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Legit Android apps poisoned by sticky 'Zombinder' malware


Re: Wise words from Chris!

It worked for most of our PPE procurement...

It's Prime Minister Boris Johnson: Tech industry speaks its brains on Brexit-monger's victory


Re: Joining the Lib Dems

Sorry ...... don't believe you !!!

Long term Conservative voters would never do anything to 'harm' the 'Party!!!

Well, I joined the Lib Dems last night, and my membership card is in the post, so you're very welcome to pop around and see it when it arrives!

The Conservative party has changed out of all recognition - May made lots of noises about not being the nasty party and being a party for all the people, but then made the decision to move towards the extremist/lunatic right-wing fringes. A fringe populated by people with little ability and no intelligence (and I include the empty vessels like Rees-Mogg and BoJo who try to disguise their intellectual paucity with a veneer of expensively-purchased private education).

The Conservative MPs who defected to Change UK said that they had not left the party; the party had left them. I understand how they felt.


Joining the Lib Dems

As a lifelong Conservative voter, I've been thinking for some time about joining the Lib Dems.

Today's the day I'll actually do it.

Virgin Media blocks Imgur, literally tens of people rage at UK ISP


Imgur hosts the best and worst of the internet, from pictures of cute cats to pornography.

Yes, but which is which?

Usenet file-swapping was acceptable in the '80s – but not so much now: Pirate pair sent down for 66 months


Re: Was it Kibo?


cam.misc was never actually part of Usenet (even though it was carried by many nntp feeds)


My finest hour was receiving over 1Mb of hate mail (when 1Mb was regarded as A LOT) for a joke that I posted to alt.tasteless.

Loose tongues and oily seamen: Lost in machine translation yet again


I mean, who goes to the disco with their sister anyway?

You've never been to Norfolk, then?

Here's a great idea: Why don't we hardcode the same private key into all our smart home hubs?


Re: RE: TonyJ

You are always going to be somewhere in the Security/Convenience/Cost triangle - you can minimise any two, but only at the expense of the third.

I understand that the latest generation of keyless entry key fobs only transmit when movement is detected, so they are relatively immune to the amplified relay attack, especially when the keys are left on the hall table overnight. No doubt it won't take the bad guys very long to discover a new way to steal cars, though.

The seven deadly sins of the 2010s: No, not pride, sloth, etc. The seven UI 'dark patterns' that trick you into buying stuff


And UK consumer law being pretty god-damn fantastic

Actually, most of that fantastic consumer law is EU legislation, not UK specific. Sadly, it may not be there for much longer :-(

Mystery GPS glitch grounds flights, leaves passengers in the bar


Re: Time

I always use my sat nav on my daily drive to and from work.

Sure I know the way already, but Mr Google has a much better knowledge of traffic conditions on any given day, and has routed me around some major hold-ups. (I know that whenever I have ignored it, and carried on with my usual route, I have always regretted it...)

Could you just pop into the network room and check- hello? The Away Team. They're... gone



It's not stupid to make a mistake - happens to all of us sometime.

Where the failing was (imho) is in not testing the socket afterwards. I have a little tester (cost a tenner on Amazon) which plugs into a socket and uses a set of LEDs to show whether the connections are correct or not. I would expect any electrician to use something similar after installing/replacing any socket, especially one with exposed metalwork...

Ready with the 'welcome neighbour' fruitbasket, retailers? Amazon opens Manchester pop-up shop


The sooner the High Street is killed off - or at least reinvents itself - the better!

Why would I want to drag myself (during limited opening hours - most of them when I'm at work) to a dirty, noisy, crowded place where I have to pay stupid amounts to park my car, in order to get a reduced range of products at top prices? I then have to lug them back to my car - and when I get home if I find that I don't like the product, I have no right of return.

Instead I buy just about everything online, where I can do it at a time that suits me, can comparison shop (both on suitability and on price), can get it delivered next day if I really need it that quickly, and have 14 days in which to decide whether or not to keep it.

Jeff Bezos finally gets .Amazon after DNS overlord ICANN runs out of excuses to delay decision any further


The pens are made by Montblanc, not Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc is a mountain. The luxury goods maker is Montblanc.

I would have expected Ther Eg Ister to have got it correct in their story about Amaz On.

It's 2019 and a WhatsApp call can hack a phone: Zero-day exploit infects mobes with spyware


Re: How would I know if I've been compromised?

I'm running V2.19.139.

On Android.

I do hope that Apple manage to catch up one of these days.


How would I know if I've been compromised?

OK, I've updated WhatsApp to the latest version, so I'm presumably safe (at least for the moment) against future attacks.

But how would I know whether my handset has already been compromised?


Re: Orwell warned of the Telescreen

Who needs to do that when people already bring Alexa/Siri/Echo/etc into their homes?

Firefox armagg-add-on: Lapsed security cert kills all browser extensions, from website password managers to ad blockers


Re: Firefox madness

I now use Waterfox, but they are too lazy to bother doing a 32 bit version.

Waterfox is the work of a single bloke, doing it in his spare time, for free. Calling him "lazy" does Alex a major disservice.

Apple iPhone sales down by double digits, Mac sales knifed by Intel CPU 'constraints'


Re: Not to mention

Because it's not just a "phone" - it's a network-connected mobile computer, which also works as a camera, alarm clock, navigation device, porn viewer, news feed, social media platform, email client, music player, book reader, payment device, note taking device, etc, etc, etc

(And both my most recent set of tyres and our washing machine cost around the same as my Note 9)

Microsoft: Yo dawg, we heard you liked Windows password expiry policies. So we expired your expiry policy


* or more likely have a pre-prepared collection of hashes to run comparisons from

Rainbow Tables.

The peelable, foldable phone has become the great white whale of tech


Re: Good reasonable and balanced.

LG and Sony might have the idea right. Make a controllable setup such as a TV first. A TV is not getting lugged about on the bus, and so can get use case introduction gradually.

But what on earth is the use case for a foldable TV?

The whole rationale for creating a foldable phone is that it should be as small as possible when being carried around, but as large as possible when actually being used.

Now here's a Galaxy far, far away: Samsung stalls Fold rollout after fold-able screens break in hands of reviewers


Re: What happened to testing?

I'd rather not be the unwitting alpha tester of the ABS braking system.

Is that the Anti-lock Braking System Braking System?

Facebook: Yeah, we hoovered up 1.5 million email address books without permission. But it was an accident!


Re: Some mistake surely !


That would only be true if no individual was ever listed in more that one contact list.


(And people still occasionally ask me why I'm not on Facebook....)

.EU wot m8? Brexit smacks fresh registrations of bloc's top-level domain


Re: Just when .eu names were making it big - in the form of spam

Who is actually using these names, and for what purpose?

I have <myname>.eu as my personal domain, mostly for email. I registered it because <myname> was already taken in all the other TLDs that I might have considered, and I'm quite happy to be regarded as a citizen of the EU.

The main use is to identify who is selling my details - for example, if I start to receive spam addressed to elreg@<myname>.eu, I'll know exactly where to point the finger.

Should the suicidally destructive nonsense that is Brexit ever comes to pass, I have access to a number of non-UK EU postal addresses that I could use for registration.

Town admits 'a poor decision was made' after baseball field set on fire to 'dry' it more quickly


/ no "mighty redwood" icon?

Here we only have John Redwood. Who is very far from "mighty".

Ex-Mozilla CTO: US border cops demanded I unlock my phone, laptop at SF airport – and I'm an American citizen


Re: Third world?

The US is quickly turning itself into a third world country.

Given the current level of political incompetence in the UK, can we be far behind?

Dead LAN's hand: IT staff 'locked out' of data center's core switch after the only bloke who could log into it dies



Why do you think that 26 years technical experience qualifies you to be a manager? Do you think that 26 years management experience would qualify somebody for a technical position?

Stalk my pals on social media and you'll know that the next words out of my mouth will be banana hammock


Re: Clearly bollocks.

I KNEW you were going to say that!

French data watchdog dishes out largest GDPR fine yet: Google ordered to hand over €50m


Re: Switch to duckduckgo.com

Um - when did Google start producing Windows laptops and iPads????


Re: Switch to duckduckgo.com

And, of course, get rid of your Android phone.

Clone your own Prince Phil, says eBay seller hawking debris left over from royal car crash


Re: The papers said he has a license

I suspect that I'm younger than your grandmother (I'm certainly much younger than the Queen), and I hold a full, legal UK driving licence without ever having taken a driving test!

Peak Apple: This time it's SERIOUS, Tim


Re: So where is the new market ?

I used to use an iPod in my cars - my only ever Apple purchase.

These days I just use a 128Gb USB memory stick. Most modern cars will have no problem dealing with one (may need to format as FAT32) and the in-car controls are probably much better at accessing your music than turning that silly circle. I normally leave mine on "random play" anyway.

Oregon can't stop people from calling themselves engineers, judge rules in Traffic-Light-Math-Gate


What an engineer does in the UK

Me: Hello, there's a problem with our photocopier.

Helpline: We'll send an engineer out straight away.

Me: No need; a technician would be sufficient.

Helpline: ????

Bedroom design outfit slapped with £160k fine for 1.6 million spam calls


Number crunching

1,600,000 spam calls - but only 99 of the recipients reported it. So presumably the other 1,599,901 just put the phone down?

Manchester nuisance-call biz fined £150k after ignoring opt-out list


Re: 0161 = block

It's only a problem because your telcos haven't set up their translation tables properly - the correct way to do it is to look at the originating number (the real one, not the one presented to the callee) and the dialed number and then insert or delete leading digits as required.

Poppycock. If a number like 020 7999 1234 was misrepresented as 0207 999 1234, how would your translation table know that the 999 was the start of a 7-digit local number rather than a call to the emergency services? There's a reason why there was a differentiation between area codes (e.g. 020 for London) and local numbers.


Re: 0161 = block

Mine is auto-reject for most dialling codes around Cardiff & Swansea, Manchester & 0203.

There is no such dialling code as 0203. All of London uses the dialling code 020. The eight-digit local numbers within the 020 area currently start with 3, 7 or 8, although this could change in the future.

Working Apple-1 retro fossil auctioned off to mystery bidder for $375,000


Journalistic standards really have slipped

Please! It's "between 60 AND 70" or "from 60 TO 70", but never "between 60 to 70"!

You can take off the shades, squinting Outlook.com users. It has gone dark. Very dark


Re: Outlook, the last bastion of weird customization hackery

You can change your theme between Colorful, Gray, White and Black

Don't know what version of Outlook you're running, but here (Office 2016) I only have a choice of Colorful, Dark Gray or White.

I'd love to have an option of Black, which work better for my (far from youthful!) eyes ... but then again, my personal preference is for yellow text on a navy background!

Leatherbound analogue password manager: For the hipster who doesn't mind losing everything


Re: Name > website / Phone No. > password

... in a draw....

Why would you put it in a lottery?

BlackBerry KEY2: Remember buttons? Boy, does this phone sure have them


Re: No wireless charging?

Simple - I have wireless chargers everywhere (on my desk, in my cars, next to the TV seat, on the bedside table, etc)

When I'm not actually using my handset, it's almost always sitting on a wireless charger. I can pick it up to do something (let's be honest, it's really a "handheld computer" which occasionally is used to make phone calls) and then put it back down, safe in the knowledge that I never need to think about charging my handset - it's always fully charged (or very close to it).


No wireless charging?

That's a deal breaker for me.

I can live with the buttons, but to have to keep plugging and unplugging a cable every time I want to charge the handset is a step too far backwards for me.

GDPR forgive us, it's been one month since you were enforced…


Re: And once again...

(for the record: I am from Europe myself

Given the this is a UK site, I image that the vast majority of the readers are from Europe!

Dixons Carphone profits drop 24% amid hack 'n' high street struggles


Which is a shame because where does someone get their needless and expensive impulse purchases?

Oh - I seem to be able to manage to do that online perfectly well.

Tech rookie put decimal point in wrong place, cost insurer zillions


Re: Inktomi proxies

The ucam.* groups are, I believe, long gone.

cam.misc always inhabited a sort of grey area, where it wasn't formally part of Usenet, but was distributed as part of most news feeds.

Facebook finally fully embraces GDPR – Generally Derailing Pages Recklessly


Re: Nothing new

Rather than running Social Fixer (whatever that is), why not just delete your Facebook account?

Far more effective!

'Facebook takes data from my phone – but I don't have an account!'


BK Package Disabler

On a Samsung handset, you can use BK Package Disabler (available in the Play Store) to disable all the various bloatware (Facebook included).

Doesn't require root and only cost a couple of quid.

(I have no affiliation, etc, etc)

Huawei Honor 10: At £399, plenty of bang for buck – it's a pity about the snaps


Wireless charging...

... is only a "nice to have"????

Are you one of those antediluvian people who actually feel the need to stick a piece of wire into their phone in order to charge its battery? Do you also use wired headphones, an external aerial, etc?

In this day and age, wireless charging is an essential, not a "nice to have", and its omission from this (or any other handset) is a terminal fail in my book.

Gmail is secure. Netflix is secure. Together they're a phishing threat


I'm in the exact same position.

I have <initial>.<initial>.<surname>@gmail.com, and I get a reasonable amount of email (including when he signed up for Netflix!) which is meant for <initial><initial><surname>@gmail.com.

I've no way of contacting him, as I don't have his other contact details, and when I try to send email to his <initial><initial><surname>@gmail.com address, it ends up in my inbox :-(

10 years of the Kindle and the curious incident of a dog in the day-time


Re: The one place a paperback is better

If you drop an e-reader into the tub, it's unlikely to survive.

Isn't the (stupidly expensive) Kindle Oasis meant to be waterproof?

The Quantum of Firefox: Why is this one unlike any other Firefox?


Bye bye Firefox

A faster browser - meh!

A browser that I can no longer get to the things that I want it to do, because most of my extensions won't work - that's a show stopper for me.

Currently sticking with a mix of Waterfox, Firefox ESR and Vivaldi until I decide which to commit to.

Beware the GDPR 'no win, no fee ambulance chasers' – experts



"Dwarves" is the plural of the _noun_ "dwarf".

When using the _verb_, as in the article, it should be "dwarfs".

I'm off to listen to Randy Newman's "Short People"...