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UK rejoins the EU's €100B Horizon sci-tech funding program


> Nobody ever said that we shouldn't cooperate with the EU on anything.

Err.. so we left Horizon because we were all for co-operating with the EU right?

...'Piffle' in the words of BoJo. I never put forward a federalist ideology. And whatever the ONS data might say, just take a look at the reality - crumbling schools, failing health service, potholes galore. Yea we're doing great mate.


Just hilarious. All that pomp about how much richer and better the country would be if we didn't have to ship untold billions to the EU. Turns out the country is too poor to stop schools from crumbling, keep roads in decent condition or meet the healthcare needs of the population.

All that Brexit hubris finally being put right one painful step at a time.

Meanwhile, those responsible oscillate from saying 'things are great' to 't'wasnt us, it was covid'. As if the UK is the only country having to deal with a pandemic it hadn't planned for.

After giving us .zip, Google Domains to shut down, will be flogged off to Squarespace


What about...

Google Cloud Domains? Yes its a separate thing from Google Domains - it is the domain registration service within GCP. So Google are unlikely getting out of the domain registration business altogether, probably just ejecting the more consumer-friendly offering.

But it begs the question, why not try to move those people onto Google Cloud Domains? Did they really need $180m so badly?

AWS experiment with Lambda in cloudless configuration fails to impress


Re: 4 outages in 3 years

I work with a number of customers on AWS and east-1 has had more outages than '4 in 3 years'.

Multi-tasking blunder leaves UK tax digitization plans 3 years late, 5 times over budget


"They put at risk the support of taxpayers" - how exactly? Not like taxpayers have the choice in any matters around the tax system? HMRC decides and everyone has to follow.

Yeah, Rishi, it's AI that'll make Britain great again


Is anyone really believing this is anything other than the government making sure it can maintain or steer the status quo for the benefit of its own supporters? And who can trust a government that wants us to exit the ECHR, ignores the Genva Convention on refugees, bans experts (including those in AI like Kate Devlin) that don't agree with their policies and is busy cracking down on the right to protest?

And what tech or AI experts would want to set foot here on any kind of visa when the level of government incited hostility towards immigrants is at an all time high? The government has made it clear as day they're not welcome.

This band of shysters are entirely unsuited to regulating AI in any form!

More UK councils caught by Capita's open AWS bucket blunder


They know how to

Crap-IT-All with your data.

FCA mulls listing rules after Hauser blames 'Brexit idiocy' for Arm's New York IPO


Too late...

Someone tell Rishi that the unicorns have bolted from the Unicorn Kingdom.

UK governments have a great at killing off industries:

* Car manufacturing

* Steel

* Banking (Brexit)

Currently in progress:

* Tech startups

IBM pauses counting its billions to trim Red Hat staff


Can't believe people still go take jobs at IBM

> IBM also claims to have hired 7,000 people in Q1.

What is wrong with people? WHY??

Victims of IT scandal in UK postal service will get fresh compensation


Totally inadequate

Next step, private prosecutions against the individuals that are culpable for this - name them, shame them, make them pay even if it means personal ruin. There's no excuse, there must be consequences and there must be deterrents for this type of behaviour in future.

UK govt says contractors should challenge IR35 status via self-assessment


HM Treasury/HMRC are going to foment extreme reprecussions

They are so clueless and if it weren't for their gov backed jobs would barely survive a day in the real world. In fact, “Mr Harra hits the real world,” was the comment PAC chair Meg Hillier made about the head of HMRC. Jon Thompson was the dimwit before.

They live in their own bubble and until one of them ends up like a pendulum off a lamp post they're not going to wake up. They don't care about the suicides from the loan charge, they don't seem to want to accept that they've created a 2 tier system for workers where those who are self-employed pay the same taxes but get none of the same benfits.

And where was Rishi during the Pandemic when he was putting together the furlough scheme and the SEISS? Actively knee-capping Limited Company contractors is where. HM Gov are begging for a backlash of epic proportions.

Lizz Truss says she'll do a review. Go do one Lizz, your lot have been cocking it up for 12 years making everyone poorer and the type of 'unashamedly pro business' Tories you guys are was put on public display when Grenfell happened and it became obvious that its only 'big business donors' you care about. Like Michele Mone who after getting £200m of tax payers money has ended up with an HMRC winding up petition. Whups - imagine if politicians and civil servants could be held personally liable like company directors?

Corrupt to the core. The country doesn't need handouts, it just needs this lot to get their snouts out the trough!

'Universal Processor' startup Tachyum unveils full-system Prodigy emulator ahead of sampling later this year


And I can deliver any tech project faster, better AND cheaper. Now please fund me

Facebook: Nice iOS app of ours you have there, would be a shame if you had to pay for it


Well it wasn’t free before

Users were paying by handing over their data. Just because dollars didn’t change hands from users to FB doesn’t mean it was free and agreeing to tracking now won’t keep it free either.

TeamViewer is going to turn around and ignore what you're doing with its freebie licence to help new remote workers


I used TeamViewer to let a friend view my screen while we worked on a hobby project - entirely non-commercial. TeamViewer slapped the 'suspected commercial use' message on us. We filled out the form and emailed it to them as instructed, never heard a peep. This was pre-coronavirus.

I tried contacting their sales and they claimed they don't provide support for the 'free' version. Well if there's no support and they're happy to lock it down to prevent it being used with NO recourse then what do they expect when people leave? I setup WireGuard and used Remote Desktop instead. Good riddance to those clowns.

Totally understand their need to make money, but why not offer a paid personal edition instead of making people suffer for a free version like that? How does it do their business reputation any good?

Apple is a filthy AWS, Azure, Google reseller, gripe punters: iPhone giant accused of hiding iCloud's real backend


I mean if Apple made clear they were really only resellers for Foxconn then I would just go buy my iPhone from there instead!

Seriously, how do lawsuits like this exist? What does it cost in the US to even file a claim like this?

Our sales were to genuine customers, Autonomy ex-CEO Mike Lynch insists in court


So far...

The only thing HPE have proven is their incompetence. Lynch and co might be guilty as sin, I have no idea. If it was 'him who dun it' and after all these years this is all HPE can show up with in court then either Lynch is innocent or incredibly smart and HPE are unlucky or incredibly dumb.

DXC Technology warns techies that all travel MUST now be authorised


Re: Financial case for investing in workers

#1 need not apply to DXC - they have no interest in staff 'retention' - in fact, quite the opposite.

#2 Blind leading the dumb at DXC

#3 Productivity isn't a metric on their Wall St earnings calls so why would they care?

Driving Xtreme Cuts: DXC Technology waves bye bye to 45% of Americas Security divison


How long until...

DXC are totally left without any real customers, business offering or meaningful revenue?

I honestly think they should just shut-up shop now and hand back what cash they have to shareholders. They seem to have very little (if any?) strategy for making money or exploiting new markets - I'll add them to the list of Zombie Corporations. IBM's been similar for decades. Cost cutting is what bloated companies need to do; otherwise its just a sign that management have given up any prospect of growth.

Microsoft could have gone that way but Nadella seems to have done a fantastic job of actually adapting his company to the changing world.

Loose Women woman's IR35 win deals another high-profile blow to UK taxman's grip on rules


"We will carefully consider the outcome of the tribunal before deciding whether to appeal." Clearly their comment wasn't reported correctly, I believe HMRC's spokesperson had said in fact: "We will bury our heads in the sand before deciding that further non-retrospective retrospective legislation is needed."

Risky business: Data cloud outfit Cloudera bares all to investors with annual report


Funny isn't it

Prospectuses when taking a company public are so rosy compared to the 10Ks that tend to follow afterwards.

So serious question, why are they in business as a public company? Given where they are they ought to either be going private or shutting up shop.

Oracle sued for $4.5m after ERP system delivery date 'moved from 2015 to 2016, then 2017, then... er, never'



I’ve read this about most big ERP systems but couldnt work out hlw customers would want to bend the rather flexible software.

Could you give an example you’ve experienced?

Australian prime minister blames 'state level' baddies for Oz parliament breach


But but but....

Aussies have LAWS to protect them from this type of thing don't they? I thought they said not even the laws of maths could trump the laws of Australia?

Sopra Steria exec on warpath as its UK Government profit crashes ... by millions


Re: "From my 50,000 feet position"...

Nope. He’s at 50k feet with no parachute and the minions below are wondering if they’re gonna get hit by his shit or his corpse first.

Oracle cloud supremo Thomas Kurian extends temp leave to the heat death of the universe


Nothing new

Oracle never understood cloud and still don't. As far as getting clients to trust them... well their reputation precedes them and unfortunately it isn't so favourable.

Their best bet was to partner with Google or AWS but they thought they could go it alone without a real strategy or products that are cloud-friendly. IBM made a similar error but at least they tried to create some cloud-friendly products via BlueMix.

Microsoft is the only one out of Oracle/MS/IBM that seems to have some kind of cloud strategy and is making cloud-friendly offerings.

Microsoft hopes it has a sequel better than Godfather Part II: SQL Server 2019 previewed



I used SQL server a couple of years ago and couldn’t believe that UTF8 was missing! Glad they finally sorted that.

The management UI always felt really nice but the cryptic error messages when something didn’t work were always a challenfe. Error codes wihich wouldn’t return many results on Google (or Bing) and descriptions that seemed to assume users are intimately familiar with the SQL Server source code. To be honest, it’s very un-Microsoft because things like .NET always provided me with helpful error messages or codes I could look up on MSDN.

My life has been much easier since moving to Postgres which I use exclusively now for SQL work.

Surprise: Sage Group head honcho has left the building


Re: Teflon?

Really? I didn't know. Next we'll find out that the board who hired him in as CEO are all ex-HP from their successful appointments of Apotheker and/or Fiorina.

Ecuador's Prez talking to UK about Assange's six-year London Embassy stay – reports


Re: So much hostility

Does the British legal system deserve much respect between one-sided extradition treaties, 90% of typical crimes going uncharged and parliament passing draconian legislation around use of encryption, mass surveillance and retrospective legislation (i.e. on tax)?

We're in a banana state now anyway. The only things TPB care about are average speed fines, parking fines, extradition of anyone the US wants and, oh, going after 'tax avoiders' who haven't made significant donations to their political parties.

If you're up to anything else, go ahead and break the 'law' with impunity.

ME! ME! ME! – Intel's management tech gets a quartet of security fixes


"The Intel Core 2 Duo vPro, Intel Centrino 2 vPro, 1st Generation Intel Core, 2nd Generation Intel Core, and 3rd Generation Intel Core won't get patches because they are now so old that Chipzilla no longer supports them." - so they put in this ME stuff that a multitude of security experts said was a bad idea at the time and now want to claim its too old to support? How about just offering the option to disable ME for old chips that should never have shipped with this trash in the first place?

Cue US law suit please.

Azure certifications are awful, Microsoft admits, so it has made new ones


On one recent job application the company hired an external CV validation service.

They got in touch to ask me for a whole bunch of stuff about my education and past experience. For the education piece I told them to 'just mark me down as having no verifiable education and being illiterate' - they thought it was a joke but I insisted they do it.

They did. The company that offered me the position thought it was funny and hired me anyway.

Missed opportunity bingo: IBM's wasted years and the $92bn cash splurge


Worked at an IBM acquisition for a while

The IBM people are nice and most of the people I worked with were pretty competent - far better than when a previous place I worked at got borged by Oracle.

However... the 'bluewashing' is ridiculous. Yes, every large company 'integrates' their new purchases. We had a product that would work on almost any Java app server (JBoss, WebLogic, WebSphere) but before the acquisition JBoss was what most customers used - by a large margin. IBM decided this was not gonna fly, the bluewashed version would come bundled with a special version of WebSphere.

Trouble was, our product was successful because it could be easily deployed and managed - that's simply not true with WebSphere, and most of our customers (and internal PS guys) had limited experience with WebSphere. Add to that the fact that the 'special bundled version of WebSphere' had a LOT of bugs due to being rushed meant it was a disaster.

Dear companies, if you buy a company then please think twice before anchoring it to a sinking piece of turd - it is always far more likely that the turd will bring down whatever you've tethered it to!

DXC Tech asks staff to profile their skills


I wonder...

... how many will be listing 'familiar with basic security techniques'

DXC spills AWS private keys on public GitHub


Re: Techie dummy?

I get that most developers will have limited knowledge on IT kit. However, if a developer has any business working with access keys / encryption tokens / etc. then they should understands the ins and outs of how they work and how to protect them (I don't suggest they need to understand the maths of it all) but otherwise they're just monkeys working with tools they don't understand.

Oh wait. I just realised. DXC. I take it all back - monkeys working with tools they don't understand = normal.


Techie dummy?

"a member of the technical team created a personal space on the public Github"

We always laugh about how silly the average user is with their online security but to read that a techie made this type of error is beyond amazing.

Honestly, I would automatically fire any techie that had no understanding of the implications of publishing internal corporate material on a public resource. They shouldn't need training to tell them that's a bad idea FFS!

Munich council: To hell with Linux, we're going full Windows in 2020


The downvotes must be from all the OSS zealots. Fact remains, despite all the hard work that has gone into LibreOffice, it remains a major step down in many respects that matter to the average office user. Instead of castigating those that don't like it, why not go improve it so its more competitive than MS Office?

UK Home Sec thinks a Minority Report-style AI will prevent people posting bad things


Jeez and the woman still wonders why tech people sneer at her. If AI were that good it'd prevent people like her from ever being born!

Want to provision a new VM on Azure? Get in line


Cloud is meant to be the new jewel in the Microsoft crown. What gives? Google & AWS don't have this sort of issue.

Part of me thinks Azure is very much a 'one foot in the door' endeavour by Microsoft. If they can figure out how to white-label AWS it would not surprise me one bit.

IBM kills Bluemix, a year after killing SoftLayer


All IBM lacks really is a single vision. They need a Bezos, Nadella or Benioff that can actually lead a coherent vision.

Not saying that any of these names are necessarily role models but at least they actually know how to do something other than accounting and marketing gimmicks. When one of those three have something to say many people listen; when was the last time anyone cared what an IBM CEO had to say?

TalkTalk glitch causing mobiles and landlines to go off at the same time


To their remaining customers...

If you didn't learn after the many previous **** ups that maybe you should take your business elsewhere then it may be best for you to remain silent and not complain.

HMRC boss defends shift to AWS, says they got 50% knocked off


Where do they think those savings came from? Maybe it had something to do with Amazon's tax rate!

Petition started here: https://you.38degrees.org.uk/petitions/fair-public-sector-procurement

Open source sets sights on killing WhatsApp and Slack



What I was thinking too - XMPP (formerly Jabber) was the open source attempt to standardise messaging. It never really took off so I don't understand why making another open source protocol is going to be any different (even if it is 'easy to turn on' for sys admins).

UK Treasury Committee chairman calls on Equifax to answer for breach omnishambles


Any company that submitted data to Equifax is in trouble...

... when a company tells you they'll share their info with credit reference agencies they remain responsible for what happens to the data once they send it off. Once in a while I wish we did have the litigious ambulance chasing lawyers in the UK like they have in the US and can sueball Equifax into non-existence.

Onwards to Valhalla: Java ain't dead yet and it's only getting bigger


Re: It occurs to me...

Java on the server is well suited. The GC issues happen only in the most latency sensitive situations - think financial transactions and the like (and can be worked around - take a look at some of the high performance messaging software on java). Your average Java web app can be chugging along without anyone noticing a stop-the-world GC occurring.

When you compare it to node, ruby, php java tends to scale well too. Then you add to the mix the millions of java developers and probably the widest set of libraries that exist anywhere. Why exactly wouldn't you think it's suited server side?

Your boss asks you to run the 'cloud project': Ever-changing wish lists, packs of 'ideas'... and 1 deadline


"One peach was that all the data from the cloud had to come back through site to go through box “X” before going back out to the internet at large. Because, security, obvs. "

No one from the business side is likely to request anything like that. Sounds like Bobs problem was also internal to the IT department.

Memo to Microsoft: Keeping your promises is probably a good idea


Re: MS-as-usual

To me and many others it was obvious it was implemented horribly. That didn't stop the Microsoft loyalists rally round it and proclaim it was gonna take over in the enterprise app space when to any sane observer it had no chance of success.



Anyone remember Silverlight? Windows 8.1, the 'essential' OS for 'Enterprise'? Or the promise of a unified .NET development experience across Phone/Tablet/Desktop?

Microsoft rally its army of developers and customers around its new shiny with promises of enterprise support and commitment and then ditch it as soon as they think they're onto the next New Shiny.

I always laughed when I saw the MS fanboys in the office salivate over Silverlight and try to redo all the corporate apps in it. Then they salivated at the unified .NET vision and discovered it to be a marketing puff. Then they salivated over the 'come back' of Windows Phone. Those guys never learn - with MS you HAVE to ignore their hollow commitments and look at the bigger picture. Always.

Small biz breaks out pen, paper after Brit tax collectors' Digital Form Service goes down


Stop referring to 'tax payers' as 'customers'!?!

Tax payers don't buy anything from you.

You don't sell them anything.

It's a LEGAL obligation for tax payers to hand you money and/or fill out your turd forms online and offline.

Tax payers can't 'shop elsewhere': You have an absolute monopoly on the service you provide.

So.... please can someone tell HMarse stop with the 'customer' rubbish.

Take that, gender pay gap! Atos to offshore hundreds of BBC roles


In the end, the tax payer is paying for the profits of some commercial entity and the jobs of people elsewhere in the world.

I must be in the minority who believe that taking tax payers money to give it to a commercial operator who was only chosen because they could offer the lowest price by sending jobs abroad is wrong.

Three: No fixed date yet for 4G services abroad



Three 'feel at home' was misleading at the very least. They had always capped the speed abroad to worse-than-2G speeds. Finally the EU action has it seems kicked them into behaving https://jmcomms.com/2017/06/18/sort-it-out-three-using-data-abroad-feels-nothing-like-at-home/

Hortonworks reshuffles C-suite, gets third COO in 12 months


Big Data is not like a Big Mac

Lots of companies have experimented with Big Data solutions because they were told it is the 'next revolution' (just like data mining before it...).

However, there are 2 truths that few could deny:

1. The number of customers who have try 'big data' needs is quite small - small enough that I don't think there's room for the kind of growth that Hortonwork's early investors were betting on.

2. The techies who have to sell this stuff haven't figured how how to apply their big data capabilities to solving enough concrete business problems (all the clients I worked with who wanted this stuff already had a good idea of what they needed it for).

So extremely niche market, over-funded startup and a bunch of geeks who struggle to actually demonstrate use cases. That's why they had to IPO... their investors needed to unload their shares to the Big Stupid.

Ofcom creates watchdog specifically to make sure Openreach is behaving


we're watching you...

...but we have no clue what we're looking for