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Apple squashes wobbly jub app

Peter Zero


What's the point in having adult ratings if you're not going to make use of them? At least if the user hasn't bothered setting parental controls, they could force you to allow it first.

Magic Mice cast energy-sapping spell

Peter Zero


More of a Logitech fan as far as computer peripherals go. Longer warranty too.

Googlephone debuts Jan. 5, says everyone but Google

Peter Zero

This is relevent to my interests...

especially considering Nokia bitch-slapped the n900 out of Australian hands, this may be my next phone.

Asus to make grab for Toshiba's notebook biz?

Peter Zero

Echoes Lenovo

This reminds me of Lenovo, man those laptops were shit. I must've seen half of them come back. If this affects my brand new Toshiba's warranty, I won't be a happy camper.

Sony snubs Microsoft in Google Chrome browser deal

Peter Zero

But why?

Chrome isn't finished yet. Where's the extensions? The themes? Sure, it's fast and pretty lean, but why use it when I have firefox?

Microsoft goes Darwinian with evolutionary tree patent

Peter Zero


There's like over a century of prior art?

Nokia to launch Android smartphone?

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If Nokia gave Android a go, I'd be on it like a fat kid on cake. I love Nokia, and Symbian works, but it doesn't work how I want it to. I mean, at least give me the illusion I have some control. None of this signed apps crap. More visual customisation. SOMETHING.