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Report: Microsoft is thinking about splashing $10bn on Discord to slot it next to Skype, Mixer...


Re: Me now sitting here, waiting for the Matrix hype

You realise that the PSTN network is being killed off in 2025 right?! (well that's the plan anyway)

Samsung aims boot at Apple's decision not to bundle a charger in with the iPhone 12, foot ends up in mouth


Re: ok we get it

How about the Asus Zenfone 6 that I use. It has a full screen (and I mean full) with sensors in the rim and cameras that spin round to the selfie position when required. Works absolutely perfectly.

Germany calls halt to Facebook’s WhatsApp info slurp


Re: Not collected?

Hmmmm, I had EXACTLY the same thing happen to me. Even though they say they don't hold numbers etc they only had the link between the two from WhatsApp...

Dirty b*ggers...

Hey mobile firms: About that Android thing... Did Google add a lockout clause?


Re: Google apps optional

I'm going to be a pain, but isn't it a one "trick" pony?!

Woman nails 'cheating boyf' on Russian 'Street View'


Rip Off!

Is it me, but is "LifeNews" a complete rip off of Sky News? Quick photo-shop of the Sky logos and Bob's your Uncle!

Xbox 720 to double-up as a DVR


Hey?! I conveniently bought my son an XBOX 360 S for Christmas and it's had some serious hammer so far. It's kept in the lounge and not once have I heard the fan whilst either gaming or watching movies via NAS drive...

2011's Best... DSLRs


Hold your horses fella, that's only beacuse no high-end camera has been ready to release this year. Just around the corner we've got the Canon 1dx (£5,300 - Body Only) and after that we're expecting the 5D mk III (Guessing about £2,000 - Body Only)...

Nikon will no doubt be ready to pounce with there big boys too!

Apple's request for HTC ban delayed again


how, are, those, commas, working, for, you?

Sorry, it just gets my goat!

Nokia exec: Young fashonistas 'fed up' with iPhone


Seems to be working quite well for Apple!!!

'Puzzling structures on surface' of YU55 spaceball


Dothing cap to Wikipeadia...

Proper noun

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn"

A fictional occult phrase from H. P. Lovecraft's The Call of Cthulhu, said to mean "In his house at R'lyeh dead Cthulhu waits dreaming".

Usage notes

While this phrase appears in English fiction, it is intended to represent an ancient (fictitious) language as conceived by H. P. Lovecraft.

There is no formal pronunciation for this phrase: Lovecraft left it up to interpretation.

Ofcom boss warns of low interest in 'superfast' broadband


Finish Line...

If I'm told I can only download 20Gb a month regardless of line speed, I'd rather trundle along with my 4mb/s line rather than race straight up to my limit in a couple of days on 40mb/s!...

Can 24/7 porn rescue Google TV?


Epic Fail

Betamax failed because Sony wouldn't allow porn on it's platform... VHS, developed by JVC however, took on all and sundry!

NASA tells Voyager 2 to save its strength

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"Right now, Voyager 2 is located around 14 billion kilometres from Earth in the heliosheath"

Just thinking about the sheer distance involved and sending Voyager a message, it acting on it and confirming this back, just makes my mind boggle!

Hands on with Canon's EOS-1D X full-frame DSLR

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Here comes the Bride...

Brilliant article...

As a Wedding Photographer I've been waiting for what seems like an age for the updates to the 1D & 5D lines. Now that the 1Dx is here it looks like they've addressed a huge number of areas brilliantly. Just a shame it's not practical for Weddings!

Lets hope the 5Dx (or whatever they'll call it) gets updated in the same manner.

Oh, and it's SO good that they've decided to concentrate on ISO performance rather than Megapixel increases...

Groupon sues ex-sales heads for defection to Google


If I'm right (which I'm probably not), non-competitive clauses aren't worth the paper they're written on.

That'll be your human rights to be able to earn a living... FWIW....

1m iPad 3s being built this quarter, says analyst


I know I'm being an arse, but it's "Hear Hear" shortened from Hear Him, Hear Him....

Final insult for Full Tilt as Channel Islands kill its licence


As a player at Full Tilt I've got to say I'm gutted... They had a really nice application and very easy to use. Their "Rush Poker" system was innovative and a joy to play.

Whilst it's obvious now that they're doggy as hell, I never had a problem withdrawing funds (not that it happened often!)

Apple confirms iPhone event on 4 October


No, you've read an announcement of an announcement that they'll be making an announcement...

Foxconn churns out '150,000' iPhone 5s a day


RE: That must be nearly a quarter

"Why do we pay so much attention to this overpriced fashion accessory?" Because, whether we like it or not, it's an incredibly popular piece of technology.

Sheeple don't always go with the best tech do they?! VHS vs Betamax - PS3/Xbox vs Wii etc. etc.

Mag bitchslapped in Duchess Kate digi-slimming case


As a TOG...

...and looking at the before and after, I reckon the Mag's telling the truth.

Often finding myself removing people, random legs/arms and stuff like this happens. If her righthand side (as you look at the pic) wasn't so slim itself, this wouldn't have happened! They would have had to spend time actually fattening her up to compensate!!!

HTC sinks $309m into audio tech from Dr Dre

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Damn Good...

I was in a BestBuy UK store (yes, I know. I'm sorry) with the OutLaw and we were offered a listen of the Beats Ipod speaker dock. It was phenomenal, and slightly better sound than Bose systems.

The one and only thing thank swayed us back to the portable Bose iPod dock was that the Beats dock looked like it should be in a 16 year olds bedroom rather than a 60 odd year old's lounge - the mother-in-law would've shot him if he'd have gone home with it!

El Reg to unleash rocket-powered spaceplane


I Christen Thee...

“Low Orbit / High Altitude Navigator”

Any good?

US plan to hold EU passenger data for 15 yrs 'unlawful'


The title is required, and must contain letters and/or digits.

"A leaked document from an EU meeting last week showed that France, Germany, Italy, Holland and others are opposed to the proposed deal with the UK, Ireland, Sweden and Estonia the only countries backing it"...

May I be the first to slap our sensible European friends on the back in congratulations for standing up to the US, whilst we bend over and pick up the soap!...

Top Ten Arcade Classics


Completed with just 10p

I can just remember those Saturday mornings after Swimming... Searching for 10p's some unluckly fools had left in their lockers, only for me and a friend to spend them wisely on Golden Axe.

That one special morning where we completed it with only one 10pence each... Wow.

</wipes a tear>

Tesco's iPhone app gets barcode reader

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Old News...

It's had this for ages... I know because I used it and it was flippin handy.

Away for a long weekend with the Mrs and kids. The Mrs wanted special wipes for the kid's bum (sensitive skin and all that stuff) as we'd run out....

Scanned barcode on packaging, then app told me exactly where in the store it was and how much it'll cost.

Made it easy to dash in and get out.

A* from me!

Apple's iOS 4 beams into unprepared world


Email App

Anyone else have to go through each individual email to mark as read, as the update had converted them to unread?!

Love the fact that emails are now "grouped" by sender like in SMS App...

O2 to step back from unlimited mobile data deals

Paris Hilton


I knew the fair cap was 250mb per month but thought I'd never got near it even though I hammer my 3G...

Just checked my online bills and iPhone usage stats (under Settings > General > Usage) and found that I've used 8.5Gb over the last 13months!!!!!!

Averaging at 800Mb a month this has really pee'd me off! Looks like they'll less "Specialist Browsing" in future!...

Paris, because we all know she receives plenty of Specialist Browsing!...

Garage worker prangs £200k Ferrari


@ Tim Cook

"It's why you drive a sensible car in the first place and don't throw your money away on expensive "statements"."

MMMmmmmmm, so come on, what's your weakness? An expensive bottle of wine at the weekend or maybe an expensive gadget or two?

Just because one man treats himself to a sports car after possibly many years hard work you want to criticise?!!!!

Why don't people in this contry put people down when they've done well?

Brits still getting bull from broadband providers



After being with TalkTalk for years now I thought I'd suggest to the Outlaws that they signed up with them too after the Father-in-law said he wanted internet...

Onto the TalkTalk website, and you obviously had to type in your existing landland number and postcode, STRAIGHT away it said it'll cost £18.48 all in and the expected speed of the line would be 2.1MB/s.

After install and a bit of time to bed in, it's bang on 2.1MB/s, why can't all ISPs be this open?!

BT ordered to share telegraph poles for fast broadband


Errr... How about...

"it believes it is commercially viable to improve internet access for about two thirds of the country, and called for government help to go further."

The one's in rural Britian pay for it themselves! They don't moan when we get Gas piped to our houses and they have to have it delivered...

You want Superfast broadband? Move somewhere that'll get it then!

Carrier apathy depresses Google Phone outlook


Along With...

I'd love this to fail nearly as much as Tesco Direct!...

BT rolls out new, 'competitive' consumer deals



I know they've had bad press in the past... But I've never had an issue with TalkTalk. £18 all in. No messing, 40gb limit, 4.5mbps at my gaff. All the calls/minutes I could ever want!

How are they still the UK's number two? Should be leagues ahead.

(& no, I dont work for them!)

Could Vodafone nab 3 UK after T-Orange merger?


Love El Reg But...

Head-quartered North of London?!? So that'll be virtually anywhere in the UK then!

Tesco iPhone priced, dated


Yeah right, every little helps!

My iPhone 3G on O2=

What I get...

Mins 600 x 15p (Average on Tesco) = £90

Texts 500 x 7.5p (Average on Tesco) = £37.5

Tarriff allowance would cost £127.50 on O2!!!

But, when you look at what I use...

Mins 200 x 15p (Average on Tesco) = £30

Texts 600 x 7.5p (Average on Tesco) = £45

Tesco Allowance = £60 for £20 charge, add on the difference (& the cost of the phone averaged out over two years to make it fair! (£9.25))...

So Tesco would charge me £44.25 pounds for what currently costs me £40/£45...

Yeah right, every little helps!

Apple kicks prolific developer out of iTunes shop


@ AC 21:09

"That is why The Internet was created by the United States"... Was it now!?!?!?!?

AT&T to choke your iPhone


World's Apart!

How come, when Orange, Vodafone and Tesco started punting the iPhone in good old Blighty people suddenly sat up and noticed a data limit...

Orange pointed out that their fair usage cap would be set at 750mb... Then continued to suggest that the European average usage per month was somewhere around 250mb.

I absolutley hammer my iPhone, constantly online with music, gaming and of course browsing. Never had a letter or call to discuss my usage! Don't our American friends ever put theirs down?

Backdoor in top iPhone games stole user data, suit claims


Good Luck To Them...

Huummm... As a 30 year old shouldn't really admit to playing games all day, but.... iMobsters is a quality, real time game which is highly addictive, but get this.... It's FREE.

If they want my number they can have it, maybe they shouldv'e asked, but I've been playing for a while and never had on strange tele-marketing call once.

Ever get the thought "Oh, I'm American, I'll sue!" springing to mind?!

Freeview website titsup ahead of big retune


Numbers - ITV3

How can we fake a formula or mathmatical theory to crack as case... Anyone else think this is the best comedy on TV?

UK.gov won't drop 50p high speed broadband tax plans - yet


Hold On...

Why not give me what I already pay for? 8Mb advertised = 2.5Mb delivered!

HP sued by own sales reps


@Robert E A Harvey

So, as a Salesman I do my job, bringing in every penny I'm expected to. But hold on, I've brought in another 15% extra, shouldnt I get a bonus for making sure EVERYONE'S job is a little safer?!

Microsoft grabs Office.com domain in Google Apps assault


Toss a Coin?!...

When I had to choose the name of my business I had two options, one had it's .com & .co.uk available, the other didn't.

Simple in the end!

iPhone 3.1 code goes beta


This will sound mad...

But, as much as I love my iPhone, why not fix the bug in the Clock App that means the alarm doesn't always go off!?

Sounds daft, but setting your alarm doesn't mean it'll wake you up in time for work!!!