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We're not getting back with Galileo, UK govt tells The Reg, as question marks sprout above its BS*

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Re: Hoots Mon

It's spelt AyeScotland, not iScotland.

Eclectic Man wrote he voted remain as he didn't think the politicians in Westminster were capable of negotiating a sensible exit agreement, or indeed organising a piss up in a brewery.

I voted leave for the same reason. I want an independent Scotland and Boris running Brexit seems certain to cause the breakup of the UK.

Oracle Zooms past rivals to run TikTok’s cloud, take stake alongside WalMart and ByteDance investors

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Re: Missed a bit

Well, Trump promised a wall on the Chinese border, and the Chinese would pay for it.

Tencent in talks for 'longterm solution' to WeChat mess as injunction keeps the app alive

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Above the Law - Freedom of Speech

I know many of you will hate this new music, but how many songs quote the First Amendment? I, for one, am down with the 1990 kids.

Above the Law - Freedom of Speech

Your anti-phishing test emails may be too easy to spot. NIST has a training tool for that

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idiot users

Please don't (all) take this personally, but my posts here that I am proudest of get 3-6 votes. My daftest posts get 30-60 votes.

I propose a system where we can swap ten votes from our silliest posts for one vote on a post we are actually proud of.

I've never fallen for a phishing scam, but I did once fail badly when trying to email, phone and mobile phone different people at the same time. And I was probably chewing gum. Stupid is as stupid does too much.

Elecrow CrowPi2: Neat way to get your boffins-to-be hooked on Linux from an early age and tinkering in no time

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Re: "The kiddiwonks won't even know they're learning"

@Lee D

I stupidly let my three year old godson taste my Irn Bru. He'd never tasted a carbonated beverage before and spat it out saying, "Biting ants! Biting ants!"

I was given sugar sandwiches at his age, I suspect his teeth will be better when he's my age.

Amazon Lex can now speak British English... or simply 'English' if you're British

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Re: American English is English


I worked for Hamilton District Council and played works football. The highlight was I once played against a Lisbon Lion - we lost, but still. The lowlight was a stranger came up and punched me because I was wearing a French strip in Blantyre. Apparently too close to a Rangers strip.

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Re: American English is English


"all Joisey on their ass"


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Re: Don't moan, organ eyes

It's a black American communist singing an anarchist anthem to striking Scottish miners, so no, it's probably not suitable for work. Just not for the reason you thought.

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Re: Correct

I met a German football fan who claimed, "I've seen all the great Scottish football clubs. Glasgow Celtic, Glasgow Rangers, Glasgow Aberdeen."

Presumably he thought Glasgow meant football club.

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Don't moan, organ eyes

Why does the OED spell verbs such as organize and recognize in this way?

The suffix -ize comes ultimately from the Greek verb stem -izein. In both English and French, many words with this ending have been adopted (usually via Latin), and many more have been invented by adding the suffix to existing words. In modern French the verb stem has become -iser, and this may have encouraged the use of -ise in English, especially in verbs that have reached English via French. The -ise spelling of verbs is now very common in British use, and Oxford dictionaries published in the UK generally show both forms where they are in use, but give -ize first as it reflects both the origin and the pronunciation more closely, while indicating that -ise is an allowable variant. Usage varies across the English-speaking world, so it is important to record both spellings where they exist. There are a number of verbs with only one accepted spelling – advise and capsize, for example. This is not just perverse: they have different etymologies. The important thing is that people should be consistent in the form they use in a given document.


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Re: It's not so much spellings...

When I first moved to the Netherlands I was dared to ask the prettiest girl on the dance floor if she wanted a shag. "No, sorry, I don't smoke"

Austin Powers ruined that for all us fat Scottish bastards.

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Dragon Dictator

My dad was never good with a keyboard so I bought him Dragon Dictate, like half a lifetime ago. He got on fine with it, but it couldn't understand a word I said. Everyone says we speak identically, but Dragon Dictate disagreed.

More recently I bought him a Google Home for him to chat to. He wasn't impressed. He asked it, "Okay Google, who were the Famous Five?", and it correctly listed the five Hibs players from the 1950s (Smith, Johnstone, Reilly, Turnbull and Ormond). I asked it, "Okay Google, who were the Famous Five?", and it repeated the Enid Blyton stories.

I concluded it had picked up on his Leith accent, and thought mine a wee bit English.

[Or it just knew I was a bigger fan of Blyton than Hibs]

It's IPO week and one of Wall Street's own is raising the spectre of a stock market crash

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Light relief for our non-British pals

Woman falls from car on M25 filming Snapchat video

"It is only by luck she wasn't seriously injured or killed. #nowords"

I'm just disappointed it wasn't a TikTok video, missed zeitgeist opportunity. I'd offer my opinion on a financial crash (I'm for it) but I've not had a bank account since 2008 so I'm best ignored.

Did this airliner land in the North Sea? No. So what happened? El Reg probes flight tracker site oddity

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Qinetic West Freugh?

I went for a job interview at Serco Kyle of Lochalsh, early nineties. It soon became Qinetic to further enrich Tories. It was to test missiles and torpedoes on Benbecula, 10 weeks on and 7 weeks off.

I drove into the factory in my girlfriend's Fiat Panda which had Greenpeace stickers on it, causing quite a commotion among the security guards. They could have just put the guard rail down.

The thrust of my interview was why I had the terrorist group Greenpeace stickers on my car. I explained it wasn't my car or stickers, and anyway Greenpeace were hardly terrorists compared to the French government who had just sunk their Rainbow Warrior ship in New Zealand.

To their credit they offered me the job. To my credit I refused it.

I wouldn't trust Serco or Qinetic employees with a long dirty pole.

Top 5 billionaires find that global pandemics are good for business – and their wallets

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going viral

My youngest niece just caught the plague at Liverpool Uni. She says she's fine and it's no big deal, she just dated a boy with no sense of taste. My sister told her, "Well, I can't help you if you date men with no taste."

We're well into the second Autumn wave, and the third Winter wave will be deadlier. So no relatives at Christmas, certainly not my stop-out, minging, clarty niece.

Let's go space truckin': 1970s probe Voyager 1 is now 14 billion miles from home

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Arguably the greatest tech achievement.

Although I still think it was a mistake to include a picture of a naked man and woman, too much like a menu selection for hungry aliens.

Bad news for 'cool dads' trying to bond with their teens: China-owned TikTok and WeChat face US download ban by Sunday

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Re: First they came for the tweenagers, and I did nothing

I can't do any of those things.

I can glower like Paddington Bear. In the 1980s that was a career skill.

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First they came for the tweenagers, and I did nothing

I would download TikTok out of solidarity, but much like the President I am fugly and can't dance and don't understand it.

Amazon gets its tax excuses in early amid rising UK profits – but leaves El Reg off the press list. Can't think why

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"It's almost as if somebody had a guilty conscience, though to have a guilty conscience, one must have a conscience in the first place."

Wonderful writing Richard, have a pint on me. Although for tax reasons you have to buy it yourself.

Woman dies after hospital is unable to treat her during crippling ransomware infection, cops launch probe

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Re: RE hospital IT

" they have a computer system that has your details"

You can ask for a printout of that under DP laws. I did. They posted them to my neighbour.

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Failure is not an option

I worked in an organisation whose mantra was "Failure is not an option". Of course it's not because nobody would choose it, it's just the likely outcome if you don't anticipate every possibility of it.

Google bans stalkerware apps from Android store. Which is cool but... why were they allowed in the first place?

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I lived in a wee miners village in Scotland, 47 houses, 104 cats. A local woman (that's me being polite) teamed up with a developer to turn it into a town and a rally track. Everyone else objected.

We caught her using a tape recorder in her handbag to record private conversations to blackmail folk. Only because we heard it click off.

My first thought was I am techie, I could easily record every house without being caught. My second thought was, Jeez, that was a horrific first thought.

We stopped the development using the normal, banal, moral means.

Not content with distorting actual reality, Facebook now wants to build a digital layer for the world

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Re: They never saw it coming

I have glasses from a Christmas cracker that have mirrored reflective strips on the outside edge. They make me look like a twat, but I can see behind me.

Proof of concept is good, there's no reason not to have rear-viewing cameras in the specs. Probably radar too since children will throw rocks at you.

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Re: David Eggers "The Circle"

Excuse my unforgivable sin of misquoting something I can't source, but during the French revolution an English Earl said he'd rather see a dozen murders on the old Kent Road than suffer from state surveillance.

Current surveillance in the UK is bad enough, and it's a one edged sword. Sure, if I commit a crime then the police have the footage, but if I'm the victim of crime (esp police crime) then I have no access.

I appreciate that increasing video access among the public has held police slightly accountable, from Rodney King to whoever their latest victim is.

I just recall walking through the local cop shop in the mid nineties, it had a wall of about sixty screens showing live footage around my wee town.

I'm open to persuasive argument. I used to be against mass DNA collection, when I didn't know how commonplace sexual assault is.

The Battle of Britain couldn't have been won without UK's homegrown tech innovations

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Re: Y Service

"Dresden was a reprisal."

I was in Dresden before the GDR fell. Not nice. A surprising amount of neo-Nazis.

A year ago I gave my Edinburgh flat to a female student from Dresden, free of charge. We didn't interact much but we had an awkward hour discussing the whole "SlaughterHouse 5" thing. We agreed I wasn't to blame for the firebombing, and she wasn't to blame for Nazism.

She said she came to Edinburgh to study because there were too many nationalists in Dresden. I told her I was a nationalist, but not that sort.

I am, or was, a peace protester. I'm also an antifascist. I am utterly torn about the bombing of Germany, but secretly I think they deserved it due to their failure to respect democracy, human rights and international laws. But Dresden was hellish.

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Re: Polish Air Force War Memorial

Ha! I didn't know that about Conti, yet another good-looking talented Paisley Italian.

Ur ye gallus? Do ye come from Paisley? Then yer gran shagged an Italian.

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Ironic Obit

Wilhelm Messerschmitt died on 15/9/1978 - the anniversary of Battle of Britain day. I am confident Britain's armed forces are fully prepared to take on Germany when they start WWIII.

When Gavin Williamson was defence secretary he threatened to deploy our aircraft carriers to intimidate China, despite having no aircraft. I suggested putting our remaining Spitfires on them as a gesture.

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Re: Polish Air Force War Memorial

There's a memorial to General Sikorski in St Andrews, Fife. A local man taught me some Polish, amusingly he had no respect for recent Polish immigrants. I asked him why he'd come here and he said, "The Nazis murdered our village and all my family, only my mother escaped".

Weirdly in Scotland we also have a large Italian community that mostly came from prisoners of war that didn't want to return to Italy after the war. That left us a thriving network of ice cream cafes, and Paolo Nutini.

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Re: The war is over, the empire is gone

"You started it"

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Lets hear it for the girls

The schoolgirl who helped design the Spitfire

The Woman Whose Invention Helped Win a War — and Still Baffles Weathermen

My dad still hates the Germans, I had to ask a German girlfriend to claim she was Swiss. But it means I've been seeped in war documentaries. The tech invention I think had the greatest effect on the outcome was the proximity fuse.

Family wrongly accused of uploading pedo material to Facebook – after US-EU date confusion in IP address log

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Half Eight

(Apologies if you've read this anecdote here before)

My yank boss agreed to take us from the Netherlands to Scotland for the MS Exchange course. He asked me to pick him up at half eight, but was furious when I picked him up at half eight because he'd been waiting for an hour.

In Dutch half eight means 7:30am/pm. He assumed that was all of Europe. In the UK half eight is always 8:30.

He was also angry when I drove him to the Scottish Claymores shop. He assumed it was a shop that sold swords, it was a shop that sold merchandise for the Edinburgh "American Football" team. Then he got angrier when I couldn't drive him to a place that sold swords. We're kind of banned from buying swords since 1745.

In retrospect I don't think he liked me. He was a huge, rotund fellow who boasted his size meant he could maintain a constant internal temperature, but he couldn't maintain his temper.

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Re: Bring back VMS Standard Date/Time...

@Doctor Syntax

"Three letters: I S O"

Nous sommes l'ISO, l'Organisation internationale de normalisation. Okay, the French have rolled with that grosse insult, but they really do call N.A.T.O. O.T.A.N.

Take your pick: 'Hack-proof' blockchain-powered padlock defeated by Bluetooth replay attack or 1kg lump hammer

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Re: Confessions of a bolt cutter

That makes sense Pat, although I have to point out it was XR Scotland who claim to dislike and be different from XR UK. Plus I didn't teach them NVDA techniques, I merely passed on some old gear.

It's 20°C in Edinburgh just now, that is just unacceptably warm in September. That probably seems reasonable for non-Scots so I expect an influx of climate refugees. I'm aiming for Finland.

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Re: Confessions of a bolt cutter

Whit a weird comment, no wonder you chose anonymous. Coward.

I think there is an obvious moral distinction between breaking into a military site as a peace protester and breaking into elderly folks homes to rob them.

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Re: Confessions of a bolt cutter

Hiya Jake,

I'm wary of responding because I was downvoted for recommending a padlock, and this rambling won't endear me.

I used to be dexterous, I could solder small cubes of wire together. I enjoyed learning about lockpicking but I never mastered it. I never spent much time learning how to pick locks because I worked around them. I invented a pocket ladder to get over MoD fences to avoid vandalism charges for breaking locks or cutting fences.

A "common criminal" I met recommended freezer spray to make locks brittle before smashing them with a hammer - unsubtle, but I was impressed someone outwith the electronics industry knew about freezer spray.

Bike theft is the most common crime in Amsterdam, the stolen bikes are sold on 'Junkie Bridge' by, you know, junkies. Most bikes in Amsterdam are stolen, and so cheap to buy second hand that it's barely worth locking. Instead people who love their bikes weld features on them to make them distinct - a neighbour had huge metal antlers on their handlebars, which was funny but obviously dangerous.

Locks give a false sense of security, but if they are easy to pick then it's a testament to human decency that they aren't picked more. Saying that I caught two local young men trying to break into my parents house and I beat them up. Funnily enough they threatened to call the cops on me. As if. Years later and they are still very polite to me in passing.

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Re: Confessions of a bolt cutter

I used to leave a new padlock and keys whenever I cut one. I've never successfully picked a lock so kudos to you for mastering that skill. Jackets hide bolt cutters.

All the skills I learned as a peace protester would make me a formidable burglar, but luckily I am lazy and not envious.

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Confessions of a bolt cutter

Lock picking is difficult, it's easier and quicker to use a bolt cutter to, you know, cut through the bolt.

I've cut through a load of padlocks with ease using £10 bolt cutters, mostly at military sites, and so I learned which products to buy to deter my peers.

I just gave my last one away to Extinction Rebellion Scotland so I forget the padlock brand, but it has an octagonal shaft with a stainless steel alloy. I bought mine in B&Q for about £20, and I couldn't cut through them.

I am much amused that people pay more for bike locks that have in-built alarms. They are less than useless. If your bike costs more than your lock then consider bringing it indoors.

[ETA: I don't think this is it, but it's similar ]

Court hearing on election security is zoombombed on 9/11 anniversary with porn, swastikas, pics of WTC attacks

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Re: "My eldest sister is a soulless moron"

She would murder me if she could. I just watched 'Des', David Tennant as the serial killer Dennis Neilson - he was a Job Centre worker who my mum met and who didn't try to kill her - unlike my sister.

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EO exam

I took the civil service EO (Executive Officer) exam when I was a teen, because my smarter older sister had taken it and got 91%.

I didn't want a job in the civil service, but I enjoyed tests and interviews and wanted to beat my sis. I got 97%, although they still didn't offer me a job because, well, my awful personality.

"Why are you here today?"

"Because I wanted to beat my sister on the test."

It was a standard intelligence test, councils used to use them to to sift applicants. You couldn't rise to middle management without passing it. I think it should be brought back. My eldest sister is a soulless moron who has risen to the top of the civil service and yet she would never have passed the EO exam, the only exam she passed was her Home Economics O Grade.

The idea of a meritocracy is meaningless unless you test the merit of the employees.

You're all wet: Drippy chips to help slash data centre power consumption and carbon costs

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Re: 'Waste' heat?

Thermoelectrics are what you are after, not a Sterling Engine. They are not as efficient but have no moving parts to fail, and are cheaper to produce and integrate. You don't need to be efficient with waste energy, it's quantity not quality.

[My niece would tell me what the Cardi B song WAP meant. I get it now, Wet Assisted Processor]

Microsoft to charge $200 for 32 GPU cores, sliver of CPU clockspeed, 6GB RAM, 512GB SSD... and a Blu-Ray player

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Re: why do you think it's not possible to do any of that with a PC?


"Tribalism, just like nationalism, needs to die."

When my school made me read Fattypuffs and Thinifers" I was strongly on the side of Thinifers. In my forties I began to sympathise with Fattypuffs, now the book has been banned from schools due to body-image issues.

Ireland unfriends Facebook: Oh Zucky Boy, the pipes, the pipes are closing…from glen to US, and through the EU-side

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Re: "does this prevent people accessing it from the US? "

On Star Trek Next Generation Data was a singular individual - should he have been called Commander Datum?

I can 'proceed without you', judge tells Julian Assange after courtroom outburst

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Re: No fair trial in the US


Um, you do know we have jury nullification in the UK too, don't you? We invented it, a few centuries before your nation existed.

We just have fewer jury trials than you do.

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Re: Bully squads

If you mean that a flawed British justice system is better than none, well, I'd readily recognise things are much better here than elsewhere.

However, it is either just or unjust, and if it is only a 'smoke and mirrors' appearance of a judiciary then I'd be better off in Oz.

[Oh, and I don't mean Australia, and I didn't downvote you! For example, I have proof I was questioned on terrorism allegations for Non Violent Direct Action against state violence. Just last week the XR climate folk were threatened with being charged with being terrorists. That is not just ridiculous, it is chilling and telling.]

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Bully squads

I was an extremely minor and ineffectual peace protester in the UK for four years with no serious legal repercussions, and then I exposed two police infiltrators. The police started targetting my elderly and infirm parents with thirteen visits / raids over the next seven years even though they knew I lived elsewhere and was always willing to voluntarily visit any police station. It wasn't Chechen or Belarusian or American abuse, but it was low level gangsterism.

The last time I put in a police complaint I was told that to progress it they'd have to visit my parents and take them to the station to give statements. I was "encouraged" to close the complaint.

The last time I was in court I asked to defend myself but the sheriff denied me that right, assigned a court lawyer, and banned me from even speaking in court except to confirm my name and plead. Plus I couldn't hear what the lawyers and sheriff were saying, my hearing was a bit shot. I felt like the love child of Kafka and Solzhenitsyn.

I suggest to those of you here who have great respect for the British justice system, as I used to, that is probably because it hasn't stamped down on you. Yet.

Tech ambitions said to lie at heart of Britain’s bonkers crash-and-burn Brexit plan

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Re: State Aid????

I, for one, fully support the US import duty on Scottish single malt whisky.

In fact I'd like an equivalent Scottish 25% export duty on Scottish single malt whisky. Too much of it is leaving our shores, never to be seen again. Let them drink bourbon. (American whiskey is vodka mixed with flat Pepsi)

It really annoyed me when I found cheaper Scottish single malt whisky in the Netherlands. They already had decriminalised cannabis!

There was a two month drought of decent, cheap Islay malt recently in Scotland. We endured. Just in the past week Lidl and Aldi have been restocking it for £16.49, a pound cheaper than it was, and only £2.49 dearer than the crappiest stuff.

Digital pregnancy testing sticks turn out to have very analogue internals when it comes to getting results

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Re: Too soon?

I was just talking about Scotland. No, joking, good catch.

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Re: Too soon?

But would the celebratory bells go off if you are pregnant or not pregnant? Not everyone testing wants the same result.

I had an AIDs test in 1986 and I had to phone the health centre for the results. It took forever which made me edgy. When the receptionist finally had the result she said "The test is positive."

"Positive good or positive bad?"

"I don't know, I'll need to ask the doctor. Can you phone back on Monday?"

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Too soon?

The con is stupid people think the electronic version is more accurate, but stupid people can't read the strips without help.

A better solution would be a Chilean rescue sniffer dog and a sensitive microphone to listen out for faint heartbeats.

The global birth rate is rising but less quickly and it soon will be declining. We'll peak about 10 million. Consumption of materials is rising exponentially as everyone expects the lifestyle of YouTube personalities.

Salon told to change ad looking for 'happy' stylist because it 'discriminated against unhappy people'

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Re: I'm with Richard

Was it definitely a doctor who told you that, or just a man in a white coat?

I was tricked into the op aged 21 by an abusive partner, and dismayed to find my nurse was a former classmate.



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