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The Register's radioactive key rings


The Register's radioactive key rings

So, I bought a set of four tritium keyrings from The Reg when I was living in the UK in the early 2000's. They were advertised as having a half-life of 10 years, which seems pretty accurate. I still have, and use, them all today (moved back to Aus in 2004). They're still glowing, faintly.

Anyone else still have their tritium keyrings from The Reg?

Ready for a nostalgia kick? Usborne has put its old computer books on the web for free


The curse of having an Amstrad

I ended up with about a half-dozen of those books - the Adventure one was the first book we got when we got our CPC464 back in 1985. Typed it in with my dad. Never quite worked properly. But I never remember seeing any of the customisations for Amstrad :(

iPhone crashing bug could lead to serious exploit


Just ...

remove T21 basic service (SM-MT) from the subscriber's profile. Seems a major nuisance though as they won't be able to receive SMs anymore


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