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Mozilla ditches Mac OS X 10.4 support in fresh Firefox


Mozzilla ditches....

You should know that when disposing of your hardware to 3rd world countries,

it's only certain elements they are looking for, largely metal, used again in cell phones.Kids play on all these junked computers,cell phones, printers, TV's, etc.The workers breathe in poisonous fumes all day.Plus, using the HDD, one can find all kinds of scams.That's why 3rd world countries are the first in scams.


New York Times builds paywall - very slowly



nytimes is my homepage and I'm used to reading it all on the computer,

everything except the editorials.I don't believe this will make enough money

to make up for the loss of printed ads.I was part of a panel that was involved in helping

them late last year.Sometimes, I would receive weird questions that had nothing to do with

the news.But, journalists, editors and IT workers must get paid.Somehow, I don't think this is the answer.

Microsoft AV advice may aid attackers, researcher warns


ms AV

The last thing I remember was signing up for something that would make the file scanner quicker.

It did not.

Serious web vuln found in 8 million Flash files


serious web...

Opera was my browser until last dec 30th.You guessed it, an XSS hole on account of adobe flash.

I wish opera would make a secure browser.I would give anything other than slow ff.

Microsoft acted on Opera's modified browser proposal?


ms acted upon opera

I have never come across a site that could not be brought up by opera.

What are the sites?

Lloyds TSB's online banking system shows no love for Firefox

Thumb Up

Lloyds TSB

A person complained 'what's the use in internet banking?'.

To those disabled, it's a great resource.

To the not-disabled,

it's the pleasure of not writing checks,

of not having to stamp and mail it.

If I had to write checks out,

it would take away from the rest of life.

I think internet banking is here to stay.

Microsoft's Patch Tuesday fixes record number of flaws


MS patches

MS Updates changed my resolution.I was unable to bring back the original res

till 5pm est.


Adobe relieves Reader and Acrobat update blues



I think it was an update to adobe,

that promised an update and a restart.

But, no restart was in my future.

Recently, within 3 days.

From my tray.

FBI chief barred from online banking by wife


FBI chief...

I've been banking online for at least 10 years, yet my bank does not have any of my several emails.

I wouldn't even give them an email that I never look at b/c it may lead to phishing for other people.

IE, Chrome, Safari duped by bogus PayPal SSL cert



I loved Opera.

Do I dare use it again?

It seems to me no worse than other browsers.

What is better, it's more intuitive.

Seems to know what I seek,

even before I do.

Unpatched Firefox flaw lets fox into henhouse


unpatched ff

Golly, I sure miss opera.I miss it b/c I could not that 'lock'.

It just wasn't there.Plus, I had a site that was permanently blocked,

a popular site.

I don't like ff.Where is speed dial?

This has nothing to say about unpatched ff or the slow start-up of 3.5.

But, I worry about people using opera.Be careful.

Opera CEO: Unite not a security risk



Opera is the most secure browser on the planet?

If this were only true, I would be still using opera.