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Volvo V60 Polestar: Speak softly, carry a big stick, dress like a Smurf

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Re: Doesn't have to be smurf blue

Yeah it does to be a Polestar...

Tom 11

850 T5.....

Are in fact famous for being motorway patrol cop cars, the 850 in the BTTC where naturally aspirated and not the T5 engine. I.E No turbo... :D

Grand Theft Auto 1997: 'Sick, deluded and beneath contempt'

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Re: I loved the top down GTA Games

The side of the road we drive on derives from days gone by when we used to walk small trodden paths and carried swords.

We walked on the left hand side as most swordsmen sheath their sword on the left hip to be accessible by the right hand. Walking to the left ensured that the pommels of each carriers swords did not mesh when passing closely. This is true for Japan also, another civilisation with strong warrior roots.

iPhone user shamegasm: 'I beg of you', delete sex app from my purchase list

Tom 11

Android version....

JellyBean flicker?

Revealed: GCHQ's beyond top secret Middle Eastern internet spy base

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Lost. In you www.theregister.co.uk. Under the belt, cutting off your nose etc etc

E-cigarettes help you quit – but may not keep you alive

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Re: 'vaping' == drug paraphernalia

@AC re: added extra.

Sorry dude, that does not work. You have to boil the active herb component in alcohol, filter the gunge, reduce it down, filter it again on a 2nd boil off run and then mix it with the PG / VG and you need a huge quantity for it to work, so therefore, it's never done.

Time-rich Brit boffin demos DIY crazytech wolverine talons

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@ CaptainHook

We can all dream...

Wolfenstein: The New Order ... BLAM-BLAM! That guard did Nazi that coming

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LASER not laser or lazer. particularly not lazer, you should be shot for that.

How ever, good review, can't wait to play my copy this eve :)

Russia to suspend US GPS stations in tit-for-tat spat

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@ EPurpl3

You forgot the joke icon, a quick look at the time stamps on your naysayers indicates a probable geographic location which indicates the need for a prompt to tell them if a postulation is indeed humorous or not.

Star Wars Episode VII: The Ancient Fear of, er, a cheese-tastic title?

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@ Nick RE: Efron

Obviously you've not seen him in recent titles where his character has actually got a proper brief rather than make the girlies squeal. Most stuff he's done in past 2 or 3 years where he is clearly trying to move away from this type-casting have been great. Watch 'The Paperboy' he's pretty damn good in that, and I for one am looking forward to seeing what he can do in Starwars!

Audio fans, prepare yourself for the Second Coming ... of Blu-ray

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Re: A good whine: @Cupboard

What the hell! is that site real? I have read it twice now and I am still howling, might have another dip in later. Has been shared with all my producer friends. How can that tool have such a self belief that he will bare facedly ignore the operational principals of digital music and data transportation.

'Graceful' solar flare erupts from surface of Sun – NASA vid

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Re: Hot flushes

So you telling me it was the Heliopause instead?

UFO, cosmic ray or flasher? NASA rules on Curiosity curiosity

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You can because of the pixels and the way the shadows are falling.

Improbable: YOU gave model Lily Cole £200k for her Impossible.com whimsy-site

Tom 11

Re: thick as two short planks?

Chris, looks like you managed to upset the only French Chemist on the web...

No Notch niche: Minecraft man in rift with Oculus after Facebook gobble

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Re: Refreshing!

A conscious what? You can't leave us hanging like this!

Vote now for the top reader Limerick limerick

Tom 11

Late to the party

There once was a guardi from Limerick

Whom the crims did complain of in the nik

As when signing papers

All he offered was tater's

when all they really needed was a bic

BuzzGasm: 9 Incredible Things You Never Knew About PLIERS!

Tom 11

Re: gripping...

12. Pliers, when combined with Chaka Demus gain additional functionality of being able to twist as well as shout.

Xenon: Bitmap Brothers' (mega)blast from the past

Tom 11

Zarlor Mercenary

Anyone else remember the Atari Lynx title that faithfully ripped this off?

Tom 11

Great stuff

I've had the intro for this as my ringtone for the past 6 months, love it :D

Beastie Boys settle with toy maker over Girls copyright dispute

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Re: So let me get this right...

Hanged Jimmy, hanged... The imagery you have conjured up there is just macabre.

Police pen shortage threatens Irish public order

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Re: What they need is...

Wayheyyyy Simon,

Go on son! If only I could give you 2 upvotes.

Tom 11

Re: Re. Saves the pen issue straight away!

No, it's the yellow and viscous one!

Women! You too can be 'cool' and 'fun' if you work in tech!

Tom 11


I am hung like a horse and desperate for female attention, you'll probably only have to buy me one crate of Red Bull to win my affections, so come along ladies, join us in the Jetson-esque utopian future of ICT careers.

That sort of thing? shall I go post it now?

Why can’t I walk past Maplin without buying stuff I don’t need?

Tom 11


Robot kits, hover bots, soldering makes, home disco. What is not to love? I went in for screen wipes yesterday and came out with a Corsair K60 keyboard, a 64gb flash drive and the wipes and had to stop myself on the quadrocopter as I could not think of a feasible way to expense it :(

Bugger the jetpack, where's my 21st-century Psion?

Tom 11

Well we almost had it

Up until about three years ago there was a plethora of full QWERTY landscape phones, I loved them. Had an N97, N900 and a HTZ Desire Z. Then everyone got scared by Apples business model and decided to drop a perfect form factor and go solely to touch screen, I hate being forced to touch screen, it has ruined the modern vision of a true palmtop.

Just picture this, Samsung Note 3 with a full QWERTY and track pad slide out keyboard....

Woman claims she was assaulted in Google Glass 'HATE CRIME'

Tom 11

I hated her from the instant she failed to use 'Wanker' properly

And it went downhill from there.

I think the only thing this particular pair of goggles will capture is the inside of her own anus.

BOFH: He... made... you... HE made YOU a DOMAIN ADMIN?

Tom 11

Far too close to the bone,

Life imitating art? I don't know, but seems Simon has been dropping eaves in my office this week.

Reports pump fuel into iCar gossip: Apple in 'talks' with Tesla

Tom 11

@ GD

While premise of your nay-saying is sound enough, I have evidence to the contrary. I work in the materials science sector and I can tell you without jeopardising my job by going into details that Hydrogen storage for automotive purposes is much more advanced then you seem to believe. I have seen a pressure vessel for this purpose capable of over 3000 atmospheres, and that includes the seals and delivery valve system.

Want to remotely control a car? $20 in parts, some oily fingers, and you're in command

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Re: Not every car

Even my 1994 Volvo 850 T5 has CAN-bus, one of the first to use it with the ODB II system.

fWHoaR! Researcher crack eternal mystery of what women want in a man

Tom 11
Big Brother

Weird face widening trick THEY don't want you to know...

IT admin discovers weird new trick using household ingredients to widen face, in just 2 weeks. Send £10 to Tom 11, Tom 11 towers and we shall send you your pack, guaranteed to add width and girth to your svelte cranium.

Fancy a little kinky sex? GCHQ+NSA will know - thanks to Angry Birds

Tom 11

Re: Nothing new here.

What are you on about? Everyone knows that Angry Birds, just like a furrowed brow and low set ears is the unmistakable marker for a n'er-do-well!

Japanese quantum boffins 'may have the key to TELEPORTATION'

Tom 11

Aww crap

Now I'm going to be thinking about this all day, and I will still be non the wiser when I hit the sack tonight :(

Furtive ebook readers push Hitler's Mein Kampf up the charts

Tom 11

The Complete Robot - Asimov

Very good book, unless you're on a train and a flirty young thing strikes up a conversation, notices your book, then asks you to read a bit of it too her...

CIOs, IT chiefs: ARRGH! What do you MEAN, HR just bought 400 iPads and didn't tell us

Tom 11


Where does this prick live, I've got some innovation right here for him! this type of tom-fuckery is the bane of my working life, and it's always the damn magpies in finance that do it, then they start budget fisting when you want to bang an extra PoE switch to support IP telephony, all because they have spunked the contingent wad on 4g iPhones in a non 4g covered office and tablets that will not run AX.

World's first selfie found on Wayback Machine

Tom 11

Re: Duckfaces can be challenged

I prefer goading by referencing a shellfish allergy.

"Oh no! been at the Prawns again? you should learn your lesson"

JESUS battery HEALS itself - might make electric cars more practical

Tom 11

I'd be pretty disilusioned if...

Dr Wang had no interest in this application of his development.

Unsung DEAD WHALE EXPLODER hero, who gave the early internet a purpose, passes away

Tom 11

Very sad news

Had me blubbering

Forget invisible kittens, now TANKS draped in INVISIBILITY CLOAK

Tom 11

Emporers new cloaking device

Already up for you, but if you can see that tank in the article, then you must be unfit for your position, stupid, or incompetent.

(Obviously I can't tell ;) )

Baldness fix from foreskin follicles

Tom 11

I don't think I'm ever going to stop laughing....

This article is and everything it implies is pure gold, the imagery in my head is never going to fade.

WikiLeaker-in-chief Assange refuses to meet Benedict Cumberbatch

Tom 11


Guns of Navarone

US parents proclaim 811 'Messiahs'

Tom 11

Re: This is a piffle

Also, I believe there is a North Korean running around called Spark Plug.....

Now that's real science: CYBORG MONKEYS with PROSTHETIC ARMS

Tom 11


Or it didn't happen!

Apple's Steve Jobs was a SEX-crazed World War II fighter pilot, says ex

Tom 11

Re: Odd.

Umm, call me old fashioned, but I have never looked at porn is the presence of my neighbours, no matter how many times they've let me borrow a strimmer...

WET SPOT found on MARS: NASA rover says 'high percentage'

Tom 11

Re: Only now?

Nah, it was the endless stream of selfies which delayed the actual science here...

Steve Jobs' boyhood home may become protected historical shrine

Tom 11



Total cost of THAT axed NHS IT fiasco to taxpayers: £10.1bn

Tom 11

Re: How many lives

Nope, no stooge. I left a long time ago. The project was badly managed with too many fingers in the pie. What I am saying, which you conveniently gloss over, is how this would've helped the NHS and the nation if it was realised as a fully implemented solution of the original vision.

Did I mention the cost of PACS? yep, I think I already acknowledged the budgeting problems, but the system was good, it worked and saved time.

SCR was good, the only reason it would have sparse info would have been down to the staff that use it, you can't expect a data base to fill it's self!

I smell a know-it-all e-insider goon! (over pampered ex-GP per chance?)

Al you're doing here is backing up my post, if you actually read it properly instead of frothing at the mouth you'll see I refer to all the criticism you level.

Tom 11
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Re: How many lives

Plenty of lives were saved by this project, if it had made it to full fruition then many many more would have followed. The problem here was not the product but it's deployment realisation and continued interference from the Government which led to cost and corner cutting of the highest order while still trying to please everyone.

Hospitals which managed to implement a full solution (and anyone that is unenlightened enough to think that a central record is all that this was about, like the author of this poor excuse for journalism, should fuck off and stop making comments until they properly understand the processes in place, or head over to the daily mails' forums) saw waiting lists plummet, responder save rates rocket, cost reductions for baseline services and diagnosis scales well reduced.

Yes it went tits up in a very big way, I am not defending how this was done or the budget spent, but the goals set and achievements made cannot and should not ignored. Simply calling it a waste of time / budget squandering / of no benefit, etc, all off the back of hysteria whipping journalism, such as this, does not do credit to the reform they DID manage to get in place.

Or would you rather we continued wandering about with bits of paper and carrying x-rays beween wards, posting medical records between facilities for those people admitted to A&E when involved in accidents out side of their PCT?

Bradley Manning* sentenced to 35 years in prison

Tom 11

Re: Poor guy @ Sooty

Nah mate, I am definitley hung, its my one redeeming feature ;)

Snowden journalist's partner gave Brit spooks passwords to seized files

Tom 11

Re: Schultz A lot of frustrated officials


" only stopped him because they're homophobic too"

They stopped him because they had a watch order on him and decided to try to pump him


That doesn't really sound like like homophobic behaviour to me...