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UK fatties demand 'hate crime' status for lardo-baiting


They should have their own complaint office

..but they should make the door really really narrow.

Who does the helpdesk really help?


The IT desk is for closing tickets

They don't even call it a help desk at my work. (Don't want to raise any false hopes) They are a service desk. They log calls in bad English and close tickets. Usually the problem isn't solved. It is far more efficient to blame someone else or just close the ticket if you've called the person 3 times and got no answer. Sometimes they just close the ticket for no apparent reason. When they're not horribly fucking up their jobs they are whining about how no one in the business respects them..gee..wonder why.

Word nemesis: Microsoft deliberately 'destroyed' our business

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Remember The MetaFrame(Citrix) Debacle?

It reminds me of the phrase "With firends like those, who needs enemies?"

38% of large US companies have full-time email monitoring staff


Glad someone is

After fucking me around on promised compensation and lying about bonuses I pretty much stopped reading most of my e-mail because I no longer feel like doing it. Good thing someone still cares enough to read all that crap. It sure as hell isn't me.

YouTube clarifies ban on privacy, harassment and threats


One more step toward irrelivancy

As soon as they get functional controls in place everyone will go elsewhere.

The internet was so popular because it was a new frontier. Then you get all the sniveling little bitches that can only get through life by playing lawyer ball and hiding behind rules and regulations. When those whining turds have all the rules they need to get by then the venue is effectively destroyed and people lose interest. Much like the real world which is run by lawyers, Judges, executives and politicians. All professional sniveling turds. None of which make any net contribution to humanity.

Feds seek $566m from man in online gambling case


It's the US .. fuck `em

He's a Canadian. We shouldn't allow any extradition and tell them to go fuck themselves like they did with soft lumber.

Canadians should not be affected by retarded US laws. They have no right to make laws for us.

Scotch lovers asked to cough up £10,000 per bottle

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Glenfiddich is the reason most people around here think they don't like Scotch. They take one mouthfull of that paint thinner spit it out and never try it again. I've won a lot of drinking contests drinking Glenfiddich just because it tends to make people puke very quickly.

Apple says jailbroken iPhones endanger cell towers

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Why I Detest Apple

They started a company hacking AT&T then got all pissy when other people hack AT&T.

I hope his liver rejects and he dies a slow painful death. The world is better off without people like him.


Plod to get computer forensics 'breathalyser' next year

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Well this aught to work great on my TrueCrypt drive

I've collected forensic evidence for the police before. The only reason I got called in was because they botched it so bad they were going to get away. The only reason I worked with the pigs was that someone had first hand knowledge that children were in danger. Frankly the only people the police are able to catch are the outright stupid and the innocent.

McAfee false-positive glitch fells PCs worldwide


I got affected

I not only got affected but had to listen to some asshat screen reading tech from India tell me that McAfee couldn't go crazy and start deleting files under any circumstances. Then he told me to boot to safe mode and run a scan after I had already explained that I had slaved the drive on a known good machine and it had scanned clean with 2 AV programs.


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