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Wi-Fi not working? It's time to consult the lovely people on those fine Linux forums

IT Angle

Re: Ditto that

Ah, but if it was turned off in the BIOS the family member had never used WiFi so didn't actually need it!

The silence of the racks is deafening, production gear has gone dark – so which wire do we cut?


Re: The big red button

9 pin sub-D connectors should be used ONLY for one thing: Joysticks!

You rang? Windows 10 gets ever cosier with Android, unleashes Calls on Insiders



The article title should have been "Microsoft turns Windows 10 into a carkit!"

How four rotten packets broke CenturyLink's network for 37 hours, knackering 911 calls, VoIP, broadband


"...high-speed optic fiber..."

I wonder how fast the fibre was travelling.

Python joins movement to dump 'offensive' master, slave terms


Master and Servant? Saves 50% of the find/replace.

The age of hard drives is over as Samsung cranks out consumer QLC SSDs


Re: QLC? It's not the one for me

Apples and pears. In the SSD the levels are stored in the cell and need to be persistent over its lifetime. In the digital TV it's an active (transient) signal.

Rejecting Sonos' private data slurp basically bricks bloke's boombox


Logitech Squeezecenter

Is sufficiently Sonos-like (has synchronisation, does Spotify, Internet radio, local music collection). The server software (runs on various NAS, Pi & alikes etc) is still mainatined. The player devices need to be sourced on eBay though (Squuezebox Radio, Boom, Player) or 'handbuilt' form Pi/alikes + DAC + speakers.

Commodore 64 makes a half-sized comeback


Not crowdfunded?

Actually this was crowdfunded at https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/the64-computer-and-games-console.

It followed the usual path of delays, changes, dissapoointments, lack of updates from which they've now seem to have recovered (this actually needs a Phoenix rising from the ashes icon).

The original indiegogo products are still delayed but at least they have promised that original backers will receive the C64 mini.

50 years on, the Soviet-era Soyuz rocket is still our favorite space truck


So the Russians are Agile and the Americans Six Sigma?

'Every step your anti-theft tracker takes – I'll be watching you'


TrackR is patchable

I've done it once. Instructions are a at http://www.trackr.co.th/faqs/step-by-step-video-instructions-on-how-to-update-trackr-device-firmware/.

I don't really use the Trackr anymore though.

Chromecast gains wired Ethernet dongle


Re: Dolt ahoy

You can do this with a compatible USB-Ethernet adapter and USB OTG+Power cable as well. See See https://productforums.google.com/forum/#!topic/chromecast/xo_NDh5CZA8.

(Penguin because well you know... it's Linux)

Google Android Market fee favours big brands


Tweet-based decisionmaking

Anyone who buys this based on a confirmation in a Tweet deserves what he gets...

Android malware attacks show perils of Google openness


Google knows who's infected

Google should be able to warn users who have downloaded the malware from the Market Place, they keep track of everything don't they?

Samsung smartphone keyboard takes wing


3 hands?

We've all managed to use a keyboard and mouse on our regular PC's for years with 2 hands, I don't see why we suddenly need 3 hands for this then.

If the Good Lord had intended us to interact efficiently with these devices we would have been Intelligently Designed with Bluetooth, ot at least a USB port...


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