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Mrs Slocombe's pussy vanishes from Twitter

Chris 89

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"It probably also has something to do with Mrs Slocombe – and her inimitable pussy – being not very well known on the US side of the pond."

I dunno about that. I fondly recall the Louis Theroux programme where he investigated various white supremacist groups in the States. While visiting one groups camp, he asked their leader if he was familiar with British TV, to which the guy stated that he loved "Are You Being Served". Louis then asked him who his favourite character was, to which the answer was Mrs Slocombe. Louis asked him if he was sure it wasn't John Inman's (incredibly camp) character, before launching into an impression of him.

I don't know what was better - the fact of the neo-Nazi's crush on Mrs Slocombe or Louis Theroux's breathtaking audacity at taking the piss out of him in the middle of his forest compound.


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