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Windows 11 still doesn't understand our complex lives – and it hurts


Teams doesn't work in IE 11, Safari or Firefox

It took me ages to realise that Teams web doesn't work in Internet Explorer 11, Safari, and Firefox.

It's not supported in those browsers.

Can you ever imagine a major IT company developing a core product that doesn't work in those browsers.

I hate Teams with a passion. And I only have to use it for video calls.

You're such a goober, Uber: UK regulators blast hushed breach


Penalties are not limited to €20 million...

"...penalties will reach an upper limit of €20 million or 4% or annual global turnover – whichever is higher."

Source: https://www.itgovernance.co.uk/dpa-and-gdpr-penalties

Ay caramba, Ubuntu 12.10: Get it right on Amazon!

Big Brother

Lost the plot

They lost me when they brought Unity in.

They seem to be going further and further away from my path, especially around the privacy/data side.

Report: Popular CAPTCHAs easily defeated


Better than humans...

...my success rate at entering CAPTCHAs correctly is about 33%

Has Steve Jobs killed the consumer hard disk industry?


A pretty dumb article.

Do you realise how long it'll take to upload my 60GB of photos over the 256kbps ADSL that I have?

A very long time.

And actually never, because I'll never trust anyone else with my data.

Brian May stands up for Welsh badgers


Small cull

@Thomas4 - a small cull in a controlled area is exactly what's proposed here.

I agree with Mr May, it's a pointless exercise to appease the farmers.

Maybe we should be culling all of the cows in the area to see what the effect on the badgers is?

Privacy group demands answers from Skype


Reach out?

Any company that "reaches out" to people needs a kicking.

Angry Birds struggle to take on Androids


It's not due to fragmentation...

Looking at Rovio's actual post it's not due to fragmentation but the fact that the game is too demanding for older android devices. This is a hardware performance issue not a OS issue.

Google cools data center with bottom of Baltic Sea


Building burning down

Inert gases don't really stop the building itself burning down do they?

The fire services still need a good supply of old fashioned water to put out a building fire.

Crowds greet A380 at Manchester Airport

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Very quick article

So it only took you 9 minutes from the scheduled landing of the plane to assess whether the crowds were "enthusiastic" or not, write your piece and load it onto the website.

I expect similar response times for all news events going forward...

UK privacy watchdog clears Google Wi-Fi slurp


There's worse stuff going on...

Because they still don't know who you are unless you already gave them a link between your name and one of the other bits of data.

People need to worry more about APNR and CCTV logging by the government than what Google is doing with publicly available data.

Firefox comes over all cloudy

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Works fine for me...

Sync works fine for me - sync'ing between FF on Win XP, Win 7 and Linux machines.

Very important to have a master password set in FF on each machine though.

Google Street View logs WiFi networks, Mac addresses


Google & MAC addresses

Google do use the MAC address for geolocation - you can even update their database - https://services.google.com/fb/forms/wifibugs/ and they ask for all MAC addresses in that location.

That's because it's not that accurate - my wifi router in South Wales is being shown as being located in Clydebank, Glasgow, several hundred miles away.

But it's the old chestnut - function vs privacy, this is a really useful service - my android phone automatically gets the weather and sets maps to my location. But it does impact on my privacy as well. The important thing is knowing this is happening, then you can turn geolocation off when you want to be private. Just close the door when you want.

Google 'open' memo betrays deep corporate delusion

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BT doesn't renew IP every 24hrs

My BT ADSL router only picks up a new IP address when it re-boots - which could be weeks but is normally every few days because of my flakey power supply.

BT doesn't force an IP change ever 24 hours as you say, well not for me anyway...

Sony snubs Microsoft in Google Chrome browser deal


Cutts not a Google Chrome Engineer

Matt Cutts is not a "Google Chrome Engineer" as you quote.

He's Head of Google's Webspam Team.

Office admin sacked for Blears abuse

Black Helicopters

Monitoring their own staff's internet usage??

So anyone know how they tracked her down?

Were they monitoring their own staff's access to this site?

Or some other method?