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Russian rumor: Microsoft to buy Nokia for $30bn


Problem is

They will only really be buying the Nokia name, there is nothing left of the former company worth having anymore, Microsoft have already destroyed it.

Official: Microsoft buys Skype for $8.5bn



Nuff said....

Sony: 'PSN attacker exploited known vulnerability'


They mean

Other companies that have this same platform and are still vunerable...

They don't mean THEIR systems....

Opera embraces Google's open source JPEG killer



No browser supports ES5


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No probs here.

No TLS IMAP problems here, working fine as always,

I'm guessing the NotScript will be updated quite soon now Opera 11.10 is out. The Opera extensions API is still quite new, so I guess it's subject to change. That said I have no had any problems with mine (I only really use LastPass and a couple of others, I use the built in No Script).


Very nice it is too

The best browser just got better. Opera might not have the marketshare (due to minuscule budgets compared to the big boys), but it has the product.

I think of it like this. Opera is the reward for those smart enough to try things for themselves, rather than relying on what the TV/Newspaper/Internet tells them to use.

Official: PS3 has more fanboys than the Xbox 360 does


where did you get tour move numbers from?

as Sony have SOLD more Move than Microsoft have SOLD kinect.

Microsoft shipped 8m kinect, but 30% are unsold gathering dust.

Sony sold 4.3m move to customers in the first 30 days, the figure is likely to be double that by now.

Google drops Schmidt for Elop, Android for WinPho 7



Apple is also a fragmented mess, but Jobs doesn't tell the world about that, rather sweeps it under the carpet...



Natty Narwhal with Unity: Worst Ubuntu beta ever



Linux is dead on the desktop, so who cares?

Microsoft: IE9 not yet 'broadly' available


Microsoft PR.

I have intentionally avoided downloading IE9 (it's only used as my backup browser on WIndows, Opera 11 being my preferred choice), I don't want Microsoft using my downloads in their PR statistics.

Someone out to tell Microsoft, that because they bundle IE as part of Windows, Downloads DOES NOT EQUAL USERS....

Microsoft files monopoly complaint against Google


Pot & Kettle?

Microsoft are 1000x worse than Google than this sorta thing.

IE9: Downloads beat Angry Birds, lag Firefox and Opera


Downloads != users (not in the case of IE9 anyway)

I wonder how many people downloaded it because it's part of Windows and you pretty much HAVE to have IE on your system so you might as well have IE9 which is definitely an improvement over IE8.

I downloaded it, but I won't be using it, Opera 11 rocks and beats all the other browsers hands down by a VERY long margin.

Hacker kills his own Pwn2Own bug for Android phones



you can only remote install apps from the market, not the whole web.

Google are,implementing app signature scanning to prevent future problems.

Microsoft 'paid Nokia $1bn' for WinPho 7 deal

Black Helicopters

so which anti competition law(s)

Does this bribe fall into?


But we all know Microsoft and Apple are untouchable, the have enough money and power to buy themselves out of any problem.

Sony wins subpoenas revealing visitors to PS3 jailbreaker site


OK dumbasses

They won't be knocking on your door..

They are using IP addresses to confirm that DMCA laws were broken in California because people downloaded the jailbreak code there. Thus it's valid to hold the trial in California.

It's as simple as that.

Grief and disbelief greet Elop's Nokia revolution


No you were not the only one

We were all hoping Nokia went to Android.

Unfortunately Nokia's CEO had other plans that involved his ex-colleagues at Microsoft. Who cares want consumers want.. I want my Microsoft stock....

Google offers $20,000 prize in annual hack-off


Opera is excluded

Because all the hackers in Pwn2Own use Opera and have already tried it.

Newest PS3 firmware hacked in less than 24 hours

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For the monent...

Are you an idiot? Clearly Sony are letting you in via a proxy to identify you prior to the ban hammer falling....

Google axes Jobsian codec in name of 'open'

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Good move

Good to see Google forcing peoples hand. Right now you would be dumb to encode web video in H.264 when WebM is becoming so widespread.

This move signals WebM being the defacto standard for web video. I think I just heard Microsoft and Apple shit themselves.

Won't be long before H.264 HTML5 is removed from YouTube too, and WebM being the only option (in addition to flash, for the forseeable future at least).

We don't need licence hobbled codecs when there are better and more open options.

Huawei S7 7in Android tablet



If this has a capacitive touchscreen i would have bought one, but otherwise no.

T-Mobile imposes swingeing cuts on fair use data limits


Bait and Switch

You don't have to delve into any small print. This practice is illegal in the UK, it's called "Bait and Switch".


Sony PlayStation Network vs MS Xbox Live


Microsoft have the Wonga

And wonga is what talks....


Half a billion of free wonga is up for grabs for anyone willing to talk nice things about Kinect and sweep the bad things under the carpet....


Microsoft waves arms, signals 2.5m Kinect sales


"No wonder it's outselling by so much"

Is that why Xbox had a 18month headstart in which is amassed 9m console sales with nobody else competing, and the game between PS3 and Xbox is now only 400,000 units.

PS3 has clearly been outselling the Xbox by 3m or so units every year since launch. However looking at Microsofts weekly "tell you when it is, keep quiet when it isn't" spin would give a very different picture.

Firefox 4 Android beta gets stomach stapled

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Opera 10.1 for Android out Nov 9th.

full blown Opera for Android out November 9th.

6MB memory requirements.

Android wins devs' hearts and minds


Utter BS

if you are a real developer, then you should be ashamed at your lack of technical knowledge of Android handsets.

Almost ALL android handsets have a dedicated GPU. The Desire, the Legend (which benchmarks even faster than the Desire), all the Samsungs and Motorolas.

Any handset made in the last 18months or so will have a dedicated GPU.

As for our Android development, we are making SUBSTANTIALLY more money from Android apps than iOS at the moment. It's gone ballistic over the last 6 months.

You can check out Mobile benchmarks here, rather relying on some Apple funded FUD.


HP unwraps Palm Pre 2


Does it run Android?

Otherwise, i'm out....

Angry Birds addicts crash GetJar site



And this is WHY we use Google Android Market, with it’s proper infrastructure. Google must be laughing their ass off at this total clusterfuck….

No one needs Blu-ray, says Microsoft exec


$50 for Blu-Ray movies EPIC FAIL

You need to shop elsewhere. Brand new Blu-Ray releases are £15 or so ($20)

Inception Tripleplay, on Blu-Ray with a DVD and a digital copy, £15.


Don't you American Xbox fanboys feel embarrassed posting your tripe?

Sony PlayStation Move

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Shhhhh your spoling the illusion.

Interestingly, the same guy from that move tech demo back in 2003 is the same guy demoing it here now:


Firefox fixes stability bug

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There is a upgrade to fix that.

It fixes loads of other problems with Firefox too...


Half of UK road users support usage-based road charging

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Think of the cost saving...

Simply abolish the Tax Disc, calculate the average motorist milage (say 8k per anum), and then add that to the cost of fuel.

The benefits:

Pay for what you use.

If you have a gas guzzler, you pay me

If you have something environmentally friendly you pay less

There is NO way to avoid to

There is no need to police it

There is no need for the vast majority of DLVA

Foreign drivers pay to use our roads

Motorists with more than one vehicle are not stung (e.g. Motorcycle and Car)

The upsides are many, the downsides are pretty much non-existant. (can anyone think of a valid one?). Just the amount of money saved in Government at the DVLA will bring a huge cost saving...

As long as the initial calculation of what increase in fuel duty is as a result of it is fair and truey reflects a average UK motorist in a average UK car doing a average UK annual milage, then I am totally in favor of this, and the sooner the better....

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Link to vote for this.


You know it makes sense...

First SMS Trojan for Android is in the wild


what app permissions were requested?

surely that's the important question

IE9's Acid, speed and HTML5 trip to land lost surfers


LOL at all the people

that are basing their opinions on what Opera looked like 5 years ago.

For your reference:

Opera 10.60, looks almost identical to Chrome (Chrome actually copied Opera), it starts quicker than Chrome, it's faster at javascript execution, it's faster at most things infact, it's more web standards compliant, it's more fully featured it's just as easy to use.

Rather than making yourselves look like clueless idiots, why not try it out.


I really don't care that much if you use it or not, but it's your loss. If you don't want to try it out, at least check out it's screenshots and features.

Tell me this does not look like Chrome:


And that these features don't put it right up there as the most powerful and fully features internet suite out there.


Sony Walkman NWZ-A845 media player


re: Gapless

Not sure, but I doubt it. MP3 format was never designed to support gapless playback, there is no standard way to encode the data for players to know how to handle it.

iTunes can do it, but only if you buy your content from Apple, as they have control over both ends of the problem, the encoding process and the decoding process.

I believe some of the more modern codecs have specific methods of gapless encoding, but not MP3.

Google sets Android on pirates

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My applications already do this using their own bespoke setup (MyBackupPro for example). This system just allows everyone to do the same without writing lots of code and hosting your own authentication servers, Google will do all that for you.

I think this is win/win. It's a win for Developers, it's a win for Android consumers, it's a win for Google. Obviously the only people that will be upset are the pikey freeloaders.

Symbian puts another deck chair on the Titanic


The only thing that will save Nokia..

Is if they drop this MeeGoo bullshit, join the Open Handset Alliance and develop Android phones.

Nokia, stick to what you are great at, making handsets, let someone else deal with the OS.

Opera lands 'Carakan' JavaScript engine on mobiles


???? Confused.com

I use the desktpp browser daily and never seen this. Sounds like you either need to get 10.60 or fix your setup...


You can write in C on android.

Not just Java.

And there is already a Opera Widget SDK for full Android, which is basically the full Opera Mobile 10. It's released by Vodaphone, but you can install the APK on your phone manually.

Clearly Opera HAVE the Android 10.1 good, but are holding it back.

Vista-hating Microsoft throws poo at Apple's iPhone 4


I was going to get an iPhone4

But didn't bother, not because of the quality problems, but because it's overpriced and under-spec

The HTC Desire is twice the phone at half the cost.

I predict right now, 2014 the iPhone (if Apple if still around then), will be introducing desktop widgets in iOS...


You can tell when it's Microsoft time to launch new products

Time to badmouth and spread FUD about the competition.

Jobsian remote access app comes to Android



Already on android and FREE.. Instant Fail....


Firefox engine outraces self after Jäger shot


Opera more than competes with Firefox on featues, quality, speed and security.

It's only the marketshare that's the problem. More specifically it's dumb consumers that pick the products with the best marketing, rather than the best products.


Usual Mozilla half truths.

"TraceMonkey speeds performance by detecting code loops and converting them into assembly language, a trick that Mozilla's competitors have yet to adopt."

Opera already does this, which is why it spanks everything else at Mozilla Dromaeo test


Pressure mounts on Apple to recall iPhone 4


A now endeth the lesson.

If you build your product on PR and Hype, the same will destroy it.

3D TV: Avatar or Ishtar?


What these surveys fail to grasp

is that consumers may not be ready for it just yet, or may not even want it, but pretty soon you won't be able to buy a TV that does not do it... (unless you are a chav that buys home electronics from supermarkets).

Apple iPhone 4


Just a reminder...

HTC Desire: 90%


Why anyone would pay double the price for an iPhone, when it's not even close to the quality/performance/style/functionality/openess of a HTC Desire/NexusOne is beyond me.

Billionaire's betting exchange backs Android


What Apple owners don't get about Android.

You don't have to use the Android Marketplace.

If you want to write apps specific to your business, and load them directly onto a Android handset, guess what, you can.... You want to use somes else's marketplace that hosts Android apps, you can.....

No Jailbreaking nonsense required. All android phones are Jailbroken from the outset (well almost, you need to tick the box in the settings that allows you to install apps from unknown sources).

Ads watchdog whacks Orange over coverage claim


Isn't this all irevellent soon anyway?

Three use T-Mobile to provide their 3G

T-Mobile and Orange have just merged and are consolidating their networks.

In other words, it will be 3/Orange/T-Mobile vs 02 and Vodaphone.

Rancid IE6 'more secure' than Chrome and Opera US bank says


150m Opera users is clearly not marginal.


Epic Fail.