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So who exactly was to blame for Marketo losing its dotcom?



Gregory House, M.D. had the right idea ..........


European Parliament keen to throw news publishers a bone


Ignoring the Elephant

According to Google, to have your content included in Google News :

Publishers interested in having their sites included in Google News can apply for inclusion here. We can't guarantee that we'll add the source, but we'll be happy to review it.

So if you request it, knowing their Terms and Conditions, you have no right to then expect them to pay for it !

You have to love politicians that stick their noses into things they are so clueless about, that it beggars belief.

The future is indeed bleak when our leaders hubris, born out of complete ignorance, can affect our lives so invasivly.

Regulate This! Time to subject algorithms to our laws


Another opportunity for the government to do all the wrong things for (possibly?) the right reasons !

Perhaps the first step in this process is legislating that the lawmakers are required to have a more than "just adequate" understanding of the technology they are regulating, or we shall see repeats of wholly unacceptable situations like the head of a government agency not knowing what the thing they were legislating against actually was ..... anyone remember cookies ?

Menu items


Menu items

Give us back our Vulture icon (or at lease put a home button on the menu bar)

After reading an article, it is infuriating not to be able to just click on the icon to get back to the home page, and instead have to scroll up and click on the banner. Yes I know I could use the browser back button, but I want a fresh home page each time :)

UK.gov is doing sod all to break £20bn of locked-in IT contracts


UK.gov is doing sod all

You're right - they are doing sod all ............ about anything !!!!

Newest Royal Navy warship weighs as much as 120 London buses


120 London buses

How many cats would that be ?

MPs 'alarmed' by millions of mugshots on Brit cops' databases


Indiscriminate police surveillance

Didn't we just have the Supreme Court sanction this ?


Downing Street e-petition site to get new Directgov home

Black Helicopters


No ! It only gets replaced by NuGov which is no Beta than Alpha !


Chocolate Chip ?

I hope their new site will conform to the ludicrous cookie legislation they have enacted !

Trojan-ridden warning system implicated in Spanair crash


Name Change

SpamAir ?

Microsoft! and! Yahoo! finally! sign! search! deal!

Paris Hilton

Micro-Who ?

I wonder what color the Yahoo! Screen! Of! Death! will be ?

As long as each search returns an accompanying lewd picture of Paris, success is guaranteed :)

IE icon too familiar for Microsoft EU settlement?


Regulation gone mad

Dear God, what is the matter with the EU ?

I have to say I don't use ANY M$ software at all - dedicated open source "geek" here - BUT - and I don't say this lightly,;


If a user doesn't want to use IE, they will install something else anyway - some daft poll isn't going to help get any bigger market share for the competition, in fact, it will likely only serve to confuse end users.

And why shouldn't Microsoft be able to include whatever the hell they want in their software bundle ?

Perhaps the next idiotic lunacy will be to insist they include several alternative operating systems as well (wouldn't Apple just love that?)

Bottom line - let the customer vote with their feet (wallet) and get government the hell out of interfering with free enterprise.

OpenOffice bug/feature stirs 'horde of angry chimps'


Free Windows ?

OK - so let's get this straight !

You want a software suit that is exactly like office (but better) and is absolutely free ?

You also want what ? an OS ? exactly like Windows (but MUCH better) and absolutely free as well ?

Hmmmm - perhaps they could call it Winux ?

Tory Lady tries to give bodice-rippers the snip


Failure ?

There has to have been something fundamentally wrong with the past two generations worth of education (perhaps government policy?) when parliament finds itself in a position of having to legislate on things we used to call "Common Sense"

Perhaps the government could help the economic recovery along a bit by creating some new jobs on a committee and study group of 'Bloody Silly Legislation" or "Internal Department Investigation Of Terminal Stupidity"

Readers should contribute to the already overtaxed brains of Government acronym creators by coming up with some alternative names for this new and very necessary department ?