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Ten... Core i5 laptops

Marcus 8

Don't buy the lenovo

The service is terrible even the 3 year extended warranty.

My laptop is 7 days old but its spent close to 2 months in either transport to and from lenovo (at my expense both ways) or at lenovo for repair.

Now its telling me invalid system type and serial number and by the looks of it, it has to go to lenovo to fix that too :(

Are disk drives beginning to spin down?

Marcus 8

Most people trust cloud for privacy already

Just look at banking, all your moneies in a cloud. Just a different cloud :) They don't have it as a large pot of gold in some mountain.... or under a rainbow.

But look at other services, like Gmail, how many people store the emails to all sorts of personal stuff in there? Extremly private pictures, or messages between loved ones or password/verification emails to all sorts of services.

To be honest, most people don't know what a HDD is.

And people store files on their computer and not on their hdd....

So why are sales going down?

Laptop vendors putting in SSD's, memory stick capacities are huge and low cost.

Many people now own a smart phone which can act as an external drive (16GB SDHC card in my android right now...).

So all these factors are of course going to change the HDD market.

And as somebody said, hdd proffits have gone down, no mention of actual volume...

Zuckerberg: I'm 'quite sure' I own Facebook

Marcus 8
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Oh wheres the like button when you need one!?

Seriously thought, this seems to always happen. Poor boy has dream, poor boy becomes world famous, some company with some relation says oh I own that... or apart of that ktnx bye.

$11.7m judgment against Spamhaus slashed to $27,000

Marcus 8

6.6 billion emails

How many people on this planet again? 6.5bn people in the world in 2006?

Wow thats some mailing list...

Sky punts 'truly unlimited' 20Mb/s broadband

Marcus 8

Re Read Carefully...

The "free" is capped at 2GB, while the £7.50 is "unlimited".

Fair dues to Sky for doing a fully unlimited. We will see how long it lasts.

Adobe plots rebound with latest Creative Suite

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Please move by one decimal place to the left..

Id have bought every top version since mx studio 2004....

Id also have been able to get multiple Adobe Photoshop licenses for the company I work for and heck a lot of organizations would invest more money into Adobe products if they moved the decimal place one point to the left... who would bother pirating it then?

Opera auditions for iPhone browser spot

Marcus 8

Opera user here

I was a skeptic about using opera software, but one year I started using it over Firefox and IE.. so much so I paid -yes paid-(when it was still pay for) for it.

I would like to see opera come to the iPhone and the iPod Touch.

I don't think many people who use mobile phones for web browsing would honestly stick with the default browser..

Rss feeds built into Opera Mobile, Sync between your phone, apple stuff and your pc? Nice...

Lightning catches up with Thunderbird

Marcus 8


I use my phone, and i have an ipod touch which is also kinda handy for that sort of stuff, more so than for exmple a mail client because of the fact its on me.

I do understand why a fully functional calendar is required, but you know a diary, a nice mont blanc fountain pen resting on top is just a timeless image :)

Yahoo! to offload Zimbra on...VMware?

Marcus 8

Thank god

I dont think anybody could do a worse job than yahoo, and it would be nice to see it sold to a company that specializes in VM's so they could package it as one and roll it out making it even easier to setup than what I had to go through. Seriously downgrade perl by 1version just to make it work? Come on...

The support was also lacking, people often citing the wrong version of the OS used, thats not help thats just a cop out... just imagine if Apache, PHP, Perl, Java or any major application vendor saying such a thing.

SF's rogue admin finally gets day in court

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RE:This guy..

He'd make sure that the laptop was chained to him, with the keys transported by courier in the opposite direction.

The Economics of Virtualisation

Marcus 8

The case for virtualisation?

I’ve tried to understand why I would want it. Most applications I run require 100% of the server resources so sticking 20vm's on one server doesn’t get you 20 servers, it gets you 20 slower servers with an overhead for the VM-OS.

The one situation I can see it being useful is large scale distributed servers for processing information. Such as large websites. Where one can have a single copy of a virtual OS, with the sites source code replicated onto all the servers. Need to update all your servers? No problem, update the original VM image and reload the OS's sequentially. That only works if you have a propperly connected SAN + database system.

The other application is legacy software that only runs on nt4....

Has anybody any other insights into why they use VM's?

Music labels take (more) Irish ISPs to court

Marcus 8


Its in BT's best interest(BTIreland not BTuk) to block this because guess whois next door? Thats right BT (BT Uk not BTIreland). So if they can prove it in ireland, then they BT(BTuk not BT Ireland) can site the case of them(BT Ireland not BTuk) VS the IRMA.

Sorry about BT Uk not BTireland that was fun to type/read =)

Anyways, this is the same as my mobile phone company blocking numbers to certain people because they may be playing music over the connection....

I have yet to see Eircom actually do anything to make them happy, (disconnecting people, blocking thepiratebay.org etc), and the only reason they did it was not to go through an expensive court case and when they do ask for something Eircom will sight lack of evidence... or so.


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