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Fast And Furious 6 cammer thrown in slammer for nearly three years

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Re: Shame it was so short...

@LvH, really? It down to cammers and torrenters? Why didn't someone tell me they had been around for over 50 years? Would have been my solution when my older brothers wouldn't take me with them to see Ghostbusters.

Cinema advertising has been around a long time.

Nuts to your poncey hipster coffees, I want a TESLA ELECTRO-CAFE

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I really have ....

..... to disagree with the McDonalds recommendation. It tastes like they ran the warm tap over a single bean right after running a gallon of chemicals through the system. Have found that for burger joints that Burger King is more flavoursome.

Farmville maker Zynga delays new games after losing 57 million users

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Dear city financial types ......

...... We are running out of games we can copy but will work out a way to scam more cash from those we already have. Please don't dump our stock.



Dr Dre's crew gets Beats-down from Apple: 200 jobs to go – report

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We bought a successful company .......

........ and immediately decided to dump 200 office staff. At no point did we consider if the back office functions they provided created the base for the company to be successful.

Apple fanbois SCREAM as update BRICKS their Macbook Airs

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Re: Frikken Ctrl Alt Option Shift Command Fn Key Del Power

Then you wouldn't need to pay the big boxen builders more money to replace or repair.

Build your own then you can spec a motherboard with dual bios (yes, it's that old but by god it's a fantastic bastard and is AM3+ thanks to a bios update :D) and a cmos reset switch. Costs a few extra pounds but it reduces my need to worry about borked bios updates and psychotic memory dimms ruining my rig. No use for laptop users but they have been limited devices for a long time now.

Motorist 'thought car had caught fire' as Adele track came on stereo

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Re: other titles that would freak out the Adele listener:

No one ever mentions one of my favourites so I will.

'Lets play scratch and sniff with Grandpa's butt' by the Fuknotz. My son wants that one as his ringtone.

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This is what happens ....

..... when technology becomes too advanced. No chance of me pulling over because of 'CD3 Track 4' showing up.

As for the radio, if I wanted to listen to adverts and people talking about banal crap I would quit work and watch daytime tv.

Banning handheld phone use by drivers had NO effect on accident rate - study

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I stick by a simple rule .....

..... If they are driving a BMW Mini, they are using a mobile. Has kept me from being side-swiped numerous times when passing/overtaking.

Can we have double points/ ban length for those who talk on theirs phones like they are about to eat a cracker?

Say goodbye to landfill Android: Top 10 cheap 'n' cheerful smartphones

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Re: Avoid these phones

Despite being an avid user on Firefox on desktop I won't use it on my phone as no matter how much memory you have it crashes. I find Dolphin runs better.

I am quite lucky that my son isn't a stuck up little shit, so he is happy with phones at this level. He currently uses my old Xperia Arc, and will get my Z when I upgrade. For parents in a similar position to myself these devices are great for kids as if they do lose/break them its not a major drain on this months pay to replace them.

Judge says there's no such thing as a 'Patent Troll'

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Re: Good one judge!

Trolls have existed many a year. I remember my uncle trying to troll me by asking me to go get a bubble for a spirit level. He was chuckling on my return until I handed him a bubble for a spirit level (Thanks Stanley for making em replaceable). Trolling is just carrying out a practical joke.

Griefers on the other hand carry out acts of a cruel nature just to upset, embarrass or cause emotional pain to the other party.

So every time time I see a journalist use the 'troll' monicker when reporting about griefers it makes me wonder if they all would like to be referred to as phone hacking scum.

AVG: We need laws to stop biz from tracking our kids

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Well it's quite simple ......

...... as installing full AVG with its firewall will block all connections, even plugging your camera into the pc gets blocked. Was a bloody nightmare on remote support with my father until I turned it off.

Nationwide Building Society's services out for the count

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They did it just to spite .....

...... me. Santander had an issue yesterday with card payments, got me locked out of some services. I called them and the rep was a dick, so muttered under my breath that it would be fixed by moving my account to Nationwide.

At least Nationwide put something up on their page, unlike Santwatder.

Hey, Marissa Mayer: Flexi working time is now LAW in UK. Yahoo!

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The biggest benefit to .....

..... working from home for me, on the few occasions I have, was unhindered access to a clean toilet. Also I didn't need to take a 5 min walk just to have a cig.

Apple wins patent to pump ads to your iDevice while you're watching TV

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Ummmmm apart from the ......

...... punting of awful beer and dreadful curtains this is what Xbox Smartglass does, that was available almost 2 years ago. Even Sony offer something slightly similar on the Vita.

DISPLAY DESTRUCTION D'OH! Teardown cracks Surface Pro 3 screen

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Re: Sad

The UK opted out of the enforced 2 year manufacturer warranty as we have the Sale of Goods act which as stated above can protect an item for up to six years. This is honoured through the retailer though so pick who you purchase from wisely.

For devices such as premium phones and tablets I think that you should be good for at least 3 years.

YouTube in shock indie music nuke: We all feel a little less worthy today

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And yet at no point .....

..... do the indies step back and think about doing something similar for themselves. The independent scene is blooming again after wilting under the barrage of crappy television karaoke shows so why not service your own sector? Their own streaming/video service would open up a whole new world of advertisers for the labels that would be more relevant.

Stop thinking about what Youtube/Spotify can offer your fans, look at what you can offer instead, a bespoke streaming\video service for people who love what you create.

EE in giant VoLTE-face as it tries voice calls over Wi-Fi... again

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Re: I thought EE had the .......

Strangely enough 3G works in my basement, yet wifi doesn't work so well. Hence me having to run an ethernet cable to my test lab that is down there.

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I thought EE had the .......

...... best coverage in the country? Why would they need this?

Hey! Where! are! the! white! women! at!? It's! Yahoo!

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Re: Sigh, one subject that drives me ...

At what point did I say that the fact there are some industries that have females on higher wages than males negated the issue of wage discrepancy? My statement, which you have so conveniently avoided in order to take a sentence out of context, was that equality should be about equality. If you want to balance the wage differential between males and females it has to be carried out across the entirety of industry.

I never downvote so you don't have to worry, as nothing in my previous post or this one was classed as smug. In fact the only person on this thread being smug is yourself, seeing as you think that any downvotes of your rather poor attempt at a rebuttal will cement your belief that all white males are racist/sexist/misogynistic.

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Sigh, one subject that drives me ...

.... apoplectic is gender/race quotas. It shouldn't matter if you are male, female, white, black or a rabbit with a pogo stick shoved up it's ass. The person who is the best for the position should be employed. Positive discrimination is still discrimination.

At the same time you see complaints, for example, about the difference in salary between men and women, and that it needs to be adjusted, but they never refer to the porn industry where females are paid quite a lot more than males. Same with feminism and page 3, they say that pictures of topless women are exploitative but not a fricking peep about the topless diet coke fella. It's usually those crying out for equality that don't have a clue what the word means.

Crucial MX100 256GB SSD: Cut-throat competition in flash land

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Re: Hmmmm I think .....

Nope, tis a desktop. The need to do a fresh install was done away with Win 7, day 1 release install and still performs very well, just the spinning rust that's holding it back.

As for the transfer, a nice case and mobo means I have plenty of SATA connections and drive bays to keep it all neat and tidy :)

For laptops I use Ghost as over the years it has saved me a lot of work, boot from USB, throw the image onto the NAS and its ready to go with the new drive. Found it handy for drives on the verge of dying too.

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Hmmmm I think .....

...... its time to clear down my system partition and do a little drive cloning.

Wikipedia insists paid editors reveal their bits in public

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Re: 'Forced'

Probably lock the page down and only allow edits by authenticated editors?

Supermodel Lily Cole: 'I got a little bit upset by that Register article'

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And every time El Reg ....

...... covers it the visits increase by 1000%. I had a look last time it was covered, its a website full of crap that seems to be ripped from a lovesick teenagers bad poetry or people asking for free pretty glittery covers for their iPad.

Yet another reason to skip commercials: Microsoft ad TURNS ON your Xbox One

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Had to wait until the end of the thread but here they are, ladies and gentleman I proudly present people who have no idea of what gaming is at all. And guys, when it comes to home video gaming the console really did get there first with items such as the Grandstand.

I have a gaming pc, I also have consoles, including the Xbox One (and no, he doesn't, only I can turn my xbox on ..... but then it auto signs in the girlfriend), I carry out some light gaming on my phone and sometimes I am happy with a few games of solitaire.

I quite like the kinect, it is handy for when I get in from work, throw my bag down, mutter to myself about the amount of Virgin flyers stuck in the front door, realise I need to iron a shirt for the day after before I forget. During all of this I can have Modern Family ready to play on Netflix without once looking for the controller.

As for the walk, I will happily go for that walk if you survive the free Insanity workout on that little mentioned free app, Xbox Fitness or as I call it, Xbox de Torquemada.

Greenpeace rejoices after getting huge renewable powerplant cancelled

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What do you expect when you imply that only nature above the waterline is beautiful? With statements like that you will make the Great Barrier Reef cry.

Women are too expensive to draw and code – Ubisoft

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They manage it exceptionally well ....

..... in Mass Effect and Saints Row. Shepard can be male or female, The Saints leader can be male or female (with different accents too). Burt 'Motherf***ing' Reynolds can't be anything other than himself though.

Never bothered with AC after playing the first one. Sat down expecting to be an assassin from the middle ages and found out that it's a fecking time travel dream. Bunch of arse.

Kids hack Canadian ATM during LUNCH HOUR

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Put these kids in ......

..... the next Jurassic Park film instead of the 'This is Unix, I know Unix' kid.

CONFIRMED: Sophos shifting threat response work to India

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I like the .....

..... follow the sun 24/7 statement. Was the shift allowance for night and weekend workers having an affect on senior management bonuses?

I know of many companies that require 24/7 cover that use the 4 on/4 off 12 hour shift system and they have no issues with service at all, and all from one site in one country.

UK govt 'tearing up road laws' for Google's self-driving cars: The truth

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I don't have disdain for programmers, just for bad programmers. Having seen what ass kissing and nepotism can do to a well oiled programming team the quality of code is important.

Using aircraft as a comparison is about as dumb as Microsoft's inept car comparison. As mentioned above, or below, commercial airliners have whole teams of people and systems to make sure their journey through relatively clear spaces is trouble free. If I thought for a minute that there was a chance that some oik in his Boeing Saxo GTR could be trying to impress his girlfriend by pulling stupid stunts in close proximity to other craft I would never get on one.

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@'s water music

Have you seen how stupid people are? We let them drive.

We also let people design hardware and write software that will be used to control autonomous vehicles. Could you safely say that out of all the code required someone won't introduce a few bugs here and there?

Redmond is patching Windows 8 but NOT Windows 7, say security bods

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@Red Bren

You say Ford do what? Really? Never heard of the Ford Pinto?


I am NOT a PC repair man. I will NOT get your iPad working

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No matter how they approach ....

.... me or phrase the question the response is always '£500 day rate'. Been using it a little while now and it is quite effective.

When they say PC World will fix it for £50 I wish them good luck and walk away :D

Android is a BURNING 'hellstew' of malware, cackles Apple's Cook

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After the hell I had with Samba ....

..... on OS X (all the other Solaris, Linux and Win servers had no problems connecting to the share) I wouldn't trust Apple to interconnect TP with their asses.

Samsung, with this new 3D NAND SSD, you're really spoiling us ... or perhaps a rival?

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As a 1TB flash drive ....

..... is still £300+ it seems like it will be a long time before I can replace my 1TB games drive. That said a Raptor at half the price might be the better option in the long run (Steam updates ...... we made a small change so you need to download 19GB again).

Apple's steamy OS XXX picture leak riddle: Blurry snaps deleted

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Well it seems to be a shot of .....

..... a developers machine as Terminal and Console are in the dock. In all my time of having to admin them they are 2 items the users did not know existed.

London officials declare cabbie-bothering Uber is legal – for now

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Look, its quite simple ......

...... that it isn't a taxi meter at all. It's just a booking app with a calculator. It records the distance traveled then gives the price for that. It is merely the software version of the minicab driver looking at his trip odometer then lowering the sun visor and checking the distance against the charging table.

The other way to prove it isn't a taxi meter is that there isn't a £3.50+ charge on it for putting the taxi in first gear.

US DoJ to appeals court: Haha, no, seriously – Apple totally inflated ebook prices

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Hang on a minute ......

........ regardless of everything else in the story and the actions taken I have just seen something that beggars belief 'inventing the iBooks store'. How the f*** can you call that an invention? I don't care who's tech you prefer but that statement there is showing utter contempt for everyone on the planet whoever created anything of use.

Lets join in ..... I took a beer into the toilets at the club so it wouldn't get lifted and inadvertently invented a self contained mobile beer recycling method.

Australia iOS ransom gizmo-snatch OUTRAGE not our FAULT: Apple

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Other sites have statements ....

..... from other affected users and most seem to be in or from Australia. I wouldn't have thought that if the miscreant was using details obtained in major breaches that it would be so localised.

Police at the door? Hit the PANIC button to erase your RAM

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They still haven't developed the .....

...... one application we all need. A heart monitor that is connected to your mobile device, if your heart stops beating it sends out a signal to remote wipe your browsing history.

Won't someone think of the children who have to sort through expired parents computers?

Microsoft to release epic Xbox One update in June

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Re: Minecraft on Xbox One?

Fill a mountain with TNT then light the fuse. Even setting the launch parameters to give it as much memory as possible I can still get my bloody good gaming rig down to 1fpm (yes ...per minute :D) with a big enough explosion :)

Valve's Steam streaming service lets you play games on the toilet

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Re: Thanks Valve ......

I would tell, but El Reg would have to delete the post :D

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Thanks Valve ......

..... but it's not needed. I got one of those luddite solutions to gaming when and where I want, a divorce :D

Wolfenstein: The New Order ... BLAM-BLAM! That guard did Nazi that coming

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As I was let down ....

.... by the last version I will wait till the price drops a tad. And anyway, this weekend is Tropico 5 :D

Don't snap SELFIES at the polls – it may screw up voting, says official

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No one ever stands ....

.... outside the polling station I use as it isn't a primary school that can provide a photo opportunity. For many years I have wanted to give them a glare as I walked in but they have yet to fulfil this voters needs. That said in ten years of living where I do not one of them has ever doorstepped me, years of witty one liners and put downs gone to waste.

Motorola Moto E: Brill budget blower with one bothersome blunder

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Re: Probably because it's a little daft?

I also found little need in the front camera until the other week. Some pesky little insect decided to crash land into my eyeball, with no mirrors around the front camera worked a treat at helping remove it.

As it saved me from walking around the high street acting like I had a hyperactive tic I for one will never get a phone without a front camera again.

Toot-toot. Intel pulls up in the connected car of the FU-TURE-TURE

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Re: Hmmmm.

Not grumpy at all, I have threatened people with being left on the hard shoulder when they had the temerity to insult me by asking if I had any Coldplay.

Internet rejoices over Star Wars, um, clapboard pic

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Re: If it is another Episode 1 he'll be known as....

Ok, it's time for me to single myself out. Jar Jar was not the most annoying thing about episode one. It was Anakin. The constant 'I'm the best pod racer' and 'I'm going to be a Jedi' whiny obnoxious little shit statements all the way through drove me insane. At least they replaced him with a wooden chair in episode 2.

Adobe blames 'maintenance failure' for 27-hour outage

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While the market for DTP desktops .....

..... is no longer Apples core business, wouldn't the fact that as people are not upgrading CS mean they also will not be upgrading the Pro's?

Hmmm I wonder where I can get my hands on a load of first generation Intel Pro's and some boxed copies of CS3 :D

Urinating teen polluted 57 Olympic-sized swimming pools - cops

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Re: Urine is sterile

Given the choice between drinking piss or drinking water that has been home to the corpse of a rabies infected raccoon I think I would go with Bear Grylls on this one ........ and stay in a resort hotel that supplies bottled water :D