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RIM is now worth less than its assets

James 12

Well I got it the wrong way around,

I thought that Nokia would be first against the wall with their only successful market being basic cheap 90s phones then it would be RIM who still think mobile email is a USP... Looks like RIM is first.

Not that the world will miss either.

Porsche finds top gear with BlackBerry design

James 12

and its tiny tiny screen

A rapid first hands-on: Nokia’s Windows phones

James 12

Typical Nokia

So another one designed by a very large committee. Giving you absolutely 0 UPS that you wants and several large ones you really dont...

Who is going to choose this over the beautifully simple Apple island or the techky Android world?

Nokia are still stuck firmly in the 90s and will die there once the 3rd world moves past their cheap phones...

BT gets 14 days to block Newzbin2

James 12

Give it 30 seconds

Oh no wait newzbin Already offer a around the block, even before the block happens.....

Brit ISPs shift toward rapid pirate website blocking

James 12

And on that logic

So my car is responsible for my speeding...

This knife is responsible for the stabbing of my boss....

Facebook is responsible for my Riot Now comments

An soon I'll no longer be responsible for anything I do :)

Sky makes iPad trolley for square-eyed shoppers

James 12

Free iPads

iPad trolley + Van = gone

OCZ Vertex bashes users with Blue Screen of Death

James 12

Vertex 3 follows 2

OZC really are the Alfa Romeo of Storage. Fast, fashionable but completable unreliable...

Microsoft replaces Xbox 360s after disc-format switch

James 12

Free Xbox

Anybody know which drive this is? As I have a stack of drives, xboxes and a suitable card for flashing

Play.com: Only customer emails lost in data breach

James 12
Paris Hilton

Closed account

Logged on to play, only to fine there is NO close account, so I have emailed them to formally requested to close my account and delete all my personal details. I would recommend we all do the same as there is nothing like losing accounts to force them to take more care with personal details - or just not tell us when they lose them next time.

Paris as she is always losing her personal stuff

Bot attacks Linux and Mac but can't lock down its booty

James 12


That's more Mac OSX Infections that Windows 7 infections

Flashy fists fly as OCZ and DDRdrive row over SSD performance

James 12
Paris Hilton

Tried a SSD once

SSDs from OCZ are like Paris,

You pays extortionate amounts of money, expect great things, but turns out to be dead on the inside...

My Vertex2 90gb was the only HD I have ever ordered that arrived DOA.

In-flight fight for stubborn iPhone-loving teen

James 12

How did you not know

I would have thought not punching the bag of corruption that is Mandelson was crime against humanity

Alcatel-Lucent pays to shut down US bribery probe

James 12

So let me get this straight...

They use cash for bribery and kickbacks that result in them getting more business contracts and then when caught they simply PAY off the law !! Anybody else thinks this smack of legalised corruption, not as much as BA systems, Tony Blair and Saudi Arabia but it’s the same corruption being allowed to happen and effectively green lighted.

Do what you want but if we catch you it will cost you (well only your company and only money and no actual jail time)

Microsoft has shifted 1.5 million Windows phones

James 12

Just a few things to sort out

Our company recently decided to get one of each phone platform. My IT manager now has a Win7 phone (I had the android) and he cant connect his to our MS exchange server for push emails, all because our usernames have spaces in them....

The BB, iPhones, Androids and even the smart phone wannabe Nokia's all connect just fine and get push emails...


World of diamonds bigger than the Ritz discovered

James 12

Chemistry Fail

Methane requires something to BURN with.. Like say oxygen. Methane does not burn if only in the presence of methane...

Ad man offers fine drugs and finer print to Macbook thief

James 12
Paris Hilton


What A total berk, Whoever employs this muppet should fire him for being so dam stupid and lazy. Its not difficult to take the Key out of the engine and press the button to lock... Oh wait he actually took the keys with him and yet still didn't press the button.

Oh and he didn't have a backup of his information, not surprise as he is clearly too stupid to use the built in time machine.


Paris because this guy makes her look really smart...

Microsoft delivers Google Chrome IE9 beta

James 12
Paris Hilton


Why chrome did chrome you chrome add chrome chrome in chrome to chrome very chrome odd chrome places chrome in chrome this chrome article chrome.

Then fail to mention what Google's browser is called...

Paris as she is always confused...

SeaWorld killer killer whale must die, Bible insists

James 12


ORCA also know as Killer Whale... What part of this most obvious name do people not understand.

On the religious subject, just how do you stone a whale I mean what get it out of the water first, or just throw them into its tank...

Either that or spike it food with a good amount of hash...

Acer predicts end of cheap PC era

James 12

Bit late

Has anybody seen the price of just memory right now? Its 3 times the price it was a year ago and that's just one component :(

Street View spymobiles invade CeBIT

James 12


If they wanted to woo the Germans they should be in German cars for a start off not opals...

Elgato intros networked HD-capable TV tuner

James 12

Better options

With the latest windows media centre you can streem TV from one box set up with the tuners to others in the house - as long as they are also on win7. As such this product become obsolute to all but mac users - which I bet can do the same anyways.

So why pay that much for somthing that requires its own propiority software when a standard dual tuner can be yours for £30 to £55 depending on brand, does all this and more. Infact for that sort of money I can build a basic media server with a dual tuner to do the job and a hell of a lot more...

Windows 7 'genuine' nagware winging its way to OS

James 12

Beta Version

Not sure it works,

Im still on Build 7100 fully updated (yep not even RC1) Which is supposed to shut down every 2 hours. It doesn't and continues to work fine..

Mines the one with a unopened copy of win7 in its pocket...

DoH tells NHS to dump IE6

James 12


So the NHS is finally moving to IE7, when its already outdated and IE8 has been out for ages..

What's wrong with these people. why not just test IE8 and catch up to almost the current times..

Not to mention why IE anyway? surely the Intranet pages are not done in activeX?

Once impenetrable PS3 cracked wide open

James 12
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Have it

Just because you can doesn't mean you should, but I did and it was good.

IT workers top UK inertia league

James 12
Paris Hilton

Try this one

Anybody to Developer

"Doughnut "

"No thanks"

Year right...

PH as we have all enjoyed her "exercise" video

Toshiba touts 15Mp image sensor

James 12
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The resolving power of the camera phones tiny lenses just make these a gimmick. You cant resolve it your just making a higher resolution image of the same quality...

But you can only get the resolving power from wider lenses, which are impracticable in a phone... so stop wasting time and focus on light sensitivity and speed (higher ISO please not megapixels)

Nation's moral guardians snap over 'shag bands'

James 12

Old old story

I'm now 28 and this was the case at schools in Oakham back in my day. Which makes this story at least 14 years old.. probably older

What's the suns next breaking story, kids are chasing each other and if they catch the other they have to kiss...

Wii web update wallops BBC iPlayer

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Paris Hilton

Games console + browser = PANTS

I have yet to see a game console running a browser well (excluding properly hacked ones!)

The Wii one is dire, with video not able to be full screened, the resolution is too poor to view pages well. Shame as the controller was promising for web.

The PS3 allows every pop-up ever made and jumps straight to them making browsing anything remotely *interesting* impossible + the controller is just horrid for web browsing

The 360 doesn't even know what a browser is... probably best knowing what M$ security was like when the 360 was designed.

Basically if you want the web on your TV build a media centre - seriously you can build one for way less than any games console - providing you *acquire* a win7 licence or spend hours banning you head setting up your penguin.

Paris - as she knows how to play games...

Blighty customers see some Windows 7 prices halved

James 12

or just stick with a release client

As it seems that the versions of Win7 that are supposed to be shutting down every two hours simply keep running just fine...

Wonder if they ever will... or if we are being crafty moved over to Win7 with Free RC and various builds that never run out.

Orange declares mobile broadband price war

James 12
Paris Hilton

And so it starts

I like WAR, especially when its a PRICE WAR...

Now if only VODA would take the bate we could start to see popper mobile internet at a reasonable price..

Shame about the TILL THE END OF TIME contract lengths...

Paris - cus she's never going cheap..

Launch your own satellite for only eight grand

James 12


So how long before the first person ashes are scatter in space?

Cant think of any other novel use...

Mine the one with the unopened Idiots guide to being an evil genius in it.

Dutch spam suspect fined €250K

James 12

Payment FAIL

Your fine payment is being held in a secure location, to retrieve this fine amount please send me your bank account details and sort code by making a small deposit to the following account... Your full fine amount will then be transferred directly into your account.


Has any Spammer ever actually paid any fine for spamming? .

Companies line up for funding to break China's Firewall

James 12

Confuse a gov

Brilliant, so the US government stops it citizen doing what they want online, by blocking sites and banning payment to say gambling companies and at the very same time funds ways of getting around internet blocking and censorship.

Is this just so China keeps spending lots and lots of $ on its firewall which is provided by US companies?

Microsoft store crumples as Win7 promo kicks off

James 12
Gates Horns

Exchange Rate

Anybody else a little bit miffed that the US version was $49.99 but the UK version is £49.99

Which gives the exchange rate of 1:1... when according to my search on MSN is a little off, but we all knew that we would pay for the EU fines.

Still 50squid for an actual legal copy of win7... just imagine actually having a legal copy of windows for the first time in almost a decade... From using the beta as my main media centre for the last 6 months I am seriously considering this...

PS: I've tried the penguin, but it was too much like hard work just to get an ATI graphics card working... I, like stuff to work first them configure second, not the other way round.

Smut downloads pound Japan's 3G network

James 12


Let get this straight.

With a LIMITED data contract the ISP have to tell you how much you data can download and how much is left.

But with UNLIMITED, you are still limited but the ISP does not tell you how much you have left or when you will be caped/disconnected.

And yet you pay more for UNLIMITED.

So the Japanese’s version of OFCOM is also a bunch of mindless jerks who'll be the first against the wall when the revolution comes