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Arm founder says the UK has no chance of tech sovereignty

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Re: but it would explain how many Russian missiles go astray.

They're popping to the shop because there's no milk in the missile?

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re: there is no chance in hell that Britain could ever become technologically sovereign

Has he even seen the tax cuts the govt. just gave to the rich? Surely now, with all those rich people with cash to spare, the technology thing is just a matter of waiting for it to trickle down!

Stop rubbishing Britain you lefty tabloid marxists!!!

OK, Google: Why are you still pointing women at fake abortion clinics?

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re: system once again hunting women...

It's almost like the men involved are so fucking horrible that the only way they can get offspring is to force women they impregnate to go to term.

Note the fact rape is not a valid reason for having an abortion in a lot of these laws.

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re: It what way is the advice misleading?

It says "Free abortion pills"

There are no "Free abortion pills".

That is misleading.

Are you genuinely this stupid?

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re: sufficient reason to kill someone

Abortion isn't "killing someone"

Grow up.

Post-Brexit 'science superpower' UK still hasn't appointed a science minister

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re: Why did you feel the need to do so?

Looks like we've got a snowflake here......

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re: where is that proof?

In every newspaper in the country bar the Mail, which is innocently asking "Did pension funds fuck the economy?"

Soaring costs, inflation nurturing generation of 'quiet quitters' among under-30s

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Quiet Quitting

Everytime I see that phrase it fucks me off.

It's not Quiet Quitting, it's doing your job.

If you think giving it away for free is the way to make people value your work you are a fucking idiot.

Mozilla drags Microsoft, Google, Apple for obliterating any form of browser choice

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Re: you need to find this out for yourself

If you want me to actually back up what I'm saying with evidence I can't.

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re: That doesn't explain Chrome's dominance on the Desktop.

Google search.

If you're not on Chrome it's going to suggest you change to it. If you trust Google to search why wouldn't you trust them when they say "The web is better on our browser, click here for better!"?

Girls Who Code books 'banned' in some US classrooms

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Re: The last sentence of the article has it.

No, the entire article has it, it's about how the right want to make other people behave, how they want to cancel anything that doesn't agree with their viewpoint and how stupid it gets when you start banning books.

The last sentence was the excuse for the stupidity.

It's not difficult to understand unless you're trying not to.

Meta, Google learn the art of the quiet layoff

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Re: We tech workers need to shout more.

Helps if people can understand what they're shouting.

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Re: the Pareto principle (80:20 rule)

I prefer Sid's version, 99% is shit.

BT CEO orders staff: Back to the office or risk 'disciplinary action'

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Re: I know you are all wrong and I am right

I know I am

But what are you?

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This from a business man?

"At the heart of this is our very good reason for being: we connect for good. It's in our bones, and it's what we do, every day. Working remotely, we've lost that deep connection we only get from being together – with each other or with our customers – more often."

For fucks sake, make a proper business case that backs up what you say with some form of evidence or fuck off.

Excel's comedy of errors needs a new script, not new scripting

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Re: Phone numbers!

The clue is in the name.

In Rust We Trust: Microsoft Azure CTO shuns C and C++

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Came here for a bunch of fossils who can't admit their fave language is shit

Was not disappointed.

Musk seeks yet another excuse to get out of Twitter buyout: This time it's Mudge's severance check

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Re: Confused

You are really confused.

He signed a deal to pay Twitter well over the market value for ownership of the company. He waived due diligence before signing. Now he wants to get out of it so he's hired very expensive lawyers to try and find a legal loophole.

It doesn't look like there is one.

You'll find a much more detailed article about this here: https://www.techdirt.com/2022/09/12/musk-tries-tries-again-with-yet-another-argument-for-how-he-can-get-out-of-buying-twitter-mudges-severance-package/

Suggest reading a few of their Musk/Twitter articles, they come across as very even handed unlike the mainstream media (and unforch our beloved reg) who seem to always spin things the way Musk wants.

I wonder why?

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Re: The actual issue is information not provided by Twitter for Musk to calculate the bot numbers


Not in the slightest.

There's a tiny sliver in truth in there about Twitter providing Musk with figures but this bot thing is total bollocks.

He's signed the deal and now his very expensive lawyers are trying to explain to him that crossing your fingers behind your back when you sign doesn't invalidate it.

Apple debuts iPhone 14, Watch 8, other sparkly things

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Re: The UK price isn't actually that bad.

Problems parsing the word "after"?

Judge tells Elon Musk he can't stall Twitter trial

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Yeah, that's what's going on here. The genius musk is playing 3d chess with us....

Apple app transparency changes bring in the ad bucks... for Apple

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Re: especially with other revenue streams being attacked by regulators

Those evil regulators, attacking streams of money that are naturally flowing into the mega-corp hoard.....

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re: Do remember that is not rare for people to keep using older Android phones

The article indicates Apples 50% is because they've started counting second hand iPhones.

Big cloud rivals hit back over Microsoft licensing changes

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Re: Micro$haft

Inventive and hilarious!!

Googler says she was forced out after opposing $1.2bn cloud contract with Israel

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Re: but capitalism is working how it is supposed to.

Yeah, it's supposed to make the planet unfit for human habitation.

Google Play to ban Android VPN apps from interfering with ads

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Re: Personally I won't use either Google Android or Apple iOS.

What phone do you use?

Amazon has repackaged surveillance capitalism as reality TV

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Re: When I'm dead I don't care. Actually, the "I" when dead is gone

Ooh, fascinating. Someone who's been dead and knows what it's like.

Did you decide to turn away from the light?

Or is this all just supposition based on a mechanical interpretation of reality?

Microsoft finds critical hole in operating system that for once isn't Windows

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Re: OTHER compilers may simply 'assume' that you have a higher level of coding competency

Judging on this bit of code that assumption was wrong.

heh heh heh

Banned Tornado Cash code reuploaded to GitHub in free speech test

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From a legal viewpoint, github are not legally required to host any of your stuff.

They can take down what they like, when they like and you're free to take your code somewhere else.

Sad to see the EFF have money to waste on frivolous bollocks like this.

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Where's the relevance? GitHub is a private company not a government.

Twitter savaged by former security boss Mudge in whistleblower complaint

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Re: I very much doubt that Musk is behind this, I see more of a very bruised and frustrated ego...

... that is really pissed off about getting fired

Hmm, but you don't see a very bruised and frustrated ego that's being told he has to go through with the deal he signed that would actually make him significantly poorer?

"If Musk was behind this he would've made a tweet". If he sees any story related to Twitter he tweets. The fact he hasn't weighed in on this is telling.

That was fast: MetaGuard emerges as an 'incognito mode' for the metaverse

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re: You can not track that which you can not see.

And with facebook trackers integrated with millions of websites that's millions of website YOU can't see.

Or are you simply saying you don't have a personal facebook account? That doesn't mean facebook aren't tracking you.

Software developer cracks Hyundai car security with Google search

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Re: Companies need to spend more money on competent individuals

Sorry, there's nothing left for that bollocks after the management bonuses.

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Signed up just to derail a thread?


Excel @ mentions approach general availability on the desktop

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Consider that I (and you!) are better with software we've got decades of experience using.

Wow, what a shock, jake, to learn that you're not very good with modern Windows apps.

UK launches 'consultation' with EU over exclusion from science programs

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Re: It is a fact that the UK was a net contributor to the EU.

Ok, so why don't we just spend all the money we've saved on research then? Problem solved!

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Re: I assume a continuation of their efforts to anex NI

Where is the border supposed to go then smartarse? Bojo promised the Irish no border on the island, he promised the Unionists no border in the sea. So how exactly was this magic act of leaving the EU supposed to fucking work?

Elon Musk 'buying Manchester United' football club

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Re: He is such a f#$ing twit.

Worse than that, he's a fucking twat.

Open source VideoLAN media player asks why it's blocked in India

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Oooh! I know! I know!

They have someone in government who understands good user interface design and has had to use VLC on Android?

Dinobabies latest: IBM settles with widow of exec who killed himself after layoff

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Re: Funnily enough...

Reigns is what royalty do.

Reins steer a horse.

Nuclear power is the climate superhero too nervous to wear its cape

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Re: Please, dial down the angst.

Unless you're pro-nuclear in which case, "HOW DO WE KEEP THE LIGHTS ON?!!?!??!"

Our software is perfect. If something has gone wrong, it must be YOUR fault

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Re: how would this be a full day of work?

Work required has to be refined and ready. Team have to do the work, write the unit tests, get it reviewed and merged. QE have to accept the update, write their own tests, get that merged and ready for review. PO has to sign off on the delivered work. Promote it into production and check it's ok.

Sounds like at least a full days work to me.

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Re: the management often thinks that Full Stack also means UX

The user interface is part of the stack. A full stack dev should have good knowledge of UX like they have good knowledge of the DB.

BT union announces 48-hour strike action in protest over pay

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Re: hopefully one day I'll be like you

And right there is the problem.

As long as the majority believe there's a chance that they could, one day, be the person with all the the wealth they're happy to put up with how unfair this for them now.

Turkey's voting for xmas because it's such a good time for the turkey business.

Businesses should dump Windows for the Linux desktop

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re: Life gets awfully complicated when you throw Windows into the mix.

Life gets awfully complicated when you throw an unfamiliar operating system into the mix.


BT union wants pay dispute talks with telco's largest shareholders

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Re: called itself the Union of Democratic Mineworkers


Yeah, that name is a dead giveaway.

GitHub courts controversy by suspending Tornado Cash developers and reneging on cookie commitments

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Re: free expression, assembly, and association

Doesn't include free speech.

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Re: not a valid get-out clause

So their free speech should be curtailed in this case because you disagree with what they are saying?


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