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Exam board to hear appeal over format cockup



"It's almost part of the test to be able to save in the correct format"

So it isn't, then?

Google OS gOS - if at first you don't succeed...

Dead Vulture


"I can't help but wonder whether the column title is more a judgement on Ted's efforts themselves rather than the topics he writes about...."

It's starting to look that way.

"Still, this doesn't stop some asshat from re-introducing a Linux PC every couple of years, hoping that the price point has become a more powerful motivator than, oh, I don't know, functionality."

So 'nix lacks functionality? Use of 'asshat' notwithstanding, I remember when blatant trolling was rewarded with a ban, as opposed to being hired as a contributor.

BNP leaked list claims first victims



"how can you fire someone for their political affiliations?" etc, etc

Any chance of the commentards asking this question actaully reading the article - or perhaps thinking about it for a minute?

Many 'front-line' jobs - esp. police officers - are commited by oath to fairly protect/represent the public regardless of their race/skin colour/politics/etc. These principles are enshined in English law. You know, laws that a policeman might reasonably be expected to uphold.

The BNP's stated doctrine and goals are exactly the opposite. It's a whites-only organization and it preaches and practices hatred and ethnic division in communities which it pretends to represent.

This has nothing to do with 'thought police' or the politics of the current government.

The decision to exclude members of the BNP from such jobs is a legal one based on the incompatability between their stated beliefs the legal obligations that their chosen career places them under.

It isn't really that difficult to understand when you think it through...

Tron sequel already in production


Who knew?

Maybe you should get Google installed on your computer. It's full of stuff like this.

Barack Obama will be president


It's a title

"Palin stood beside him, but did not speak."

Probably should've tried that approach a little sooner.

Re: "America 'saved'"?

I would like to take the opportunity to say what a refreshing suprise it was to see such a sincere and finely crafted "I'm deleting my Reg bookmarks with immediate effect" comment.

It's been a while since I saw one with such obvious feeling. I'm not sure where you think the extra storage is going to appear from but well-done-you. Now don't let the door smack you on the arse in the way out :)

New Scientist goes innumerate in 'save the planet' special

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"Modern, neo-liberal, economics doesn’t ignore these questions, far from it, it’s managed to not only spot them but to work out what you can actually do to solve them too."

Well that's not really the whole story, is it?

You missed out the part at the beginning where it creates most of the problems, generates a shitload of wealth for a tiny percentage of the population and then pretends they don't exist for as long as possible.

Cherry-picking just what you need prove your point and ignoring the broader realities doesn't really advance the debate.

Neither does dismissing as 'eco-dribble', an article that discusses the _demonstrable_ fact (see the supporting graphs in the article or maybe "don’t sweat the details") that the unbridled growth we've experienced is not sustainable in the context of the resources we have available. I'm not an economist but recent events indicate to me that it doesn't appear to be economically sustainable either.

It's nice that you're "delighted" that scientists are entering the debate. I am too, since scientists tend to work from a basis of actual data and propose theories that can be tested and quantified. Certainly preferable to poorly framed analogies about theoretical cases that don't match the historical reality.

Are you seriously suggesting that everything's fine - we just need to 'stay the course', tweak things around a bit to improve efficiency and that we can use the market to finesse our way around these monumental issues?

BTW, nice use of "Dark Ages" in the subtitle. Straight from the Ken Clark handbook of how to talk total bollocks.

AMD Fusion for Gaming


Promoting something with an epic fail...

I agree that this would only be useful in trying to tweak a marginal system to reach an acceptable performance level - but in the context of Vista's resource requirement, I'd be very surprised if it were any help at all.

Switching back to XP, on the other hand, would bring tangible improvements in performance.

BT's Phorm small print: It's all your fault



"Customers who are invited to join the trial and decline are still subject to the new terms and conditions - it's just that BT and Phorm promise to ignore their traffic as it passes through profiling hardware."

And how exactly are they going to do that if the user's traffic is anonymous to the system? Unless it isn't after all...

ITV gets adverts into video


Not suprising...

...if you've ever used itv.com, you'll be familiar with their total disregard for their visitors' desire to view actual content. Full screen pop-ups, expanding flash ads, chopping up video content then top & tailing all the snippets with 'sponsors messages' - it's all there and even with AdBlock, it's an excruciating experience.

OpenSocial, OpenID, and Google Gears: Three technologies for history's dustbin


Yeah... ummm no...

yeah, Ted.... Google are such failures. sorry... fucking failures.

I mean, who (sorry... who the fuck) is going to want to use web apps like Google docs offline when they could just go and buy MS Office?


Berners-Lee backs web truthiness labelling scheme


net neutrality

It doesn't seem that long ago that TBL etc were lambasting the idea of creating a two-tier WWW based on content. Whether such a system is based on ownership or 'proven truthiness' of content doesn't really make much difference since, in case they hadn't noticed already, it'll be those with the most money that come out ahead in either scenario.

How is this going to be implemented? Some kind of 'certificate of truthiness' available from, say, VeriSign?

Perhaps people are just going to have to terms with the fact that technology isn't ever going to come up with a substitute for personal judgement.

PC Gamers get Bill of Rights

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"Points 2 and 3... Not mutually exclusive at all"

Quite right.

I think the authors' definition of 'finished' doesn't mean 'bug-free perfection' but rather 'not riddled with obvious bugs and flaws and pending a series of patches that fix some but create new ones'.

This, as well as the other points, are worthwhile goals and full credit should go StarDock any anyone else for setting them - however, if they think the f*cktards at EA, etc are going to follow them, they're pissing into the wind.

Shame really.

Too much money? Bling your iPhone with the $1000 app



"I think a picture of a lump of dog turd priced at $0.01 would be more fitting for your concept ... and the device."

That would be for v1. The app for the 3G version would be the same with someone attempting to polish it

NASA: The Moon is not enough


Hey Joe

"I'm sure that all they've discovered is how to build a space station and how to live in one."

oh, is that all?

eBay calls for end to grey import laws


ahh, so this is where we've been going wrong...

After all these years of corporations and governments talking about 'consumer choice' and 'free markets' while blatantly manipulating the markets with trade laws, region coding, price fixing, etc ad nauseum... do we really think they're going to give it up now?

Maybe they are! All this messing around with democracy and public opinion and in fact and all we needed to do was open an online tat bazaar and throw a fucking cocktail party in Brussels!

Who'd a thunk it?

Microsoft rolls out Live Mesh preview


MS open platforms

"Developers will probably be attracted to Microsoft's "open" platform offer to let them write code in a variety of flavours for Live Mesh..."

yeah, about as attracted as we all were to their "offer" of making their "open" XML a standard.

Its success will depend on how much money and undue influence they're prepared to throw at it, rather than whether it's "open" ot not.

UK.gov will force paedophiles to register email addresses

Black Helicopters

Of course it will work...

because in the not-too-distant future, we will all be provided with an email address by uk.gov - it will be printed in your ID card so you don't forget it.

ISPs will provide you with a static IP address (if your not on the internet exclusion register) and email will be served and filtered for you - web mail and other inappropriate content will not be available.

Web pages and email content will be scanned to a) keep us all safe from terrorists and b) provide you (and eveyone on your contact lists) with a more relevant browsing experience.

Botanist sues to stop CERN hurling Earth into parallel universe


Certainly no fool

Interestingly, his site is:


and its pupose?

"We are seeking donations to provide for legal intervention. We suggest a donation of $10.00, but would be delighted if your donation were larger. We expect to encounter expenses in excess of $100,000 in this action."

Surely a qualified lawyer/nuclear physicist with his track record (the Botanical Gardens scam... i mean case... is pure genius) is going to charge more than $100,000.

Oh, yes, "in excess"... he's got that covered

Still, at least "You will receive a Thank You letter and a written acknowledgment of receipt of your donation."


Boffinry bigwig puts another boot into biofuels


and not just aviation

"doesn't this report put the boot into Heathrow (and modern aviation) for unsustainable use of fuel?"

Certainly a more rational conclusion - but the idea that we should only consume as much as we can produce by sustainable means isn't compatible with the fact that most people don't give a fuck about the long (or even medium) term problems we're creating, provided they can do whatever they want (and make as much money as they can) now.

MPAA copyright punch up knocks out TorrentSpy


a lot of people missing the point

Well said Steve.

Whatever passionate views you have about paying for movies or protecting artists' rights are not really relevant. The argument from Pirate Bay, etc is that they have a legal right to run torrent servers without enquiring into the content that's being shared - if infrastructure owners aren't accountable for the data passing through their routers & cables, why should they be?

Dump IE 6 campaign runs afoul of dump IE 6 campaign


Re: Don't you understand what standards are?

Yes. Something that a bunch of people have written down somewhere so that everyone doing that thing can use the same, um, standard.

As for this save the developers thing - yeah, life would be so much easier if no-one ever had to worry about backwards compatability, but it's the nature of the beast really, isn't it? At least it's manageable when you're only dealing with mark-up & style sheets.

Keyboard PC design recalls Amiga era



I'm not quite sure what to make of this... while the concept seems to compare well to a desktop (apart from being f'ugly) I have to agree with Torben Mogensen - how have they managed to reach this price-point without having to meet all the expensive challanges of producing a laptop or offer any of it's benefits?

Dear ISP, I am not a target market


more relevant...

Excellent article.

An ISP's offering will be relevant to me when simply provides me with a internet connection that I can plug my router into - end of.

No amount of marketing is going to convince me - or anyone who takes a moment to think about it - that my actual requirement is any more complicated than that. No phone packages, web space, email services, web site builders, etc. But apparently, in the wonderful world of the free market economy, it's impossible to make money by simply building infrastucture and charging for connection and usage.


Wife rings up £11,000 downloading bill



"Why did she need to download it? It's on E4 all the time....ALL THE TIME!"

Because despite the fact that virtually EVERY show is repeated several times a week on freeview, we're supposed to be watching all our content via the internet now - presumably there was too much spare bandwidth going to waste...

Geordie cops arrest two for Wi-Fi squatting


Here we go again...

@Pete James & Nick Palmer

Every time one of these stories breaks it's the same old argument.

Once more with feeling...

An open WiFi connection with a broadcast ID is an invitation. That's not an opinion, it's the how the protocol works. Accepting a public invitaion should not be illegal. The fact that the law fails to understand even the most basic principles of this technology doesn't make it right - just badly informed.

A better analogy for this situation would be to install a series drinking fountains in your neighbourhood, each with a sign on saying "water here" then support a law that has people arrested for 'stealing water' when they stop for a drink.

The only reason wireless routers default to open connections is laziness on the part of manufacturers and end users. There are straight-forward solutions to improve the situation but no-one's interested - if the sale of the router is made and the user has a connection everyone's happy to ignore the obvious and easily addressed issues.

I think people being upset by use of police time to support this slack/ignorant behaviour is warranted although we should bear in mind that they are still going to check up on kerb-side laptop users in case there in genuine criminal intent (like hacking secured connections to trade kiddie-porn on someone else's account).

Until next time... K

Northern Rock FOI gag 'out of order' say Tories


Too much information...

Allowing access to all the details clearly isn't going to work.

It's difficult enough for government with people thinking it's some kind of 'old labour' style nationalization. It's emerging that, more in line with the 'new' way of doing things, it's going to be more of an asset stripping operation with the prime loans hived off to a private securities firm and the taxpayer left under-writing the sub-prime stuff.


Nothing untoward there then, eh?

Microsoft tries to CTRL-W WordPerfect lawsuit again


Re: WP was crap

"... most of the other kids (and some parents) immediately demanded that they get to use some half-decent software..."

always encouraging to hear that the best qualified people are making the IT decisions...

Don't shed any tears for Pandora

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Nice work, genius...

The guest opinion is yet another example of a sector of the industry so blinded by their immediate need to take a slice of the action for doing fuck all that they're oblivious to the obvious and massive benefits in allowing consumers to see/listen to something they didn't know about and have the opportunity to make a purchase.

Apparently, these 'business people' don't feel consumer demand is an suitable driver for the entertainment industry. They had to be dragged over hot coals before they'd even offer their product in a downloadable electronic format - now we're entrenched in seeming endless debates about rights management of one kind or another.

I think we'll get there eventually but in the meantime, they're doing a great job of ensuring the easiest way to find what music you want is to share illegally.

Australia to get 1,000 megawatt wind farm


Renewables in Australia

On the subject of interesting alt energy projects in Australia, I stumbled across this a while back:


Venezuela to shift clocks half an hour


RE: Dictator, Despot???

"Wasn't he elected by the people of Venezuela? Isn't he quite popular in Venezuela. I know some quarters would like us to think he's a despot and a dictator but c'mon."


Although he has powers to rule by decree for the next year or so, these were grated by the National Assembly. Against the back drop of 3 consecutive election victories, retaining his post in an opposition enforced referendum and coup attempt by the military, 'despot' is somewhat wide of the mark.

But then, it's easier to tag along with the current US administration's view of the world than bother with something as dull as accuracy.

At the Toyshop of Doom



... are people bleating about Reg covering this? Is reporting on an event the same as "promoting" it now? Maybe the nature of the reporting? Well it's not exactly an advertorial and I seriously doubt Reg readers are the target market for this kit in any case... although many are interested to see how the tech of the day is applied is this context, however unsettling some people may find it.

The fact is, the reporting on this event has provoked some debate about the significant ethical issues that are raised... surely a good thing. I don't think it's fair to 'shoot the messenger', even with a really cool gun.

And I suggest that anyone wanting to read articles on serious subjects without the "flippant attitude" has come to the wrong place entirely.

National Archives and MS strike preservation deal


Why is everyone blaming M$ ?

Rhetorical question - I'm not disagreeing with the views expressed so far.

But if we want to get involved in finger-pointing (and I think we do), how about the genius at TNA that decided the best choice of file format for archiving the nations documents for the forseeable future was MS Word 97?.. or maybe they're all saved as PowerPoint screenshows - it would make as much sense.

Still, its good to see the technology lessons have been learned and they're now converting them all to a more appropriate standard.

erm.. hang on... Office 2007... Virtual PC

Fer crissakes! I've got some magic beans if there interested


and another thing...

is it me or is the term "Memorandum of Understanding" catastophically inappropriate to what's going on here?

I'm staggered!

UK.biz: recruiting talent the number one IT problem


Teleworking doesn't work!?

"A television capable of broadcasting material that is more entertaining than the work at hand" - if you find daytime TV more interesting than your work, I can only assume you have an incredibly sh*tty job.

Sure, if you think a good strategy for working from home invloves sitting aroung in your y-fronts scratching your nuts and watching the Teletubbies, then you will probably fail - but there are other approaches...

Businesses certainly don't have a problem with teleworkers - they just prefer it when they're $10/hr and all the employment resposibilities are outsourced as well. While I wouldn't suggest that flexible working suits all IT roles (or all phases of a project), my experience is that in certain areas, produtivity can be increased massively by getting away from the 'distractions' of the office environment and the business in general.

But recruitment is a huge problem right now. There are plenty of companies doing it right but if, at any point, you're interviewed by an agent/HR drone or some other suit who knows nothing about tech, you can safely bet you haven't found one of them.

Jobs: one more thing... a browser war


bundling iTunes

"You can't really knock Apple for bundling when they're only trying to keep up with the competition." Dean Varney

Umm... I think I can. Just because M$ are worse offenders doesn't excuse it. I've _never_ wanted to download or install iTunes (or have it run on startup) but the bundling with Quicktime has always made me do that, then jump through the hoops of getting rid of it. Malware.

That said, it is a drop in the ocean compared with what M$ get up to. :)

I've had another look and can't detect any great increase in speed over FF/IE7.

Unimpressive. But is is only a beta



"How many of those were 'bundled' with QuickTime player and never used? Only the very recent versions of QT have been downloadable without iTunes"

I've always seen iTunes as malware for this very reason - I notice safari bundled with iTunes is the default option. Forcing/tricking ppl into downloading something then crowing about the stats is pretty lame.

And as for Safari - well it's great news to have another interpretation of 'standards' to add the the test suite - I doubt it'll see much more use than that on my part. I migrated to Firefox because it was a clear improvement on any other browser at the time. This beta doesn't raise the bar in any area that I can see and the ugly chrome and poorly rendered fonts don't exactly create a good first impression.

George Lucas bitch slaps Spider-Man 3



"Just where is the story in the long and dull pod race?"

it started after the release and involved selling a lot of long and dull console games