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Ransomware-hit law firm secures High Court judgment against unknown criminals

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Re: Law firms and security

Cool story bro!

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Re: You have no clue about the realities of the world.

How clueless do you have to be to think that the goverment of the country you live in gives two shits about you if you're not super rich?

Inventing external enemies is a great way of turning focus away from terrible domestic policy. Notice that we're not discussing taxing the poor so the rich can keep their inheritances.

SpaceX successfully sends four amateurs into orbit for three-day tour

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What the fuck are you thinking?

What the fuck?

Beijing wants its internet to become 'civilized' by always reflecting Marxist values

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Re: the nearest to a success story is N.Korea and its all poverty every time.

What about Cuba?

And do we factor in the wests attempts to destroy all socialist governments when discussing this or are we going to conveniently ignore the billiions spent by the Americans and Europe to achieve this?

With capitalism causing global warming I'm not so sure you're backing the right horse. Communism didn't destroy the planet.

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Re: Stars and Stripes

Go on, but another US made shiny object.

Soon enough your culture will be subsumed by American greed and stupidity, with idiotic bigots spouting "news" 24 hours a day and a barely comprehensible twat in charge of the country.

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Re: Soft and weak west is what China needs, so they can continue to harvest our wealth.

Yeah, that's what's happening. Those evil Chinese. Thank fuck our own leaders would never try to enrich themselves at our expense.

Even as the planet burns there's always some nasty little xenophobe trying to stir up shit.

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Because the unregulated internet is great!

It's given us Google, Amazon, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook......

Maybe the Chinese are on to something?

Apple emergency patches fix zero-click iMessage bug used to inject NSO spyware

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Re: Is that not what democracy's about?

Not to the "Brexit is the immutable will of the majority of the UK" crowd. They got the answer they needed, further democracy is just a waste of time.

You can 'go your own way' over GDPR, says UK's new Information Commissioner

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re: It's like the contestant in a beauty queen contest declaring

It's more like the person running the military declaring the thing they want most is world peace.

This guy is going to run the ICO sweetie, they've not put him in charge of looking cute.

Amazon to cover 100%* of college* tuition* for hourly employees* in the US

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Pay them well enough they can afford college tuition?

Of course not, it's not like Amazon are sitting on Billions of dollars like a bunch of cunts.

Why tell the doctor where it hurts, when you could use emoji instead?

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Re: To be honest if you define literacy like that, the bar is set pretty low.

Well find a study where the bar is set higher that backs up your assertion that illiteracy is increasing then. Simply stating that you disagree with a study is not the same as providing evidence to back up your position. It's more akin to putting your fingers in your ears and going "la la la, can't hear you".

A developer built an AI chatbot using GPT-3 that helped a man speak again to his late fiancée. OpenAI shut it down

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Re: It seems odd that a company which specialises in AI requires people to police its products

No it doesn't.

Company experimenting with new technology doesn't trust it. Of course they need people to police it, they're not going to use the thing they're testing to run the tests.

Why we abandoned open source: LiveCode CEO on retreat despite successful kickstarter

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re: What does this offer that you can't get with the likes of Visual Basic or Python?

The article says: LiveCode syntax is English-like, and the company argues that "every semicolon or bracket required by a language introduces another potential source of error."

So less punctuation by the sounds.

Google: Linux kernel and its toolchains are underinvested by at least 100 engineers

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Re: How can software freely available to all create inequality?

If I start a dairy farm down the road from yours and give away milk until you go out of business would you say I've done nothing wrong?

GitHub's Copilot may steer you into dangerous waters about 40% of the time – study

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Re: I rapidly dumped VS

Dunno about you but my assumption was that this VSCode plug in was for people who use VSCode.

(and Visual Studio isn't the same thing as VSCode, just fyi)

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Re: sprintf?

Given C's complete lack of array bounds checking, who in this day and age is so dumb as to use it?


Watchdog 'disappointed' it took NHS England over a year to release details of access to Palantir COVID-19 data store

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"I like Money!" - Mr Krabs


Senators urge US trade watchdog to look into whether Tesla may just be over-egging its Autopilot, FSD pudding

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Re: Such "cults" are usually perpetrated by secret services in the US.

Of course they are. Just send an FOI request to "the secret services, the USA" and they'll send you back a spreadsheet of all the cults they run (excel mind, not open office!).

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Re: surprised we don't have infrastructure designed to aid driving aids:

Really? Are you surprised by the lack of parking for hover cars too?

Asahi Linux progress: Apple Silicon OS works – though it's 'rough around the edges' and has no GUI acceleration

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Re: good Linux machines

Not sure what you mean by "good linux machine", shouldn't a good one have an open architecture to go with the open software it runs? How good can linux be on a proprietary multi chip system like this?

Surely it's better to work on hardware that has open specifications?

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Re: Good to see that the old saw about arguing with an idiot is still true.

Yeah, if all those rational rebuttals like "did you knock your head?" and "Smash up your computer" don't work then just take the piss some more, eh?

Magna Carta mayhem: Protesters lay siege to Edinburgh Castle, citing obscure Latin text that has never applied in Scotland

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Re: Latin has no definitive article

Good job we're conversing in English then.

Pi calculated to '62.8 trillion digits' with a pair of 32-core AMD Epyc chips, 1TB RAM, 510TB disk space

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Re: is knowing pi to a bazillion places useful for anything?

It generates a lot of "news" articles.

Dilligent research provides: https://www.theguardian.com/science/2021/aug/17/new-mathematical-record-whats-the-point-of-calculating-pi

extract: Mathematicians have estimated that an approximation of pi to 39 digits is sufficient for most cosmological calculations – accurate enough to calculate the circumference of the observable universe to within the diameter of a single hydrogen atom.

Apple's iPhone computer vision has the potential to preserve privacy but also break it completely

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Re: It's like having a landlord coming over

No it isn't, read what you quoted:

"the checks are done on their servers, not on your local device"

It's like you sending some of your stuff to your landlords house for storage and him taking a look to see what you've sent. Very different to them coming round your gaff and looking at whatever they choose.

But we're discussing what google and MS currently do, not what apple are proposing, which is maybe where you're getting confused?

Microsoft fiddles with Fluent while the long dark Nightmare of the Print Spooler continues for Windows

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Re: for the dull of mind, think about it

"Now I have a new keyboard after the lauding of Pottering and his breaking of what was not borked, increasing complexity and creating multiple dependencies the author has a good point which all of us, bar the newbs, have heard over the millennia."

Yeah, get back to us when you're coherent.

Zorin OS 16 Pro arrives complete with optional 'Windows 11' desktop

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re: They always imitate the look, which is something no one cares about

Oh yeah! Remember when Windows 8 came out with that start page and everyone went "It's just the look, we don't care about that!"

Chocolate beer barred from sale after child mistakes it for chocolate milk

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re: That it is 8.5 per cent alcohol by volume doesn't hurt.

But, of course, we don't drink to get pissed, we just like the taste of it.

Apple is about to start scanning iPhone users' devices for banned content, professor warns

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Re: My son was circumsized shortly after birth, and there were no pictures taken.

Hiding the evidence of child genital mutilation. Good thinking.

Not as good as thinking "I don't need to mutilate my child's genitals" though.

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re: this seems like a sensible middle ground.

A third party scanning my personal device is a sensible middle ground?


It's not.

THX Onyx: A do-it-all DAC for the travelling audiophile

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re: There's been little decent music created since 1998.

Ok Boomer.

Don't rush to adopt QUIC – it's a slog to make it faster than TCP

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Re: My solution was better

Of course it was, yours RANDOMLY CAPITALIZED text!!

Google says Pixel 6, 6 Pro coming this year with custom AI acceleration

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Google Tensor chip

With Google Analytics built right into the silicon. OOOOH, yes please!!!!!!

Privacy proves elusive in Google's Privacy Sandbox

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Re: since they own the biggest clients and some of the biggest destinations

And have analytics code on pretty much every other website. gov.uk use them for fuck's sake.

The UK is running on empty when it comes to electric vehicle charging points

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Re: Tesla are also fundamentally conservative and not a radical player...

Having a mouthy prick run the company is not radical, it's par for the course.

A bunch of apps will be able to bypass Microsoft's new store and use own update methods

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And if they'd forced clients to use their update mechanism?

Fucking Walled Garden Bastards!!!!

Survey of astronomers and geophysicists shines a light on 'bleak' systemic bullying

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Have a little think

If your reaction to this is to try and debunk it, ask yourself why.

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re: There happened to be a 30ish woman walking in front of me.

So we should believe your lovely story but but disregard an actual study?

How up yourself do you have to be to think that's a valid approach?

Money can't buy you love: Huawei continues to throw fistfuls of dollars at US lobbying efforts

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Bought one of their phones recently

Top spec, no Google, job's a goodun.

Can we keep them this way please?

Troll jailed for 5 years after swatting of Twitter handle owner ends in death

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Re: Cancel Culture and Doxxing..

Where the fuck did "Cancel culture" come from in that?

I understand people are outraged at GB News cancelling Guto Harri for not being racist enough but it's not really related to this story.

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re: And people say 'there is no justice'....... They're right!

Well I'd certainly take the opinion of a random internet poster over whatever the so-called "Judge" might have handed down. Surely all the detail we need is in the report we just read?

Why do we even bother with trials? We could just have a survey underneath a news report. Soon as we get 12 guilty clicks, job done!

Make-me-admin holes found in Windows, Linux kernel

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Re: The language has already evolved, too late to complain

It's never too late to complain.

It's never too late to call out bullshit management speak. Leverage is used when you want to say "used" but want to sound clever.

I'm quite happy to carry on complaining about that bollocks indefinitely.

Verified: UK.gov launching plans for yet another digital identity scheme

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Re: The left is driven by hatred. Nasty ideology.

It is. Hatred of injustice. Hatred of greed. Hatred of racism, sexism and other bigotry.

Those evil lefties.....

Windows 11: What we like and don't like about Microsoft's operating system so far

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Ctrl Shift Escape

takes you straight to task manager, has since 7. Does that not work on 11?

UK and chums call out Chinese Ministry of State Security for Hafnium Microsoft Exchange Server attacks

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re: The CPP is power hungry, unapologetic and oppression personified.

Like that hasn't been western international policy for the last 100 years.

Still, nothing like a bit of xenophobia to keep the plebs in line.

Three-dozen US states plus DC sue Google over Play Store's revenue cut, payment system, and more

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re: How is this any different, than say the Apple, Appstore

Android runs on a significant majority of phones. iOS runs only on iphones.

But you can't see why one might attract more monopoly attention than the other?

What is it with useful idiots defending mega corporations against "unfairness".

Florida Man sues Facebook, Twitter, YouTube for account ban

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Re: There are two possibilities on how it turns out.

You missed the third, far more likely possibility. This is nothing to do with sueing anyone, it's a cash raising exercise. His die hard fans will donate millions to this. The gullible media have been played and are promoting this cash grab like it's a genuine court case.

It's not difficult to work out if you think about the man, his previous behaviour, and what he stands for.

This always-on culture we're in is awful. How do we stop it? Oh, sorry, hold on – just had another notification

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Re: 24x7

It's all to do with control. It's easy if you can choose when to be available. You're happier on holiday knowing that emergencies will be raised with you immediately rather than waiting for your return. That's not the same as being contacted without your consent (or with your grudging "I need to keep my job" consent).

However, if I was a client of yours, I'd be wondering why there's only one person in the company who can handle the really important stuff...

I was fired for telling ICO of Serco track and trace data breach, claims sacked worker

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Re: it is they who need to be sued for wrongful dismissal

No, what "needs" to happen is this bullshit setup is made illegal and Serco is forced to employ people not use a fucking tax dodge to exploit the pandemic small business relief fund.

Serco bags £322m contract extension for Test and Trace, is still struggling to share data with local authorities

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If you think that is wrong...

...you're just jealous.

Linus Torvalds launches Linux kernel 5.13 after seven release candidates

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Microsoft’s Azure Network Adapter

That'll be the Extend phase, yeah?


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