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Google demonstrates impractical improvement in quantum error correction – but it does work


Relational Universe

Once one accepts the Relational Universe, you realize that everything is in an unknown state in many different ways depending on nearby observers capabilities. E.g. only the human observer cares about the cat's life-state, but the molecules around it would know it if they could see it.

Which makes me wonder what these quantum computer guys are playing at. It's almost like they're doing a google search/screener of the universe to get their answers.

To avoid that Titanic feeling, boffins create an unsinkable hydrophobic metal with laser power


Air is water

So will helium bubbles cause an object to float into the sky?

Deepfakes, quantum computing cracking codes, ransomware... Find out what's really freaking out Uncle Sam


AI password cracking

This article gave me an AI password cracking idea:

Take the lists of all the revealed passwords, group by person, then categorize the groups to predict other passwords that a person is likely to use (currently, next) based on category match or pattern matching.

Hopefully someone will pick this up to kill off passwords for good.

That's no moon... er, that's an asteroid. And it'll be your next and final home, spacefarer


been there, done that

Ice shelled spaceships with foam interiors. Beat that for costs.

Metal? Mining? Just use a big hose.

Exoplanets from another galaxy spotted – take that, Kepler fatigue!


is this a real story?

Professor X and his gorilla? Fake line energy?

Destroying the city to save the robocar



Walking urbanism is a fad that is being blown up by these ex-suburbanites needing space for marriage and kids.

Been behind a Prius lately? Think auto-driving cars are going to go 10-15 over the speed limit? It might create more wrecks having to get around these guys.

But my greatest fear is the robo-streamed semi's. A line of 10 semi's will be like a wall on a freeway causing all sorts of troubles.

Yeah, auto-driving cars will hit squirels, and people wrongly stepping off a curb or crossing in the middle of the street. But like turn-abouts, they'll be more safer than the alternative.

We've had a hundred years to make train and subway access safer, and we haven't. No need to focus to perfection on safety because it aint gonna happen.

We experienced Windows Mixed Reality. Results: Well, mixed



Seriously. Where's the sex angle. The pretty girls, etc. From GIF's through porn downloaders, it's all about sex. Show me a sex angle here if you want these to sell.

What was the New Years movie where you could wear a head band and experience the reality that someone had recorded? That had a sex angle...that would sell. Let's see that.

Horror in space: Hot alien giant boiled alive by nasty radiation-belching star


better writing needed...

A lot of the comments point out problems with the article. Here's another: the shield effect of the planet is totally disregarded in the author's efforts to disparage it's chances at anything.

It's got a nice dark side that's cool with advanced aliens creating all sorts of cool tech from their unique environment.

Vigorous tiny vibrations help our universe swell, say particle boffins



For such an exacting theory, the use of "tons of experimental results" raises a red flag.

I am, however, intrigued by the concept as an energy source rather than a theory of the fabric of space.

A bot lingua franca does not exist: Your machine-learning options for walking the talk


WTF is this crap

Statistical pattern matching. How utterly practical. And boring.

Tell me about a package that understands stimulus and response. Something that knows how to learn. Something that knows how to build upon its learning.

A group of cells in any brain learns to manage all its systems in the body and learns to balance itself so as not to destroy itself as things change from conception. We can do this too guys!

Microsoft boffins think VR visions will rival drugs by 2027


voice based queries

For a long time I've thought that the next evolutionary step in hardware was to separate the monitor from the CPU. Been watching Intel's work in this, hoping.

I've this now around the house, but with cables: closed laptop connected to the TV. Closed server running VM's that I RDP to.

But the Echo, etc. devices will want to project images and show pages, and so this may be another path that we finally see that separation.

WebAssembly: Finally something everyone agrees on – websites running C/C++ code



Well, that dead language that just kept hanging around is coming back.

Only real programmers will use it, web developers who tried to be real by using javascript frameworks will once again be put in their place.

The text interface will go bye, bye. Only the supped up canvas with self-contained apps will be the future.

Yep. What goes around. Welcome back windows 3d, bye html DOS.

Boffins shrink light-twister to silicon scale, multiply bandwidth 10x


gate tech

Density along the ring will increase over time with technology.

As it approaches infinity and thus continuous, you create a solid tunnel.

Good job humans, you're on your way to star gate's.

Don't go chasing waterfalls, please stick... Hang on. They're back



Puny programmers need overhead. Puny programmers need communication and customer reassurance.

Hulk programmer listens to customer, forms vision in head, gives token acceptance document, then does the plumbing, wiring, and constructs castle. Client likes, and Hulk programmer does changes and fixes easily because all his code.

Frankly, software development has become too easy. Sounds like a lot of time wasting going on here.

Smartwatches: I hate to say ‘I told you so’. But I told you so.


I would pay a couple hundred for this watch

I would like a smartwatch with the following capabilities:

It must tell me the time when I look at it.

It must sense my blood pressure or something to automatically dial 911 if I'm having a heart attack.

It must have an emergency button that I can click that will quietly dial 911 and call for help.

It must have a sensor that should I suffer some sort of sudden stop (like crashing the car or being hit as a pedestrian) it will automatically dial 911 for help.

It doesn't need to do anything else. Just be generally useful and save my life.

Swiss effectively disappear Alps: World's largest tunnel opens


the movie

I want to see the movie...power out, society dead, and a group of people have to make it through this hellish tunnel...

DARPA wants a working manned starship for $500k


I'd like to see...

From the movie Pandorum: those emergency electricity spinners to get stuff going when the grid is down. On my phone, computer, monitor, tablet, garage door, car, calculator, etc.

Microsoft's .NET at ten: big hits, strange misses


My Vote for VB/.NET

Been developing apps for 30 yeas, and I love .NET, and not just .NET but Visual Basic as well. Hate the case-sensitive and braces hell of C# and it's ilk (although I use them all for various clients). What really rocks for me with .NET is the add-on libraries like DevExpress which is like having the next version of .NET already! If I remember, the numbers are like C# takes twice as long to code in as VB, and C++ is something like 4 or 16 times as long. C++ is faster, of course, but slow with overall development, whereas with .NET you get RAD development on everything, but then go in deeper for those specific parts that need to be faster.

Welsh police come down hard on Octopussy porn


Sex with food?

So, what happens if he claims he ate the creature afterwards? Sex with an animal is pretty humane compared with what is done to it in order to eat it. Just what are my sexual limitations with that piece of steak in the fridge? What if the thought of cooking and eating that steak stimulates me? Enquiring minds want to know...

Google borgs 3D desktop

Thumb Up


I stared at the demo and wondered 'why would goggle want this?' Then I saw it: not silly icon cards, picture Windows 7 screen shots (e.g. when a program is running, loaded, etc.)! It's got the potential to be better than the Windows 7 taskbar.

Desktop organizers are needed, and I use stardock's panel's myself, but could see myself switching to this if it'll somehow merge the current windows desktop icons wth the taskbar. Maybe something the comes out of a side like an office-type pop-out sidebar of which I've liked but could never find a use for.

Astroboffin says 'black holes murder galaxies'


Eh? I see...

This article explains to me how the jet streams of matter from black holes help create new stars: The matter is jetted off into the nice cool area tangent to the primary disc plane, and comes back and forms/etc to join the party.

Boffin calculates pi to 2.7 trillion digits



Never thought about that before, but yeah, this PI generation as computer test is a great idea! Level 5 diagnostic Mr. Spock: have the CPU cores calculate out to like 100 places. Level 1 diagnostic Mr. Spock: have the CPU cores calculate out to like a trillion places. After all, even in the future a proper in-depth diagnostic should retard and shut down the systems to make the ship more vulnerable to attack--after all, what is life, and plot, without risk.

NASA's Kepler telescope finds 5 new planets


Life everywhere!

If we advance suffciently in technology to reach these planets easily, then likely we'll have the technology to move them into orbits that can support life. ...oh wait... ...the Lavamen have already been doing this in the universe for billions of years...

UK air-traffic offers flying-car-style safety gizmo


Bah! Humans disappoint...

After the 9/11 stuff weren't we promised some tech to stop planes flying into buildings? Well, why don't we yet have this or similiar tech to allow ordinary cars to crash into things? It's time to let the machines take over and give up our desire for control of vehicles--after all, just because we want the right to crash into things doesn't mean its a good idea!

(Back) into The Valley


Yep, remember it all...many times over.

But lately I've been throwing the past out. Time to move on. Creative Computing magazine is long gone. Basic 2.6 on the DEC VAX long gone. VT100 terminals long gone. I do still have my TRS-80 Model I (with expansion interface, of course--got tired of trying to squeeze programs into 4k). Keep it in my office to show others just how ancient I am. What a downer these memories.

Toyota preps plug-in Prius for mass production


More MPG is Easy!

MPG is based on weight. Remove the gas engine, the spare tire, the back seats, the fuel tank, the exhaust system, and I bet you would see a lot more MPG! Would save a lot on the cost as well. Think they'll make it an option? Nah.