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Google hits back at 'Dear Rupert' over search dominance claims

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too good?

It seems that google is being too good with their search.

FBI boss: Apple's iPhone, iPad encryption puts people 'ABOVE THE LAW'

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If the FBI hadn't shown itself to regularly break the law for its own ends, they might have a point.

I sold 10 MILLION iPhone 6es at the weekend, says Tim Cook. What did you do?

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Re: Good!

The newest phone is always the best phone.

Android has had not just big screens, but payment options, 3rd party keyboards, custom notifications, hands free assistant, widgets.. Yes, Apple has just caught up to Android.

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This should spur Android manufacturers to even greater heights now that Apple has caught up. Not a fruity fan, but it does look like a nice piece of kit.

Google+ GOING, GOING ... ? Newbie Gmailers no longer forced into mandatory ID slurp

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Re: Purpose

If you want privacy, pay for it. Apps like Google+ are free in that they are free to use, not free as in beer. They offer a service in return for information about you, which they then use to make money to pay for running that service.

iPhone 6: The final straw for Android makers eaten alive by the data parasite?

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Sony and HTC - It's not android.

Sony never had any sort of reputation for building phones people want. It had nothing to do with android.

HTC alienated their customers with poor service, poor software, and few updates. Again, nothing to do with Android.

They have both failed due to their own faults. Using any other operating system would not have made them successful.

Microsoft: Here, we'll make it easy for you Gmail lot. Meet our Outlook.com movers

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Remember hotmail?

Anyone remember hotmail before gmail came along?

That's the trouble with Microsoft - Innovation is something you do only to catch up with everyone else.

World's first 3D-printed metal gun 'more accurate' than factory-built cousin

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I wonder how it will hold up after a few thousand rounds.

Brit spymasters: Cheers, Snowden. Terrorists are overhauling their comms

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if only

If only people would give up every ounce of freedom, they would be safe..

Dear Linus, STOP SHOUTING and play nice - says Linux kernel dev

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There is no nice way to tell someone they suck.

Security bods boycott DEF CON over closed door for feds

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It's kind of like inviting Al Queda to a conference on terrorism.

Sure, you will gain insights, but so will they.

Google to mobile industry: ‘F*ck you very much!’

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Hungary mandates open standards

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Open Standards != Open Source


Webmasters fume as Google profiles signed-out searchers

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El Reg defending SEOs?

Next we will see an article on how Google is being so evil because they don't help pedophiles hide from law enforcement..

Why probe Google for antitrust? It 'does no evil'

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apples and oranges

Your politician example doesn't fit - Of course I want to know what a politician is doing - He is representing me. Google does not.

Just because a company has the ability to abuse its position is not grounds for an investigation.

Do you think you should be investigated for murder, robbery, rape and treason just because you are capable of them?

As soon as Google does something to warrant an investigation, then yes - by all means go through everything. Until then, stop trying to take them down just because they are big or because you have some sort of innate trust issues with anyone claiming to be good.

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Google envy?

There is only one pertinent question you need to ask:

Is the company in its current position because

A) it provides a great product,


B) because it uses its market dominance to prevent any competitors from gaining a foothold?

Google : A

Microsoft: B

Should you lose your religion on your CV?

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either or

If the guy has a lot of talent, then tell him to take it off. Any place that will hire him because of his religion will not be a good place for a talented person to grow.

However, if he is run of the mill, maybe a good schmoozer, some place where religion and politics rule might be a better fit, so he should leave it on.

Google turns up nose at ebook monopoly claims

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I'm not sure I was able to follow the logic in this article..

There are a bunch of books that are still copyrighted, but no one is publishing them because they won't make any money.

Google is securing a deal to publish them online unless/until the author/copyright holder comes forward.

This deal is evil because Google might make some money from these works, and will not have to share that money or allow other organizations to take their work and make some money off it themselves.. If it does make money...

That's it?

Google's vanity OS is Microsoft's dream

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uh.. They said that about the iPhone

Linux is just a poor windows clone.. It will never be successful (on the desktop) because it will never be windows. However, if google are any way serious, they have the image and clout to redefine the desktop (i.e. get rid of it) and how people interact with their computers. They could end up being a threat to Microsoft in ways that Linux never can.


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