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Air steward resigns via emergency chute

Lee 13

What a dick

.........he only grabbed one beer?

Ah, he was driving......makes sense now :-D

Ten Essential... BlackBerry Apps

Lee 13

Tether - 40 quid for what?

I have paired my laptop to my BB via Bluetooth and perform dial-up using the modem that is added as a service.

Cost is zero. Information to fill in the gaps is on the internet (like dial *99# to connect).

No need for BB Desktop Mungler either :-)

iPad vs e-book readers: price matters

Lee 13

I have a Touch and good eyesight

This iPad thing appealed to me until I found out that Apple is in full control of what I put on it (until the jailbreak). That sucks. Blows, even.

This, though, is the beginning of always-connected, intelligent delivery products. Maybe even the keyboard.

But to consider moving from an iPod Touch to this Pad thing - nah. I can get a proper little computer for the same price and that does what I want.

Apple has lost the plot and started believing their own BS, IMO

Ferry giant refuses ID card

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Schengen - it's great

Why doesn't Ape Island sign up?

Frankly, I travel around Europe and usually don't show anything as I travel by car. Until I travel to the UK.

I actually travelled Rotterdam to Hull this year and was asked about the nature of my visit.

Hello? British passport. I'm visiting home.

Needless to say I have no regrets about leaving.

Closeted lesbian sues Netflix for privacy invasion

Lee 13

Isn't this the old Streisand effect?

I mean, IDGAS and I'm sure as heck sure the Lezzer's Mom DGAS and still would love her, whichever way she chooses to bat?

Footie fans flock to clock 'Miss of the Century'

Lee 13

Aww come on....

he shot from almost on the goal line in the middle of the goal.

What I found funnier was that everyone else seemed confused.

"What do we do now? It's not a kick-off is it?"

"Err I think he missed it"

"Nah, you sure?"

"It's a throw-in"

"Who's goal is this one anyway? That was good defensive work from him, are we kicking the wrong way?"

His second was a hit and hope. What nobody mentions is that was an own goal!!

I assume the IT angle was that he is Ess Haych IT?

Google Docs set for 'get rid of' Office moment

Lee 13

Hmm, "always connected" or "can't work, not conected"?

With Office installed locally, I can store documents on my encrypted hard drive. I don't need a network connection to update anything and I only have a dependency on power and the reliability of my notebook.

Take these same dependencies and then add my Internet connection and for Google Docs to be up.


And that's before I decide to become non-compliant as my documents are being stored on some 3rd party host in Texas or something - my local regulators would murder me for that. But of course the US authorities would be well-chuffed to go on a state-approved fishing expedition for some data that *might* be there.

As Gartner might say, if they were reinvented as a foul-mouthed scrote: "Unfuckinglikely"

Love or hate Office, it's like that shaggy dog of mine - always there for me.

Microsoft's browser ballot bodge gets the nod

Lee 13

and our survey says

that most people will chose the first one on the list.

Now where does this leave the consumer? The serious noobs and grandmas who have no clue? They are neither worse or better off. They will never know this happened.

But everyone's still doing bionic backflips whilst they're not looking.

And all this for "free" software. All these browsers are free. As in beer.

Why not spend this effort in formalising the standards and making each browser behave identically? Or is the EU really giving the user the chance for them to chose their own document object model?

Michael Jackson manifests in California tree stump

Lee 13

Looks more like Gary Glitter




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