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Montana TV warns of ZOMBIE ATTACK in epic prank hack

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Black Helicopters

it's alright this helicopter's made of chocolate...

as long as the evac station's up 30 flights of stairs they won't get us....

Internet shut-down easier, in more countries, than you think

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high-altitude- flashy-thing!

but seriously, nothing beats the old EMP for shutting down the net.... and some of the newer toys can be used at lower alts to bust local zones, shutting down selected target areas. just replace infrastructure as necessary afterwards if you wish....

BOFH: The Great Patch Mismatch

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how's this for fun? we had a pcb plant server with super-clean specs to go with our super-clean area ; in which we made nasa and defense ind boards. the designer sold the company on a system that would protect the server from fire using halon, and a hermetically sealed room to keep everything unfiltered out. marvy! it was designed so that positive pressure from the aircon system kept the door sealed airtight , and in time of fire, airtight baffles would shoot into place to seal the ducts to prevent halon from venting into the production zones.

the cdc would have been proud to use the setup as a lab. about a year into operation, lights and sirens erupted due to a short caused in an external upgrade of the server wiring system [ adding yet another strobe]. our current ITLord's habit of getting his coffee-cup [and wick] wet in hr saved his life. the halon fired, the resulting pressure being calculated for the ORIGINALLY DESIGNED server enclosure of nearly three times that size....

someone could probably calculate the pressure/tons per squre inch for us, doesn't matter... the door could not be opened, the clever "in case of fire power-interruption circuits" inside the enclosure couldn't be reset, and the stupid allen-key lock-release for the door was useless because it couldn't be pushed in the quarter-inch to slide it over.

they were forced to bust through one of the very costly walls with a sledge, putting concrete dust everywhere, and spreading it throughout production along with the halon. my roundly ignored , low-man advice of drilling a vent-hole and then patching the priceless door was roundly nay-sayed. so i didn't suggest drilling the wall [ half meter concrete with 1cm epoxy resin sealer-coat ]. costly clean-up , and a weeks production lost... because they jackhammered through the wall to get to the circuits..

Boeing zaps PCs using CHAMP missile microwave attacks

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Re: No one here remembers TEMPEST then?

i can neither confirm nor deny remembering a project that i am not allowed to confirm or deny having worked on nor ever heard of; even though it's been outed through the freedom of information act....

Thanks ever so much Java, for that biz-wide rootkit infection

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if you must use winsads

... then merely keep clean backups of your criticals and personals; and when something like this happens, just fdisk it to the ground , nwipe it to the curb, and reinstall your crippleware. :D

UK-French drone aircraft blueprints nicked at Paris station

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it's been a long known fact

since early in the cold war days......

if you want the soviets [ insert appropriate current foe instead] to know.... tell the french and wait two weeks.

KIBOSH 'non lethal' sticky-bomb hits a car, fills it with gas

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OH GOD!!!!!!!!!

i thought that had been banned by the geneva convention in the fifties!

MYSTERY of huge Canadian chicken-shed EXPLOSION

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i can't believe no one's suggested....

<---------- hen-grenades...... ;)

Co-op cashier's breasts overcharged for fruit and veg

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i'd say its safe to say

there was a bit of a rhubarb over the pepper, caused by melons [ and possibly jealousy ] , but solved by the store putting their best foot forward and uplifting the [ certainly non-offending ] rounded body parts in question?

the only unsorted items appear to be :

0: omitting this post.


2:pictures and diagrams if appropriate [ pg.3].

3:the attempt to remove the mental picture of a pre-operative simona halep wearing a skimpy tesco-ish uniform from popping into our heads for the rest of the day.

4:having several pints to discuss the relative merits of weights and measures and how they apply to common interests.

5:the possible banning of most of us by the moderatrix for life after having risen to the challenge, which is surely a trap.

6: trollkin, because this post really is across the yellow line...

BOFH: Pepper-packing bot plot

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not all shuriken are "star" shaped. there are specific varieties with individual names , several types are 'arrow' or 'rod' shaped. those would be fairly easy to launch using a sabot-assissted system, or a vapourising aluminum collar....

BOFH: Robot wars

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just search youtube for the latest quqdrotor guidance testing...

disturbing fun as several with up-modded rotors lft from within the central carrier unit....

Google data center links shot down by 'bored' riflemen

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actually... there are anti-hunters

hunting hunters , too , as well as the occasional drunks, or "sound-shooters". additionally, in some countries, including private preserves in the u.s. one may hunt tigers [ those are the large orange and black striped animals...] . and some animal rights activists have been known to paint harp seals and other creatures ORANGE to render them unusable commercially or as trophies......

mines the class IIIC with the extra ammo in the pockets, as i'd shoot back! :)

Turkish groom accidentally sprays wedding guests with bullets

tim 4

says who?!

they certainly are! says the man who gunsmithed for sig sauer for several years , specifically fitting slides and frames for accuracy....

also , whilst bored , and using a spotter , we fired an hk.45 at a target at 100 yards, at a standard target and hit it in the scored areas 7 out of 10. three times around the bullseye, and once in. none of us were snipers. if three guys messing about can do it with a stock firearm , an accurized one can do better. the .45 is still underappreciated i guess...

Airline ejects passenger for being hungry

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Black Helicopters


is like goldy or bronzey , but made out of iron[ to paraphrase baldric] , which makes it dangerous. you could do some one an injury with a good chunk of irony....

i worked contract [and non tsa ] security in the us at manchester airport for near two years.....

the stories i could tell about airline japes and wack-job passengers alike are impressive...

black heli , because it's the safest way to fly, and they'll be on their way now.....

tim 4

since air marshalls

are required to wear suits on all flights, it shouldn't be hard to spot them. but what color , you ask? that's secret. since no one ever wears a suit on a plane , you can ask the one guy in economy in a brooks bros how long he's been an " agent".

Israel using Facebook as 'spying tool' in Gaza

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Black Helicopters

i can haz shmert spionam?

awwww C'MON!!!!!!!!!! if this isn't an indication that people are the same all over , nothing is. no diff between this and other crimtards posting pics and blogs about what they've stolen , vandalized or abused on the weekend. posting brags and bullshit is done by morons everywhere, to the benefit of LEO's and nat'l sec's all over. just enter them in the darwin award nominations and have done!


Remote tribe discovered worshipping iPad

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SO....what's for afters? and loved the article by the way!

California cops don defensive headcams

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Black Helicopters

coming to you live from network 23...

....are you getting this? hey? am i on?

German electropulse energy drill bitchslaps lasers

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in firearms mfg and mods, magnaporting can be done by edm, as can cutting or shaping/ , and or drilling in various locations. it's used for socketing bolts, removing broken taps or bits , and occasionally for smoothing internal areas that are hard to reach otherwise. much more flexible in use than just BLOWING A HOLE IN THE MATERIAL!!

and what ABOUT non-ferrous material... does it just induction heat it into slag??? if it actually worked on nicu or alumibronze , that could be a godsend for heavy industry... but just light and channel steel, get serious.

BOFH: Slab happy

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and is it only exit signs? possibly a field meter might be a wise investment for the pfy....

used to use an old am/fm pocket radio to trace wiring years back as a tech before drilling walls to place new cabling.... : ]

BOFH: A spot of bother

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"win32.k9herpeeeses.trojan" exists!

it's being sold by the beast of redmond as "windows 7" , and you'll even pay to get infected! escape key, because you can't......