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'Not even Santa could save Microsoft's Windows 8'

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How could you?!?! =O

Fragmentation bomb wounds Android in developer war

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Re: Hmm

on certain models only and on the last two releases of that OS ...

thats my bet sadly :(

Apple slams hard-up Proview for conning the courts

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Re: Chinese courts, Chinese law, Chinese company...

""We really need one, badly.""

Which is why we wont get one and Apple will likely get their way...

iOS 5 'crashes more apps' than Android

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SIM failure

the sim failure issue is fixed... apple released an update but did not update the revision.

If you check for updates it WONT find one but if you do a restore from a newly downloaded firmware it should fix the problem

I have that issue on my 4S -- but I'm waiting for the next point release

hope that helps

Apple iPhones, iPad back in German online store

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that's like saying Ferarri should pay because we paid to lay the roads...

errr no.

Facebook IPO: Boom or bubble?

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I'm sure myspace would rather not be 'uncool'


Media groups propose anti-piracy 'code of practice' for UK search

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(even though those rights are enshrined in law)

I think you'll find that was a privalege given by the people to the creators -- not a right enshrined on them. Maybe it's time the people took it back because with the mickey mouse copyright laws and perpetual licenses the content creators are breaching OUR terms and conditions.

Burn them all I say -- good content gets paid for one way or another.

Met Office cuts off Linux users with new weather widgets

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Ayrshrie and southwest...

The only thing guaranteed is rain, but like everything else 80% of the time it just pretends to do that too.

Apple tops estimates with earnings leap of 118 per cent

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Are you on some kind of smack?

Do you honestly think Lenovo would do better? Oh, wait - forgot - Lenovo is a chinese company. What about Dell or Acer? Where are all these jobs created? Oh they are not - the money is going back to the investors. If anything blame the way the current economy is setup. This is not Apples fault for making money.

It could also be the consumers fault for not wanting to pay the extra 20% cost for having the product created in the great US of A......

Apple are not perfect , but the money is still going back to the US in some way...

UK student faces extradition to US after piracy case ruling

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or how about...

we say that if you want to take him to court - you do so in this country under uk law?

seems fair to me.

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a great example of such being

The issue and fine with goold and canadian pharmacies.

Official: The smartphones that suck much more than others

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I was under the impression the 4S had a faster radio stack also? tried checking specs but couldn't find anyting to substantiate my claim :P

Comet 'sold 94,000 pirate Windows CDs', claims Microsoft

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wait, what?

A company in a dire financial situation 'been a bit tardy in coughing up' really?

NEVER! Must be piracy! landlubbers!

The Commodore 64 is 30

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Regarding quantities sold I found this interesting


Ten... Androids to outshine the iPhone 4S

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And pretty much sums up the rest of the article on that statement alone...

Droid, as the name suggests - I thought apple fanboys were bad.

Sonex calls in administrators

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a sign that...

the Sony brand has become a rather old fashioned tarnished one ...

US judge tells Levi's to take its Euro problems to Europe

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don't spend so much on advertising ...

when a captive audience loses its captivity - change your business strategy. not the laws around it.

Google waggles free* Android phones at Americans

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'and small piece of your soul required'

You had me until the title above... oh that and the fact I live in the UK and most phones are free on 18+ month contracts.

Sorry, but I do not trust Googles usage reporting at the best of times - would not surprise me if you were 'sold' this on condition they recorded and sent back your calls and texts for inspection.

Working for a telco the amount of times I've seen payg and contract customers complaining about Android regardless of if data is on or off on the device accessing the web and running up out of bundle charges is surprising..... until you realise just how much google relies on those statistics, usage and diagnostic reports this 'always on' smart phone spurts back to the mothership.

I realise it sounds like a conspiracy... but there is only so often I can tell a customer they were charged a £1 a day for their weather widget updating.

IBM punts first z196 mainframes

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AC ... 96 cores

I wondered that myself until I RTFA!

"These machines were launched in July and can have 80 cores spinning at 5.2 GHz and 3 TB allocated to a single system image running z/OS. With 80 cores dedicated to z/OS, the z196 is rated at more than 50,000 MIPS of aggregate processing capacity. At 1,200 MIPS of raw performance each, each single engine in the box has about 30 percent more MIPS than its z10 predecessors. (Customers can allocate non-z/OS cores to do other work, such as manage I/O or clustering software, run Linux, or accelerate Java or DB2 workloads.)"

80 cores dedicated to z/OS

16 cores that can be allocated to I/O, clustering, linux or to accelerate java or DB2 tasks

= 96 cores of computational power


My question would be.. if the 80 cores run at 5.2GHz what do the other 16 run at? and if its the POWER architecture, how much cache does each cpu have?

Orange gives the green light

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so what did you want?

a blow job?

I dont work for orange but I do work for another large telco... what do you expect them to do flip some magic switch that nobody has found yet and give you instant priority connection? maybe we should send a courier out by helicopter? Outages happen, do you honestly think it is in Oranges interest to prolong this one?

When a site goes down or a general network error comes up we can confirm an issue with the customer we rarely give an expectation of time because when done and it fails the first place the customer goes is for the neck. I know an HLR might take 4 hours to fix and I could tell the customer that but really there is no benefit to either by doing so and if it comes up early then everyone is happy.

If a customer asks, I can take the site ID and go through to tech for an update... they look it up in a database and can tell me if the engineer is at the site, if they are waiting on parts/ planning permission or if they've maybe replaced a power supply etc etc.

I would love to be able to give real-time updates to customers and I've requested in the past that we get the same access to that database as tech do. The truth is however that most people do not care and due to that lack of popularity the issue is not a priority.

I know the worst outage we've had recently was when BTs burne house went up in smoke an issue completely outside our control.. To give you an example of cell issues We were unable to give coverage to a village for 8 weeks because the council refused to give us permission to cut down part of a tree - again, outside our control. I admit that once we explained this to said customer he was a lot more understanding and appreciated that we were at least looking into it. That bit I understand, personally I don't care how long something takes to fix as long as I know progress is being done.

Customer service agents are paid to be empathetic to customers. To try and find a solution that is positive to both the company and the customer. Depending on your initial attitude we MAY have been inclined to give you some compensation but generally we never guarantee 100% uptime due to the nature of the network in the first place.

I'm quite sure every one of those agents in that contact centre wishes you had a fully working connection but maybe I should suggest you look in the mirror at your own company and its policies for perfection? There is no amicable snappy solution to your problem... you want it fixed, we want it fixed. Depending on how long this goes on for, wait till it is back up and go back to them expressing your dissatisfaction you never know what they might do for you.

Regardless of your attitude a good customer service agent will always apologise... depending on that attitude depends on whether we actually mean it or not.

Home Office takes non-action against phone pinchers

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Working for a telco..

Its a shame the customer does not get the chance to register their IMEI number and name and address (if its not on contract) so that if the phone is recovered something can be done with it.

We get a lot of old grannies out walking their dog who phone up with a found phone to try and find its owner... sure, we can take the IMEI but we have nothing to search it against (I'm sure the IMEI's are logged but we can neither search them or find out who they belong to.

We also get a lot of police phoning up doing the same.

Even if we did have such a database, under DPA we'd be unable to do anything about it anyway.

I think it would be lovely to get a call. look up a database - make a call and say "Hi its x from x, your phone has just been recovered, would you like the contact info? OR would you like to pick it up from your nearest store or for £10 admin we can post it to your nearest one..."

Big thrill, IMEI blocking has reduced the interest in stealing mobiles but it does nothing to get the handset back to the correct owner and it really should not be so hard.

Lost Nazi nuke-project uranium found in Dutch scrapyard

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Japan's Atomic Bomb ?

No mention as to why the ferry was sunk in Canadian waters by the Americans?

hmmmm I wonder where it was going...


Google to mobile industry: ‘F*ck you very much!’

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You forget

America is not used to a phone being open - we are quite lucky in the uk that unlocked unbranded handsets are so common.

Adobe predicted as top 2010 hacker target

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Is it just me

Or should El Reg have a captain bloody obvious Icon?

US appeals court cans CAN-SPAM suit

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"For a person seeking to operate a litigation factory, the purported harm is illusory and more in the nature of manufactured circumstances in an attempt to enable a claim," he wrote in a concurring opinion. "In my view, manufactured claims should not be tolerated absent a clear endorsement from Congress."

Can someone tell that to the MAFFIA please?

mmmmk thanks!

Rogue iPhone app stores raking mazuma

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Jobs Horns

love my phone

I love cydia and the rock store... I've bought lots of little apps that I find good value.

Funny thing is, cydia is the only way I can have a 5 icon dock or a background under the icons..

Once Jailbroken, you'll never go back... especially if you find this useful.


if I want to take on the risk of bricking my phone or having to restore then fair enough... but I should have that option, I will not put up with any pish that I don't own the phone and only license the OS. Screw you - tell that to my wallet bitches.

I love apple.... but only when I can get the firmware hacks and 3rd party tools that let me do what his jobbieness does not want me to do. I wish to keep it that way - and if apple wishes any future custom from me - they should too.

Wheels come off O2's data network

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Strange ... Vodafones GPRS network was having sporadic outages last week too...

Unlock your iPhone, miss your messages

Ian 16


You could just use google...

mmmk, thanks


Torrentreactor breach serves potent exploit cocktail

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cant say I'm surprised ...

is this not the same site that had their domain stolen too not so long ago?

torrentreactor.com and torrentractor.net ... I don't remember, don't really care either *shrugs*


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