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'Nobody in their right mind would build a naval base here today': Navigating in and out of Devonport

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Upvoted for the icon, which is the flag the Conqueror flew into Devonport after sinking the Belgrano.

Trident Ploughshares used to hold a Devonport camp, which I never saw the point in. All the subs would have to unload their missiles before getting that close to Plymouth. Not just cos the warheads, because the propellent. Perfectly fine for Glasgow, well, Helensburgh at least, but real English people live in Plymouth.

Next referendum and your nukes will be in Georgia, the US state not the country. They were going to France but I think you just blew that chance with the USuka/Aukus debacle.

Parking is expensive. It can cost an arm, a leg, and a Windows licence

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Buy petrol as normal, says government minister

That's the top BBC news website headline just now. Grant Shapps telling me to buy petrol as normal makes me want to panic buy petrol. I don't even own a car, but I may need it for Molotov cocktails in the subsequent riots. [Most dangerous Finnish invention after the sauna]

Food and energy prices are going up due to a national CO2 shortage. Wasn't a planned reduction in carbon dioxide behind the previous food and energy price hikes?

And Boris is at the UN dissing Kermit the Frog like his hero, Churchill the nodding dog. New coal mine, new oil field? We'll tell you right after COP26.

Ofcom swears at the general public for five days during obscenity survey

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Wowbagger The Infinitely Prolonged

To begin with it was fun, he had a ball, living dangerously, taking risks, cleaning up on high-yield long-term investments, and just generally outliving the hell out of everybody.

In the end, it was Sunday afternoons he couldn't cope with, and that terrible listlessness that starts to set in at about 2:55 when you know you've taken all the baths you can usefully take that day, that however hard you stare at any given paragraph in the newspaper you will never actually read it, or use the revolutionary new pruning technique it describes, and that as you stare at the clock the hands will move relentlessly on to four o'clock, and you will enter the Long Dark Teatime of the Soul.

So things began to pall for him. The merry smiles he used to wear at other people's funerals began to fade. He began to despise the Universe in general, and everybody in it in particular.

This was the point at which he conceived his purpose, the thing that would drive him on, and which, as far as he could see, would drive him on forever. It was this:

He would insult the Universe.

That is, he would insult everybody in it. Individually, personally, one by one, and (this was the thing he really decided to grit his teeth over) in Alphabetical Order.

When people protested to him, as they sometimes had done, that the plan was not merely misguided but actually impossible because of the number of people being born and dying all the time, he would merely fix them with a steely look and say, "A man can dream, can't he?"

Two Northern Irish cops face Computer Misuse Act charges over Twitter trolling campaign

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Re: As stupid as the one on 24hrs in police custody - Gareth Suffling

Aye, that case was funny because he was on the team investigating his own crime as a TV crew were present. He wasn't caught for his internet history, he was caught because he searched the police database for his victims address.

[Note to self: When a crime lord, hire the police DBAs]

Gareth will be out now, any chances he's working at the MoD?

UK Ministry of Defence apologises – again – after another major email blunder in Afghanistan

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I opposed British involvement in the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan in advance. I told you so.

Our best and brightest don't line up to join the MoD. Nice people mostly, they take the folk too pleasant and honest to work in a jobcentre. If you think, "but national security!", nah.

I hate the word retard but I have funny stories. A bunch of people I knew tried to break into a nuclear weapons base but were caught at the fence. The MoD plod drove them inside the base to put them in cells, but then accidentally locked themselves in the cells leaving the protesters outside and free to roam the base. I've never actually seen Keystone Cops but it seems an accurate depiction.

Oh, and "military intelligence", you'd think the creme de la creme, but wishful thinking. It's a safe bet none of them have won a TV quiz show, or even a family game of Triv.

Hellfire and damnation: Two French monks charged over 5G mast arson attack

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Re: The 17th century called......

1982 called...

Galileo, Figaro - magnifico

I'm just a poor boy nobody loves me

He's just a poor boy from a poor family,

Spare him his life from this monstrosity

Easy come, easy go, will you let me go

Queen were a big rock band with an obviously gay singer and yet a violently homophobic fan base. They played Ingliston in Edinburgh with The Teardrop Explodes in support. The Teardrop Explodes were bombarded with glass bottles full of urine by biker Queen fans who screamed evil, ridiculous homophobic insults at an overtly hetero band. Freddie Mercury said nothing, just went out on stage and gayed the place up.

I hadn't heard the term cognative dissonance at the time, but would have heard cocknative dissonance.

It's not just that people are stupid and evil, they club together.

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Les singes de mon quartier - Brel compared the monkeys and the monks.

Jacques Brel Les Singes The Monkeys French & English Subtitles

US Congress ponders setting up permanent UFO investigation office

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Re: Fake

To be fair to Americans, Nick Pope was hired by the MoD to investigate cases here.

I saw a UFO (UAP?!). Of course I did, it is always people like me with zero credibility. I tried to scam a famous UFO professor in the 70s. I don't think what I saw was extraterrestrial, but I think it was meant to seem ET.

Fargo Season Two was the best.

UK Ministry of Defence apologises after Afghan interpreters' personal data exposed in email blunder

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Egregious numpties

This is appallingly bad. I've worked for some remiss employers, I've made mistakes myself, sometimes as sysadmin in compromised places, and yet nothing this basic would have failed.

The person who did it, and the person who hired them, should face serious criminal charges. The responsible minister should resign in disgrace and without any pension, if the word responsible still means anything after the Falklands War. This is akin to abetting terrorism. This is lives. None of my errors cost lives.

Thanks, Sir Clive Sinclair, from Reg readers whose careers you created and lives you shaped

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I loved the Spectrum keyboard

... and the function keys, which I just learned from the comments here was a memory saving device. I could type faster on the Spectrum than I can on any other since. [One unfortunate side-effect is I still have the tiny fingers of a youngster, evolution inaction as puberty grew the rest of my body.]

I would buy a wireless Spectrum inspired keyboard for my laptop, but I know that isn't financially feasible when everyone else still calls it "crappy".

Sir Clive Sinclair: Personal computing pioneer missed out on being Britain's Steve Jobs

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I wanted a record player but my dad bought me a 16K Spectrum. I thought well at least I can play games but I wasn't allowed to buy any until I could read Dad a random page from the manual verbatim. It was a large manual and included maths functions we hadn't learned at school. Instead I'd "cut and paste" code from computing magazines (ie read and type). I was programming my own games before I was allowed to buy one, but I didn't understand machine code so they were rubbish. My pals had a Commodore, a Dragon and a Beeb so we couldn't even swap games. My pal rigged up his Dragon to open and close his bedroom curtains but set the room on fire, appropriately for a Dragon. He's the MD of a US blue chip now. A college professor family friend let us play with their Aix mainframe and we had fun guessing commands trial and error.

I upgraded to 48K - my first hardware upgrade using the kitchen sink as a static ground. I wrote a text-graphic based D&D game, and fed in the entire D&D stats to help automate games. I tried and failed to write a conversation simulator to pass the Turing test, more difficult than I expected. I got a £15 book token from a magazine for a diary program, my first and last time I got paid for programming, and I should have sued Lotus Organiser later. The real money was in Yahtzee though, I wrote a small program that could beat anyone I knew and would bet on it winning. Everyone assumed they lost because my code was cheating, so they'd stop the code and audit it and find it kosher. They lost money but got a free programming lesson.

I don't grudge Clive his indulgences, just wondering if he lost more money on the C5 or the women. A variation on the George Best quote, "I spent a lot of money on booze, birds and fast cars - the rest I just squandered."

This is AUKUS for China – US, UK, Australia reveal defence tech-sharing pact

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You sucker

If the acronym was based upon the relative sizes of military then it would be Usuka.

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Re: Imagine: NATO Energy Security Agency


"tractors, harvester combines, excavators, ships, helicopters and airplanes can only be powered by HC"

Actually, Orkney is powering heavy vehicles, ferries, and - soon - aeroplanes using renewable energy. They've discovered this remarkable new element called hydrogen hiding in their tap water.


UK funds hydrogen-powered cargo submarine to torpedo maritime emissions by 2050

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Re: Current issues

Last week the crazy idea for a £15 billion tunnel from Scotland to Northern Ireland over the Beaufort Dyke munitions dump was quietly dropped by Boris.

Presumably the submarine is distraction from that, or as a way to avoid EU goods checks.

Orkney already has green hydrogen powered ferries, and soon to be aeroplanes. I like the idea of a mobile hydrogen generating vessel plugging directly in to off shore wind farms, avoiding the ridiculous grid charges and line losses.

You walk in with a plan. You leave with GPS-tracking Nordic hiking poles. The same old story, eh?

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Re: Bargle nawdle zouss

@David Robinson 1

You haven't drank enough whisky recently! £16.99 in Scotland, and that is after a year that the £17.49 price was reduced to £16.49. Bear in mind a cheap bottle of crap blend is £14 - I use that stuff as fly-trap. In fact I'm away out after this.

My dad just died so I was divving up his drinks cabinet among the relatives, and my cousin in law Jim said, "I can't take this. I'm sure he'd want Danny to have it."

Me and everyone else assured him I was the last person my dad would wish alcohol upon. I would like his booze but I'll respect his wishes and stick to his sweeties and Hibs paraphernalia.

The iconic Frasers store in Edinburgh has just been turned into a Johnny Walker customer experience site. I have been drinking whisky in Edinburgh, and all around the world, all my life and have never tasted Johnny Walker. It's a Hollywood drink. I used to assume it was a whiskey like Jim Beam. Edinburgh is being Disneyfied. The Aldi-Lidl Islay malts are guid.

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Re: Bargle nawdle zouss

Lidl PARKSIDE ® PFDS 120 A2 Mig Flux welding machine Unboxing and Test Fülldraht Schweißgerät 99€

I go into Lidl-Aldi because they still have the cheapest malt Islay whisky, but I avoid the middle aisle as they often have cool tools at bucket prices.

Spot the dog? No, we couldn't either because Spot is a robot employed by United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority

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Mickey the mongrel

My dad took me and my dog on a trip to Windscale at the height of the emissions in the seventies, he thought the nuclear mess was interesting to visit. Mickey was charming and brave and I'd hug him every day, but he was also a mutt and he delighted in rolling over the corpses of the many hundreds of dead seagulls there.

We never thought why all the dead seagulls, apparently they drank and swam upon vast open vats of radioactive waste water. Which are still there, still open.

Mickey died the next year and my own health plummeted from fittest in my year to least fit.

I know, correlation is not causation but if someone kills your dog and robs you of your health then suspicions arise. To hell with pro-nuke Monbiot and his pseudo scientific propaganda, we do not need nuclear power, we can't afford it, and if there are future generations then they won't appreciate it.


ProtonMail deletes 'we don't log your IP' boast from website after French climate activist reportedly arrested

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"just think for a second...There are anonymous email servers in all sorts of countries who would wipe their collective arses on request from Europol. Just a thought."

A thought you didn't take a second to think through. Irony bypass?

ProtonMail don't log IP addresses by default but they can be ordered to in specific cases which is why they suggest using onion access. They've always been upfront about this, unlike the risk of trusting your safety to some unknown third world front company.

As a former activist who has been on the bleeding edge of counter-surveillance I'd like to add to further safety measures.

Firstly, use a different free 'burner' protonmail account for every action.

Secondly, ProtonMail were also forced to hand over the "fingerprints" of the user so don't use the same computer setup for different actions. Those fingerprints include browser, screen resolution, OS version, etc, that seem random but hugely narrow any search.

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Re: Privacy is over

Make Room! Make Room!

Danny 2 Silver badge

Even a magic bullet still needs to be shot corectly

Protonmail encryption wasn't compromised. They don't log IP by default but can be ordered to log individuals under Swiss law. They always recommended access through an onion and even provide a free service that would almost certainly have prevented this arrest. They are going to support the activist.

The only other option they had was to close down completely, like Lavabit did in the US, locking ever user out of their data without notice.

The takeaway here is Protonmail is fine as is for everyday use, but anyone with a state actor after them should being using an onion service to access it. And don't forget it is child's play to set up point to point VPNs with anyone you trust in real life.

Me, I'm unconcerned because I can't even persuade anyone I know that encryption is good practice by default. I setup Protonmail accounts for them for ease of use, and they forget their passwords.

Virginia school board learns a hard lesson... and other stories

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Rev Cooper, who later admitted to Newsweek that he was not a Simpsons fan

My 2nd best forum prank. An old guy on an Edinburgh forum said he couldn't watch The Simpsons as it was just too obscene and blasphemous. I told him there was a new cartoon show he'd like instead, made for people like him, and quoted the opening lyrics to Family Guy. He said that sounds much better, thanked me and he'd be sure to watch it.

Fired credit union employee admits: I wiped 21GB of files from company's shared drive in retaliation

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Open plan office so chat travels when you are trying to concentrate. A young developer was telling someone else about the time he'd rm-rf'ed a root. I thought stupid sod. Five minutes later he exclaimed, oh no, I've done it again just because I was talking about it. I thought stupid sod. Five minutes later I did it too because although I was concentrating on my work, the dark side of my brain was chewing over the ear worm. Stupid sod.

I then got a sysadmin job abroad, not what I aspired to but I figured well within my skill-set. Some of the local staff were obviously hostile to my appointment and weird things were happening to the systems, especially the comms. I decided to spend a night locking it all down only to find none of the passwords worked on any of the kit. The next day I asked my boss about the sysadmin before me. He'd been fired, left under a cloud.

"Ah. He is still your sysadmin then. I'm going to have to close everything down and reset to factory defaults to take control, and ignoring the sabotage that is a lot of work and I'm bound to make a few mistakes that will cause some disruption the next morning." Tomorrow morning? "God no. I'll start Friday evening, finish Sunday, be in early Monday after a few hours sleep to firefight. Should be sorted by end of Monday and I'll take Tuesday off."

That won't look good on your first week! "I agree, you'll get a lot of criticism for giving this 'employee' unmonitored and unlimited control, and not checking on his his changes. I think it would reflect better on you if you monitor me on Saturday and Sunday and help out so this can't happen again."

More cracks found in Russian annex of the International Space Station

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Re: "applied two kilograms of hermetal along all the seams"

I used metal putty to disable locks when I was a peace protester. Put on gloves, strip a bit of multi-strand copper wire and insert into lock, warm up the putty and smear into lock. Not the worst sabotage but it'll require a locksmith to replace it, or boltcutters if it's a padlock.

Whenever I cut a padlock I'd always leave a new boltcutter resistant padlock. I doubt any of the replacements were ever used as I could have copied the keys, it was more a legal defence against criminal damage charges if I was caught.

I do risky things but I would not put metal putty on a hot water boiler. I'm glad it has worked for you but that smacks of catastrophic failure. I've used it to fix a hole in a car and to beef up a processor heat sink, but there's something about a jet of boiling water that I can't put my finger on.

Wakey-wakey! A quarter of IT pros only get 3-4 hours' kip – and you won't believe what's being touted as the 'solution'

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Four plus four

I need eight hours sleep but I can split it into two shifts. I had one job where I was driving 100,000 miles a year, twelve hour days, and then my friend and his woman moved in temporarily and I was down to four hours. I asked my doctor for sleeping tablets and she gave me temazepam, but they had no noticeable effect and I assumed were just sugar pills.

'No peeing towards Russia' sign appears on country's Arctic border with Norway

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Thankin' you

I am going to pish on the Russian consulate in Edinburgh. I've always been peeded off that they have so many diplomatic car parking spaces outside my health centre, plus ye ken the humanitarian stuff. My dad just died and I am immune from prosecution for the next few days, not a court in the land would convict me.

The five stages of Scottish grief are:


flowers even if you have hayfever.

other people trying to hug you despite covid

depressing anecdotes

acceptance that no, he's not just in the toilet

Judge dismisses objections to spaceport in Scotland from billionaire who also wants to build spaceport in Scotland

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Re: It's been done before

Gordon Jackson, Donald Sinden and Ronnie Corbett all in the one movie? Wow.

Off topic anecdote: I flew into Lerwick to fix a computer in the ATC tower and was picked up straight from the aircraft. In the terminal a wheen of paparazzi cameras started flashing. I said to the driver, that's enthusiastic plane spotters. He replied, they think you are Jarvis Cocker. I replied, Aye, I get that everywhere I go. No offence but how do you even know who Jarvis is? (He was quite old and since I'd been a Pulp fan since they were an '80s Peel band I still was surprised by their success).

Oh, they are playing here tonight. Jarvis is flying in later and the rest of the group are on the ferry.

I could pay to stay overnight, what's the chances I could buy a ticket? He just laughed and laughed.

Shetland’s biggest gig – the day Pulp flew in to Lerwick

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Re: Pray tell

"Prestwick = good roads, ridiculously close to major population"

You do realise that Glasgow Prestwick Airport is nowhere near Glasgow? The Trident nuclear missiles are far closer. Actually, there's a solution. Decommission the nukes, launch the satellites into space from the subs.

US boffins: We're close to fusion ignition in the lab – as seen in stars and thermonuclear weapons

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Re: Self sustaining

The occupation of Afghanistan was called Operation Enduring Freedom. This was only four years after the Ian McKewan novel Enduring Love. In both cases 'enduring' was a pun, not something that lasts forever but something you struggle to survive.

Soon followed by Operation Iraqi Liberation (OIL).

WhatsApp pulls plug on Taliban helpline, shuts down official-looking accounts

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War profiteer

I opposed UK involvement in the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan in advance, and was blacklisted for my trouble. Now that I've been proven correct I tried to ask the Ministry of Blacklisting for my career back, but I can't find their website.

In December 2007 there was a meeting of NATO foreign ministers discussing Afghanistan at a local army base so I went along alone to protest. I made 87 white crosses, one for each dead British soldier at the time, and planted them at the entrance to the base so they'd have to drive by them. I photographed it, great photo, but didn't photograph the dozens of military police surrounding and videoing me. They didn't know whether to arrest me or not because it was quite a respectful act. It was a lot of work, I could not have made 457 white crosses.

Tony Blair said in 2001 that we owed a blood debt to the US. He didn't send his son to his wars, instead he made all his family multi-millionaires. Does English law not have a 'Proceeds of Crime Act' that would permit us to seize their wealth and distribute to his victims?

Magna Carta mayhem: Protesters lay siege to Edinburgh Castle, citing obscure Latin text that has never applied in Scotland

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Re: Mars Bar

I volunteered taking foreign students on a tour of Edinburgh, and they went on about stupid and unhealthy Scots eating deep fried Mars Bars. I stated we don't, so they went into the nearest chippy about bought one. They loved it and asked if I wanted a taste; I did not.

They asked me when Edinburgh Castle was built and I didn't know, but they were getting on my tits by then so I made something up. "It was in fact the original Strasbourg Castle, but the Scottish king loved it so much he bought it and had it shipped stone by stone to Edinburgh."

That'll teach them.

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Re: Sumption is wrong

Aye, they should have cited the Declaration of Arbroath.

tl:dr- Scot's are sovereign not subjects, and any ruler who claims otherwise can get tae France.

A new island has popped up off the coast of Japan thanks to an underwater volcano

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New Tectonics

My dad's an octogenarian geographer, and he surprised me by saying plate tectonics wasn't taught in his university. I'd always assumed knowledge of plate tectonics was as old as the hills, but it was surprisingly recent. The new theory rose up in the science community before gradually spreading out into academia and the mainstream. Like, after they'd exploded nuclear bombs.

Scientists reckon eliminating COVID-19 will be easier than polio, harder than smallpox – just buckle in for a wait

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Re: Trichloroethylene increases risk of Parkinson's five fold

Thank you for the advice Dante. That'll be months from now as first I have to see a GP to get an appointment to see a neurologist, and the NHS is understandably stretched just now.

Some readers may think I'm over-reacting to my symptoms. Michael J. Fox, the poster boy of Parkinson's, was first diagnosed due to a twitching little finger and a sore shoulder.

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Trichloroethylene increases risk of Parkinson's five fold

A couple of months ago I read an article about trichloroethylene that made me email my mate saying, "We're doomed!"

Our first employer used huge vats of trichloroethylene to clean boards and components and as trainee techs we'd have to clean out the vats. I'm sure most electronic firms did the same at the time, maybe still do.

Then last month I was so unwell I was admitted to A&E, who diagnosed a potassium deficiency. Ate a banana, then I got better, now I'm unwell again. Ate another banana, still unwell. I've not seen a doctor yet but my symptoms do fit with PD according to Doctor Internet.

My left hand is now too shaky to hold a cigarette, and everyone - everyone - put that down to my drinking too much. Hopefully I'm a hypochondriac drunk, just thought I should warn you lot.


Woman sues McDonald's for $14 after cheeseburger ad did exactly what it's designed to

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Re: When ever I hear the word Cheeseburger...

Stranger thing, to me. I don't want to go all "Yesterday" the movie, but there was a quarter decent song song that started with 30 seconds of, "Cheese burger, please" over and over. It was funny in the eighties because I didn't eat cheeseburgers. Cheeseburgers were the enemy, initially.

I always assumed it was 'Love and Money' from their song Cheeseburger, but the internet does not validate me. I hate not being validated by my best friend the internet, it brings out my inner psycho.

What do you call a one hit wonder who never actually had one hit?

Love And Money - You're beautiful. I won't link or quote.

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Wisdom of Solomon

The court should have found in her favour and ordered McDonalds to deliver her a cheeseburger every year for the rest of her life. In the middle of Russian lent.

THX Onyx: A do-it-all DAC for the travelling audiophile

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I do love a great digital to analogue decoder

Audio is wasted on me though, I blew my ears standing in front of speakers at punk concerts because I enjoyed the vibrations. My favourite ever comp. tape was Bob Dylan, and the guy that made it did a terrible job, It was hissy and scratchy, but the songs were well chosen.

I had one of the first MP3 players in the UK, so I showed it off to an audiophile. He said that's crap quality. No, that's CD quality. Yes, but CDs are crap. He had shelf loads of CDS, audiophiles are rank.

I bought my parents a state of the art TV, well, a state of the affordable art TV, and I beamed at them, "Look, this is normal TV - and this is 4K TV - see the difference? "


Please, no Moore: 'Law' that defined how chips have been made for decades has run itself into a cul-de-sac

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Are we approaching peak computing? What are the alternatives?

Adult colouring in books.


Mutual masturbation.




That's how I remember the seventies at least. Until the Atari.

You know how you've just made the latest computers mine crypto-currency? When they get sentient we'll all be working for them.

8 years ago another billionaire ploughed millions into space to harvest solar power and beam it back down to Earth

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Simpsons did it!

The first contemporary description of the structure was by Olaf Stapledon in his science fiction novel Star Maker (1937), in which he described "every solar system... surrounded by a gauze of light-traps, which focused the escaping solar energy for intelligent use".

Dyson Sphere

84-year-old fined €250,000 for keeping Nazi war machines – including tank – in basement

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Danny's last drive

My mum just wrecked my car through a hedge. Technically, legally and financially her car, but still I had it booked for Saturday so inconsiderate. Unroadworthy, a complete mess, and I haven't even checked on the car.

This poor guy is being forced to donate his tank, and my mum needs a vehicle that can drive through hedges. Can someone hook us up?

Microsoft to require proof of vaccination from on-site staff, pushes back full reopening

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I don't think I will ever lose my masks, and I'm hugely self destructive. I used to assume the Japanese tourists in Edinburgh were wearing them due to traffic pollution, but apparently cooties. I'm buying bigger and better masks and will eventually have the whole Ebola gear. You people are disgusting and dangerous and I do mean all you people. I am never kissing any of you. I'd like a 27m social distance before I enter an office.

My second jab is on Saturday, I may calm down a tad a few weeks after that.

Off topic: (way off, like over the meadow and far away)

A fair few years ago I didn't eat much for three months, (extreme poverty) and since then I can't tell when I am hungry or full. That relay between my brain and my stomach has been blown. Because painful.

I'm pretty sure I just ate too much, mum's kedgeree. I'm pretty sure the previous day I was starving again because faintness from a week of under eating. Like literally about to faint, not being able to walk straight. Certainly not safe to drive. Fairly clear warning signs if your brain is working right.

One of the great things about whisky is calories. instant cure. They should give it to anorexics on the NHS. And bananas. But alcohol does not get the credit it deserves.

I heard a BBC radio 4 programme about a Russian woman in the siege of Stalingrad who stumbled across a ton load of abandoned baby orphans. No food, so she'd go to the front line and beg soldiers for vodka for them. Probably, no definitely, not healthy for them but she kept them alive.

Here's 30 servers Russian intelligence uses to fling malware at the West, beams RiskIQ

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Re: if you know the suspect addresses

Ta Michael, that was a very detailed and informative response, If you ever need a safe house then contact me. Horrid flat, barely liveable but survivable.. You won't even meet me because I'm an utter coward.

Danny 2 Silver badge

Re: if you know the suspect addresses

I agree with your gist but Jakes a pal. I don't agree with him most times but this is a friendly forum. And the rule is forgive and engage

You don't have to call me Mister Danny 2. Danny is fine. .

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Re: if you know the suspect addresses

"ALL countries engage in this kind of crap."

Mostly your country though, if Snowden is to believed. You kind of have a huge lead here. Which leads to the question why can't you, or won't, just stamp it out?

UK chancellor: Getting back to the altar of corporate dreams (the office) will boost young folks' careers

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Talking to LinkedIn News – no, really – Rishi Sunak

Say Boris didn't exist, then this guy would have to be the stupidest, deadliest person in British history. "Eat out to help out", maskless? A truly cunning stunt.

Russia tells UN it wants vast expansion of cybercrime offenses, plus network backdoors, online censorship

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Re: Why not go Orwellian?


I doubt you understand Orwell, or English for that matter. Try reading his books not the internet quotes.

'Prophetic' Steve Jobs autograph telling kid to 'go change the world!' among Apple memorabilia at auction

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Re: "The kid went on to work for IBM"

I was made redundant when I was 22, and my IBM pal said, "Well you've been there five years now, at least you'll have your five months redundancy money to tide you over."

"No, no, five weeks!"

I guess that is a proud boast for younger readers but it was a cry of desperation then.

I get a £100 pa pension from Texas Instruments when I'm 65. I'm both grateful and confused because I never worked for them, but I don't qualify for a state pension so I'll take it.

On this most auspicious of days, we ask: How many sysadmins does it take to change a lightbulb?

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I bought a PAT tester to prove my usefulness to my council employer, stealing work away from the utilities folk who complained to me. So I gave them it because deadly dull.

In the same year an overhead power cable was brought down in my village and was thrashing around sparking on the ground and my neighbours came to me to fix it. "No, that's more than 12v. I'm more of your electronics engineer. I did get taught power line reflection theory but I also got taught to stay well away from sparking power lines."

Fly this plane back to 1976

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Fly this plane back to 1976

CNN has a '100 Greatest Speeches' segment that is basically Steven Hawking telling us we are all time travelling into the future.

I don't want to travel forward in time. Stephen Hawking did not speak/type for me. I cling to the past until my fingernails bleed.

"The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there" - aye, better. You can keep your global warming and covid and "social" media and social influencers; I'll stick with the Cold War, lead paint on toys, and unions and corporal punishment.

I yearn for the days you could actually hijack a plane - you millennials ruined all that for us.

UK arm of international charity the Salvation Army hit by ransomware attack

Danny 2 Silver badge

Re: Tough one

I loathe them. Where I live six churches and the Sally Ann provide an evening meal to the homeless. The SA are the only one to charge for the food, and the only one to evangelise. And boy, do they hate the gays.

There'll be pie in the sky when you die


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