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Google, Microsoft to drop child sex abuse from basic web search

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"...all other copies will then be removed from the web"

"Once a copy is spotted on the service, all other copies will then be removed from the web."

Rubbish will they!!!

Coroner suggests cars should block mobile phones

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Re: Did I miss something?

With faulty brake lights the driver in front would be at least partially responsible.

Look it up.

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Re: Did I miss something?

The insurance company and the police wouldnt see it like that mate.

Just because you've gone into the back of someone doesn't make you liable by default in the eyes of the law.

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Re: Did I miss something?

"The lorry driver hit the car. It was 100% the lorry drivers fault, end of."

I'm afraid it's not 'end of' at all. What if her brake lights weren't working?

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That would be a sad day...

...for the Carphone Warehouse

XBOX One SHOT DEAD by Redmond following delivery blunder

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Re: lol

Have you ever tried taking a device back after you've opened it ecause you dont agree with the EULA?

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"Depends on why it's been bricked.

For example, mobile phone operators can brick mobiles - not a problem, in fact I support that."

Mobiles are bricked when they're stolen -- not for ANY OTHER REASON.

'Weird' OBJECT, PROPELLED by its OWN JETS, spotted beyond Mars orbit by Hubble

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It's Nibiru

Otherwise known as Planet X.

They're coming back for us...

Assange: 'Ecuadorian embassy staff are like my family'

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Re: What really pisses me off

"and he was explicitly asked to wear a condom but didn't."

Come on you dont know that -- it's pure hearsay. You've convicted him already.

this whole thing is obviously a setup.

Brit inventor Dyson challenges EU ruling on his hoover's energy efficiency ratings

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Methinks Mr Dyson doth protest too much

The post is required, and must contain letters.

Hollywood: How do we secure high-def 4K content? Easy. Just BRAND the pirates

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Re: Digital signature conundrum

"( held within a secret database, woooooh"

...and there we have the Achilles heel. You can't base any protection on secrets.

If someone makes something that does something on a computer, sooner or later someone's going to make the un-doer...

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Re: Devils Advocaat (with ice)

If this gets any more draconian each film will come complete with its own security guard who will keep an eye on you while you watch the film to ensure you comply with industry standard audience guidelines

Snowden's email provider gave crypto keys to FBI – on paper printouts

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Re: Respect

I think if he hadn't done it his career would have been finished.

So a choice of 'career over' or become a hero. I'm glad he did the right thing

Brazilians tear strip off NSA in wake of Snowden, mull anti-US-spook law

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"There are a lot of datacenter-related issues already... even the temperature, which makes it expensive to run those facilities in Brazil,"

Doesn't Google have massive server farms in the US desert?! Sounds like Mr Beers is making excuses.

Microsoft DMCA takedown requests targeting OpenOffice

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It's obviously set up to block anything with 'office suite' in the title.

pretty thoughtless though.

YouTube Wars: Microsoft cries foul as Windows Phone app pulled again

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Re: YouTube HD

dont know what the downvote could be for? it's a great little app.


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Re: joking right?

What are you talking about? Windows phone is just taking off and Google are getting nervous.

Maybe they could go back to using Flash like the great integrated Youtube player on my old Nokia Symbian.

Comrade! If you dare f$%^ing swear on the internet, WE'LL SHOOT

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Re: What the fork?

I Hope you're not being Homophonic.

Pure boffinry: We peek inside Nokia's miracle cameraphone

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Re: Not many true innovators

The iPhone hasnt really glittered to me for a few years now.

It's basically stood still.

Texas teen jailed for four months over sarcastic Facebook comment

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Re: Deserves it

No ones dies at the hands of idiots cos theyre just that -- idiots. Not psychopaths -- idiots.

Now youve gone and made yourself look a fool...

Marks & Sparks accused of silently bonking punters over the tills

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Re: Whoever thought security through proximity was a good idea.

You can buy them over the internet quite easily. Little flexible, lightweight wallets.

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I did this too

I think the only way is to request one without RFID.

If we all did this the world may be a better place.

Nokia shareholder tells CEO Elop he's going to hell

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I do like the Lumia Range but...

...It seems as though Nokia have climbed down a few levels from their Symbian days.

I still use a Symbian phone and was surprised to learn that the new Nokias lacked such great functions as and FM transmitter, USB on-the-go (so I can plug in a USB stick, or mouse & Keyboard).

Maybe they plan to put these features on later models. Like Apple's favourite trick 'we can't give tem everything at once -- we'll make them buy a new phone for every extra little feature -- like 3G'

A Lumia will still be my next phone -- I just like the Nokia build.

Snoopers' charter rests in shallow grave - likely to rise again

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Re: Hmmn

I think that's the kicker here. They want the ability to monitor who's speaking to whom and which websites you're visiting etc without having to get a judge to sign one of those pesky court orders each time.

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"Of course if you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to fear."

I can't believe you just said that.

Adobe kills Creative Suite – all future features online only

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I know quite a few people who are happy using the free Pxlr software rather than Photoshop.


Seems quite well-featured.

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Re: The Hamster Wheel

What company wants to upgrade every month anyway, and risk a new bug or that something will break?

Crap computers in a crap box: Smart-meter blackouts risk to UK

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How much extra leccy does the smart meter use?

As it says -- how much extra leccy does the smart meter use?

Doesn't sound a very green system. Sounds more like they simply want to save money not having to pay meter readers.

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Re: Whilst I can see the value.....

Hear hear. I see no benefits for smart meters and don't want any more wi-fi electro-smog in my house, nor do I wish to be profiled...

'Your infernal cable pipes come up from Hell, Virgin!'

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Re: "chans of communication"

"4chan is mostly harmless"

Yeh, mostly repeats of Time Team and Come dine, although to say it's harmless is arguable...

Bill Gates offends Koreans after sticking hand down trousers

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Re: So?

Come on, it's pretty slack and very informal to shake anyone's hand with the other in your pocket -- especially in the world of business.

It just shows contempt.

Antarctic ice sheet melt 'not that unusual', latest ice core shows

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Re: To be fair...

I'm more surprised El Reg didnt mention the record ice growth


CCTV hack takes casino for $33 MILLION in poker losses

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Re: Cojones

"I don't see how the casino lost anything"

They lost their reputation. What sucker is going to go and play in their Casin when they could end up being scammed out of millions?

AdBlock Plus BLOCKED from Google Play

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Re: More adverts, everywhere.

"it looked for all the world like google appropriated a bunch of code from students and out of work IT pro's who should be getting paid, spent a bit of cash patching it up a bit to dress it up as their own work and then abused their dominance to destroy the mobile OS market..."

haha!! well said that man.

Torvalds asks 'Why do PC manufacturers even bother any more?'

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Re: @HighTech4US - Torvalds

If someone is behaving like a pr*ck one is entitled to say so.

Apple releases fix for iPhone 4S iOS 6.1 connectivity cockup

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Re: The Bitterness is strong....

With only 8 comments and only a couple of them seeming openly 'anti-apple' I'd say this was the least amount of bitterness I've ever seen on a Reg Apple story.

I think you're being a bit sensitive there son.

Curiosity photographs mysterious metal object on Martian rock

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Typical humans

We find a place never before touched by man (possibly) and go dropping litter everywhere...

UK minister: 'There must be a limit to what the gov knows about its people'

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"if you know the piece of legislation that can correctly govern the internet, let me know about it"

The internet should not be governed.

We're not making this up: Apple trademarks the SHOP

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Re: Some people wonder

Attenborough is not popular with Bellamy.

There's a bit of bitterness there as Bellamy aired his honest opinions that Global Warming was a load of tosh and was never asked to make another TV show...

Nokia lets Lumia 820 owners 3D print their own case

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Re: So you wasted your money on Windows Phone

Is that you Eadon?

First Google wants to know all about you, now it wants a RING on your finger

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The end of anonymous internetting?

Is this Google trying to bring about the end of anonymous surfing/blogging etc?

I think this is a dangerous road to go down, especially if you live in a country where the government makes you disappear for your political views.

I dont like what Google have been doing these last few years.

John McAfee the Belize spymaster uncovers 'ricin, terrorist plots'

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Re: Perhaps the government is behind all of this ...

I hope you're joking, troll.

Most of the things you state are conspiracy facts, not theories. There is nothing 'nuts' about it. It is deadly serious.

The fact is that 9/11 gave America the 'excuse' to start wars, to lock up whoever they like, to blow people up with drones as if they're playing some computer game, and yes, many children have been part of that 'collaterall'.

Do you really find all this hilarious?! Can you imagine what it's like waking up every day wondering if the drones are going to target you this time, like when they 'accidentally' blew up your mates family.

You're the only nut around here.

Londoners can bonk their way to work without Oyster cards TODAY

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I want to remain anonymous when I travel

This is still possible with my Oyster if I always top up with cash.

I really do not want to start using my bank card for every trip I make, meaning someone somewhere would know my exact movements.

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Re: What about non-repudiation?

Pretty sure only the Plod could get that CCTV

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Re: I have an idea

You mean like people did for about a century before Oyster cards were forced upon us by doubling the cash fare?

NASA: THE TRUTH about the END OF THE WORLD on 21 Dec

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re: Need i go on?

Please spare us.

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Rob/Jop - are you two twins?

Rob/Jop - are you two twins?

America planned to NUKE THE MOON

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Re: Look at it this way...

With little danger?

Does anyone know what destroying the moon will do?

Isn't it responsible for the sea's tides? I think the earth would go through some serious changes if the moon was destroyed.

Besides, if we accidentally killed all the aliens living inside the moon the mothership is gonna be mighty peed off...

MIDI: 30 years old... almost

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Re: Game port

Yeh, I'm sure Maplin used to be cheap a few years ago -- what happened?