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Apple iPod Touch 4G

Sean Donnellan

And the sound quality is.........

Is this now a lifestyle device, like the iPad?

I thought this was primarily an MP3/4 player, no?

Shame the review never discusses sound quality, Video functionality, codecs (Audio/Video) supported, or anything about what it's primarily designed to be.


London bike hire scheme suffers pre-launch wobbles

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It's NOT £365 a year

1 Day is £1

7 Day Membership is £5

Annual - £45

Then fees on top:


STOP: Because most cyclists dont.

Gmail users howl over Halloween outage

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Also lucky

Ditto - no problems since April 2005

Web/IMAP/POP - All free - and soooo much more reliable then Virgin Media (UK)

iPhone 3G S in the UK: what you need to know

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But it's a iPhone!!!!

The 3GS iPhone looks nice, has flashy adverts with a very populated app store ("Need to divide a restaurant bill by 2, there's an App for that").

I fail to understand the hype for a new device that offers what Windows mobile has had available for over 3 years. It’s as if the main stream media can’t be bothered to read the manual……

HTC/WinMo handsets have had tethering, MMS, sync with Outlook, emails, web browsing, YouTube, and multi codecs for audio & video, but get so minimal mainstream press coverage by comparison. (New iPhone on all National papers' websites front pages) My TyTn II is still running strong, and still gets mistaken for an iPhone (until the keyboard slides out).

Apple launch a v3 OS, and don’t/can’t make features like MMS, video & tethering backwards compatible. And still no multi-tasking - come on - no wonder the device is fast, it’s not having to do any work!

On the carrier front, T-Mobile Web’n’walk offers virtually unlimited browsing, and their £1 a day limit option for non WnW use is excellent for regular tethering away from home (One month I used £150 "worth" of data - Actual charge £27.50)

My wife’s BB Bold has MMS, video and multi tasking and tethering - again included, no tariff surplus. (Currently in use, Thanks Virgin Media).

How O2 cannot offer MMS immediately, and charge so much for tethering - I’ll never understand. I’m quite amazed how both O2 and Apple can get away with it !

Software update nobbles Sky+ boxes

Sean Donnellan

Errors for 5-6 days

I've had this problem since Tuesday/Wednesday last week, and a power reset seems to work for about 12-14 hours.

On Saturday night we were unable to access any menu, the on screen EPG or even change channel. Again a power reset fixed this.

Hadn't called Sky, as a) It's out of warranty, b) It has a 250gb Non-Sky HDD.

Nice to know it may be their fault !

Long live 4oD and the iPlayer to catch-up in such circumstances.

BT 'security upgrade' causes email headaches

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Case Issues

It appears the validation page assumes the email address is all lower case.

It transposes any upper cases to lowercase

However if in Outlook you send mail as "Sean@mydomain.com" it will still issue a "553 error".

UK presses car ferry to ship powdered plutonium

Sean Donnellan

Why not the Chunnel?

Well that would mean lots of nasty plutonium filled lorries driving close to London and through The Home Counties. Can't have that, can we, might affect house prices.........

Pure Highway in-car DAB radio

Sean Donnellan

In London....

FM and AM are both appauling.

At Home, Radio 4 is constantly intercepted by a cr*p pirate station - so bad I even called the mobile number and told them to shut up (in my best middle class RP voice).

In the car in London Radio 5 is impossible to listen to, and while driving north, around the Midlands there's a section where neither the 909 or 693 frequencies will work.

So I bought a freeview TV for the kitchen, for the same price as a DAB radio, and have TV and all the digital radio I want, and a DAB head unit for the car - the talk and sports reception (Radio 4&5) is reception is excellent and interrupted, and while an audiophile would contest the true quality of the music, they wouldn't have the sunroof open and the the wind in their hair while singing along....

Nice looking device though.

TalkTalk and Carphone on the naughty step

Sean Donnellan

Credit Check - Pah

My wife had a 2 phone taken out in her name at an unnamed Carphone Warehouse, and a credit check was done.

They submitted the wrong DOB, (I on my Experion file) but were still issued with TWO new Samsung G600 handsets on a large volume tarrif (which they exceeded by £120 in 10 days)

They were blocked and reported - no info from the Fraud department (We'll be back to you in 10 days") - 2½ months and waiting.

My wife however, is claiming she's much younger than me now, as she has a *new* DOB, which has reduced her age by 12½ years......

BOFH: Memory short circuit

Sean Donnellan

Legal Tender

Andy S - ".....i actually keep Scottish notes specifically because they aren't legal tender...."

I think you'll find they are, as they are issued Sterling.


However it's amazing how often you can get a fiver's worth of change when paying with a Scottish £1 note.....

Europe too cynical for iPhone

Sean Donnellan
Gates Horns

Not for the kids

Yoof Customer: "Uhh, mate, how do I send this picture/video to my mate's phone"

Apple Senior Salesman: "By email"

YC: "Wot, no MMS"

ASS: "No, sonny, that 3g technology, we use EDGE"

YC: "Riiight" [exit right]

ASS: Where are you going ?, Hello ??

YC: Outta here.....

Will bird flu stuff our Happy Christmas?

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I'm sorry, but

If Ferry Boat's turkey is a "dry, old-socks tasting, cardboard textured bird", I'd suggest ie's buying from the economy range of birds, not dressing it properly, and then overcooking it.

Open your eyes and a cookbook, it's not that hard. (RTFM - - > RTFCB)

Lentils in cabbage - you wimp.

iPods 'mess with pacemakers'

Sean Donnellan

Other warnings

As a 39yr old on his second pacemaker (wired since 1989), I have always been aware of the need to keep a reasonable from mobile telephones, pagers, microwaves and libraries.

The small print in all mobile handbooks (you kow,the small glossy thing you never open) warns not to use within 18" - limiting you to one side, and not to use any breast pockets.

I've often flouted these 'rules', so far to no ill effect - but then I'm not pacemaker dependent, so a disruption isn't critical for me.

The human body is an electrical system, the pacemaker another. Any third system nearby could cause an effect, and if it does the effect will be different for every person.

Love the fact this student research it made El Reg, perhaps you're all down the pub (It's Friday after all), and the Work Experience has posted his school friend's thesis - or it's just a slow news day....