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Men! If you want to win at board games this Christmas, turn off the rock music – scientists



How is it that nobody has commented on this name?

'Ultimate Team' scheme: EA hackers charged for stealing in-game coins


Totally agree there Trev

See title.....

Facebook to forcefeed you web ads, whether you like it or not: Ad blocker? Get the Zuck out!


Re: I'm wondering

To completely delete all here is a very good guide:


Yes a pain in the arse but the best way to make sure.


Galaxy S7 Active can't swim, claims site. But it can, vendor retorts


Re: It was acceptable in the 60s... it was acceptable at the time

"Bzzt! Foreign food, er unit detected. Back to France or Romania or wherever it is you come from!"

Just a little culinary cotton picking moment there:

Garlic/garlyk has been used for centuries here, IIRC it was first mentioned in 1192 it thee writ worde, and has been used for many things: gastronomic, medicinal and may even be the origin of the word for "ransom" meaning being kidnapped and the place for the money to be paid

See "Ransoms" or "Garlic lily" ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allium_ursinum ) which were used to mark where a meeting place was, the lily gives of an unmissable aroma and can be found from miles away also it usually grows near fresh water, can be found in Church grounds as well, which could be one of those other things where the Church uses things from ancient religions to make "Christianity" more palatable to the pagans ( pun intended ).

The leaves of which can be finely sliced and added to salad greens for a subtle yet refreshing flavour.

Coat? yep the one that matches my chefs whites, thank you.

White hat banned for revealing vulns in news sites used by London councillors


Re: RE: My eyes!!

"tell me more about this freeserve. Are they better than AOL?"

Well the AOL disks make better coasters but the freeserve ones are much better bird scarer’s.

Bezos' Blue Origin's first live Webcast a no-explosion yawnfest


Re: Explains the name

"Blue Origins"

Blue vein?

Just looking for my batteries ------------->

AWS endures extended outage in Australia



It may be "him" and that bloody bent piece of wood onna long string thingy?

G4S call centre staff made 'test' 999 calls to hit performance targets


Re: 'Game Theory'

Re: 'Game Theory,

This I like,,,,,

Need I say more?

No icon because I do not think it needs one.

Surrey teen charged over Mumsnet hack attack


people who knew how to behave themselves even when they were only 18 are the rule

At 18 years of age I was shown how to kill a person with my bare hands, in fact IIRC it was by the age of 17.

All done by my government and my choice......

So you cannot use the history fuckin excuse on that one, yes we were probably "brung up better" but it was still there...

Sorry you just got my goat on that comment. Oh and by the way I am just coming up to my 60'th so an old fart in real live and getting even more seeing as how this here interwebnet stuff is going, can we not go back to BB please?

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It's insane to ruin a kid or young adults life like this

Oh I do wish this was true, what I did in my teens ( many years ago ) I regret.

But it still sticks around, I used to have full military clearance to work on nukes etc....

Now I cannot even get a job due to a little indiscretion when I was younger. ( in this younger jargon, joy riding. )

Ah well I am glad I will be retiring this year and just tinkering with computers rather than fixing them. Keep on keeping on guys, love the commentards on here.

Microsoft .NET Core update asks developers: How you doin'?


Re: Cross platform

"Novel pissed away a fortune on Mono pursuing that goal"

Now here is an admission, I worked (well shambled about) for Novel on the support boards for a while and: I saw that they were good in the biblical sense.

Me having used Linux for more than a decade.

Then after the SCO business (look it up links everywhere about MS , Oracle, Money) try Groklaw.

I still run Open Suse Tumbleweed and I like it, try my best to report stuff but being an old f*rt the old brain don't work so well, do not do windows at all except for people bringing the infected machine to me, their choice, or not knowing about alternatives, but when they see my set-up running from a mere laptop on multiple screens with (yes) wobbly windows and all that (because I like it that way) and after explaining that it is not Windows but it does for me in normal life then some of them have asked to try it, funny that they have not come back!!!! seem to have done myself out of income there, not that I am bothered they at least are a bit more secure than other people and understand the system more.

A Welsh Fart.

Radiohead vid prompts Trumpton rumpus


Re: Fuck, that's pretty dark

"The remake was a bit of a basket case."

Oi! do you mind?

(note my handle, thank you)

I am Craig Wright, inventor of Craig Wright


Je suis Craig. . . . I think.

Therefore I am, Wright.

Top Firefox extensions can hide silent malware using easy pre-fab tool



(Specifically it was blocking the videos of weather forecasts on the Beeb's site.)

Works fine here just whitelist the beeb in ublock.

Irish shun beer, whiskey in favour of … wine


Re: "organisation who's goal it is to reduce what other people drink"

If I have a "Temperance Movement" I find half a gallon of Guinness helps. Oh I thought you said "temperamental" sorry I will get me coat it's the one with the pint sized pockets.

Belling that cat: Oz boffins pass entanglement test


Re: So we're one step closer

Maybe the NSA have already got one?

Maybe they are a bit uncertain that they have got one?

Reg reader achieves bronze badge, goes directly to jail


Re: Huzzah. Badges!

@ CrazyOldCatMan

Well I just did and apparently in 7 days time I will have been here for 12 years.

Will have to get up and do some work I suppose.

Alumina in glass could stop smartphones cracking up



I really hate having delicate bits of shiny that I have to spend my day worrying about.

You have shiny delicate bits????

Bloody hell, you could make a fortune sir/madam but I fear that is a bit too much information in this forum.

Sennheiser announces €50,000 headphones (we checked, no typos)


Re: EUR €50,000 == USD $155,165

...which is one Waffer Think Mint short of red wallpaper?

Think you might of meant thin?

Firefox 42 ... answer to the ultimate question of life, security bugs and fully private browsing?


Re: Zippy!

"Have they solved the 10% cpu issue in Linux?"

Opensuse tumbleweed here with Firefox 42.0 after a couple of days of constant browsing and stuff I have not seen any spikes at all, also at the moment ( only two tabs open though) it is only using: 1% cpu ( 4core I3 lappy ).

Seems smoother as well


Spanish town trumpets 'Clitoris Festival' thanks to Google snafu


Re: Nid wyf yn y swyddfa ar hyn o bryd

Rwyf wedi gadael fy ambarél ar y trên gyda russian sy'n siarad unrhyw Gymraeg

Here's how TalkTalk ducked and dived over THAT gigantic hack


They are still touting...

I had one of their envelopes drop on the floor this very morning, now I presume they are sent out from some agency probably organised before all of this debacle but it got short shrift anyway because TT shafted me about 5 years ago. (long story, but at the time I had a feeling that they were having money problems then)

Food, water, batteries, medical supplies, ammo … and Windows 7 PCs


Re: Linux, still not the way

I will confirm that there are no obscure commands needed on an install of "OpenSUSE Leap" and I should know I have been installing since the original SuSE in the 90`s. I have not "had" to use one command since install on my test box I do use them though because I can sometimes get results quicker.

I am using Tumbleweed at the moment which is a rolling release and does get a bit hairy sometimes but it is very, very bleeding edge for OpenSUSE.

Leap is a stable mix of SUSE, and OpenSUSE.

Just my 2 pennyworth.

At Microsoft 'unlimited cloud storage' really means one terabyte


Re: This is EXACTLY how it il go with Win 10...

The first thought I had also.

Maybe they are making room for all the slurp data? Oh and maybe a little spare for your "personal" stuff too.

Oopsie doopsie just read the next thread Doh!

Sorry I shall go and eat worms now.

Skype founders planning non-drone robodelivery fleet. Repeat, not drones


Porta potty?

I can see that working great round here on dole payday and the lads (Oh and Dutch lassies) have had a few, it will be going back heavier than when it set out, slightly awash at the err.. umm grills?

'T-shaped' developers are the new normal


Re: Wonderful stuff

"Can I have some for my roses?"

I would like to nominate this as the best one-liner of the week Mr ElReg moderator!

Here David have a beer---------------------------->>>>

Microsoft's top lawyer: I have a cunning plan ... to rescue sunk safe harbor agreement


Re: Two of the problems are

Ah diddums, shall I pick your dummy up for you?


Beard transplants up 600% for men 'lacking length elsewhere'


Re: Shave every day?

Ah but they can spot obvious troll :-)

PS. I do not have a beard though.


Re: Sheep

"The fuzzy chin interferes with the correct fitting of the flash hood."

And the seal on the gas mask.

Boffins: We know what KILLED the DINOS – and it wasn't just an asteroid


Re: re: Luis Walter's son, named Walter

Walter Walter?

Everywhere but not a drop to dlink?

I will stick to beer thanks.

Massive global cooling process discovered as Paris climate deal looms


Re: VOCs - white paint yellowing

Oh! yes to this :-)

Well it made me smile before 09:00 on a Friday.

Here have a beer on me.

Astroboffins EYEBALL 13 BEELLION-year-old galaxy far, far, farthest away from Earth


Re: The usual definition of "observable Universe" includes being observable.

Ah the sockethole theory:-

"And it was to this planet that unattended sockets would make their way, slipping away quietly through wormholes in space to a world where they knew they could enjoy a uniquely soketoid lifestyle, responding to highly socket-oriented stimuli, and generally leading the socket equivalent of the good life."

(Apologies to D. A.)

Coat? Nah, just looking for my biro ------->

They’re FAT. They’re ROUND. They’re worth almost a POUND. Smart waaatch, smart waaatch


@ Alan

"I wear glasses for reading. Without them, I couldn't read the notifications etc. I'm not going to search out my reading glasses just to see the time!!!

I'll stick with a nice analogue old fashioned watch with a battery that lasts years.

Alan [Founder member (only member) of the Luddite Watch Society]"

I am also in the same boat.

My Old, old Casio Telememo 50 has a db onboard, stores phone numbers, passport and other stuff, plus more.

It has gone through 3 straps and only 4 batteries in approx 20 years, 50m water proof and still runs like a trooper, bit scratched here and there but I do wear it 24/7, plus it does not wake me in the middle of the night because some pi55ed person cannot access their pr0n as the internet is off :-)

May I become a "Chronorary" member of your club please?

Twenty years since Windows 95, and we still love our Start buttons


Re: Turbo-blast from the past

"Did that button actually do anything?"


A little sign popped up saying:

"Please do not press this button again"


Re: The public accepted Windows 95

There used to be an excellent keyboard from Cherry ( google: cherry cymotion master linux keyboard ) which came with its own Open source config.

I had one for years, wish I could get hold of another.

The keys were just a tad bigger than norm ( great for fat fingers like mine ) an absolute pleasure to use for 10 hours a day, easy to clean, just unscrew the 5-6 base screws and after removing the circuit you could throw the whole lot in the shower, none of these stupid little rubber egg cups to hide under the furniture, when dry couple of screws for the circuit and put the back on.

Wonderful keyboard, shame they stopped making that one.

Flying Spaghetti Monster spotted off Angolan coast


at first I laughed until

I watched the video and then I thought "What a lot we still do not know"

But there again it is reasonably early on Friday and not enough caffeine yet :-)

Marky Mark & the techie bunch: We love you, China. Can Facebook 'n' Apple come over?


Re: Is it just me

Wot him worry?

Mighty Blighty filter tilter causes communications chaos


Spelling prob in article...

Pedant alert here!!!

I think you will find there is an "l" in "conflab", just saying :-)


Re: Mission creep

Oh how I would like to think that what you have said is in jest but as always I fear that I am wrong again.

Kudos and have one of these on me


'We're having panic attacks' ... Sony staff and families now threatened in emails


Re: Time to start cutting cables ?

OK so I am a bit late but you beat me to it, upvote for sheer presience.

Also if I had checked my spilling the time would have been about 3 mins shorter, sorry long night sorting out "stuff" (tm).

OpenSUSE tidies up disto model ahead of 13.4

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Re: Erm...

Have been running 13.2 from beta to RC1 here on an old ( circa 2007 ) dual core Samsung R60 laptop that I use for testing, a few niggles during beta but the RC is as stable as my 13.1 install, just one or two very, very minor glitches ( Plymouth ) but does not affect anything.

Give it a try, or wait a week for the GM.


Microsoft: Let's be clear, WE won't read your email – but the cops will

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See title.

Where is the "Applause" icon when you need it?

A thumbs up will have to do.

Not sure if you're STILL running Windows XP? AmIRunningXP.com to the rescue!


Re: Your all up your own arse

"You roll joints from butterflies? Ewwww....www...."

Just don`t ask about the roaches.

Coat? just looking for me skins mate....

Mexican drink-driver shopped to cops - by his own gobby parakeet



Title says all.

Apologies and credit to T.P.

Antarctic ice shelf melt 'lowest ever recorded, global warming is not eroding it'


Re: 200 years of recorded temps?

You may have a (cold) beer from me for that!

Russian probe engines crap out on way to Mars


Funny how that asteroid happened past at the same time, do you think someone is telling us something?

Euro fraud cops crush garlic tax evaders


continental cousins?

You do know that throughout British history garlic or "garlyck" has been used for not only cooking.

I think the first mention in writing goes back as far as the 11th century, it was used as an antibacterial dressing on the battlefield and also as a blood purifier when eaten.

Ramsons ( wild garlic or garlic lilly ) are also steeped in history as they may have been used as a meeting place, they are generally found in damp soil in woodland, usually near a water source, and can be found by the smell of garlic from a distance hence easy to find for non locals, all parts even the flowers are edible and the leaves make a nice addition to a salad if mixed in with the greens.

The there is the much unheard of garlic mustard or Jack of the hedgerow ( named because it can be found along roads or tracks in abundance ) which is native to this country and makes a nice addition to salad greens as well.

I could go on and on and on ( sorry ) but I did research for a thesis many, many years ago so I may have the dates wrong now due to a failing brane.

OK, OK I am going, mines the one with the plants growing out of the pockets.

Leaked Intel roadmap reveals PCIe flash kit


You sir are Chris Mellor and I claim my £5.00p

Is using your own kit at work a good thing?


Where's the penguin?

Fully agree here, totally Linux boxen here. Nearly threw my hand in half way but carried on to the bitter end just to skew the results :-)

US robochopper cargo skyhook gets another $47m

Black Helicopters

Twin rotor...

I think if you look closely it has two rotors each with just 2 vanes.