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Sellafield gull cull mulled

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Judging by the size of seagulls in Aberdeen, I can only assume they are descendents of those in Sellafield.

@Iawndart: having been to chernobyl, I can confirm there is no need to worry about mutated gulls, or any other form of bird life there! The cooling ponds though are home to some rather large fish. I didnt notice any with three eyes, however.

El Reg launches 'Comment of the Week'

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@ Really? By Anonymous Coward

The competitions are fine - its the prizes that are bollocks!

Mono swings .NET development into iPhone

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support for other devices?

This could be a massive seller if support for other devices is added.

Right now developers are forced to either pick a platform to develop for, or re-write their app in various languages depending on which platform is being targeted. If support for iPhone, Android and Nokia can also be added to MonoDevelop then it could be a big hit - write the code once in MonoDevelop, and have it automatically recompiled for all platforms.

suddenly that $400 looks like a good deal, although no doubt only enterprise edition will support that.

Microsoft nails retail store logo and locations

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Open Source Store?

Wherever microsoft & apple tread, linux is never far behind.

I wonder how an Open Source shop would work?

@DRendar - glad I am not the only one who gets annoyed by that. It seems to be an American thing, and is becoming more and more common :S

Russian's Bulgarian airbags burst mid-flight

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What was the reg?

Sadly Aeroflot do not operate 767-300's, they only have 767-300ERs (11 in service at present). Do you by any chance know the registration of the aircraft involved in this incident?

I hope to see more accurate reporting of aircraft type, along with registration of the aircraft involved, in all future news stories.

\mine's is the anorak with "Civil Aircraft Register" poking out of the poket.


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