notified when I interact with the real world.

Trump administration labels WeChat, TikTok ‘threats’ to national security, bans transactions with both

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Re: Trump plans to use his Death Star in a democratic election

Spoiler Spoiler Spoiler: it's for children. Grow up.

Geneticists throw hands in the air, change gene naming rules to finally stop Microsoft Excel eating their data

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Re: This REALLY shits me about Excel

The put the wizard on a menu so people who didn't understand it weren't scared off when they opened a csv while capable users could still run the wizard from a menu.

What a bunch of complete cunts.

Doctor, doctor, got some sad news, there's been a bad case of hacking you: UK govt investigates email fail

sabroni Silver badge

Re: Change one word for reality

The Americans have been messing with our (and many other nations') social, scientific, economic and political life for over 200 years. We should expect that as it's part of the culture.


China requires gamers to reveal real names and map them to frag-tastic IDs

sabroni Silver badge

Re: Don't worry, it's coming here soon too

Is it? Really?

Or are the bigots just fucked off that they don't have free rein anymore....

I certainly have access to all kinds of right wing nonsense via the internet, is yours not working?

The Last of Us Part II: Never mind the Metacritic nonsense, Naughty Dog's ultra-violent odyssey is a must-play*

sabroni Silver badge

Having not played the game

your review means fuck all.

Someone made an AI that predicted gender from email addresses, usernames. It went about as well as expected

sabroni Silver badge

Re: Sex and gender were the same until recently.

No. They've never been the same thing, just easy to conflate.

It's been five years since Windows 10 hit: So... how's that working out for you all?

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Re: But what do I know?

How to use Windows 7?

How to stick in the past?

How to get upvoted?

All of the above!!

Data-stealing, password-harvesting, backdoor-opening QNAP NAS malware cruises along at 62,000 infections

sabroni Silver badge

Re: no use for anything else after the previous malware infection!

Didn't the factory reset work?

Microsoft tells AMD-powered Insiders they're unblocked in new Windows 10 Dev Channel build: 'Oh no we're not!'

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Re: What on earth is the point of such a thing?

It's to make it feel like you're making eye contact with someone when you look at their eyes on the screen. Like when you're talking to someone in real life.

Whether it works is another question.

Don't strain yourself, Zuck, only democracy at stake... Facebook makes half-hearted effort to flag election lies by President Trump

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Re: why aren't postal votes considered a fraud risk in the US?

They are. The results of elections have been very carefully analysed and there have been a number of studies that conclude the risk is fucking tiny.

You say "Plenty of fraud in the UK", any evidence of that?


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