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Fighter pilot shot down laptops with a flick of his copper-plated wrist


That ist no quite correct.

It's just, that every individual has his/her own sensitivity to these fields. So while some people/bodies react very positively, others react negatively and some even don't react at all.


I myself am able find underground water streams, with plain copper rods (simple bent wire will do the trick)

My late father wasn't at all, while my little sister could to a lesser degree, and a good friend of mine was far more sensitive, than I was and the rods would react far more intense.

I never made a big fuss out if it, or tried to sell my services. I only discovered it whe we were looking for water (for a borehole), while living in Afrika with someone present who had exactly this ability.

There is nothing magical about it. It's simply your body being responsive to a magnetostatic field being created by the flow of the water. Because it doesn't work with "standing" water....

So just because you haven't seen it happen before, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.

No magic, just plain natural science

Virginmedia Problems?


Virginmedia Problems?

Does anyone know about issues with Virginmedia today (17/03/2016)

It seems, that my connection at home is dead, plus I can't log in, and whenever I try to get their status page, I get a "connection reset"

I am looking at the Reading/Tilehurst area in particular.


German Govt mulls security standards for SOHOpeless routers


The fritzbox firmware is also coded in Germany

Unfortunately their success is also their downfall.

The hardware is great, and the capabilities of the fritzbox in terms of value for money is second to none.

They are by no means cheap, but considering, that for about €230,- (7490, their flagship), you have a full blown PBX, with either one analogue line or one ISDN line, plus up to 10 VoIP lines, 2 wired phones, 6 (or was it 7?) DECT phones, 10 VoIP phones, NAS capability with Media Server, VPN client/server, call blocker, fax send/receive, multiple answering machines (up to five which can activate depending on rules) AC accesspoint, with the latest firmware you can just plug in a 3G stick and run your internet connection over that, and lots more.

No, I don't work for AVM, although I ran the field testing for them years ago in order to make sure ANNEX A (DSL over POTS) was working on their DSL modems, as they initially only built it for the German market, which uses ANNEX B (DSL over ISDN).

I think they have a market share of over 50% (more guessed, than facts, but you will find that even the non techy knows the Fritz!Box in Germany).

Personally, I don't know ANY router, that you get some much value for your money.

Granted, 180 quid is not money, that you just splash out without blinkin an eyelid, but they are also one of the securest routers and firmware is also reasonably frequent.

yes, they also had theyr security desasters, but they at least fixed it with a reasonable (consumer) time frame. The first fixes where available within about a week of known issue.

PS. while I did do some work for hem many years ago, I haven't had any relationship with them for the last few years apart from owning several.

Sheffield ISP: You don't need a whole IPv4 address to yourself, right?


Re: They're doing this backward...


There is an issue with NAting and joe public...

As some people may know., NATing can cause problems particular when playing online games.

It just depends how well the online games handle packet loss.

Particularly UDP does not overly like NATing.

As most games use UDP for the transport this can cause problems for gamers who may not know or understand too much about TCP/IP.

Also when you go into double NATing, (which you would have automatically when following the PlusNet proposal, you would have the PlusNet NAT as well as the NAT on the DSL-router), you can encounter even more problems, as there are plenty of applications, that totally dislike double and more NATing, which in turn would cause problems for the enduser and then again more support requirements for the clientservices.

etc, etc....

IPv6 - yes

IPv4 + NAT = Chaos....

Judges retire to consider Assange’s last chance on extradition


Extradition to US a reasonable worry

I admit, that occasionally I can be a little paranoid, but I have to say in this instance I don't believe I am. Having had dealings with Americans (and their authorities) I would dare to say, that the American politicians are amongst the corruptest in the world!

To be elcted you have to do what the industry wants you to do, in turn you also get campaign money.

sounds to me like corruption, as it is not the will of the people being done, but the will of the industry!

ACTA, DMCA are prime examples. I do not believe, that we need socialism or communism, but the laws in the US do not represent the the will of the people!!!

I do realise that commerce and business is important, and I do think making money is absolutely fine but what you see in the US, is just simply pure greed!!!!

And greed leeds to corruption! As they say money is power, and power corrupts! absulute power corrupts absolutely!!!

In my oppinion, the vast majority of American politicians is no better than Al Capone!!!

And I hate to say it, but the state of a government can be seen in it's paranoia.

To say that the American authorities are not paranoid, would be to say Saddam Hussain was a good man.....

At the same time, I think that the vast majority of American people are good and honest! Although, when you look at it, you can see that the Governments of the past 50 years, have done their level best to try and "dumb down" or "brainwash" them. in some cases successful!!! in some not so much!

Zimbabwean claims prostitute turned into donkey

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ah bass....

I don't no

I um not ze wane

any rhodi will understand.... ;-)

Your mom, girlf, boyf: Spying on your phone and email


RE: People should learn to trust children

I do agree with you that there shouldn't be spying on the children.

And as you used this term, I would like to emphasize, that spying does mean that it is doen secretly.

My daughter (9) knows, understands and is actually quite happy with it.

As I have been working for nearly 20 years in the IT industry amongst others, in the fields of system and network security, I would dare to say, that I am reasonably aware of the risks.

Fact is, that we as parents have an obligation to keep our children reasonably safe. Observing and assessing risks and educating them accordingly.

After all, you wouldn't let a three year old cross the road by him/herself.

He/She needs to be taught that cars can come from either side, and then for severla years they are taken by the hand.

Eventually they will learn and will get independent enough to go on their own.

You may say, that traffic is something completly differnt.....

Well it isn't.

Just because you can't be run over doesn't mean you can't get hurt.

Just to mention the term "Cyber-bullying"

In our home we talk about these issues and once she is old enough to require her "privacy" apart from in the bathroom, she will find a way around it, or (in our family very likely) she will just ask me and it can be looked into.

Until that time, I am going to do my level best to continue to observe and keep my kids safe.


Checking Comms

To be honest, I too occasionally look at my wifes messages, and she does the same with mine, but there is no secret going on there.

Also my daughters communications are 100% checked.

Every email she sends or receives is automatically CCed to my wifes and my email address.

But she knows about it.

Granted, my daughter is only nine, but I will keep it this way for at least another 5 or 6 years.

I do agree a teenager needs to have a little bit of privacy, but with the amount of junk flying around these days from xxx to penile enlargemetn offiers, And dubious propositions, I will drop this when my wife and I deem her mature enough to make a reasonably sensible decision.

It is my duty as a parent, to protect my children from harm.

As parents we are aware, that cant just keep them locked up, but at least when something comes in, that seems unsuitable, I can at least talk to her and find out whats going on.

And as long as she is aware, I don't see this as an invasion privacy.

A lot of our children are messed up, because parents don't care, don't have time, have something "more important" to do etc.

For crying outloud, they are our children and we have to care for them.

I don't agree with doing this in secrecy, but in an open and honest fashion, so that they understand that it is for their protection.

And once they get to the point of reasonable responsibility, we can start letting go bit by bit.

Of course they have to learn that the world is not just milk and honey, but lets not let them drop into the snakepit.

European Council: Creating hacking tools should be criminal across EU


Bunch of uneducated idiots

That's what this commission seems to be!!!

They have absolutely no clue about this matter and yet want to create and apply laws about it!!!

Criminalising -what they portray as hacking tools- will do nothing but just create more work for the courts, where some trolls will try to get at some security contious admins.

Security consulttants (like myself) will be criminalised

- When are they going to criminalise kitchen knives because so many people get stabbed with them?

- When are they going to criminalise car manufacturers because so many people get killed by them?

- When are they going to criminalise smartcard readers, because they can be used to hack creditcards

- When are they going to criminalise linux because it can be used to create these evil programs

What about tools like nmap, wireshark, ettercap, etc.?

And the response from those brainless numpties will be: oh no, we only target the bad guys.....

How can a non-elected body make decisions like this?

The EU commission has no accountability (who would believe this BS "to the people of the EU").

I would go as far as suggesting what they call in Germany "civil disobedience".

Our governments are going completely nuts.

More and more laws, that only serve "the big ones"

Music copyrights for 75 and/100 years, software patents....

I am certainly not against copyrights and I am against piracy (I am though for fair use and a limited amount of private copies)

but the way the industry is behaving and "buying" politicians with completely faked states and blatent lies cannot be tolerated any longer!

unless peoples start fighting back, this is going to continue and in the long run we (or possibly our children or their children) are going to live in a society like robocop, where corporations publically rule (well they to do to a certain extent already).

The flame is for the EU commission

BT cheerfully admits snooping on customer LANs


Firewall after router

I have never trusted the plain router firewalls, and therefor have always added an additional firewall after the router.

call me paranoid, but it seems, that my gutfeeling was right.

OK, I don't use BT directly and I have cable redundancy, never the less, my experience shows, that you can never trust a provider supplied device, as they have proven over and over again, that you cannot trust them.

Anyone who does, either doesn't seem to worry about their privacy (which is their right), or just doesn't have a clue.

specially in todays day'n age where it is quite common to have a little home NAS or the likes (well actually even that should request credentials)

Best regards from Finland

Mozilla to shift 12m surfers off 2-year-old Firefox 3.5


I would if I could....

I would immediatly move over, but the biggest problem that I have, is the fact, that I cannot use the VMWare console plugin in Firefox 3.6+

The only alternative, that I have is using Internet Exploder, which under Linux poses a bit of a problem....

Anyone any experience with FF4 and CMWare Server 2.x Console Plugin?

I know it's not officially supported, but does anyone know of a hack?

FTP celebrates ruby anniversary


FTP in todays world has no right of existance

I have been using computers for the last 30 years, professionally for about 22 years, and have to admit, FTP was very useful and definitely has it's place in the evolution of IT, but in todays world, anyone who implements FTP as a means to transfer files acros a public network should be slapped straight across the face.

never mind the NAT issues, but clear text authentication, etc. are things that should just not be used in todays world.

we have tools like SSH (sftp/scp), which are available on pretty much any common platform, from windows, linux, across the board of unices, bsd, symbian, android, etc.

just like using telnet on a publically available switch/router

Sex Party's down-under struggles with dominant Catholic priests


Glad I could get some response here....

My oppinion may not be overly popular, but never the less, that's what I think/believe.

in regards to the church being a polling station: you will find that this is often (I don't know the legal side in ozz, so this is an assumption) a historically grown issue, that the church has in many years had this funktion and because of the upkeep tidying etc. they are being paid some money.

What is interesting though, if the Priest/Church where to say we will not provide this facility any more due to differences in behaviour, they are also being called intolerant....

Of course many will now say oh no, this wouldn't be thase case....

Which ever way you turn it, the church or whatever place is stuck between a rock and a hard place.

So, when you go into a place, whether you pay for it or not, you have to stick to the rules.

Call me paranoid, but I personally believe that specially in these circumstances I feel it is often just plain antagonism, to cause a stir.

A small inferior party like the sex party feel they have to make themselves known.

After all, there many people today believe there is no such thing as "bad marketing".

Even Paris Hilton makes sure she always stays in the media, no matter for god or bad reasons.

If you are a guest somewhere, nevermind paying or non-paying you behave respectful to the "Landlord" but that concept seems to have flown out of the window these days....


What a sad bunch this is

And I always thought the Germans where deemend intollerant and the UK is one of the most tollerant countries in the world...

well looking at the number of thumbs down I got (and I will just assume, that most of them come from Britts), asking for tolerance doesn't seem to be tolerated.

Not even any decent followup comments...

Oh well...

You guys have actually just proven my point....

Thnx for that... at least I don't seem to be completely wrong....

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I agree with the catholic church in this instance!!!

I am by no means a friend of catholisizm, but I do agree with the priests!!!

I actually come from a pentecostal background, and yes I know the lot of you would love to shred me now!!!

But that is not what it's about!!! It is a place of worship, so whether it is a mosque, a church, a synagogue or a hindu temple. These are places that are holy to many people and that should be respected!!!

If these sex party people feel like presenting themselves and telling the world, that they think everyone can screw around and get all sorts of STIs then that is their business and their oppinion, which I don't like, I totally disagree with, but I will respect it.

At the same time, I expect from them, that they will respect places of worship.

If they can't do even that and just have to be offensive (and don't tell me that this wasn't a calculated act!!!), then they should also expect a defensive reaction!!!!

I for one am full on the side of the priests or any place that feels offended by the pictures of these people or even themselves.

But also please bear in mind: if you expect tolerance, then be be prepared to tolerate others.

It always goes both ways.

And it is absolutely no secret, that most faiths are offended by sexual depictions or their representations (or should I say representatives?)

And now feel free to rip me apart:

best regards from (currently) Finland.

LG cries foul over rival's rank language



Personally I prefer Samsung monitors, and TVs, but that is not to say that LG is bad.

I have just had very good expereince with Samsung so far.

But I sure do hope, that this idiot who made the statement will get /was fired instantly!!!!

It is one thing is making comparisons, but another is attacking individuals! And using this sort of language and attackoing individuals cannot and should not be tollerated.

Outbursts like this could tempt me to in future rather look at LG.

As I said, so far I have often looked at Samsung because the devices that I have are good, but if someone does get so arrogant, than I tend to move away. That is the exact reason why I neither buy nor support nor recommend apple or their products!!! They are just way too arrogant and full of it!!!

All the best from Finland!!! (Neither am I finnish, nor did I want to hint, that Nokia is better!!!)

Half a million Germans rally in support of 'Baron von Googleberg'


I agree

I am not defending his actions! By no means!

And I also agree, that sanctions have to apply, but when somebody is very good in area and useless in the other, you don't (or at leasst shouldn't) get rid of him all together.

Best regards


Before I forget....

I also wanted to mention:

I don;t know him very well, but... when I met him, I did by no means have the impression, that he needs or wants to prove himself... which ist - with an estimated capital of around €600,000,000 - quite understandable.

And again:

Best regards from Espoo, Finland


Being a Kraut myself...

It is very interesting with Guttenberg...

I personally feel, that the press went way over board, and knowing the "higher circles" reasonably well in Germany and some other countries, it would not surprise me, if someone (i.e. opposition) navigated the media a little bit against him (I am not talking about a right out conspiracy).

I do by no means condone what he did, but I don't think that he deserved this.

Actually I think it was wrong for him to step down, allthough I do understand it, as this sort of pressure is very difficult to withstand. I don't really blame him for it.

I for once agree with Angela Merkel, who actually said very direct, that she was disgusted with the hypocrits who kept on hammering him, targetting the opposition as well es critics in her own ranks.

Politicians are con-artists and frauds by nature, so in real terms each and every single politician should be fired.

Again, I do believe it was utterly wrong what he did, and yet in his work as a politician, he did his job amazingly well!!!

I may not agree with everything he thinks and says, (refering to Sabines comment), but he has mostly been (apart from the PhD story) straight forward, at least more than most other politicians.

I know that he comes across on TV as quite arrogant, but having met him in private some time ago, I can say, that he is actually a quite pleasent chap. Even his wife (according to my sister) is a reasonable person. And to get back to Sabines comment:

I completely agree with you, that web-filters are total non-sense, but we also have to keep in mind, that everyone has a right to their own oppinion, that's what we have the (sort-of) democracy for.

Best regards frofm (at the moment) Espoo, Finland

Samsung N350 dual-core netbook



I have to admit, initially I though, dual core atom would a real treat, but in reality, the apps that are normally used on a netbook, don't make use of it.

far better is more RAM, and I can say, it makes a huge difference. also, being able to run 64bit os on the atom would make sense.

but apart from that the only thing that is better than a long battery life, is even longer battery life.

my suggestion to those manufacturers and netbook designers out there:

why not implement a buffering capacitor, that lasts mayby three to five mintes, so that a battery can easily be swapped without shutting down, or hybernating the netbook.

But I suspect, this would run contrary to the marketing psychop.. uh... psycologist, who would argue, that this might give the impression of the battery life being poor and it just being a cheap copout... well,

two decent six or ninecell batteries plus the capacitor could potentially bring the expectancy into a twenty hour window....

Google gives Voice to your mobile number


Well, it's quite simple.... Termination charges...

Thats most probably the reason... but I found that many things that BT started, they only continued half heartedly....

I personaly have somehting not far from an agro against them, as they are just as bad in the UK as deutsche telekom in germany....

there are still too many bureaucrats from ancient times there, who still believe, that they are a government institution, that stands above the law....

the granade: just blast them....

Bing! man! drops! Microsoft! for! Yahoo! job!

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Consumer Reports: 'We were wrong about the iPhone 4'


Fanbois = Lemmings

Just shows, that there are a lot of numpties out there, who will just follow the Jobsian Steve blindly, without any thinking or use of common sense....

Best thing to do is let them buy their crap, be lied to, and best of all dictated what you are permitted to run on your OWN phone, whether you like it or not.

I am for Nokia....

I am fully aware, they make a lot of mistakes, (and have this habit of starting something and not following it through ( the N900 is a perfect example), but in general, they have some good stuff and are not too dictatorial....

@Nokia: I would really like to know, which d$%^&head pulled the plug on the N900....? with just a few decent apps designers and developers, you could have made this phone into the ultimate iPhone-killer.....

But I suppose, there were a few people up the bosses 455es....

Apple rejects crazy canuck's seal bludgeon game


Steve Jobs pathetic arrogance and the lemmings following him....

I can't believe it...

granted, I don't think the game is right, and I totally diagree with the author of it, but never the less the arrogance if this pathetic arrogant a..hole, is unbelievable.... and the following of huge number of lemmings, who just accept any and every condition.

there are brilliant environments, frameworks, etc around, but they all want to develop on the most restrictive and abnoctious device, where they are not even guaranteed, that their software will be permitted on it. talk about a bunch of gamblers....

and best is, the fact that most of them complain about the severe restrictions.

now how daft can you be?????

On one had, I do agree, it goes against everything that apple used to stand for, but on the other hand, if you developers are stupid enough to sign an NDA, that basically states you are allowed to do nothing that we don't like, then I would say simply suit yourself.

it is your call.

If those developers had just said... steve, you are such an idiot, we don't want your pathetic license, and you can go and screw yourself, he would have eventually have capitulate.

But instead you bunch of numpties have made him one of the biggest in the arena and actually permitted numerous other vendors to act in a similar fashion.

I totally disagree with what this little A. H. (Everyone can think up for themselves what/who I mean.... ;-) ) of the IT world, but in the end, all those brainless lemmings are going along with it.... so suite yourselves.

SCO: jurors too busy Facebooking to rule on Unix claim


RE: Technically I think the judge can overrule a jury.

not only technically....

A judge can overule the jury, BUT...

The cases where it has happened are few and far between....

Any judge who does that, has to have a whiter than white vest, since he/she will be investigated and torn into little bits and pieces and finally put under an electron microscope.

there have to be really very, very, very, good grounds to warrant an overruling.

Ususally the judge would rather make it a mistrial, than overrule a jury. but on the other hand, if he were to deem it a mistrial, he/she has to have just as good reasons....

So I would suggest, the request, will kindly be declined.

But as some others have already pointed out.... nothing is impossible in the US of A...s ;-)

Best regards

Sputnik, spaghetti and the IBM SPACE machine

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Nible and the likes...

I only had brief encounters with the 1401 in the "House for the History of IBM Data Processing", and it is something I can only recomend to anyone who is in the area (and is a bit of a nerd).

The two gentelmen who will guide you around are friendly and give some people the opportunety to "use" the machines.

It is absolutely fascinating how it all began and how Herman Hollerith started his enterprise.

Beware though... as far as I can remember, you have to let them know that you are comming, because they are not just open to the public as a normal museum. These people are volunteers and do this "work" and restauration in their owm time.

Police fail to dampen down bonfire night Westminster protest

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Kudos to the COPs

I think it should be noted in very clear words, that even though some have a bit of of a hang to overreact or let their "I have the power" complexes loose, they have reacted brilliantly!

I personally have no problem with cops in general, but with those who think because their are in the position of power, make use, or shall I say abuse it.

To a certain extent I actually admire them, have to do what they do for camparably little money!

I honestly feel, feel, that most of the money that has been pushed up the backsides of the banks, should have gone to our police forces, in order to provied better salaraies, better training, and better facilities!

BTW: I am no COP, nor am I related or friends with one (at least that I know of).

Keep it up coppers.... As long as you treat me with repect, You shall receive mine!!!

Kent Police clamp down on tall photographers


I have a lot of respect for most coppers, but.....

... when I look at f&$^$%s like this, I can only say, it is diminishing by the minute!!!!

Cops have a hard job, granted but it is not surprising, that more and more people start going against them when there are exactly idiots like that who -in my opinion- don't even have the right to breath, since it is a waste of resource (I sure hope they read this).

First thing to be done should be a psycho-analysis whether they have an inferiority complex.

If they do, then they should immediately be relieved of street duty in order to prevent PR-disasters like this.

Things like this just ruin good honest and reasonable coppers reputation, and I think that is definitely not fair and most of all a waste of tax payers money

Register.com in seven day mail Fail

Black Helicopters

Not too many seem to have problems

I know, I a mgoing to get hammered, but to me it seems, that not too many people are hard hit!

Don't get me wrong, I am not trying to justify their actions, but when I look at the number of complaints, they don't seem, to be that many!!!!

I am using them myself, and can honestly say, that I so so far have not had any big issues!

only one, a few years ago, when I couldn't login for about two hours.

They are by no means the cheapest, but they don't seem to strike as ones, where I need to worry about them still being around in two months time....



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