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Aussie boffins can detect orbiting SPACE JUNK using rock gods' radiation

Mark 62

You need a better headline.

1Direction Saves the International Space Station

Justin Beiber to Stop Alien Invasion.

Lady GaGa Guidence to Steer Space Station

Apple’s iOS 64-bit iUpgrade: Don't expect a 2x performance leap

Mark 62


Mac OS has been 64 bit since 2003.

Reg readers tumesce as they get their tongues round 'podule'

Mark 62

Re: Melding?

Props for promulgating portmanteau,

Doctor Who? 12th incarnation sought after Matt Smith quits

Mark 62

Two thoughts.

As a kid growing up watching Dr Who, I wanted to be an actor portraying the Doctor. But since I have never acted professionally, and I'm am crippled for the role by being an American, (then again they've had Scotsmen, is it too much of a stretch?)

The serious suggestion is David McCallum.

Pyongyang to unleash NUKULAR horsemen of the Norkocalypse?

Mark 62

Re: The US Cancelled a Missile Test

One less thing to lose to the sequester...

'Leccy-starved Reg hack: 'How I survive on 1.5kW'

Mark 62

Kettle and Microwave.

Perhaps I am a barbarian American, but for tea, I always heated water on the stove, and for many years I did popcorn on covered pan on the stove.

Post-pub nosh deathmatch: Souse versus scrapple

Mark 62

As Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs says about scrapple

It's everything the government won't let you put in hot dogs.

Disney buys Lucasfilm, new Star Wars trilogy planned

Mark 62

Other things coming out.

Saturday morning cartoon based on Kingdom of the Crystal Skull complete with crystal headed alien as a sidekick.

Jar Jar Binks Krazy Kewl Kwanza (Dec 2013)

A Watto Hanukah (Dec 2014)

Plus The Star Wars Christmas special will air annually on ABC.

Mark 62

Re: On a tiny positive note...

Did you see her list of films? War of the Worlds, War Horse and Crystal Skull?

I'm not sure how they could get worse, Ed Wood is dead.

Judge: Patent litigants behave like animals

Mark 62

Posner Rocks

I always looked forward to reading about his decisions on the Bob Loblaw Law Blog.

He is no nonsense and would have made an excellent Supreme Court justice but at this point is probably too old.

Iran spy drone GPS hijack boasts: Rubbish, say experts

Mark 62

Sgt Duffer may have forgotten to top up the tanks but it would be Lt McDufferson flying the bird and ultimately responsible.

Apple killer app Siri struggles with Indian regional accents

Mark 62

Am I the only sad bastard to remember this?


Dud Mars probe's explosion will spare Earth's cities

Mark 62

Not sure if it is large enough, but this was one of the primary design constraints of the space shuttle. To bring things back down again.

Google+ opened to world+dog

Mark 62

99 changes?

So they had 99 problems but a glitch ain't one?

LOHAN eyes hardcore partner's impressive girth

Mark 62

Build options.

First is that the cold doesn't need to be supplied by the chamber. Set up the rocket with igniters, power supply etc, and put it on dry ice. When the chamber is about ready quickly load it in drop the pressure and fire it off. The chamber itself doesn't need to be able to take the cold just hold a vacuum and take the pressure.

PVC pipe is tough stuff and should work well. As for dropping the pressure, you can either do a plunger setup, or like someone suggested, the water column. No need for a scaffold, just strap it to the side of a building.

Super-injunctions 'unfair' cos of Twitter gossip, says Cameron

Mark 62

Live by the sword, die by the sword.

I would say just remove all instances of reporting on this person. They score a goal, don't report who did it. Don't even report the scoring of the goal. The team wins 2-1 after the only reported score being by the other team. They won't be listed on the team roster published in the paper. No mention in the stats. If they are traded they will always be "a player to be named later"

Robo-warship sub hunter: Free DARPA crowdsauce game

Mark 62
Black Helicopters

Thinking Sideways

This could be an attempt by DARPA to test their own robo-sub protocols for evading humans in destroyers...

Naked woman demands cab ride to Michigan

Mark 62

surprised it hasn't been said...

And the cabby said, "Got anything smaller?"

West Country pagans tie horses in knots

Mark 62

My first thought

Was prepubescent girls who wanted to make the horses look "pretty".

Agincourt: The sensational truth

Mark 62

It's a trap!

There's two of them!

Mac OS X Snow Leopard First Look

Mark 62
Jobs Horns

Most of the speed boost

comes from cutting out the old G4-G5 code.

Mandy promises end to illegal staff blacklists

Mark 62
Gates Horns

blah blah blah

never mind that they don't make a white list illegal. List all non-union employees as good. Label all the bad apples in there (slackers, malingerers, people who spend all day reading the register).

A company runs a check and if the person "doesn't pop up on the list" they are union.


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