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Twitchers in a flap over 'cock' gagging


ooer missus

Just imagine the trouble a twitcher could have posting a description of a farmyard scene on one of their recent rambles.

...the Turkey was gobbling at a large Cock that had invaded its patch. I was watching a large gathering of Great Tits worrying another large Cock, the Swallows this year are in great abundance.

Read with a slightly adenoidal Brummie accent it all seems clean and decent.

Apple moans over sex toy ad


Re: iGod

So Jobs really could be the Man Who Sued God?


Apple and Ann Summers fighting all the way to the bank

Of course the ad infringes on Apple's imagery, that's obvious. But the whole fuss is quite amusing given that this is just another nail in the coffin of all proper MP3 players as the iPod marches to world domination and becomes synonymous with all portable music players, much like the Walkman did for tape players.

This is free advertising for the iPod, and if the Americans weren't such prudes they would see the funny side and the plus side. This hardly "taints" the Apple brand; strictly speaking Ann Summers are freeloading, but I should think that both sides will end up winners: well, everywhere except the US bible belt maybe.

Terminator kill-bots to be run by system called 'Skynet'


Maybe not Austrian bodybuilders....

"There's no word yet of any plans to cloak Asimo robots in living flesh cloned from large Austrian bodybuilders, but it can only be a matter of time."

Maybe we are going to have an army Terminators cloned from the DNA of our illustrious leader, that's whay he has announced his retirement, he's off to be harvested and live forever. Or maybe, for some diversity, to make infiltration of underground hideouts easier this is the true purpose behind the current DNA harvesting reported here:


George Lucas bitch slaps Spider-Man 3


Yawn, dribble

I wouldn't possibly be able to comment on the relative merits of the Star Wars prequels and Spiderman3. The Star Wars films were so incredibly pompous and boring I think the most I managed was about 15 minutes before falling fast asleep.

I did try, honest, 3 times I tried to watch the first effort.