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Landlines: The tech that just won't die


Re: Call filtering

Unfortunately not publishing your number wont help much. I work or a small telco and we routinely spot spammers sequentially dialing through ranges. The active ranges themselves are also easy to find, Ofcom publish the active ranges on a few giant CSVs on their website.

As far as filtering goes, the CLI is easily faked when the call is originated via SIP.

Tor de farce: NSA fails to decrypt anonymised network


SSL not compromised if you use your own key?

If you generated your own private key (which you should have done to consider your certificate secure) then the SSL private cert provided by the CA is useless without the key that you never gave them.

Shazam! Record labels shovel $9m into name-that-song app


Re: Wake Me up...


We MUST be told: How many Bitcoins do I need to kill a melon-head?


Re: Meh.

Bitcoins are usable up to 8 decimal places, $21m *10^8 is probably enough to be usable for quite some time.

LogMeIn uncloaks cloud storage bypass


A linux client ...

... and I'd be jumping ship. Unfortunately still stuck with only DropBox for the time being.

Officials scoop up bacteria bubbling away in Playboy hot tub


Misread the title

Officials scoop up bacteria bubbling away in Playmobil hot tub, I wondered what El Reg had been up to

Dim Brits think TARDIS IS REAL


Had to double check it wasn't April 1st

Is the article real?

Samsung N350 dual-core netbook


Acer D255

I paid < £280 for a D255

N550 Dual Core, 1GB, 250GB SATA and a 6 cell Battery (8 hours+), LED Backlight. The only downside is that it looks like a complete dismantle to get to the single RAM slot.

Hoxton social media types hit by Silicon Roundabout power cut

Paris Hilton

Glamour model wouldn't have a silicon roundabout

Or would that be speed humps?

Linux wins the SCO vs Novell case


How ironic ...


Open-source handset sales to soar


@ Emo

So you don't know anyone with a Symbian or Android?