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PETA calls for fish friendly Swedish street signage

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Fuck PETA.

Forgetful ZX Spectrum reboot firm loses control of its web domains

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Re: Security breach?

a fiver says one of the leavers was the contact email for renewals, and they ceased the address when they left.

What is this bullsh*t, Google? Nexus phones starved of security fixes after just three years

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Wileyfox do/did, i believe they are switching to LineageOS 'soon'

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Re: Google to drop security fixes for old version of Android

you don't have to root. I upgraded my 2012 Nexus 7 last week to the current Lineage release for that device, 7.1, which isn't rooted by default. None of the root aware apps have complained.

Ten... Qwerty mobiles

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HTC Pro ?

My HTC 7 Pro has a brilliant keyboard, is there some 'slide out keyboard' bias at thereg ? :)

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards

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no, you are correct, the same game :)

I played this on my Atari ST loads and loads, it certainly got easier when someone told me you could SAY "TAXI" to move about, rather than getting stabbed or run over :)

according to various magazine walkthroughs, it's possible to finish the game with 204 out of 200 points by doing various daft things, one of which is ringing the (real at the time) sierra help line from the pay phone.

Are IP addresses personal data?

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I'd say an IP address is no more personal to me than the number of a hotel room I stayed in last month, or the ticket number for the deli counter I had yesterday.

'shirley' the fact that its perfectly feasable that tomorrow someone else might have the IP I have today means that it's transient info at best ?

'War texting' hacks car systems and possibly much more

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only an offence on public land.

plenty of people live in colder climates than us, starting your car from the kitchen to warm it up while it's parked on the drive can be quite handy.

Gamer claims complete console collection

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jaguar CD

can't see one in the pics

FTP celebrates ruby anniversary

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i was at uni just before browsers took off (we had mozilla 0.8 but it didn't do much) so ftp was a big thing for me and my atari disk swapping friends back then. much easier to dump an MSA disk image on an ftp server and email the directory link then post a jiffy bag across europe :)

It's the oldest working Seagate drive in the UK

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I've got a few MFM atari drives circa 1986-7 here and I've just removed a scsi drive from an atari Stacy4 'laptop' in order to backup the data as the interface card is a bit wonky, thats probably circa 1988, and still works. stupidly loud though.

DDoS attacks take out Asian nation

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It's still known as Burma as far as I'm aware ?

Watchdog rules on Hull Daily Mail 'porncoder' exposé

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It's the old 'deny a story headline' trick

Viz magazine takes it to it's logical conclusion with headlines such as:

"Royal press office denies Queen addicted to crack cocaine"

and so on. The story is true enough, but gives the impression of something else.

the laziest of lazy journalism.

Yorks cops charge Segway rider under 1835 road law

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back in the eighties

there were quite a few cases where the police were targetting skateboarders with the same law, basically the 'willfully using a carriage of any kind' bit. I'm not sure if anybody ever got prosecuted, I assume not as there were never any followup articles in the skate mags of the time. Always seemed a bit petty to me, stopping people under sixteen and threatening them with court, for riding a board on the pavement ...

Famous 'Invisible Gorilla' trick vid gets sequel

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spotted the gorilla, obviously

but only spotted the player leaving, the curtain change escaped me completely :D

Symbian malware creates mighty zombie army

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Series 3 and % Symbian devices.

guessing this should be 5 not %

Mail my printer - I'm busy!

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spam gateway ?

will this herald the return of fax spam ? :)

Should all hard drives be encrypted?

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I use truecrypt on my machines - I encrypt the whole drive. I haven't seen any kind of performance hit and the only inconvenience is typing an extra password at boot. As far as I'm aware, this is pretty secure and I also have the paranoids option of adding more hidden volumes with plauable denaiability sub volumes hidden inside them.

Obviously, this doesn't cover me using USB sticks etc, but I feel confident enough that if my computers did get stolen, none of my data would be able to be (easily) recovered without my password.

Bogged-down Mars rover may be doomed to chilly death

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I love the fact that

it has exceeded it's mission time by over -five years- :)

fingers crossed that it can dig itself out, the pics these rovers send back are staggering.

Apple kicks prolific developer out of iTunes shop

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apple giveth, shirley ?

MS store staff in spontaneous electric boogie

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this is some sort of viral ad for win7 then ?

Brazilian Playboy eyes miniskirted uni student

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youtube link

'this video has been removed by the user'

Backdoor in top iPhone games stole user data, suit claims

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> Paul HH

how do you pirate a free app ? :)

Italian Job sat nav driver cops £900 fine

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a dumbarse.

PC repair shop caught trying bank fraud

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surveilance 'software' ?

was the software recoding through the built in webcam then, if sky knew that the guy called his friends over ?

Amiga Forever updated for Windows 7

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to Jolyon

there are plenty of atari types still active :)

www.atari-forum.com for one, various hardware projects on the go, my twin SDcard hard drive should be on it's way to me shortly :)