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Bloke gets wedding tackle trapped in ring

Simon 39

Wait, what?

The story should be that a man old enough to marry could still fit his gear through the rather confined space of a wedding ring.

-Or was this "metal ring" a ring of another variety?

Do tell.

How an ancient printer can spill your most intimate secrets

Simon 39

What's old is new again.

This "news" is decades old.

Those machines were never secure, anyone remotely interested in the topic should have known this.

Next we'll have some top notch product of our educational system discover the cardboard box.

Two infosec blunders that betrayed the Russian spy ring

Simon 39

In Soviet Russia....

target spies on you!

Secret documents: The Truth about MoD's UFO files

Simon 39


I'm at a loss to understand why the existing files have to be destroyed.

What? Is the cost of data storage too high? Come on.

Police arrest MD of dowsing-rod 'bomb detector' firm

Simon 39


Good for him, seriously.

A sham swimming in a sea of shams.

I hope he doesn't get treated too harshly. After all, the original scam was "official", don't forget.

FBI faked terror alerts to get phone records

Simon 39

Oh my....

Remember how the US used to point at the Soviets and say to us:

"This! This is the sort of thing we're protecting you from!".


Greens more likely thieves and liars, says shock study

Simon 39


This study appears to have failed to produce any meaningful results.

Let's throw some leaders of industry and politics into this test and see if we can establish another link between thieves & liars.

Heck, we could do this all day.

France Telecom blamed for another worker suicide

Simon 39

Not surprised

This poor bastard was sent to do the job I do, but in Canada.

"Rhymes with hell"

I can totally understand how someone could be driven to suicide in this line of work.

It's quarterly results uber alles, with ethics guidelines only for show.

US Spec Ops operates psywar websites targeted at UK

Simon 39


Has the word "Truth" ever been more misused and tarnished than in the past 10 years?

NY residents sue for $100m over phone masts

Simon 39


Property values are dropping everywhere, but for these people it's because of this "special" reason. Yeah, sure. Maybe those unsightly traffic lights and stop signs should go too.

Underground forum r00t-y0u.org gets pwned

Simon 39

Doubt it...

I would expect any law enforcement group to at least identify themselves.

Sure, they got hacked, but I doubt it was the fuzz.

US appeals court cans CAN-SPAM suit

Simon 39

Direct action indeed.

Almost makes a frustrated person want to take the law into their own hands...

IT grad sues school over failed job hunt

Simon 39


Guess who's not getting reunion invites?

The university is at least guilty of admitting and then churning out these dipshits.

But hey, maybe she's not getting the jobs for perfectly legit reasons like say.....being a dipshit.

Everybody is guilty.

Zombies bite into Symbian smartphones

Simon 39

It's all about teh monies.

Steve: "but what's wrong with a phone that, e.g., just makes calls?"

There's less profit in it!

They want you to opt for the more complicated device so you can use billable services.

Follow the money, it's all that matters.

US starts emergency radio tests

Simon 39

"The Liberty"

Isn't that the name of a battery powered wheelchair in the US now too?

and a high tech flashlight.

and most likely a firearm of some sort.

and a stun gun.

and a ship.

And rolling out a brand new radio system a few short months before a big event?

Nah, nothing could possibly go wrong with that.