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Sony threatens to ban PS3 jailbreakers from network

Davin S. George

So Long Sony

Ah so Sony goes after its customers because they have the right to purchase the system but not to use it for what they purchased it for. I guess thats why I'm glad I sold my Sony PS3 and will never buy a Sony Device again. The television we're buying later this year will be an LG or a Philips, Sony won't even be considered!

So long and no thanks Sony!

Sony Oz mod chip dongle ban hearing delayed

Davin S. George
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Good Bye Sony

And this is another reason I'm glad I've ditched the PS3 as a gaming platform and am looking for a new television which also WON'T be a Sony.

When the company you have purchased an item from then updates it to remove a feature you're using how can they expect you to be happy? I brought the PS3 for the Linux component as well as the gaming and blueray. But when they took that away they no longer distinguish themselves from the competition. So like many others I know I'm voting with my feet and I'll no longer buy Sony as a platform.

What has this cost them? Maybe no much but then my new television, media centre and stereo won't be a Sony at all. And a lot of my friends and colleagues actively take an interest in technology and what I have myself and I can tell you I will no longer consider Sony a suitable and appropriate brand for home entertainment.

Sony explains PS3 Slim's loss of Linux option

Davin S. George

Good Bye Sony

I had been looking to purchase the Slim PS3, but with Sony removing the OtherOS option we brought a new Blueray player, and it wasn't a Sony. And when the Tv comes up for replacement in a couple of years guess what, it will also be an LG.

I can't see any reason to stick with buying Sony at present. They're behind from a technology point of view and its the little things that make the difference, and with dropping those doesn't help them at all.

A brand going nowhere these days and doesn't stand out. Good Bye

AOL haunts Time Warner's Q2

Davin S. George

AOL Profits

Why are we not surprised? The company has already sold AOL Europe including France, Germany and the UK and apparently their profits are down? AOL UK alone use to make some 330 million pounds so take into account the exchange rate at some 2:1 and there on its own you're missing 650 million dollars, not a small amount by any stretch of the imagination. And what about Germany and France?

Personally I think this is a case of Time Warner having under estimated AOL as a company and channel for its advertising so they're blaming their lack of direction and foresight.

Plus of course if you have TW literally pulling any and all profits from the AOL component and not re-investing in the infrastructure then you're going to see profit loss. A company needs to re-invest and during these times probably even more so to keep the customer active within their site.

Good Luck AOL but personally I think TW is saying screw you in a big way!

Asus to show second-gen Eee PC next week

Davin S. George

Great if true!

Now if they do bring out the slightly larger screen plus a larger drive (please be 16GB) with a couple of GB of RAM then this baby will rock the world. Straight up with a good price I'd grab two maybe three so the kids have one each. At these prices and portability you can't go wrong. And it isn't running Windoze so its not bloatware either. Sweet!

PS3 Eye digicam to arrive next week

Davin S. George

This Game Rocks

Having seen the demo of this game at GenCOnUK back in August I've got to say this game rocks! Definitely a must have for game CCG player, the game is strategic but with mythical characters, its got to be good, thank you Wizards of the Coast!

Until now I wouldn't have considered buying a PS3, but for this game I can justify it entirely. Its going to change online gaming as such.

D&D meet TicTacToe. Come on next week :-)

Virgin fills Warehouse with media

Davin S. George


A word that sums up CPW these days?

Would CarphoneWhoreHouse be appropriate? Like any good madam they'll pimp anything to anybody!

Just ask the staff!

Mumsnet settles with Gina Ford over defamation claims

Davin S. George

Gina Ford BYTES

Yeah that would be right, somebody can't take critism or discussion of their methods so you sue! So we're assuming that Gina Ford never said anything bad about somebody elses method of raising kids, would want to see her taken to court for defamation etc would we?

Really does show the lengths some company/people will go to in these cases. And shame on Mumsnet for NOT letting this go through the courts, maybe the courts would have been a bit more 'REAL'


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