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Your anonymous code contributions probably aren't: boffins


Not a new concept

Morse code operators could be identified by their distinctive 'fist', people can be identified by their handwriting, you can tell a person who rides from their riding style before you can make out details of their face or by their gait when walking towards you.

I am Police Sergeant L. Torvalds! Stop or I'll shoot


Linus Torvalds Sherrifs Badge

As long as he isn't showing his rusty one then we are ok...

Researchers: Trolls have dark tetrad of personality defects


Re: Trolling for suckers

Nice old school troll there, made me reflexively twitch towards the keyboard.

It's an overused word that has lost its original meaning and now is used for disagreement, people with an agenda (whilst also being an asshat) like Holborn all the way to those who send rape threats.

e-Borders fiasco: Brits stung for £224m after US IT giant sues UK govt


Re: Tears roll down my cheeks

Aaaaaaand rinse and repeat. Usual 'lessons will be learnt' guff.

From the outside it looks like yet another poorly defined project with no KPI's and function creep from the outset. Tie that in with the fact that it looks like Raytheon's lawyers were better than the governments and I am crying on the step next to Frank.

The fact that it gives Keith Vazeline chance to pontificate and sound important is the icing on the turd.

UK WhatsApp duo convicted of possessing extreme porn


Re: unsolicited

So not a strict liability (happy to be corrected) but the bar seems rather high... if the recipient is not an expert then the defence fails. One of the examples is that the guy deleted the photo but it remained on the camera roll and they didn't realise. Ignorance of the law is no excuse but it seems that ignorance of your phone's OS is


Re: unsolicited

As far as I understand it's a strict liability offence like speeding. No defence or mitigation it's either yes or no.

That being said it's bloody ludicrous that unsolicited stuff can get you a fine, a record and a big black mark in any CRB check

UK smut filter may have sent game patch to sin-bin


Well that's my holiday ruined!

I'll never be able to download the tourist guide to Scunthorpe!

Coroner suggests cars should block mobile phones


Re: Surely there is another side to this...

There is a massive difference between maintaining distance with someone who is engine braking as opposed to someone with no brake lights. I followed a van with no brake lights and despite increasing distance markedly in ordinary urban driving I was almost caught out a couple of times as I was having to watch for the van 'nodding'.

It's amazing how much we rely on the cues for action and the horrors that can occur if they are absent.

Linux backdoor squirts code into SSH to keep its badness buried


This wouldn't have happened if they were using Linux!

Err. .. oh bugger.

Seriously though the malware in this story seems to be of a level way above the usual windows effort. Guess the malware merchants have stopped looking at userland for their id theft needs..

NO! Radio broadcasters snub 'end of FM' DAB radio changeover


The reason why the TV switchover worked was because it was easy and relatively cheap (£10 freeview box).

The radio switchover is neither and until they bridge that gap no one will be interested.

Bletchley Park vows to upload secret World War II code-cracking archives


Well Done HP

No sarcasm, no irony... Just well done to them for providing practical support to a plave and time of international significance.

Google it appears repaired the roof and HP are showing us what went on Inside so well done to Google too.

Economical Indian MOM whips up her eggs en route to Mars


Re: Valentine Michael Smith

As do I my water brother

Facebook fans fuel faggots firestorm


Re: Faggots, AKA "Savoury ducks" offensive?

These things should be a source of amusement about the differences between us denizens of Sol 3 rather than offence... For example I would like to be a fly on the wall when someone tries to 'Bum a fag'!

You have however made me think of bacon and we have none in the house and THAT offends me!

US parents proclaim 811 'Messiahs'


Re: Brian

All together now....

'He is however a very naughty boy'

Torvalds suggests poison and sabotage for ARM SoC designers


Much as he is right I think someone should put a surprise in HIS coffee cup, Decaf.

Assange fails in bid for election to Australian Senate


Re: Gee, you think?

You mean that we haven't been led by the best and brightest minds of our generation? Thanks for shattering that illusion :(

Confirmed by cockup: New iPhones will be named 5S and 5C


Re: Reporting?

Its tye policy of the vulture central team (Team Vulture?) to follow the spelling/grammar/idom of the journo involved. Therefore we get the differentbspelling from RIk etc from the west coast as opposed to what hapens on the south bank; or in Lesters case we get articles with a straw hat on top after a siesta.

'Peeping while you're sleeping' NSA parody T-shirt ban BACKFIRES


Upvoted for Bill Hicks reference... Although if you are in marketing.... Kill yourself

Amazon's weekend cloud outage highlights EBS problems


Automated Failover...

Isn't that supposed to be one of the selling points? That and distributed resilience?

Brazilians tear strip off NSA in wake of Snowden, mull anti-US-spook law


Re: Doesn't Matter

Petty distinctions like whether the data is the proprty of s subsidiary matter not a jot....

Facing down the CIA/NSA will take an extremy large pair of brass balls like the owner of Lavabit...


Doesn't Matter

If the US authorities go to a US based company for data held in a 3rd party country with a valid court order... They will have to hand it over. They can't do anything else!

Oi, trolls, BEHAVE! Twitter tweaks rules to tackle abusive twits


Re: One Direction and Black Ops Fans are as bad

Holy shit.... All of these are, if we use the same criteria, worthy of a visit by plod.

So why haven't they?


its simple

Don't write or message anything that you wouldn't be happy to say out loud in a bar....

As for the rape/bomb threats... That stuff is already illegal and rightly so...

Robot cop called in after MAD BONGER blown up in LIQUID MARIJUANA EXPLOSION



As any fule no butane has an unpressurised boiling point of way below room temperature so all he needed to do was leave it until all the dangerous stuff had naturally gone away in a well ventilated room...

After that you can roll some dry cigarette type tobacco in the oil and it ends up resembling the damper rolling type tobacco...


IT Crowd thesp eyes giant hot-air-filled FLYING SCROTUM


Fire up the pun-o-tron

This story is nuts! It must take a giant pair of balls to float in the air like that!

Lots more but don't want to shoot my load so early...

'First' 3D-printed rifle's barrel splits after single shot


Two things are going on, thermal and physical shock. Both of which would be difficult to engineer with plastics.

Texas man charged in multimillion-dollar Bitcoin Ponzi scheme


Doesnt matter what the currency is...

Scakmers gonna scam...

Burger-rage horse dumps on McDonald's: Rider saddled with fat fine


Didn't Mark Thomas take a flatbed lorry (complete with performing rockband) through a McD's drive-through?

It was about 15-20 years ago and as I am on my mobile a youtube search is out!

Idaho patriots tool up to battle Jihad with pork bullets


Re: What's next?

Builders Tea with a breakfast like that isnt an option.... IT'S THE LAW!


Re: Square bullets

Accuracy would.be horrible so would be a short range defence at best....

Apple threatens ANOTHER Samsung patent lawsuit


Re: Another one?

Possibly... Different jurisdictions though.....

There are so many suits going on between every different party that its impossivpble to keep up... Winners and losers? No.. Only losers and its us the consumer doing the losing...


Another one?

Damned things are like the Hydra... Chop one off and two appear in its place...

Finance CIOs sweat as regulators prepare to probe aging mainframes


Re: It's the redundancy, stoopid!

Offsite backup for fish tank..... You mean a pond?

India's eager IT grads fall for fake interview scams



Harsh lesson straight out of school. Not sure our graduates would do any better with that scam.

We have a different scam over here though called 'Internships'

Microsoft's canceled 'Project Brazil' took aim at Amazon, eBay


Not News

Company investigates new way of making money then decides not to enter market as the commercials don't stack up...

Film at 11...

Nuke plants to rely on PDP-11 code UNTIL 2050!


if it aint broke....

A well understood, rock solid, stable industrial control system... Controlling a system that has no tolerance for failure..

What's not to like?

BBC-featured call centre slapped with hefty fine for unwanted calls


you misunderstand an auto dialler...

An Automated Calling System (to use the name preferred by OFCOM) works by taking a list of numbers anmng them in sequence. The assumption you quote above is the pacing algorithm, a known amount of people will not pick up (usually 30%) and along with the average call length this allows the algorithm to 'over dial' for the number of agents. If all goes well there will be, as stated above, no more than a 15 second gap between contacts. If it goes badly you have people on the other end of the phone listening to silence.

In cases where there is a nuisance call created there are things that have to happen, an information message and callback criteria (within 72 hours must guarantee a live operator).

The lists they dial have to be checked against TPS unless you have an existing relationship with the company and you have opted in, the call is service and not marketing or they are pursuing for debt.

SCO vs. IBM battle resumes over ownership of Unix


Re: Corporations are people, my friend!

If corporations are people.... how come they are taxed on profit rather than income as the fleshy people are... No one has satisfactorily explained this anomaly to me...

Or is it an application of the golden rule...


Answer me a question...

How many bites of the cherry do you get? How many times of getting told no do you have to finally give up and go away...

Isn't there a limit you get to up the chain of courts where there is no appeal from that? Please say yes for my sanity if nothing else?

CIA spooks picked Amazon's 'superior' cloud over IBM


Re: A switched-on Client

That was my takeaway too, Amazon guaranteed a price whereas IBM worded it in such a way that it was obvious that they expected extra fees to be coming their way.

And who can run a business like that?

Confidence in US Congress sinks to lowest level ever recorded


I will believe in politicians...

When they take the medicine they prescribe for us... Isn't it true that congress has a fantastic medical plan that covers not only the politicians but their families as well?

Big browser builders scramble to fix cross-platform zero-day flaw


your computer is not the target...

You are....

ROBOT COW teaches Saudi kids where milk comes from


how far...

Will cow gags get milked...

Someone will have a beef with this story...

I know where the door is thanks... No need to push!

Linus Torvalds threatens verbal assault on developers' pets


Re: @Chrism 06:26

Linus knows his faults (he has been up front with them in interviews) so he uses them to get people on side... no problem for me.

Admittedly when he goes off on a rant he can come across as unprofessional but you can't doubt his track record... delivering a stable kernel that runs a large percentage of the world-facing web servers (86% comes to mind but happy to be corrected).


Self Deprecating Humour

The ability to laugh at yourself is the best sign of a person who is not liky to disappear up their own arse...

Seems like Linus is safe from.becoming a marketdroid :)

NSA Prism: Why I'm boycotting US cloud tech - and you should too


Re: Ive read the US constitution

Article one, section eight has two parts which are key to the argument. These are the fact that Congress has a duty to promote the 'general welfare' along with the power to bring bills containing 'necessary and proper' legislation.

That is where the issues come into play with unenumerated powers, the argument from congress is that the legislation promotes general welfare so is lawful under that power.

As for the fourth amendment, it should be rewritten to take into account the changes that have taken place... surely emails and documents on the computer fall under the 'papers' provision, but does your history not also count? And monitoring of metadata, doesn't that sound like a 'writ of assistance' fishing expedition?


Re: Ive read the US constitution

The tenth amendment clearly states that all powers not expressly delegated to the federal government are reserved to the people or the states, there is however tension between that and the 'necessary and proper' clause which is where the arguments you ate talking about come from (/with the exception of Lincoln's Habeus Corpu which was a wrong decision then and is now)

The constitution as a living document is clear from article five where it sets out the process (and has been used multiple times) as you have said.

You seem to be an adherent of the doctrine of states rights but that meaning is tested once or twice a year I the supreme court and its usually the states who lose.

That being said the supreme court has defined corporations as people for legal purposes, so shouldn't they be paying taxes on income rather than profit like all the rest of the people?


Ive read the US constitution

And the bill of rights along with the declaration of independence.

They are beautiful documents showing some of the highest ideals, there are some outliers of poor judgement like the three fifths compromise.

What most people forget is that it was intended to be a living document rather than a fly caught in amber.

If you read the debates during the time of the ratification of this and the bill of rights, you will see that even the most arch-federalist would not recognize the current governental model as true to those high ideals.

Apple unveils hints of Monday's new-product announcements


Re: What do we want? Gradual change!

when do we want it, as soon as practically possible whilst also allowing system stability to be maintained....

We're losing the battle with a government seduced by surveillance


Re: Angry that the UK piggybacked on this

pIRA were Marxists until the mid eighties. After being under attack for 30 years on and off it was interesting to watch the plastic Irish of Boston justify NORAID