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Linus Torvalds releases 'biggest ever' Linux 4.9, then saves Christmas

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Why have you included a picture of Christopher Biggins!

Is it Panto season?

Wi-Fi baby heart monitor may have the worst IoT security of 2016

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Re: First security problem is using wireless for critical application

>>If you want a gadget, add a Raspberry Pi to monitor wind speed, cradle movement, and precipitation.

Smart nappies, now you are on a winner.

Patriotic Brits rush into streets to celebrate… National Cream Tea Day

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Re: “tea before milk”.

Just wrong!, adding milk before removing the old bag could incur floaters.

Maplin Electronics demands cash with menaces

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Argos too

I tried to order a TV last Christmas which said "available tomorrow" (click and collect done after 4pm on a Sunday so fair enough) all the way through until I decided to checkout when I had to wait 5 days and was then advised to pay for it upfront or the price could change (which as it was on offer I was not going to take that risk).

Three non-obvious reasons to Vote Leave on the 23rd

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Re: Did UK make ever something positive to make EU stronger?

"Schengen helps for the free circulation of people and goods across Europe, favoring business and mind opening. It helped around 2 millions european workers to move across Europe and bring their competences where they were needed."

Not quite, almost but not quite.

Schengen is a way to allow freedom of movement for anyone with the right to remain within the Schengen zone(either short or long term). By its nature of removing boundaries it allows the easy moment of goods within the zone.

I do not need Britiain to be part of Schengen to allow me to work in Germany that is covered under the EU rules. Yet Switzerland is part of Schengen (not EU) but EU citizen or not I cannot just appear and start a year long stay without getting a visa of some description (the Swiss are not very forgiving if you break the rules and take the piss).

As a member of the EU, Britain does not stop EU citizens from entering the UK and in most cases from working, what it does do is stop non-EU citizens from entering the UK without valid visa even if they do have a Schengen visas. This has been the problem with visitor from the Chinese middle classes who go the "Grand Tour of Europe" but need to apply for 2 visas rather than one. This has meant that many do not bother to come to Britain as it is too difficult.

And for an alternative case look at the Russian football hooligan who was deported from France last week but came back 2 days later. He said as his Schengen Visa was not cancelled he was still able to travel back to France without any problem.

So IMO Schengen has advantages but also disadvantages.

Your new Android Smartwatch? Dead!

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Re: Expectations

By making the phone and wearables market just like the PC market the OS makers and manufacturers have pushed the notion that Mobiles and Wearables are mini-PC's and users have been able update the OS and get updates every week/month for a long time.

I would suggest that Apple have been the main contributor to this idea by releasing new (and free) OS Upgrades on a regular basis and announcing them with fanfare, ok they are now not supporting all models of phone but the simplicity of the model Apple has with a limited line of products that the same OS can be installed on the last x years models is pushed openly and that ensures that Android and Windows users assume to expect the same level of service. Unfortunately OEMs do not have a simple model and try to hit too many entry points at the same time.

The OEMs are still working on the old propitiatory model from 10 years ago where phones were closed and had a 1-2 year contract and shelf life but users now expect the Apple Model. This device software update cycle is then cascaded into the consumer market whether phones, wearables, smart TV's etc.

Forget Game of Thrones as Android ransomware infects TVs

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Re: Killing TVs, a step too far

I have an Android TV

It does not allow Side Loading, no option to allow installing from unknown sources (which is a pain as I would like to install Amazon Prime Video),

I installed ES FileExplorer and KODI as soon as I could from the Play Store.

But have rarely use the Smart or Android features, just not compelling enough - I don't want to play Crossy Road or Candy Crush on a remote control and the Android Smartphone App for Android TV is poor on features (IIRC it was meant to act as a game pad but doesn't).

Send tortuous stand-up ‘nine-thirty’ meetings back to the dark ages

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Morning Prayers

In a previous work place a few years ago we had Morning Prayers but also Evening Psalms.

Government hails superfast broadband deal for new homes

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Re: Still building mud and sticks.

Quite a few new home builds include a combined Cloakroom / Utility Room now. I think that is actually a good use of space and saves on two under used rooms.

However I can see it causing family strife if someone has just laid a cable and the washing machine finishes shortly after.

Brit boffins brew nanotech self-cleaning glass

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Self Cleaning Glass

We have SCG on our Conservatory Roof (circa 2007) We have had it cleaned by the window cleaner twice in that time (and not for any real reason). IIRC it added about £3 - 4K to the total cost instead of plastic.

Not sure how good it is to be honest as I rarely take any notice of it but I do know it doesn't collect algae like the plastic roofs and i have never noticed a large amount of water marks.

BT could lawyer up after Sky’s sport channels obligation removed

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Re: No Sky thanks

I am not defending Sky but take away the Sports and Movie premium channels, do you really think that the channels can survive on the small amount paid to them by sky per subscriber and channels such as Discovery / Dave make new content without Adverts. If you don't want the adverts in such volume use sky's catch up service.

Look at what you get for your money:

£20 = 35+ paid for channels or 57p per channel per subscriber (that's without Sky taking an admin fee which I assume they do to process your account)

£30 = 75+ paid for channels or 40p per channel per subscriber

Both quote 240 FTA channels.

I would suggest even with the user base sky has, the totals given to each paid for channel is significantly less than the BBC gets per channel from the TV Licence and the BBC is in financial problems highlighted only this week.

Nokia will be the mobile comeback kid in 2016 – wishful-thinking sources

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If you look at the core offering there is little difference in the functions between S60 and latest gen Smart OS's, it is just that today's standards are refined to provide productivity, intelligence and performance. Application intelligence should not be confused with "smart" in smartphone.




a mobile phone that performs many of the functions of a computer, typically having a touchscreen interface, Internet access, and an operating system capable of running downloaded apps.

Tesco tosses loss-making Blinkbox into TalkTalk's basket

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Re: And there goes the market for VoD to Amazon...

"Amazon will never take over the VOD market while they have the strange policy of cripling themselves by only offering video on Kindle devices"

If you mean downloadable video through the Prime Instant Video then yes you do need a kindle fire (and then it is not the entire catalogue) , but we watch Amazon Prime Instant Video through our Blu-Ray player or on PC or if needed via the WII U (The is also an app for Android).

Couch potatoes relax: Netflix scores big STREAMING TV PATENT win

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Re: Wide Load?

Have an up-vote for that beautiful observation which I missed. I have tears of joy (even if it is under the influence which means I am a little more joyous than I would have been).

Move over, Apple Pay: Tesco trials PayQwiq phone-flash pay app

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Re: Sounds like a non starter

At Little Waitrose at Kings Cross stations the coin hopper is a conveyer belt contraption that your coins need to be flat on so that they disappear through the slot. I have discovered a flaw though - round coin, props on side wall and happily spins for eternity. I was confused why I was a penny short when I had put the exact change in to find the penny spinning away happy as Larry.

Also the coin conveyer belt is on top so vertically challenged people will not have a clue that their pound coin is trying the coin rolling endurance record.

Forget bonking, have ONE OFF THE WRIST with Barclaycard's bPay

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By the idiots who thought....

it was a good idea to send customers (through the post) a couple of sticky "wave pay" labels in a letter to attach to the back of your phone etc to save getting out your Barclaycard at the till. The letter was even sent in the name of the head of Barclaycard saying how it was so good he wanted me to have it and stick on my phone as I was constantly using it so it save me time at the till.

My problem with all that was that:

I didn't ask for it,

I didn't know it was coming

It was sent via an insecure delivery system

It was good at the time for £10 no questions asked.

It didn't need activating.

I had to dispose of it.


I hope they don't do the same stunt again, getting rid if a wristband will be much harder than shredding a sticker.

BTW, I am a happy contactless payment user (I use it all the time) but I prefer to use the actual card.

Moto 360: Neat gizmo – if you're a rich nerd

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Not enough time

A watch needs to tells me the time, additional information is fine but it's primary role is a time piece and I am quite happy that I only need to change the battery every 2 years or so. I don't understand why I would want a watch that might run out of juice on a daily basis on my way home from work especially when I am trying to catch the right train.

Wetsuits, sunshine, bikini babes and a competitive streak: Epyx California Games

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Ah the memories DT Decathlon on the Speccy.

On the Javelin, if you got it right you would easily have beaten Jan Zelezny, Steve Backley and Fatima Whitbread with one arm behind your back.

Oooo brings back memories, the good old Quickshot joystick with suction caps that detached from the desk mid flow in the 400m as your arm started to die.

'I don't understand why they feel like they own the word CANDY'

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Re: Europe and Candy

I had a Candy Fridge Freezer some years ago.

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Re: Just an additional thought about log me in.

Team viewer is blooming useful, I use it to help the extended family out and take control of PC's. I have have lots of problems with Windows Remote Assistance and Team Viewer just works.

Google and Apple in DRAG RACE: It's fanboi Mercs VS fandroid Audis

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Nokia Terminal Mode

Wasn't this Nokia's big idea back in 2010?

Where your phone became the in car sat nav, radio, mp3 player, phone all displayed on the in car system when connected via Bluetooth. I thought the idea was that it would connect to any "smartphone" not just Nokia.

'Daddy, can I use the BLACK iPAD?': Life with the Surface Pro 2

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Was this a Harware review?

I 'm confused was this a review of the hardware or a how to use windows 8.1 with office 365 and related web apps.

At least half this "review" could have been done on any touchscreen PC/Laptop/Ultrabook with Windows 8.1 installed.

FREEZE, GLASSHOLE! California cops bust Google Glass driver

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Name, Address and Signature

All in one convenient place. Why not provide bank details too.

Is it me or it that open for abuse.

Windows 8.1: Microsoft's reluctant upgrade has a split-screen personality

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Re: Meh.

I'm with you, I have 8.0 on my Samsung Laptop and although it took me a few days to work out things but I am very happy with both the Start Screen and not having a start menu.

Using Windows Key + Q takes me straight to all the apps installed on my Laptop which I can then pin to taskbar, start or just launch. No problem and it keeps my desktop clutter free, once in the desktop view then Windows Key switches me nicely between desktop and start.

The main annoyance is the "multi-touch" track pad on the laptop which attempts to create the touch-screen but fails and is just very annoying especiallly when trying to right click on icons on the start menu.

HYPERSONIC METEOR smashes into Russia, injuring hundreds

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Re: Mercator

Am I the only person who misread that as Gail Porter?

Toy train company bids for West Coast Mainline

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I experience constant broken rails and have had several bridge collapses and have also been rolling stock derail as rogue object bounces across the tracks.

Bob Crow will be up in arms!

Outlook 2013 spurns your old Word and Excel documents

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I assume that it is only for preview in message not if you double click on the file or save as.

It is not as if the files cannot be opened in Word/Excel 2013.

Or is this actual useful bit of information missing from this informative article.

Apple iPhone 5 review

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Re: I'd rather have the Lightning adaptor than yet another USB AC transformer.

Apple appear to have got around the EU law for all Mobile Phones to charge by Micro USB by selling a Lightning > Micro USB Adapter, yours for just £15.

Panasonic DMC-GX1 compact system camera

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I have a Lumix G3 and a Crumpler Cupcake 1500 (crumplers marketing shows a GF1 inside), this is a good fit with the default 14-42mm lense and has a section for a second lens of similar or smaller body length. I actually this compartment for a spare battery, lens cover and lens hood in.

Have just got the 45/200mm lense and that is too long to fit when attached to the body, so will need a bigger bag at some point.

Samsung refreshes ChromeOS hardware with first desktop system

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UK buyers .... Best Buy

"UK buyers can grab the devices from John Lewis, PC World and Best Buy. "


Netgear Powerline Nano 500 Ethernet-over-mains adaptor

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Re: How many people use these things?

I have just set up a 3 point system at home using TP-Link 200mbps adaptors and it works fine (I have now ditched the 300N network).

I have connected BT Home Bub3 with Sky Box, WD TV Hub (Home Hub and TV are on different sides of the room) and PC (in a seperate room) and can happily stream video from the PC via the WD TV Hub and copy large video files over in a between PC and Hub in at least 1/8 of the time that I could with the WiFi if it actually completed without throwing the WiFi connection.

Whether or not there are many other users I am pretty chuffed with the results so far and will probably look to put one upstairs for the 2nd Sky Box at some time.

41-megapixel MONSTER mobe shutters Nokia knockers

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Re: Re: BBC Article was scathing

In over 10 years I could count all positive article on the BBC about Symbian on one hand. Even when it was a British company they never supported them.

IMO Rory Wotsit Jones is an awful technology reporter.

Virgin Media to push out nimble new broadband speeds

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@Thecowking: I have and I must be in a minority

I was on the 10mb package (had been with NTL/Virgin for nearly 10 years - started out on 512kbps) but rarely got speeds over 1mb so after several phone calls to "Bob" in India I plucked up the courage and ditched them. Bob's view was that it was all down to my hardware (even though I tried different PC's while on the phone all direcly connected to the Modem rather than my Router).

They only offered to send out an engineer, after we gave notice to quit, during the "Why are you leaving" courtesy call.

Now I am happily getting 6mbps on BT and paying a lot less (and Infinity is coming in March).

Intellectual Ventures wages patent war on Motorola

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According to Auntie, Google part bankroll IV


Virgin Media flogs off UKTV stake for £339m

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er.....Dave, formerly UK Gold

Are you saying Dave is formerly UK Gold or there is a tv channel called formerly UK Gold?

Dave is Dave and UK Gold is now G.O.L.D. (isn't it?)

Fujitsu installs Windows 7... on a phone

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Try that old no one wants phone OS


Old news - about 2 months


Lady Gaga puts the squeeze on breast milk ice cream

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Oh yes, sue the freak!

She openly admits it.


Toilet texting not a faux pas, declares Intel

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Toilet texting

While working for Symbian, in the early days, we each received a Nokia 7650, a few of us were in the pub when I received an MMS from a collegue with a photo of the pan in trap 1.

Apple gives Palm the boot - again

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Am I missing things here but don't companies have to licence the ability to sync with Windoze Media Player? So why should Palm not have to licence connectivity from Apple? If apple are not interested in Licencing then boo hoo!

German boffins invent steel Velcro

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Carpet fluff!

Will it become less sticky when full up with carpet fluff, cotton and hair?

iPhone rescue girl gets head stuck down bog

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Ewan McGregor didn't have such problems in trainspotting.

Tourist magnet blows off Speedo-wearing men

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Who in thiere right mind

wants to sit in fibre-glass ride on a hot sunny day in a banana hamock?

Burn baby burn!

Oh and as for the French ideas, I have seen plenty of times fat germans wandering along the road in greece's finest during the day in Speedos and Flip Flops. What is the difference between them and me in my swim shorts? At least I am air cooled.

I shall be protesting strongly this year during my hols in France, I may throw burning speedo's into the pool to show my disgust. If the french do one thing well it is to protest, I am sure they will welcome me as a hell raising brother in arms.

Deutsche Bank sacks two for spying

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too many spies

So they had spies spy on the spies.

Google polishes Chrome into netbook OS

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An OS and Web Browser as one?

I am outraged that Google are forcing me to use their browser!

I hope I can replace Chrome with Firefox!

Australia's 'answer to the velociraptor' unveiled

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This Austrian Lovenator

Bruno will be proud


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